By JB57

Cynthia smiled, her arousal burning in her loins. This was one of the best sexfights she had ever seen and, so far, there was no clear winner. Could these two warriors go on? Cynthia wondered. Did they hate each other enough to find the energy they needed to continue this epic struggle?

For his part, Grant had found himself coming several times already. He decided not to resist it. What he was watching was far too erotic and stimulating for him to pretend that he could control his response. Cynthia had probably noticed his reactions, but she did not seem to care, so he decided not to be embarrassed. Besides, he had the feeling that Cynthia was getting off on what she was seeing just as much as he was. For her, it was just less obvious.

Martha and Teresa lay locked together, joined at their cunts, but sprawled away from each other on the bed, for some time. Slowly, their panting breaths and heaving tits came under control.

Martha propped herself up on her elbows and looked over her tits and down her body at Teresa. Teresa propped herself up to stare back, her glare of hatred every bit as sharp and hot as it had ever been. Their bodies were wet with sweat and cum. Their nipples were sharp and hard. Martha squeezed Teresa’s cunt with her own; Teresa squeezed back.

“Are you ready to admit that I am the better woman, you little cuntlicker?” Martha asked her enemy, a snarl in her voice. “Or do I keep on fucking your snatch off?”

“I’m just one more fuck from whipping your fat, lazy ass, Martha,” the teen shot back. “And I’m going to do that right now.”

The women slowly pulled apart, with an audible pop and a gush of cunt juice as their pussies separated. However, despite their bravura, it quickly became evident that Martha and Teresa were exhausted. They had driven each other to the most intense orgasms either woman had ever experienced, and their bodies were almost spent. Still, neither would give up.

Pulling themselves to their knees, Martha and Teresa confronted each other over the soaked sheet. Their bodies glistened with sweat and were streaked with thin strands of woman cum, which trailed from their nipples. Their heavy tits hung high and proud, their flaring hips tapered down to smooth, muscled thighs. Their hot, sore pussies dripped with juices.

“Come on, whore,” Teresa growled.

They threw themselves into each other’s arms. Their tits slapped together with a meaty, wet thud and compressed, their arms locked around their bare backs, and both women tried crushing and forcing the other to the mattress. Martha used her right hand to tear at Teresa’s hair, jerking the girl’s head back. Thrown off balance, the struggling women fell to the bed, their legs thrashing and twining. Both women felt as weak as kittens, but their shared hatred and lust was enough to give them a shot of adrenaline, enough to provide them the energy to continue the fight.

Cheek to cheek, squeezing with all their strength, their tits almost flattened into one taut, fleshy mass, their bellies crushed tight, the women thrust with their crotches, rubbing pussies, smearing their groins with their spent sex juices, as they fought for top position. They rolled slowly back and forth on the bed, gasping out curses as they struggled.

“I’m going to fuck you, Martha, I swear…!,” Teresa cried.

“Filthy slut, I’m going to fuck your cunt off, dirty whore…” Martha growled back.

Teresa grabbed a handful of Martha’s golden hair and pulled viciously. Martha returned the favor, yanking hard at Teresa’s chestnut locks. Snarling, the women locked chin to chin, their thrashing bodies on fire with effort, their limbs locked and straining, and kept rolling until they came to edge of the bed. With Martha on top, pulling viciously at her hair, Teresa was on the bottom, returning the vicious pull. Their aching tits pulsed into each other, nipple to nipple, and their hot cunts were pressed tight. Their navels sucked hard. Coated in sweat and drenched in each other’s cum, the two women gasped and snarled out their hate.

“We won’t stop until you’re my fuckbitch, Teresa,” Martha groaned.

“Eat me, you slutty tramp,” Teresa gasped back. “I’m going to ride your clit until it squashes into paste!”

The women writhed in each other’s arms and rolled back to the center of the bed. Teresa succeeded in pushing Martha away, but the two beauties threw themselves together one once more and fell in a tangle of arms and legs. Their bodies thrashed as they wrestled, biting at each other, clawing at their flesh. Somehow, the women found themselves reversed, locked in a perfect 69, facing the other’s cunt.

“You really do want to eat me, don’t you, you little whore?” Martha sneered.

“Let’s do it, bitch,” Teresa growled. “Suck my clit, you fat, old sow, and I’ll suck on yours. Let’s see who lasts longer.”

Slipping her arms around Teresa’s womanly hips, spreading her hands on the girl’s rounded ass, Martha eagerly dived into Teresa’s’ open naked cunt, grinding her face down into the soft, fragrant hole, using her tongue to lick and probe at the girl’s labia, before separating the sensitive flesh and revealing the hot, thick clit hidden within the labial folds. She teased the girl’s sexhorn with her tongue, knowing that only an expert pussy-eating would be enough to ensure her victory in this contest. She ran her tongue gently, but firmly, along Teresa’s clit, then wrapped the thick, throbbing pink nub in her soft lips and began sucking hard, running her sharp teeth along the sensitive flesh.

