By JB57

Teresa left Martha’s office, her blood boiling and her libido pulsing in her breasts and between her legs. She felt confused and apprehensive, but also deeply excited. She was determined to win her confrontation with the teacher and the idea of going body to body, tit to tit and cunt to cunt with another beautiful woman, the idea of mastering another bitch with the power of her sex, sent a secret thrill reverberating through her deepest core.

She found Grant. He was talking to some of his dull-witted jock friends. Teresa walked up to him, her body practically bursting from her tight clothing, her hips swaying with promise. She was boiling with anger and sexual heat. “Come on, baby, you’re taking me home,” she snapped.

Somewhat bewildered, Grant followed her out to his car.

“That dirty cunt!,” Teresa snarled, once they were underway.

“Who?” Grant asked, hoping it wasn’t Jane. He still felt a bit guilty about abandoning his former girlfriend.

“That bitch, Martha Wells,” Teresa growled.

Grant puzzled for a moment. Then it clicked. “Ms. Wells? The gym teacher? What did she do?”

“She interrupted my fun with Rachel, and she thinks that she’s Queen Bitch of this school. God, I’m going to fuck her up.”

Grant decided not to reply. Teresa said little more during the ride, but he sensed her tension, her barely contained anger, and it made him nervous. She was brooding, her beautiful face creased in a frown. She left the car as soon as it rolled to a stop in front of her house. The heat in her body, between her legs, was growing in proportion to her anger, and she needed immediate release.

Teresa was almost to the door of her house, when she realized that Grant was still in the car, looking rather apprehensive. “What are you waiting for?” she yelled. “Come here!”

He ran up the front porch and followed Teresa up the stairs of her house to the upper floor. “Um, where are your parents?” he asked, anxiously.

“They’re at work and they won’t be back until late. We’ll have all the time we need.”

Teresa pulled him into her room. The young man and woman quickly stripped and then Teresa pushed Grant towards the bed. He sat down hard, his cock already hard and thick, and becoming more aroused as he watched the amazingly voluptuous vixen walking towards him, her hard tits bouncing, her hips see-sawing, her ripe thighs and her nearly hairless cunt, pubic hair shaved down to a thin landing strip, glistening with arousal. Teresa smiled and pushed on Grant’s bare chest, pushing his back flat to the bed. Then, she wrapped her lips and tongue around his thick shaft and sucked hard. She licked his cock with her tongue, she gently, teasingly stroked and rubbed the engorged organ with her hand, she massaged the aroused appendage until Grant was writhing and groaning with incredible pleasure. She sucked his balls gently, and she took his shaft as far up her throat as she could. He could not believe how good this felt and how good Teresa was at sucking his cock. She brought him up and down the pleasure curve several times before, finally, leading him to an explosion of hot, sticky cum deep in her throat. She swallowed it all. Grant cried out in pleasure, gasping with need.

Grant rolled Teresa over onto her back, his hands filling up with her round, tight flesh. He sucked hungrily at her thick nipples, his hands moved over her rounded curves and slipped into the wet heat between her legs, rubbing and probing at her hungry cunt. She moaned with pleasure, rejoicing in the feel of his sharp teeth and strong lips feasting on her glorious tits, of his finger stroking her pulsing clit.

He pulled her legs apart and rubbed his thick dick into her vaginal cleft, rubbing around the slit, moistening it with the liquid dripping from his shaft, slicking his member with the juices boiling out of her naked twat. She grabbed his pole and aimed it directly at her dripping cunt. She was tight and it took him 5 or 6 hard thrusts, but he finally managed to completely impale her on his throbbing cock. He felt fully in control, having already shot his load once, and he now began to pound her sex, pulling back and driving deep and hard into her with all of his strength. Teresa’s moans and cries built, and she squirmed luxuriously on the bed, enjoying the full-fledged fucking, enjoying the feeling of being penetrated and spread, the delicious sensation of being split in two by the boy’s driving prick. Grant pounded into her, riding her until she finally came, shrieking like a banshee, in an enormous orgasm that was so intense she nearly bucked him out of her body. But he managed to hold on. He continued pumping at her until he felt a second orgasm coming on. Then he stopped and withdrew, his heart pounding and his body wet with sweat.

“Holy fuck!,” he gasped. That was the best sex he had ever had and, once again, he thanked his lucky stars for Teresa’s interest in him.

“That bitch!” Teresa snarled. “That fucking cow!”

“Are you still thinking about Martha?” Grant asked, rolling over to look at the beautiful girl beside him. He could not help reaching out to cup and fondle the magnificent tit nearest to him, playing with the erect, thick brown nipple. God, this girl is hot!, he thought.

“Yeah, I’m still thinking about her. She challenged me to a fuckfight this Saturday.”

“What?!” Grant was almost speechless. “She wants to fuck you and fight you?”

“No, stupid, you fight by fucking each other. Whoever controls the other woman and forces her to orgasm is the winner. I have to win, but I’ve never been with another woman before, let alone fucked one in a fight.”

Grant rolled back onto his back. His mind was whirling. What he would give to see that!

“Oh, by the way, you’re coming with me on Saturday. If I win, you get to fuck Martha until her cunt cracks.”

“What!?!” Grant rolled back to stare at his girlfriend. “I can’t do that! That’s rape! She’ll call the police and I’ll be in jail for the next ten years!”

“No, it’s not rape, you moron,” Teresa snarled disgustedly. “She’s agreed to it. I’ll get it in writing, if that makes you feel better. It’s all part of the deal. If I win, you get to fuck her and I get to watch. And maybe help a bit. If she wins, I become her sex slave for the rest of the year.”

“Wow,” Grant said, slowly. Once again, his mind was whirling with the images and possibilities. Teresa was a lot wilder and more uninhibited than he had ever thought. He found everything about her enormously appealing and a bit frightening.

“You know, I may be able to help you on the whole “fuckfight” thing,” he said.

“Please don’t tell me that you can help me practice, because that’s not the same thing,” Teresa began, a note of exasperation in her voice.

Grant smiled. “Well, no, that’s not what I was going to say, but that’s not a bad idea.” He smiled wider, then looked at her peevish expression and decided it was best to be serious.

“I know a girl who used to be part of an underground sex club. This sounds like the kind of thing that they would do. I think that she may know someone who can help you train, at least give you the experience of fucking and fighting another woman so that you don’t go into this completely cold. I could call her and see if she can help.”

“Would you do that?” Teresa asked, suddenly very grateful. Maybe having Grant around would prove more useful than she had thought. “But I need to move on this right away.”

“OK,” Grant replied. “Let me make some calls. I’ll phone you tonight and let you know if I’ve been able to work things out.”

Teresa smiled. “I’d really like that,” she murmured, reaching out and gripping his hard, sticky shaft in her warm hand, starting to rub and stroke the engorged organ. Grant groaned in ecstasy.

Teresa rewarded her boyfriend by fucking him hard for the next half hour, and promising a lot more if he was able to help her. At 7 PM that night, Grant called back.

“Teresa,” he said, when she had picked up the phone. “I got hold of my friend and she knows someone who knows someone. Long story short, I have an appointment for you with a woman who is supposed to be really good at this stuff. Her name is Cynthia, she lives on the north side. I can take you there tomorrow, after school.”

“This is great. What does it cost?”

“Well, my friend said that it could be free if Cynthia likes you. It depends on how hot you are. I told her that you were very hot. So, you have a good chance of getting some pointers from a pro for free!”

Teresa thanked Grant again, then hung up the phone and considered her situation. She had four nights in which to learn enough about sexfighting to meet Martha on Saturday night and completely humble the big-titted bitch. She hoped it would be enough time.

To be continued: