By JB57

Teresa Carlton was 17 and a half, incredibly hot, and fast becoming a first-class bully to the other girls in her class and a major league vixen to the boys. The young brunette was about 5’9” and amazingly well-built. Teresa had always been very pretty, but unassuming, not the kind of girl to attract attention to herself. Few people realized that her apparent shyness hid a very bitter and angry young woman. Teresa had channeled her anger into learning kickboxing, and the skill had improved her self-confidence, but done little to soothe the anger and jealousy that ate at her heart.

Over the past summer, certain parts of Teresa’s anatomy had suddenly blossomed. Her breasts had gone from being almost flat against her chest to an amazing DD cup and maybe even a DDD. Her new tits were flawless - dense and taut and high and topped by thick, sharp brown nipples and large, round brown areola. They were golden brown, a healthy glow brought on by the girl’s new habit of sunbathing in the nude. The sudden expansion in her chest fuelled a corresponding growth in Teresa’s aggressiveness. It became hard to miss that, along with her breasts, Teresa had spectacular legs, honed by years of kick-boxing and running, a tight, beautifully-rounded ass, wide, womanly hips, a slim waist and a well-muscled, sexy abdomen, centered by a deep, narrow navel. These alluring qualities had always been in place. They had just needed the tits to bring the whole sexy package together.

Teresa resented the fact that, despite her athletic interests, despite her remarkably good looks, she had tended to blend into the background for most of her time in school. She hated the popular girls around her, even as she viewed the entire idea of high school popularity with disdain. Now that her new body made it impossible not to notice her, the chestnut-haired girl became a high-school vixen. She was making up for all the years of anonymity. She started coming to school in short skirts that barely covered her ass and cleavage and belly-baring blouses or skin-tight t-shirts. She did everything that she could do to show-off her impressive breasts and her spectacular young body. Teresa quickly came to the conclusion that she was the hottest girl in school. Other girls had good breasts or long legs or wide, womanly hips, or saucy, brazen attitudes. Only Teresa, however, had all these things in just the right combination. There were a few other young tarts who rivaled her, but not many, and none as aggressive as she was.

Teresa decided that a woman like her needed a certain kind of man – a guy who was handsome and strong and good in bed, but also easily controlled. She did not have to look far. Grant was the boyfriend of Jane, a popular and quite beautiful young woman whom Teresa had always despised. Grant was about 6’2”, nicely muscled, and not too bright, all of which were major reasons why Jane kept him around. Teresa decided that he suited her bill perfectly, as well. Plus, the fact that he was screwing Jane added just the right amount of spice and spite to what Teresa planned to do.

The next Friday night, at a bush party, Teresa acted on her plan. Teresa arrived at the gathering wearing a tight blue tube-top, which accentuated her incredible chest and left her flat, well-muscled abdomen fully exposed. She wore tight, low jeans, and low-heeled boots. Her long, thick brown hair was nicely styled and she wore just enough make-up to highlight her glowing green eyes.

Teresa quickly located Jane and Grant. They were sitting together on the far side of a fire pit, French-kissing, Grant’s hands moving eagerly over Jane’s bulging chest.
Teresa walked up to the amorous couple and stopped right before them, hands on her voluptuous hips, her impressive tits thrust out, her pelvis cocked forward. She was impossible to ignore, though it took a few moments for Jane to realize that there was an intruder standing far too close to Grant and her.

“What do you want, Teresa?” Jane asked, breaking her licking kiss with her boyfriend. Grant had been so wrapped up in his tongue work with Jane that he had not even noticed Teresa’s presence. Now, he turned his head toward the new girl and let out a grunt of surprise, as his eyes widened. He had known Teresa for years, but he had not seen her since the summer ended. The gorgeous, shapely woman who stood before him, flaunting her amazing body, was not the girl he remembered.

“Teresa?” he asked, his eyes lighting with lust. He felt his already aroused body getting hotter as the beautiful young vixen standing over him stared brazenly and hungrily into his eyes.

“Hi, Grant,” Teresa said, totally ignoring Jane. “If you’re done playing with this little girl, I think that it’s time you tried out a real woman. How about I take you into the forest and fuck your brains out?”

A look of shock and rage passed over Jane’s face. She leaped to her feet. The blonde beauty was dressed in a tiny purple halter, attached to her shoulders with spaghetti straps, jeans and cowboy boots. Her blue-green eyes flashed with anger.

“Just who you the fuck do you think you are, you little slut?” she snarled. “You grow some tits and suddenly you think that you’re queen of the jungle, you think you can just take any guy you want?”