As Martha devoured the student’s thick, throbbing clit, Teresa bent her head to the task of eating Martha’s pussy out until the blonde teacher exploded, until the woman was sucked into defeat. Teresa was eager and anxious to do this – she had proven to be very gifted at this task during her training with Cynthia.

She licked and swallowed the liquid remnants of Martha’s last orgasm, then turned her tongue into a thick pink probe. She ran it along and around Martha’s fat, pink clit, but she also jammed her tongue as far down Martha’s vaginal canal as possible, seeking to enter and devour the blonde beauty from within. Soon, however, the aching, burning pleasure radiating out of her own cunt as Martha ate her in return forced Teresa to turn her attention to Martha’s clit alone, and she wrapped the hard sexnub in her teeth, lips and tongue and sucked at it like she would a thick nipple, nibbling at her enemy’s clit with her sharp teeth.

Martha drove two fingers hard into Teresa’s open twat, a move the teen immediately imitated. Questing, wet fingers began probing hot, tight vaginas, seeking out the sensitive pleasure spots. Groans and cries filled the air as the two women worked each other into a deliciously pleasurable lather. Over stimulated cunts soon began to lubricate, gushing hot, thick liquids, all over the women’s faces, draining into their open mouths as they covered over each other’s cunts and sucked and tongued with all of their strength and will.

Teresa drove her right middle finger up Martha’s tight asshole, hoping to force more pleasure on the blonde. Martha screeched into her enemy’s hot hole, and jammed her own middle finger into Teresa’s ass, forcing a groan of pleasure from the sex-saturated teen.

As they fought, the women rolled, slowly moving around the bed. Starting off with Martha on top, the women ended up on their sides, Martha pressed up against the bed’s headboard, the adversaries’ faces buried between the other’s legs, their mouths sealed tight against the other’s twat, their tongues and teeth sucking and licking furiously. Each woman wrapped her powerful thighs around the other woman’s head, locking her enemy in place. They would not release each other until a victor had been decided.

Fuck oh Fuck, Martha thought. This is good, so fucking good. She did not know how much more she could stand. Raw pleasure was radiating out of her ravaged cunt in burning waves of ecstasy and she knew that she was on the verge of a terrible orgasm. She could feel Teresa’s body trembling with erotic tension and she knew that the teen was close to the edge too, but she was not certain that she could hold out long enough to force Teresa to an orgasmic defeat. Even if she could, she could not be sure it would be enough to claim a victory.

No, Martha screamed to herself in her mind. I won’t let this little bitch beat me, I can’t! She struggled to master her will, to hold out just a little longer. But Teresa was eating her cunt so deliciously, it was just so good…!!

Suddenly, Martha realized where she was. Pressed against the headboard, she realized that a drawer in the night table beside the bed was within easy reach- just as it was meant to be, so that she had easy access to the sexual arsenal inside. Still sucking exuberantly at Teresa’s cunt, feasting on the girl’s trembling clit, she removed her right hand from its grip on the girl’s ass, blindly felt along the bed head until she found the table, and opened the drawer. She had no time for subtlety. She yanked the drawer open, reached in to grab a plastic bag inside, and spilled its contents onto the bed. Numerous sex toys fell out of the bag onto the sheet, but within easy reach was her objective: a thick, hard rubber 8-inch dildo/vibrator. Grabbing the dildo, sucking Teresa’s clit hard and long, eliciting a cry of joy from the teen, Martha rammed the thick implement deep into the girl’s dripping pussy.

“Oh GOD, oh FUCK!!,” Teresa shrieked as her pussy suddenly expanded and flexed around the invading shaft, her inner cunt muscles instinctively seizing and gripping at the attacking rod. “Oh, you dirty FUCKER!!,” she screamed. “You dirty bitch! You CHEATING WHORE!!,” She rammed her fingers as far up Martha’s twat as she could, as she struggled to counter the invading dildo. Her fingers worked furiously in Martha’s cunt, seeking the teacher’s pleasure spots, her fingers nimbly rubbing and stroking at the woman’s inflamed clit.

Martha rammed the shaft into Teresa, up and down at a frantic pace, like a piston. At the same time, she rubbed the girl’s clit with her finger, pushing the girl’s hard sex into the side of the moving plastic shaft, at the same time licking at the girl’s throbbing sexhorn hungrily with her strong tongue. Teresa sobbed and screamed, quivering in ecstasy and erotic tension as her sex slowly succumbed to the overwhelming attack. Teresa fought back desperately, letting her sharp teeth graze and stimulate Martha’s swollen clit. The teacher shuddered and cried out in response, but she continued her brutal assault on the student’s sopping wet sex.

Teresa found her entire cunt vibrating, even as the dildo plunged deep into her cunt, seeking her g-spot. Martha had activated the vibrator function on the dildo and the teenager found her sex under attack from too many directions at once. Martha pressed the vibrating sex toy directly to Teresa’s aching clit.

“NO, NO, oh Fuck, NO!!!” the student shrieked, then sobbed, her body wracked with pleasure and shaking with tension. “You cheating CUNT!!” But her body was on fire, her clit was throbbing and aching with a heat and a need more intense than anything she had ever felt before. She could not hold out. With a final shriek of hate and agony and raw desire, Teresa came with incredible force, her pussy gushing a geyser of boiling cum, which swiftly boiled up around the invading dildo and gushed out of her naked snatch and onto her inner thighs and her jerking belly. Martha quickly withdrew the sex instrument from Teresa’s aching cunt and instead buried her face into the teen’s convulsing twat. She fastened her lips and teeth around Teresa’s swollen clit and sucked, bit and feasted on the throbbing sexhorn, struggling to pull every orgasm that she could out of the teens’ defeated pussy, delighting in the warm liquid gushing out onto her beautiful face.

Teresa threw back her head and screamed in pleasure and frustration. Delicious orgasms built in her core and began to ripple through her aching body. Her belly rippled, pumping hot cum from her swollen cunt with every unbearable climax. She sobbed with rage and indescribable pleasure. Martha’s face was soaked with Teresa’s cum, the hot sex juices dampened her hair. She pulled her head back and, grabbing the dildo, plunged it back into Teresa’s soaking cunt and resumed pumping the girl’s sex.

“Call me Mistress Martha, whore, beg me for it, call me Mistress Martha, Teresa!!,” Martha growled. She reactivated the vibrator and pressed it hard to Teresa’s clit.

“Oh, JESUS FUCK!!,” Teresa screamed, her entire body vibrating and convulsing under this new attack. Her pussy gushed even more and a new series of orgasms chained through her exhausted body. She knew that Martha would keep fucking her with the dildo until she either surrendered to the teacher’s attack or she passed out.

“Mistress Martha!! Say it bitch, say it! Say that I have the better cunt!!” Martha shouted. With a groan, she forced Teresa over on to her back, taking the top position. She pulled the dildo back out and lowered her head to Teresa’s cunt, attacking the girl’s clit once again with her tongue and lips and teeth.

“Never, never, you slut…,” Teresa sobbed in response. She would sooner be fucked into unconsciousness than admit to defeat. Desperately, Teresa raised her head to Martha’s open pussy, which was drooling into her face, and sealed her mouth over the teacher’s hot, slick cunt lips. She slipped her wet middle fingers up the other woman’s sexhole, seeking for pleasure spots, but she kept her lips enveloped around Martha’s clit. She sucked desperately, viciously, struggling to regain some balance in the fight.

Martha moaned with pleasure as Teresa sucked her clit, reveling in the delicious sensations. She ate Teresa’s clit even more intensely and was rewarded by another gush of cum as the girl writhed and screamed and came again. The heat and tension in Martha’s cunt continued to build and build, the pulsing vibrations of ecstasy becoming unendurable. Teresa reached down, shoved her hand between Martha’s breast, which was crushed to Teresa’s stomach, and her own belly, and squeezed the teacher’s massive tit as hard as she could, crushing the tight nipple in her palm.

“NNNGGH…FUCK!!” Martha screamed. Once again, the nipple attack was just a bit too much for her oversexed body to withstand. With a scream of pleasure and release, she let the tremendous orgasm in her core explode. Her sopping wet pussy convulsed and a blast of hot cum erupted out of her burning twat and into Teresa’s mouth and over her face. The teen swallowed the discharge eagerly, even as her face and hair were soaked with the fragrant liquid. She sucked Martha’s clit furiously, trying to force more orgasms out of her hated foe, but Teresa could not prevent another explosive climax from ripping out of her core.

Moaning, gasping, sobbing with ecstasy, the teacher and the student continued to suck each other’s massive clits, exchanging orgasms as they fought on, soaking each other’s faces, swallowing each other’s cum. Finally, exhausted by the orgasmic marathon, Teresa groaned and gasped. Her head fell back from Martha’s gushing cunt. Her face covered in the teacher’s sexual discharge, her body overwhelmed with pleasure and tiredness, Teresa passed out. With a gasping sob, Martha stopped sucking the girl’s clit. She licked at Teresa’s juicy cuntlips a final time, then rested her cheek on Teresa’s hot, wet pussy and groaned, then smiled in utter exhaustion and satisfaction. She had won.

To be continued: