Anna and Janet Pussyfight

Janet, a redhead, sexy and ever-aggressive, glanced up from her register to glimpse an approaching figure in the mall. She always has her senses alerted to the women who walked by her Sunglass counter in the center of one of the broad aisles of the mall. Janet has a special interest in any other sexy girl. Jealousy, and intense sexual desires compel her to be aware of any potential rivals; or sexual partners. At five feet nine inches tall, and 138 pounds, Janet is a considerable challenge, for any other sexy girl. Her breasts enhance her formidable sexual demeanor. Her beautiful face attracts the attention of other bold, sexy beauties; and her piercing hazel eyes warn them of the intense experience they will have if they seek any kind of sexual encounter with her.

At forty-six, Janet is an experienced pussyfighter. Most of her struggles have been in the general area of the small sized town she lived in; but she had traveled to Chicago a few times for successful encounters with gorgeous enemies. Unbeaten and proud, Janet does not hesitate to catch the eye of any girl her size and temperament. She seeks those special fights when two eager, willing women lie back in bed, open their long legs wide, mash their plump genitals together and rub them constantly, through orgasms and pain, until one beauty must close her legs in humiliating defeat. Early on, Janet found that she has the special talents for such fights. Her labia are broad, deep, and thick-skinned. Her wrinkled inner lips protrude, thick and tough, from her splayed, rounded outer labia, protecting her delicate insides in the tight, brutal rubbing that is a pussyfight. And Janet loves the pain of those encounters. It is a special pain; sexual and intense, in the most personal and desperate competition two women can give to each other; feeling their cunts together in the ultimate comparison. Each time she has risen victorious from a beaten, sobbing rival, Janet has gained pride, and confidence; and reveled in the delights of grinding her tough genitals against those of a sexy, daring, and formerly-confident foe. She is addicted to those lush fights where opposing sexual flesh meets in the most sexual confrontation two women can have. Each fight makes her want another; and yet another.

Today was the same as any other day; or so thought Janet. She watched as the women went by and tried to catch the eyes of those she could imagine taking to bed, for sex or violent struggle. Then a customer with a broken watch band came by and Janet tried for some minutes before she fixed it. The customer paid, left, and then Janet turned to face a tall, impressive redhead with breasts like hers and a knowing smile on her lovely face.

Redhead, 45 year old German beauty Anna, who was dressed in only a short skirt and abbreviated top, had a purpose in the mall. She had been told about a confident, unbeaten pussyfighter named Janet, who was a match for her in every way. That was why she was wearing the short skirt that showed off her long, fit, shapely legs; and an abbreviated blouse that tied above her firm belly. She had a single purpose in the mall; find Janet and challenge her. Anna had only heard about Janet the day before and her time in town was now short. She hoped she could initiate an encounter and then add Janet to her long list of pussyfight victims; after a long, brutal rubbing fight, of course. Anna loves nothing better than to connect in bed, pussy to pussy with a dangerous rival and work her way to victory by constantly mashing and rubbing her thick, rough cunt with another beauty’s sexual treasure. Unabashedly confident and vain, Anna hoped desperately to get Janet into bed tonight. Anna knew just where to go. She wiggled confidently down the mall until she spotted the Sunglass Hut and Janet. She stopped for a moment, smoothed her skirt, adjusted her blouse, shook out her honey-red hair and stalked down the aisle toward her prey.

But the tall redhead beauty was engrossed in trying to fix a watch band for a customer and didn’t see Anna approach. Anna walked slowly by, keeping her eyes fixed on Janet, but the redhead never looked up. Anna turned after she passed by, a look of utter disbelief on her face that Janet had not reacted to her. Anna went into a fashion store near Janet’s booth and browsed for a minute. She was confused at first, but then she realized that Janet had been preoccupied and had not even seen her. “After all,” she thought, “who could resist me?” She determined to give the situation another opportunity for success. She peeked out of the store, saw that Janet was no longer involved with customers and then wiggled boldly out into the mall again. This time Janet spotted her instantly and their knowing eyes locked onto each other. Anna strutted up to Janet, with a confident smirk playing on her face. Both sexy women knew what was happening. And they both desired it. Anna came right up to the counter and leaned forward, arching to show off her breasts and cleavage that her low-cut blouse exposed. Janet leaned into her and the two beauties were almost nose to nose.

“I’m Anna.” The German beauty oozed in her soft, low voice.

“I’m Janet.” remarked her sudden companion, in her bland, throaty voice.

“So, Janet, show me something”. Anna said with a sly smile.

“What do you want to see?” Janet asked. She wasn’t smiling back but her intense eyes left the answer open for discussion.

“I want to see everything”. Anna assured her. “I want the experience.” Anna raised her hand, opened her first two fingers in a “V”. Janet smiled and gently thrust her own two fingers between Anna’s. Now they knew they wanted to rub cunts in a total fight between them. Both girls actually relaxed just a little and some of the stiffness went out of their lithe frames.

“The experience I offer can be pretty intense; and rough.” Janet warned.

“I believe that my own experience that I offer is a little better.” Anna said.

“I don’t think so, Anna.” Janet said, wagging her head and finally smiling a little.

“Then prove it to me”. Anna challenged. “That’s why I came to see you. Someone told me about you. I am only here for a short visit and I wanted the best experience this place had to offer. That is supposed to be you.”

“It is me, Anna.” Janet assured her. “So let’s do it.”

“It will have to be tonight, Janet.” Anna said. “Tonight is all I have left.”

“I can do that.” Janet said. She wasn’t about to let this incredible beauty slip by. “Do you have a place?”

“I have a wonderful place for us.” Anna nodded. “Give me some paper.”

Anna wrote down the address on the paper and also drew some directions.

“I know where that is.” Janet said. “I rubbed a girl around there about a year ago.”

“Now, Janet.” Anna said. “I think perhaps you, being so local here, may have never met a real woman like me; someone who is truly tough. Do you understand that I might be a big step up for you to rub?”

I’ve done more than you think, Anna.” Janet said confidently. “Girls who rub are always tough. So I think I’ve met some pretty tough ones. You just take care of yourself tonight and let me worry about me.”

“I will take care of things tonight, Janet.” Anna smirked. “I think I will teach you something tonight too. Is 8 o’clock a good time?”

“That’s perfect.” Janet agreed. I’ll be there about eight; ready to learn.” Her voice dripped with sarcasm.

Anna just smirked, turned and wiggled off, provocatively. She kept looking back coyly at Janet, who watched her until she turned the corner at the end of the mall. Janet felt hot, intense sexual arousal. She had not realized just how much Anna had impacted her until she found herself breathing deeply and felt some wetness in her panties. Her nipples were taut and her breasts swollen. She was eager for the night to come; but apprehensive at the beauty, the sexuality, even the physicality of her German rival. That conflict was what made the anticipation of her genital battles so thrilling. Janet loves to fight sexually. Even when someone is as intimidating as Anna, she cannot resist. The fear just makes her want it more; and to prove that she is the better woman. She was truly intimidated by Anna, the German beauty had breasts as big as her own. She was as tall and sturdy and long legged. And oh those legs! She intimidated and compelled Janet. The two redheads were the perfect match; and both of them were insanely jealous of each other.

They would soon manifest all of their jealousy and spite together in bed; rubbing their plump, tough pussies until one of them had to close her legs in humiliating defeat.

As Anna wiggled away from Janet, she too became aware of just how aroused she was. And she was also intimidated somewhat by the redhead who was seemingly her sexual and physical equal. But Anna had been around more than Janet. She had been in more brutal pussyfights and she had won them all. So she had that confidence that put the fear and uncertainty to the back of her mind; at least for now. Anna was relishing the coming naked encounter with her newfound rival.

For Janet, the rest of the day seemed to drag on interminably. But once she was home, the clock seemed to rush ahead. She barely had time to eat, shower and prepare herself before it was time to leave. But she took the time, as she knew Anna would, to rub some skin cream thoroughly into her fleshy labia. They would need it tonight. She pulled on some green shorts and a cream colored pullover blouse that left her sleek belly bare. She slipped on some sandals, grabbed her bag and wiggled out to meet her fate.

Janet drove to the neighborhood where Anna was staying, and found the house without trouble. Anna was staying in a cottage behind the main house. Janet quietly parked her car on the street and walked back behind the main house where Anna awaited her. There was a light on the porch and in the living room. The front door was open; only the glass cover door was shut. Anna was expecting her. Janet took a deep breath and made that final decision to go in and meet Anna in a wild sexual battle that would leave one of them elated beyond words; and the other humiliated and stunned. There was no fear or apprehension that could prevent the redheaded beauty from this fight. She wanted it too much. She craved it; needed it; and now she could only hope that she would eventually prevail. Her nipples were taut with arousal. Her pussy was tight and the heat of sexual arousal flooded her body. She stalked up to the door.

Anna appeared and opened the door for her. She wore only a short robe. She immediately embraced Janet and they kissed; deeply and intensely. They were both a little stiff; but they were eager for the coming sexual struggle. Anna closed the door, took Janet by the hand and pulled her into the bedroom.

“So here we are.” She grinned. “I always wonder when I make a date, if she will be brave enough to show up.”

“I wouldn’t miss this for anything.” Janet assured her.

She began to undress, kicking off her shoes and pulling her shirt over her head. As she pulled her shorts down, Anna threw off her robe and the two beauties stood naked before each other. Their bodies were so much alike overall but different enough for them to make little comparisons in their minds.

The biggest difference in them was that Janet’s breasts were broader, and Anna’s jutted out a little more. Otherwise their legs and bodies were so similar as to cause their jealousies to erupt uncontrollably; to compel them to rub their fleshy cunts to prove who was better. They both had long, shapely legs; firm flat bellies and lithe shapely arms. Their intense hazel eyes locked on each other and they stepped together again and kissed, writhing sensually together and pressing intimately.

“Do you need to sit around and talk first?” Anna asked, inhaling deeply from their long kiss

“No.” Janet said bluntly. “I don’t like to talk. I just want to fuck and rub.”

“Oooh, fucking.” Anna smiled. Their thick tongues slid together and rubbed. “We can do all the fucking you want, Janet.”

“Good.” Janet panted. “I want.”

The two naked goddesses melted together, kissing and caressing and eventually climbed into the big bed together and locked up again, wallowing together in sexual delight. They seemed to briefly struggle for control, but realized that would take them too far afield from the pure sex they desired. So Anna turned and nuzzled at Janet’s legs, as if she were demanding entry. Janet opened her long legs, as did Anna, and the two redheads plunged their lovely faces into each others’ crotches and began licking and sucking their pussies. They lay side by side, pleasuring each other, pressing their bodies together as their tongues drove them to orgasm after orgasm, with barely a pause between each one. It was over an hour before they stopped and lay limp, gasping for air between each others’ legs; two, naked, sweating voluptuaries; total strangers who’s mutual lusts and jealousies had propelled them together.

When they stirred their most urgent passions were sated, and their intense eyes locked in another emotion. Now it was time to fight. After a brief visit to the bathroom they returned to the bed and climbed in again. This time Anna took a position at the head of the bed and raised her long, right leg in challenge to Janet, who stared at her thick, fleshy cunt. Anna had full, round outer labia and thick, wrinkled inner ones that thrust out and spread the outer folds. The skin of them was dark and looked tough. But Janet was no longer worried or intimidated. She was now in the throes of a brutal passion that urged her to compare cunts with her dangerous rival. Janet drank in all of Anna at once. She noticed every curve and feature; even down to Anna’s delicately formed feet, as nice as her own. Her skin was smooth and flawless and every curve matched Janet’s own exquisite form. Janet was almost mad with jealousy and desire.

Janet slid onto the bed, leaned back opposite Anna and opened her long legs. Anna immediately fixed her eyes on Janet’s sexual weapon. Her outer lips were fat and full, like her own. And her inner ones were possibly even deeper; but no thicker. Anna resented Janet’s cunt but did not fear it. She had too much experience and confidence to be abashed by an equal. But she didn’t miss one curve, one lovely feature of her redhead rival; seemingly an equal in every sexual way.

“All the way, Anna?” Janet purred.

“All the way, Janet. Always!” Anna gushed.

For a moment the soles of their lovely, pedicured feet pressed and held them apart. Each beauty felt the pressure of the others toes and soles. It was electrifying and held their attention for a moment before they slid off each other and granted mutual ingress to their cunts.

The two leggy beauties slowly slid into each other until their hot, wet cunts mashed and split each other open. The girls gasped and groaned. They were still in a state of high arousal and still wanted sex. Their intense hazel eyes met and both girls knew that this was the first fateful moment of this night. They had finally joined their treasured cunts in battle. They felt their warm, fleshy outer labia mash and spread, and their firm, aroused inner labia meet and press tightly. They began to stroke them together with careful undulations of their hips. The inner folds split each other and began to curl softly and wetly together. Everything in there was hot, slick and wet and it felt wonderful to be rubbing it all together so intimately, knowing that they were in the first moments of what would finally be a long and painful fight.

Anna and Janet were mature in their techniques. They rubbed slowly and sensually, thrilling at the fleshy mingling of their furrowed, fleshy cunts. At first they stared at each other, seeking any signs of apprehension or weakness. But each beauty saw only desire and determination in her rival’s gleaming eyes. So they patiently rubbed their wet cunts together in long, deft strokes. They had three more orgasms together from the intense rubbing. After each one they seemed to increase the roughness and eagerness of their grinding; heightening the next orgasm and building the jealousy and determination of their comparison. Their naked bodies writhed eagerly now. They were completely enveloped in their fight, unabashedly grinding their swollen, reddening cunts together.

They watched each other as they fought. They watched their breasts roll and heard them flop on their chests as the two beauties thrust hard into each other. They watched the smooth squirming of their hips and their crotches, so tightly mashed. They looked into each others’ hazel eyes, just to heighten the intensity of their comparison. They watched their naked bodies eagerly propelling their tough cunts through each other in mutual comparison. They reveled in the soft affrication of their genitals smearing together, splitting and mashing. They could both feel the complexities of their multi-folded labia slithering through each other. They sometimes held themselves open with one hand to let the insides of their labia meet in wet slick friction. They held onto each other’s legs, to pull together. They held hands to keep tight contact of their grinding pussies. They felt their soft butts mash and their silky legs pressing; so much skin touching aroused them even more. They held their long legs open wide to each other and delighted in watching their cunts rubbing into each other. They occasionally slapped each others’ butts as they rubbed. That stinging pain felt so good. Janet wondered for a moment what it would be like to just spank each other until one of them surrendered. She realized that she would like to try that some day. But for now they focused on their inosculated cunts, smearing in circles against each other.

For the first hour Janet and Anna enjoyed the sex and the intimate comparison of their wet cunts slapping together. They orgasmed repeatedly, and eagerly. They got into various positions to rub; on their sides, on their backs, on their bellies. One of them would get on her belly and the other on her back and they would hump each other violently, or twirl their supple hips in circles to smear their contending cunts through each other. They held their hips off the bed and viciously jammed their cunts together; slapping them and giving each other a heavy rip as they did. They often held their labia open to rub them more intimately. There was something special about that for them; feeling their delicate interiors smear and compare. But the fight gradually shifted from eager sex to a real attempt to hurt each other until they both achieved their goals.

Their tightly mashed genitals finally began to chafe from the constant rubbing, and wreaked real damage on each other. This was evidenced by the involuntary grunts and moans of each writhing beauty. Their eyes still met, seeking any weakness. But they still saw only grim determination. Their hips flailed and surged together, grinding their sore cunts into each other with relentless friction. The heat between them became palpable. The swollen, fleshy cunts burned and stung as they scraped together, ever more dry and hot. The plump folds rasped each other, swelling more and tearing at each other as they scoured in hot, painful excoriation of flesh on flesh. The two girls used their full weight to press their pussies tight and grind them skin on skin. They seemed relentless, merciless to each other and themselves; thinking only of defeating each other with whatever brutality was required.

The groans became low guttural squeals and both women arched and shuddered in agony. But they continued to press themselves together, cunt to cunt, and rub those throbbing organs together relentlessly. This was indeed a fight to the finish. The pain had seemed to arise so suddenly and become intense so quickly. Now they knew they were in the throes of a brutal battle of cunt against cunt; woman against woman; to the finish.

Time seemed irrelevant to them. Only the pain mattered. And it quickly grew to agonized proportions. Janet trembled and flailed her head in pain. She felt all of her sublimated fears surface now. Anna felt invincible, rubbing so incessantly against her. The German girl’s pressure was constant and unyielding. Her moans were angry and determined. Janet felt real fear surface in her, and she could not drive it away. Still she ground her hips against Anna’s, driving her burning cunt into her rival’s fleshy folds. But Janet had never been this far into pain before. She knew she was losing and couldn’t take much more. Only her pride and sexual ego kept her legs open now. They wanted to close; clamp shut on Anna’s smooth legs, and stop the punishment she was taking. But Janet was not broken yet. She kept her legs open wide and rubbed against Anna with her last determination. But she knew she was losing this fight!

Anna was in a new realm of pain. She felt Janet’s tough cunt brutalizing her own searing genitals and realized that she had never been this far into a fight before. She held her long legs open with all her determination, but they jerked and trembled. She met Janet’s brutal thrusts, cunt on cunt. But Anna knew she was losing, and fear gripped her every breath. How could this happen?

For long, agonized minutes the two slinky redheads, sexually voluptuous, ego-driven, ground their precious, damaged cunts into each other. Each was afraid to stop rubbing lest she be unable to resume. So they gripped each others’ wide-spread legs and ground their hips in desperate circles, punishing each others’ swollen pubes to new limits. But all confrontations must be ultimately resolved. The two, redheaded sex fighters squealed into their pillows, their lovely heads flailed; their lovely faces contorted in sheer agony and spite; tears streamed down their cheeks. Their supple bodies arched in agony as they ground their cunts into each other. Fear and anger mingled in their minds as the pain burned its way into their final abilities to resist it. The intensity of their rubbing increased as if they were working themselves up to another orgasm. But it was an anti-orgasm; a negative eruption that would culminate the long, brutal, naked confrontation between two proud beauties.

Anna arched once, twice, and stiffened. She stopped rubbing. Janet sensed the weakness and instinctively, mindlessly ground her abraded cunt into Anna’s. Then Anna did the unthinkable. She clamped her lovely long legs tightly onto Janet’s and shrieked out her surrender. She frantically dragged herself away from her redheaded tormentor, curled up and broke down, sobbing uncontrollably.

At first Janet could not believe she had won! She was holding on with her last ounce of determination against Anna. She was moments from surrender herself. And now she lay victorious opposite her broken, humiliated rival. A thrill, a virtual orgasm, erupted from within her. She fell back laughing in relief and joy. Then she threw herself on Anna, just to enjoy the contact of their naked bodies; just to revel in feeling Anna and knowing she was better.

“You were right, Anna.” She giggled. “You did teach me something tonight; just how good I really am!” She kissed Anna’s cheek and then collapsed on her. They lay together for over a minute before Anna tried to stir. Janet rolled off her victim and they lay side by side on the bed, gasping and clutching their seared cunts. Their eyes met once more but Anna could not hold the gaze. She broke and ran sobbing to the bathroom. Janet rubbed copious cream on her crimson, swollen cunt and dressed. She really wanted to pee but Anna wouldn’t come out of the bathroom to face her.

“I’m leaving, Anna.” She called through the door. “I’ll leave my cell number in case you find someone else who might want to rub me.

Through the door, she heard Anna mutter, “Just go away.” So Janet did. She got in her car and drove home, where she added more cream to her throbbing cunt and lay back in the utter ecstasy of sexual victory. Her ego and confidence had been boosted 100% this night. She suddenly felt invincible and already contemplated finding her next rival. Whoever it would be, Janet was confident that she would prevail.