Thirty-Five Years Brings Déjà vu to Reality

By H.G. Hunt

Chapter 22

The employee entrance to the hospital looked different today. Monday’s were usually the worst days of the week for Lisa. But somehow she knew today would be VERY different from any other Monday. Many of the thoughts she’d had over the remainder of the weekend flooded back through her brain. She was second-guessing her decision to drink the wine. In hindsight it seemed like a bad decision. Her taunting of Jean about her refusal to drink the wine seemed like a good thing at the time, but she should have known the loss of inhibitions that comes with alcohol. Maybe, just maybe, she wondered that might have been just the iota of difference that had caused her to lose orgasmic control before Jean. She knew if she ever had it to do over again, things WOULD be different.

But those Monday-morning-quarterback thoughts didn’t make the dread of walking into the hospital go away. The contract she had made with Jean last Friday was one she knew, as a woman of honor, that she would have to fulfill. It was her word and it would have been against everything she stood for to leave any obligations unmet.

Jean had a spring in her step as she came to work that same morning. The heat of the summer was unnoticed. It felt more like Easter to her; a new beginning, a re-emergence, the butterfly leaving the cocoon.

At precisely ten o-clock Jean looked up from her desk and smiled. Lisa entered her cubicle with a steaming cup of coffee. She spotted a coaster prominently displayed near Jean’s right hand. The coaster had a pretty scene from the lakeshore. “Oh, look what I found at a little gift shop yesterday. Isn’t this the most precious coaster you’ve ever seen?” Jean held it up for Lisa to see. Rubbing it in was not a problem for Jean. She had every intention of making sure Lisa never forgot. Not that she needed to. The compact they had made on Friday assured that.

One month; that was the length of time that the loser was obligated to serve the winner. There were two components. The first was being fulfilled at this moment. Once each morning the loser was obliged to serve a cup of coffee to the winner according her preference. Two teaspoonfuls of cream had been mixed into the coffee, just as Jean preferred. The humiliation Lisa felt was flagrantly rekindled and she knew this was going to be a long month. Too bad she didn’t have a vacation planned, she thought.

The other component of the spoils was going to be less public. Clearly others in the hospital might have occasion to notice Lisa’s coffee service. It might be easy to explain at first, as a friendly gesture towards an old college acquaintance, but keeping up that charade might be tough as the weeks went by. Lisa ached at having to endure it. But the second corollary was a whole lot more intimate. The pact included one secretive pleasure to be provided to the winner, at a day and time of her choosing, limited to once per week. Lisa was going to have to eat Jean’s cunt again and again; four times total, once each week until a month had passed. There were enough secret places, with doors that locked for quick moments of degrading sex, for them to not worry about getting caught in the act. After four weeks time the service would be over. Could she survive it?

Jean wondered too. Would Lisa even show up for work. In her gut she presumed Lisa would not back off. She was right. But as Lisa set the steaming coffee down on the coaster, any doubt about her recuperative powers was laid to rest. Even though she knew and felt deeply the humiliation that she’d endure for the next weeks, she had resolved that this past weekend was not the end, but the beginning. Her fortitude had only grown since Saturday. Her spark of passion had not been extinguished. It had been reignited and would burn forever.

“I had a wonderful weekend Jean. I hope you had a nice one too.”

“Oh, it was ok,” the obvious understatement giving both women a moment of levity. Recognizing that others might hear their words, they needed to be cautious. Even Jean recognized the need for coyness and subtle innuendo in the work setting. She would reap her rewards in other ways than flaunting it publicly.

“Well, I am glad you came to work here. I have long wondered about you and what had become of you after we parted ways back in school. I am looking forward to working with you for a long, long time.” She winked at Jean and sauntered out the door.

Jean let her gaze follow Lisa down the hallway. Just before she turned the corner Jean caught the unmistakable thrust of her hip. No one else was there to see it. Jean recognized that thrust; side to side once, forward and backward once.

Déjà vu.