Teresa sneered at the blonde girl. “I can do whatever I want, Jane. I think that Grant deserves a better girlfriend than you. If you think you can stop me, then try.”

Jane growled with anger. “You cunt,” she cursed.

Jane threw her beautiful young body at the hateful bitch before her. The blonde was a popular girl and ran with the right crowd, but she had been in girlfights before, and she was more than capable of holding her own. She was determined to kick this bitch’s ass.

Teresa could easily have evaded or even decked Jane with a swift kick. She was a good fighter and was confident in her physical abilities. But she wanted the close body contact with the other girl. So, she opened her arms and allowed Jane’s ripe body to collide and crush tight to her own. At the same time, she shifted her weight with the impact, wrapping her arms around the other girl’s back and spinning around so that they landed on their sides.

The beautiful vixens thrashed on the ground, rolling over and over, tearing at each other’s hair and clothes, cheered on by their drunken classmates, especially the boys. Their bare bellies pressed tight, their bountiful young tits crushed into one throbbing mass. The women shrieked obscenities at each other. Jane was not as well-endowed as Teresa, but she was only a little smaller than her brunette challenger. Teresa grunted with surprise as a surge of lust pulsed through her body at this tight contact with another female’s flesh, hardening her nipples. She felt Jane’s nipples responding, pushing into her thick titflesh. The blonde sank her claws into Teresa’s thick brown hair and pulled hard. Teresa was determined that this not be just another hairpulling girlfight. She decided to make her move.

Teresa used her greater weight to shift their locked bodies, grabbed Jane’s grasping arms, and, after a brief struggle, rolled Jane onto her back and pinned the blonde to the ground. Jane was a hellcat, but she could not contend with Teresa’s greater size and strength, her years of fighting experience, or her powerful new breasts.

Teresa held Jane in place and allowed her massive rack to crush down on Jane’s smaller boobs. She rubbed herself into Jane, feeling her hard nipples throbbing with sensation and excitement. She thrust her tits to Jane’s rack using the full power of her pectoral muscles. Both girls were braless and, as their bare bellies slapped and slid, Teresa felt Jane’s tits hardening with arousal under the weight and friction of her own. Their tight nipples caught and flicked each other. The blonde girl below her gasped and moaned, involuntarily, with the contact, her eyes locking to Teresa’s taunting green orbs with a look of horror and hate. Jane realized her own arousal, realized that she was being sexually humiliated and used, and understood that there was nothing she could do about it. She thrashed frantically, but Teresa just held her more firmly and crushed down harder, pushing their faces closer.

“I think that you like this, Jane,” she murmured, so only the blonde could hear. “I can feel your hard little titties. Do you like how mine feel?” She smiled like a cat, grinning maliciously into her victim’s beautiful face.

Jane tried to bite her tormentor. Teresa had not expected this, and barely managed to pull her head back enough to avoid the other girl’s snapping jaws. She was mildly surprised that Jane would try such a tactic then, with a vicious snarl, she head-butted the writhing girl in retaliation. Teresa’s head hit Jane’s forehead with a crack, and the blonde beauty gasped and fell back with a groan, stunned.

Teresa held the other girl down for another few moments and rubbed her tits even more forcefully into Jane’s matching rack. The head butt had been mild, so it would leave no marks and did not render Jane unconscious, just more docile. Teresa enjoyed the feeling of her heavy, dense tits crushing Jane’s proud breasts down onto her chest. The other girl’s breasts seemed to deflate and lose their own meaty toughness as Teresa’s boobs ground them down. The girls’ hot bellies rubbed, and Teresa relished the feeling of flesh on flesh. She quickly stopped, though. She had no lesbian tendencies and she had asserted her dominance over this girl, whom she had hated from afar for so long.

“I’m going to let you up, Jane. If you want to keep fighting, that’s fine with me, but next time I’m going to strip you naked and whip your bare ass. Just so you know.”

Teresa pulled herself off of her victim and stood up, her hands on her hips, and waited for Jane’s next move. The blonde girl rose shakily to her feet. Her eyes were brimming with tears and her lower lip quivered with rage and humiliation. Her halter was riding up her chest and her proud tits now hung exposed, red and sore, her nipples sharp and hard. She looked at Grant, but he looked away, trying to hide the bulge in his pants. Jane’s eyes flared with rage and hate.

“Fine! Take him! He’s the kind of punk that a tramp like you deserves!!”

Grabbing her purse, which was near the log where she and Grant had been sitting, the broken blonde girl ran off toward the parked cars, trying to hide her tears, her arms crossed over her battered chest. Some of her girl friends followed, to comfort her and give her a ride home.

Teresa watched the other girl go. She felt exhilarated. Deep inside, some primal instinct was seething and pulsing in the core of her womanhood. Something had awakened in her with this brief battle, a will to sexually dominate other women, but it would be a while before she figured it out. For now, she felt powerful and vindicated and unbeatable, her own hidden anger momentarily sated by her decisive victory over one of the women whom she secretly hated.

Teresa turned to take her prize. She walked up to Grant, and smiled at him seductively, then took his hand.

“Come on, baby,” she murmured. “I’ve got some things to show you. If you’re really nice, I’ll suck your cock until it explodes.”

Dumbfounded and blinded by his own lust, Grant allowed Teresa to lead him into the bush. His hormones were raging. The girlfight had turned him on, and the prospect of getting his hands on Teresa’s voluptuous flesh, of ramming his cock high and hard into this beautiful girl’s fantastic body, was driving him crazy with lust. They found a spot near a tree in a clearing in the forest and fell to the ground, their hands pulling at their clothes, their mouths locked in a tongue-twisting kiss, their hot breath coming in furious pants

As he rolled around with Teresa on the soft grass, as his hands filled up with her young, taut tits and as his thick cock was squeezed and sucked by her tight, hungry cunt, Grant groaned in ecstasy and thanked God for his good fortune.

************************************************** ********************

The next Monday afternoon, Teresa toweled herself off in the gym locker room and was dressing when she was approached by Rachel. Rachel was a statuesque redhead and Jane’s best friend. She was a big girl and had a reputation as a bit of a bully herself. She was extremely protective of Jane, who had been her best friend since they started school together 12 years before. Rachel was just as tall as Teresa, and possessed a strong, well-toned body, and an impressive chest, though not quite as formidable as Teresa’s newly acquired tits.

Teresa had just wriggled into a skin-tight pair of low rise jeans and was pulling a tight, cropped t-shirt down over her thrusting tits when Rachel walked up to her. The young brunette was lost in her own thoughts. Ever since she had laid claim to Grant, she had run the jock through his paces. She had screwed him steadily over the past two days and, while she was enjoying herself immensely, she could also feel that her straight-up sex with Grant, while extremely good, was also not quite enough. She needed an element of danger in her bed to really satisfy her urges.

“Hey, whore,” Rachel said to Teresa, breaking the girl’s reverie. Teresa turned a cool, green-eyed gaze on the attractive redhead. She had expected, after humiliating Jane that she would eventually need to deal with Rachel.

“Talking to me, cunt?” Teresa replied, immediately escalating the name-calling. The flash of rage in Rachel’s eyes sent a shiver of anticipation down Teresa’s spine.

“You little slut. I know what you did to my friend. Do you think a little tramp like you can get away with that?” Rachel balled her fists. The girl was dressed in gym shorts and a track shirt, her braless tits clearly visible under the white cloth. She seemed fully prepared to settle her differences with Teresa at that very moment.

Teresa did not back down one inch. The anger she had kept hidden for years had given her a new strength and confidence and she was not afraid of anyone or anything right now.

“I’ll get away with whatever I want, cunt. You go back to your little girlfriend and tell her that I’m enjoying fucking her man. Tell her thanks for keeping him warm.”

“You skanky bitch!!” Rachel yelled, lashing out at the beautiful brown-haired girl before her with her right fist. But Teresa was fast. She blocked the redhead’s blow easily, then replied with a hard right fist of her own. Rachel’s head jerked back, her body flew into the locker behind her, and she saw stars. Still dazed by the powerful blow, the redhead was in no condition to resist when Teresa suddenly grabbed her by her hair, slammed her head up against the locker. Teresa then pushed her body hard and tight into Rachel’s athletic form. Teresa grabbed Rachel’s wrists and pinned them to the cold metal. Rachel found herself trapped against the locker, Teresa pushing into her chest to chest. The redhead was amazed by how hard and firm Teresa’s tits felt, and she found her own meaty chest easily crushed and controlled by the other girl’s boobs. Teresa leaned hard on Rachel, compressing the other girl’s tits, but also controlling her body. The brunette pushed her thighs into Rachel’s, holding the other girl in place. Teresa’s sweet breath washed over Rachel’s face.

“I don’t think that you have the tits to do anything about me, little girl,” Teresa growled at her newest conquest. She thrust out with her massive tits, spearing Rachel’s nipples with her own, to emphasize her point. “I think that you and your little friend had better lick your wounds and stay away from me. If you don’t, you might find your little tits getting squashed out the other side.”

“Fuck you!” Rachel yelled, tears streaming down her face. She refused to surrender to this whore, but she was completely overwhelmed. There was something about Teresa’s body, something about the weight of the blonde’s incredible tits crushing down on her own, that left her feeling weak and demoralized. Her will to fight back was being undermined by a primal sense that she was in a contest with a woman of raw, primitive power. Deep in her young body, she felt herself folding up and giving way beneath the force of a much greater sexual power, though she could hardly articulate what it was that her body was trying to tell her. She just knew that her beautiful breasts seemed to be deflating, her loins seemed to be shriveling, and the strength seemed to be flowing from her body. She could not hold Teresa’s green-eyed gaze of cool contempt.

Teresa was feeling all of this too, but from the other side of the equation. She felt strong and irresistible, she felt her tits seem to inflate, she felt a fire between her legs that was nakedly sexual and powerfully feminine. She felt like a cavewoman, dominating a sexual rival. She pushed her tits hard into Rachel’s chest and rejoiced as they flattened those of the other girl even more, crushing the usually rigid tissue back until it spread over the redhead’s ribcage.

The other girls in the locker room watched this confrontation with trepidation and surprise, and now they milled about in confusion, sensing that something fundamental had changed in the social hierarchy of their school. Teresa smiled. She was not interested in leading these sheep, but she did want them to fear her.

Suddenly, Teresa felt two powerful hands on her shoulders. Before she could react, she had been yanked off of Rachel and thrown across the corridor and into the lockers on the other wall. Her arms were pulled behind her back and her chest was crushed to the cold steel locker. She felt the weight of a powerful body crushing into her back. She felt the pressure from two formidable breasts and a matching pair of hard nipples digging into her upper back.

Martha, the new gym teacher, had come into the girl’s locker room to find one girl mishandling and sexually humiliating another. Martha had a lot of experience with this kind of thing and she recognized what she was seeing. She sensed the sexual electricity in the air. Here was a young alpha bitch asserting her newfound power against her peers.

Before she even knew what she was doing, Martha found her own instincts kicking in. She hauled the dominant girl – whom she recognized as Teresa – away from her redheaded victim, then plastered the aggressive young tramp up against the locker and held her there. Martha could not prevent her own nipples from hardening as her firm tits crushed tight into the young slut’s back.

“All right, that’s enough!” Martha barked. “Girls, clear out of here! You too, Rachel. I want to talk to Teresa.”

Teresa struggled in Martha’s grip, but the beautiful young blonde teacher pushed harder with her powerful legs and kept the enraged student pressed into the locker.

As soon as the girls left the room, Martha released Teresa. The brown-haired girl spun around, anger and hate blazing in her eyes.

“You picked the wrong woman to fuck with, you bitch!” Teresa growled.

“Really?” Martha replied, coolly. Martha felt a tingling in her tits, her nipples had become as hard as rocks. She felt a powerful tension in her pussy. She recognized all of the signs. This formidable girl really was an alpha bitch, a woman of real sexual power, now coming into her own. Martha recognized all of this because she had a similar awakening herself when she was 17. Now, she was just turned 23 and, as far as she was concerned, was in her prime. But this girl presented an interesting challenge.

“You have some nice tits, little girl,” the teacher said with a sneer, “but you’re still not a real woman yet. Don’t bite off a lot more than you can chew.”

Confronting the teacher before her, Teresa felt her body reacting and responding in a way that it never had before. The pressure in her sex, in her proud tits, built uncontrollably, forming a terrible heat and desire, an irresistible erotic itch that had to be satisfied. Her burning gaze turned on the teacher and, as if seeing Martha for the first time, she realized exactly how beautiful and voluptuous the other woman was. The blonde teacher had held the title of “hottest teacher” from the time she had arrived at the school a year ago, but Teresa had not really considered the other woman when she had been reviewing possible rivals. The woman was a teacher, after all, and a well known lesbian. Now, though, Teresa knew and felt, deep in the core of her body, that this woman was her real competition, the true rival to her sexual domination of the school.

The blonde woman thrust her tits out at Teresa and the girl could not help but notice the solid nipples piercing the gym teacher’s white shirt, even through her bra. Martha’s rack was incredible. The teacher was as well-endowed as Teresa, maybe even bigger, and her breasts looked round and firmly packed. Teresa felt herself sexually intimidated and, at the same time, deeply intrigued. Was she really a match for this bitch? But she tried not to show her uncertainty.

“Fuck you, dyke,” she growled. Then, gathering up her gym bag, she flounced out of the locker room, feeling strangely defeated and anxious, yet also excited.

Teresa went to her next class, but she could not concentrate on anything other than her confrontation with Martha. That blonde cunt had interrupted her conflict with Rachel but, more importantly, had somehow shaken Teresa’s confidence in her newfound sexual power. The more she thought about this, the angrier she became.

As soon as the bell rang, signaling the end of the day’s classes, Teresa went to the gym. She found Martha in her office, working on class schedules. Teresa entered the gym teacher’s office unannounced and closed the door behind her. Then she marched over to Martha’s desk and, placing her hands on the desktop, leaned over, giving Martha a clear, unimpeded view of her massive, tanned cleavage.

Martha looked down into the deep, delightful crevasse confronting her, then raised her blue eyes to meet Teresa’s green gaze. The first few buttons of Martha’s tight gym shirt were unbuttoned, so Martha’s impressive cleavage was also on display - not as prominently as Teresa’s, but enough to challenge the young girl’s tits.

“Can I do something for you, Teresa?” Martha asked, with just a touch of ironic mirth, playing at ignoring the young student’s antics.

“Yeah,” the brunette student replied. “I think that you ought to know who the REAL woman in this room really is!” She shook her torso from side to side, letting her massive tits sway gently.

Martha’s eyes flashed with irritation, but she tried to maintain her composure. “Listen, you little slut. You really don’t want to push this. I think that you had better go back and hang out with your little friends and not try to be more than the teenage bitch you really are.”

Teresa felt her rage rising. “I get it, you old cow. You’re scared. I can see why, given how flabby your fat tits are.”

With that, Teresa turned to leave. But Martha had enough. Her own sense of anger and arousal had been building ever since her confrontation with Teresa in the locker room, and now Martha found herself wanting to carry this conflict to the next level.

Martha jumped to her feet, her hands on her hips, her amazing tits pushing against her tight white exercise shirt.

“Not so fast, you little piece of cunt.” Martha grabbed a pen and quickly wrote down her address on a piece of paper. “Be at my place this Saturday night. We’ll settle this thing once and for all.”

“What do you have in mind?” Teresa asked slowly, as she took the paper and looked at the address.

“That’s simple,” the teacher replied. “We fight each other sexually. Tit to tit, cunt to cunt. You’ve been flaunting your little tits and your tight pussy wherever you can. Let’s see what you’ve really got. Whoever loses has to admit that she is just a little girl and suck the tits of the winner.”

Teresa paused. Something was flipping in her stomach, a sense of deep excitement and intense sexual arousal. She had half-hoped that the teacher would suggest something like this, but she had not thought it would really happen.

“OK,” Teresa replied. “But you’re a dyke, you get off on that kind of stuff. I don’t. I only like guys. I think we ought to make the stakes a bit higher.” She thought for a moment, then asked “Have you ever been with a guy?”

“Yes,” Martha replied, slowly.

“But you don’t like it, do you?” Teresa said, with a nasty grin. “I’m going to bring my boyfriend along,” she continued. “If I win, he is going to fuck your brains out.”

Martha considered this. The idea of being forced into sex with a teenage boy was one she found repellant. But a new instinct, one long dormant, was at work in her body. Now that the gauntlet had been thrown down, she knew that she had to force Teresa to submit to her will, to her sex. Her own instincts as an alpha bitch demanded it.

“Alright,” the teacher slowly replied. “But then I want conditions of my own, for when I win.”

“Like what?” Teresa asked, a tad apprehensively.

Martha looked Teresa up and down, coolly appraising the remarkable young body before her, the strong legs, the flat abdomen, the wide hips, the delicious breasts which strained the fabric of her t-shirt.

“You do have a good body, girl. Not as good as mine, but not bad.”

Teresa snorted.

Martha continued. “My condition is this: if you lose, you are going to be my sex slave for the rest of the year. Anytime I get horny, I will call you and you will drop whatever you’re doing and come to my place so that I can fuck you. Do you agree?”

“Yes,” Teresa replied, after a moment’s hesitation. The terms seemed a bit uneven to her. Then her youthful aggression and confidence reasserted itself. “I’m going to fuck you up, bitch, then my boyfriend is going to screw your fat cunt off.”

“You’re going to find out what being a real woman is about, you little whore,” Martha snorted in response. “Now, get out of here. I’ll see you on Saturday and I’ll teach you and your baby tits a lesson that you’ll never forget.”

Teresa flounced out of the office but, once outside, she began to have second thoughts about the deal she had just made. Martha was also reconsidering her rash agreement, but she decided that there was no longer any way out. She was going to meet this emerging alpha bitch in a fuckfight and either master the girl and nip her growing power in the bud, or find herself outfucked and subservient to a teenage girl. A sick surge of lust ran through her erogenous zones. The element of danger thrilled her and warmed the tight slit between her thighs.

To be continued: