Susan Johnson tried to clear the fog from her head as she checked the roster for her last Y class of the day. She had been out partying even later than usual last night and even though she worked the night shift at the Y and could sleep in as late as she wanted, she felt like she hadn’t recovered from a full night of drinking and dancing. She was 35 and beginning to wonder if she might be getting too old for bar hopping and after parties. But she still loved the excitement, flirting and flaunting herself.

She had a body most women would kill for. Tall, athletic and busty, with powerful long legs. She kept her dyed blonde hair cut stylishly short, and it set off her cute brown eyes and dark features perfectly. She loved strutting her stuff on the dance floor, catching the eyes of every man and more women than you would have thought. In fact, nothing pleased her more than having women check her out, knowing they could never match up against a body like hers.

She had one private sparring class left for the day, and it was a new “student.” Most of her classes were simple training sessions, teaching women how to protect themselves, but a few of her clients wanted full-fledged sparring sessions and Susan was a strong, challenging sparring partner. With her height, weight and reach, she normally could control any sparring session with ease. She’d had women who’d gotten overly aggressive or tried to show off for friends or spouses (which was why she tried to make most private classes truly private, without observers), but she found she could usually tire them out quickly or control them enough to keep them in line. She’d rarely matched up against anyone else who was her equal physically.

That’s why the next name on her roster caught her eye, and she found herself flushing just a little bit in embarrassment as the read the name: Rachel Myer. Rachel had been coming to the Y for a month or so now and Susan had seen her in several classes—pilates and yoga. She was a regular on the treadmill in the cardio room and she was obviously an athlete and probably a long distance runner—Susan had seen her maintain a good running pace for 20 minutes or more, which was tough for anyone not used to doing that on a regular basis.

It hadn’t been lost on Susan that Rachel was built very much like her. In fact she had blushed at least once before when Beth Hillman, another trainer at the gym, had said that Susan and Rachel “had the four biggest tits at the Y.” Beth was no slouch in that department herself but Rachel had to admit to herself that the other girl was probably right. Susan had always been busty—her breasts often seemed a hindrance in her work at the Y and even though her height and build put her good-sized breasts very much in proportion to her body, she’d toyed once or twice with the idea of reduction surgery. But if her boobs got in the way at work, she wouldn’t trade them for the world at night when she was on the town and everyone’s eyes were on her. And she was proud of the fact that her breasts were unusually firm and dense so that while she took care to wear a good sports bra whenever she worked out, her boobs could stand up quite well on their own without support.

Rachel’s were at least equally impressive. She was tall like Susan, but Nordic-looking, with what seemed real blonde hair, straight and soft, cut just above her shoulders but often tied back in a short ponytail while she worked out. Her features were beautifully angular, her eyes pale blue, and she was just as curvy as Susan, with the same long, powerful legs, a long waist that gave her an hourglass figure but was thick with muscle, and, Susan had noticed, a great butt. She always wore a gray or white tank top while working out, and the tops seemed barely able to contain her jutting, globe-shaped breasts—they always seemed to surge up into the scoop neck of her top as she worked out and stuck out off her powerful chest like two big torpedoes. They were so perfectly round and firm that Susan suspected they were fake—but she often suspected people thought the same thing about her own large breasts.

Rachel was a bit of a mystery—seemingly very calm, cool, and confident, but Susan had noted a bit of a competitive streak to the woman. There was no doubt she respected Rachel as an athlete—and in fact she felt a little bit of a tickle of adrenaline when she read her name on the class roster. If she had any skill at all, Rachel might be quite a sparring partner. She even wondered whether Beth had set this up somehow. She wouldn’t put it past the other trainer—Beth was always pushing Susan’s buttons, and boundaries.

The door to the little classroom opened at just that moment and Rachel stepped in. Her expression was cool, her pale blue eyes quickly assessing Susan and just for a second lingering on her chest. Susan tried not to blush as she stepped forward and took Rachel’s hand, and the two women exchanged a polite greeting as they gripped each other’s hands. Rachel’s hands were large and strong, like Susan’s, and both women squeezed each other’s hands just a bit longer and more firmly than necessary, as Susan felt the strange necessity to not be outdone in this initial pleasantry.

“You’ve sparred before?” Susan asked as she moved over to the equipment rack.

“Not for a while, but I did quite a bit at the gym I attended before this,” Rachel answered confidently. She picked up a pair of gloves—the lightly-padded, MMA style Susan kept for very experienced fighters, and continued, “I don’t need any preliminaries if you don’t mind—I’d like to just get to it.”

“You’re sure you want to start with those gloves?” Susan said cautiously. Most women used the round, very heavily padded mitts—the lighter ones barely prevented knuckles from doing real damage. “Most of my students—“

“I’ve had plenty of experience with these,” Rachel said dismissively as she slipped into the gloves and confidently slipped through the ropes into the mini training ring that filled most of the little sparring room. Rachel watched the other woman’s behind straining her black stretch pants as she entered the ring and turned to face Susan impatiently, bringing her gloves up into a ‘ready’ position.

Susan didn’t like the other woman’s attitude. Rachel was almost acting like she was the teacher. “All right,” she shrugged, grabbing her own pair of MMA gloves and eyeing Rachel appraisingly as she slipped the gloves on and stepped through the ropes into the ring. Rachel met her stare unflinchingly as Susan stood up and the two women took each other’s measure as they settled into confident sparring stances. Susan stole another look at Rachel’s chest, which seemed almost ready to explode out of her white tank top. Susan couldn’t help feeling glad that she’d worn an equally tight white tank top and gray stretch pants as she faced off against Rachel, and she caught the other woman stealing a glance at Susan’s impressive chest and the bit of bare navel and abdominals between the bottom of her top and the top of her stretch pants. The two women were built very similarly, Susan couldn’t help but notice. Both tall, solid, curvy but toned, powerful…Rachel’s neck and waist might have been slightly longer, more graceful, but the two measured up against each other beautifully. Perfect opponents.

The two women circled and Rachel began to close the distance between them, their gloves coming together for a few blocks and parries. They began to dance, eyeing each other intently, and even before any real action had begun Susan sensed the mood of this encounter was totally different from any of her previous private sparring matches at the Y. Rachel was calmly, coolly checking her out, gauging her defenses—stalking her. This was no student. Rachel was a competitor—maybe even a rival—before the fight had even begun.

Just as she was lost in her thoughts about the encounter Rachel began moving in, cornering her, and the two women were forced to exchange real, firm blows. Rachel’s fists struck Susan’s shoulders and forearms as she blocked and spun, and one quick jab almost struck her face before Susan could block it. The sudden shot at her face forced her to dodge so far back that she wound up stumbling, and Rachel instantly took advantage, pressing forward until Susan had to carom off the ropes and dance quickly to the other side of the ring.

Rachel continued to follow, implacably, and Susan could sense the other blonde’s hunger to strike a real blow—to sink one of those fists into Susan’s body somewhere. She forced herself to take the fight back to Rachel and she began to surge forward, exchanging tough blows and blocks, both girls panting and grunting as they drove their fists forward into a maddening, powerhouse attack, fists colliding, elbows and forearms striking one another as the two women closed in an intense mutual assault.

Suddenly Rachel hooked one elbow around Susan’s and the other blonde’s free fist rocketed in to slam into Susan’s stomach, smacking her bare belly and forcing a deep groan out of the trainer. Again Susan found herself stumbling back, her abs throbbing from the violation of Rachel’s fist. Rachel didn’t pause to assess her accomplishment, but rather continued to bully her way closer to Susan, looking for more vulnerability. Susan blocked carefully while she tried to recover from the belly punch. She had a temper, but it was rare that a student brought enough game to get her competitive instincts up. She was used to being able to carefully control these encounters, but Rachel’s size, power and tenacity were something she hadn’t encountered before. The woman was a predator.

Susan made a stand at the center of the ring and concentrated on blocking Rachel’s increasingly deadly blows, trying to find the other woman’s rhythm as the two tall, athletic blondes danced and parried. She managed to send her fist whizzing close to the other blonde’s face and for just a second she saw uncertainty twist Rachel’s cool, confident features. As Rachel dodged backwards Susan found an opening and jammed her fist in an uppercut directly into Rachel’s solar plexus. Now it was Rachel who groaned as her stomach muscles bore the brunt of Susan’s punch and she saw the other woman looking disappointed and angry, as if she’d never expected to have her perfect defenses penetrated here.

“You okay?” she said earnestly. It was customary to pause and break after exchanging two serious blows like this, and decide whether to continue to spar at the same level. But Rachel’s look of discomfort quickly changed to annoyance at Susan’s question.

“I’m fine,” she said, raising her gloves again. “Let’s keep going.”

“We’re going pretty hard,” Susan said, gingerly raising her own defenses. “Sure you want to keep this pace up?”

“Of course I am,” Rachel said coldly. “Do you have a problem competing at this level?”

Susan shook her head slowly. What a bitch! “I don’t have a problem with it at all, Rachel,” she said.

“Good!” the other blonde said. They quickly closed and an even more intense flurry of blows followed, both girls grunting and breathing hard and each clearly determined to penetrate the other blonde’s defenses. Fists smacked as leather gloves collided and Susan began to hiss at the kiss of Rachel’s gloves against her arms and shoulders as the two women fought. She could feel Rachel putting even more power and deadly quickness into her blows as she tried to take the fight to Susan, and Susan had to start lowering her own teacher’s instincts to keep things safe and in control. She would need to let go a little—maybe more than a little—to keep pace with Rachel’s hot aggression. There was always a temptation to teach an unlikeable student a lesson, and normally Susan avoided that temptation at all costs. But now she felt like she had to loosen up some of those prim and proper restraints in order to meet this big bitch on her own level.

The air was hot between the two big women now as they rained blows on each other, hot breath snorting through nostrils, grunts and groans filling the air between them as they forced themselves closer and closer together. Sweat was already running in rivulets down Rachel’s tawny cleavage, her jutting, round breasts heaving as her upper body maneuvered—and Susan felt her own heavy glands burning and straining against her sports bra as the battle continued. Both women were carrying heavy weights on their upper bodies, and it almost amazed Susan that their four breasts were firm enough not to wobble all over their chests as they sparred. Even in the thick of the fight she couldn’t help gauging Rachel’s heavy boobs against her own, measuring them, mentally sizing up their firmness and weight just as she studied the other blonde’s long, thickly muscled arms, toned shoulders. Rachel’s cold, beautiful face and muscular body were mesmerizing, and she could feel the heat roiling off her opponent’s sweating form.

Just as Susan seemed lost in her reverie she parried a blow and Rachel smashed in past her defenses, her fists shooting past Susan’s shoulders just as Susan’s landed glancing blows on either side of Rachel’s waist. Before they knew it the two blondes had stumbled into a hard, muscular clinch.

Susan groaned as Rachel’s full, imposing bust suddenly crushed against hers. Instinctively she hugged at the other woman’s sweating shoulders and her long, graceful but powerful neck, and she felt Rachel’s strong arms encircle her waist to tug them closer together. Rachel’s breasts mushroomed against Susan’s and she felt Rachel groan too as the two women forced their four sweating, impossibly firm mammary glands into hard, competitive contact with one another. Susan had expected the hard feel of silicone implants against her breasts, but to her shock she felt real, natural breast flesh mashing against her own throbbing boobs. Rachel’s breasts were every bit as dense and firm as her own, and as they wrestled together she thought she could feel the bullet hard nubs of large, stiff nipples thrusting out from the enemy glands—and awakening an answering hardness from her own big nipples, nestled behind the dampening material of her tank top and sports bra.

She could feel Rachel’s breath on her face, her soft hair caressing Susan’s cheeks and for a second her brown eyes looked up to stare directly into Rachel’s pale blue eyes at point blank range as their sweating foreheads pressed together. Then Rachel deliberately jammed her nose and chin against Susan’s, their open mouths briefly panting against each other until Rachel forced Susan’s head sideways and hugged her cheek to cheek.

Both girls groaned openly as their four breasts struggled to arrange themselves against one another, Rachel’s grip around Susan’s waist increasing, crushing their powerful bellies together until Susan could feel Rachel’s abdominal muscles squirm and flex against her own. As an instructor she knew her responsibility was to break the clinch, but instead she threw her effort into crushing her arms around Rachel’s shoulders and neck, hugging her even deeper into the suffocating clinch, and jamming her breasts even harder against Rachel’s. Any boxing instincts had been instantly forgotten the second their bosoms had collided and Susan now was determined to demonstrate to Rachel just how firm and heavy her breasts could become under pressure. Rachel only squeezed harder against her and grunted as she slowly ground her breasts back and forth against Susan’s glands, inexorably shoving them off to the side as both women’s glands pancaked against one another. Susan groaned in anger and spitefully pressed her boobs back against Rachel’s with equal vigor, sliding across her opponents firm glands until she felt the nubs of their nipples meet up and tease one another mercilessly, eager to escalate this sudden, shocking and intimate new contest to something Susan could barely imagine.

The two tall, muscular women seemed locked in a sweat-drenched stalemate at the center of the ring, groaning against each other’s breasts, as Susan realized their match had turned into something far more than a simple sparring contest. She had a mental image of Rachel underneath her on the mat, her breasts naked, sweat-drenched, dueling with Susan’s as Susan’s body pinned her down and made her beg for mercy…this was getting out of control.

Rachel managed to sink rabbit punches deep into Susan’s side and belly, and the blows seemed to vibrate through both women’s breasts, making the contact between them even more electrifying. Susan had to force her own arms down to retaliate but she was only able to get a few weak kidney punches into Rachel’s body. All she cared about was crushing the other blonde’s breasts, but the two hot, dense globes pressing against hers seemed in no danger of backing down. Meanwhile Rachel’s punches to her midsection were taking their toll. One way or another she had to stop this.

Susan wrenched her upper body back and forth, still jamming her breasts against Rachel’s but somehow breaking the tight contact between the two struggling blondes. She slipped one arm past Rachel’s powerful, sweat-slick upper arms and managed to force it between them, pivot and shove Rachel backward. At the same time she shot her free arm up and felt her fist connect with Rachel’s head, knocking the tall, muscular woman backward several feet before she regained her balance.

The two women faced each other in a slight crouch, fists still raised warily. They seemed like very different women than the ones that had put on the gloves only moments ago. Rachel was drenched in sweat, her hair mussed, chest rising and falling dramatically with every breath. Susan could see past her to the wall-length mirror behind Rachel her own reflection, and she too was filthy with sweat, hair matted to her forehead. Both women panted as they glared at each other, each daring the other to rejoin the struggle. Now Susan had time to gather her wits, and she caught a glance of the clock—which showed the two women had been sparring for over 20 minutes.

“You don’t mess around,” she panted. “We’ve almost used up the whole session. Still want to continue?”
Rachel took a couple of breaths before coldly remarking, “We’re not finished.”

Susan stared into the other woman’s pale blue eyes and bit back a comeback. Every professional instinct she had told her to end the session. Rachel was pushing her buttons and she knew she was getting emotionally involved in the match. It had been a long time since she’d had a sparring partner her own size and strength, a very long time since anyone had put her back on her heels. Susan was easygoing, she realized, because of her size and strength. But she was feeling a competitive thrill now that she hadn’t experienced before.

“Five more minutes,” she agreed, straightening back into her fighting stance.

Rachel smiled grimly as she nodded her agreement. But instead of taking a stance, she reached down and pulled her soaked tank top up over her head to reveal a light gray sports bra. If her top had been soaked, Rachel’s sports bra was drenched—the material stuck to her like a second skin and was wet to near transparency, clearly revealing her large aureoles and her two thick, jutting nipples tenting the soaked material. Her breasts were incredibly round and full, jiggling just slightly as they strained against her soaked bra, which revealed an immense valley of golden, sweat-drenched cleavage below her beautifully sculpted collar bones and neck muscles. Sweat actually dripped from the bottoms of Rachel’s breasts as she tossed her top out of the ring and faced Susan, and the trainer had to force herself to take her eyes off the other blonde’s incredible rack and her taut, toned stomach and defined abdominal muscles.

Susan knew a challenge when she saw one and against her every instinct she reached down and purposefully peeled her own top off to reveal her equally soaked white sports bra. She rarely wore white bras to the gym for exactly this reason—she didn’t want to be accused of showing off every detail of her big breasts to the other Y members. But now she felt glad that she had happened to grab this particular sports bra while getting ready this afternoon. She managed to glance past Rachel as she turned towards her and catch a glimpse of herself in the mirror, and confirmed that her own bra was even more transparently drenched than Rachel’s, and clearly showed off Susan’s two big, dark aureoles and her rapidly stiffening, finger-tip-sized nipples. She gave Rachel a good long look before raising her fists and signaling with a nod that it was time to continue.

The two women moved closer, began to dance lightly, without the energy of their first face-off. They began to punch and block, gloves snapping off one another, and Susan noted that Rachel wasn’t quite as quick with her defenses. She jabbed suddenly, blocking blows and managed to deliver a solid blow to Rachel’s gut and was rewarded with a low groan from the other blonde. The two women locked eyes and Susan had to struggle to contain a vengeful smirk. But Rachel quickly moved in and before she knew it the other woman’s right glove smacked her hard across the cheek. She spun to the side, throwing up her left to block as Rachel pounded in aggressively, punching Susan’s flank and landing another glancing blow at her head before Susan shoved her away.

“We shouldn’t be doing head blows,” she snapped. “If you want to stop and put on headgear we can keep going.”

Rachel continued to stalk her as she replied. “If you can get through my defenses you’re welcome to retaliate.”

Susan shook her head angrily as she prepared to engage the big blonde yet again. She was breaking every rule of training, but she couldn’t help herself. She wanted back at Rachel. She danced forward and began to rain down blows, smacking off Rachel’s blocking attempts and feinting at her stomach before whipping a jab right against the other blonde’s cheek. Rachel staggered back and actually bounced off the ropes before coming back at Susan. Now the two women closed, muscling past each other’s defenses and slamming punches into each other’s sides and stomachs. Susan felt Rachel’s abs tighten against her blows and both girls grunted and groaned as they exchanged punishment freely. Susan watched Rachel’s sweating boobs jostle and quiver as she concentrated on pummeling her waist, then suddenly Rachel sent an uppercut slamming into Susan’s right breast, almost sending the bulging gland up out of her sports bra in the process.

“Bitch,” Susan muttered, instinctively retaliating with a solid blow right into the center of Rachel’s left breast. The two women exchanged a flurry of furious blows, each aiming for her opponent’s tits. They had maneuvered close to one corner of the ring and Rachel suddenly jammed in close to Susan and the two blondes clinched again. Somehow the other blonde seemed to aim her hardened nipples directly into Susan’s as she pinned against the corner, trapping her in a sweat-soaked embrace, plunging her dense breasts against Susan’s, and wringing sweat from both women’s drenched tops and sending it running in rivulets down each other’s straining stomachs.

Rachel’s glistening face glowered at Susan’s nose to nose as she spread her powerful legs to pinion the trainer back against the ropes. “You’re the bitch,” she groaned, gripping Susan’s wrists while their bodies squirmed and slid against one another, Susan’s thighs straining and gripping Rachel’s muscle to muscle. Susan moaned as the other woman’s heavy breasts dragged across hers, marking their territory, her nipples seeming to cut into Susan’s quivering glands while Susan found that all she could do in this position was to aim her own stiffening nipples upwards to stab into her enemy’s vulnerable but dominating breasts.

“Get off of me,” Susan moaned angrily.

“Make me,” Rachel snapped. Susan bucked furiously and somehow managed to wrench Rachel’s body aside. She should have stopped the match then and there—just as she should have a dozen times before—but instead she took her revenge, shoving Rachel back into the corner and muscling into her, forcing her arms backward and smashing her throbbing breasts back against Rachel’s.

“How do you like it?” she hissed as she too purposefully dragged her boobs across Rachel’s, first from side to side, then slowly up and down, shoving her enemy’s glands upward until they seemed about to pop from their harness, than plopping her boobs down onto Rachel’s slick, hot cleavage and dominating her, crushing her breasts downward.

“I can take everything you’ve got to give,” Rachel growled, glaring up into Susan’s brown eyes. Susan quivered as she stared into the other woman’s coldly gorgeous face. She had a primal urge to devour her, to bite down on that beautiful mouth, mark up those perfect features. She managed to glare down pointedly to where her breasts engulfed Rachel’s—at least momentarily, and stare back up into the other blonde’s eyes before shoving herself away.

“Lesson’s over,” she said, nodding toward the door. Rachel glared at her sullenly before slowly peeling herself out of the corner. Both girls panted exhaustedly, still eyeing each other warily.

“I’m not finished,” Rachel said with certainty.

Susan stared at her hatefully, then glanced at the clock. The gym was closing, and she would be locking up. She took another look at Rachel’s muscular, sweat-drenched body, her breasts all but naked in their soaked sports bra, jutting out challengingly at her—daring her to continue.
She stepped through the ropes and out of the ring, turning back to see Rachel staring at her with disappointment. Then she moved over and locked the training room door.

“I said the lesson is over. But if you want to continue our fight…it will be just between us, in private—and nothing to do with the program.”

Rachel’s cold smile deepened. “That’s just the way I’d like to finish this,” she said hungrily.

“Good,” Susan said, staring at Rachel as she slowly slipped through the ropes back into the ring, and stood to face Rachel. Rachel peeled her gloves off and pointedly tossed them out of the ring, and Susan felt a cold chill as she stared her down. “I hope you know what you’re getting into,” she said quietly as she removed her own gloves and tossed them out of the ring.”

“I hope you do, Susan,” Rachel replied dangerously. Susan thought for a moment as the two women stared at each other, then reached down and tugged her soaked sports bra up over her head, shaking her glistening, sweat-drenched breasts free and tossing the wet bra out of the ring. She didn’t care any more. She could feel the gym clearing out already—she knew the sounds well enough after teaching here for a year. She had taken several of her classes well into after hours and no one had ever disturbed her, especially with the door locked. She was alone with Rachel now and any pretense of civility and professionalism had been thrown out the window.

Continued in Part 2