Rachel smiled grimly as she stared at Susan’s bare tits. Susan put her hands on her hips, daring Rachel to look her over, and Rachel gladly accepted the invitation, her eyes raking over Susan from her mussed, damp hair, strong shoulders, bare, pouting, heavy breasts glistening with sweat, aroused nipples jutting starkly out toward Rachel, supple, muscular belly rippling with every breath, powerful pelvis cocked and ready for battle and sculpted, strong thighs spread in a waiting stance.

Rachel slowly reached under her breasts and pulled her own sports bra over her head, her spectacular breasts bobbing free, spattering droplets of sweat to the mat as she tossed the useless garment out of the ring and faced Susan topless. Rachel’s fingers drifted down her toned stomach to adjust the elastic band of her stretch pants, snapping them into place suggestively, and Susan’s pulse raced for a moment as she thought the other blonde might strip the soaked pants off. Susan had been naked in front of other women, gotten physical with them in class, even gotten into a scuffle or two as a teenager. But she had never faced another woman down like this, with such open sensuality. All she knew was that she wanted to wipe that arrogant look off of Rachel’s face and she didn’t care how she did it.

Susan reached down and tugged her own stretch pants into position, snapping her waistband as if answering Rachel’s challenge, and the two women continued to stare each other down from a distance of a few feet, openly studying each other’s toned, sweat-slick bodies and proudly displayed, bare and intimidating breasts.

“I don’t know who you think you are,” Susan said evenly, struggling to control her voice, “But if you came in here looking for a fight you picked the wrong person.”

Rachel shook her head with that same cool arrogance that Susan was growing to hate. The other woman took a step forward and Susan tensed, knowing she was within Rachel’s reach. She could clearly see every drop of sweat glistening on Rachel’s bare breasts, chest and shoulders. “I picked the right person,” she breathed. “You’re exactly who I wanted.”

“Just what is your problem with me?” Susan demanded, taking a step forward herself, eager to show she was not the least bit intimidated by the enemy blonde.

Rachel immediately matched Susan with another step until she was truly in Susan’s face, and Susan couldn’t help stealing a glance downward to where the two women’s big, bare breasts now almost touched, especially as their jutting nipples now stretched free of the confining fabric of their discarded sports bras. When she looked back up at Rachel the other woman pointedly glanced down at their facing breasts before looking back up at her.

“It’s simple. Ever since I joined this gym I’ve been listening to people comparing us, how we have the two best bodies in the gym…and the two best bust lines.” Rachel glanced once more down at Susan’s bare breasts, her expression radiating contempt. Before speaking again she took one more dangerous step forward, inching her gleaming boobs closer to Susan’s so that the trainer had to dodge sideways just enough to allow Rachel’s nipples to position themselves parallel to hers. She could feel the moist heat radiating off those rubbery shafts now hovering less than an inch away from hers, practically touching her puckered, taut aureoles. “I don’t share the title of “best body” with anyone,” Rachel continued threateningly. “And I certainly won’t let someone like you walk around thinking you have anything to equal these,” she said, giving her big breasts a proud little shake.

Susan met the other blonde’s gaze coldly. Her body was flushing with waves of sensation, her skin reacting with goose bumps to every word Rachel said, her nipples continuing to harden and lengthen so that they were almost touching their tips into the enemy blonde’s boobs. When Susan spoke it was in a hoarse whisper. “I’ve managed to listen to the same talk about you and about our bodies…AND about our breasts,” she said thickly. “But I’m not so insecure that I had to confront you about it.”

“Oh really?” Rachel said haughtily. “You were more than happy to tussle with me against every rule you’re supposed to follow, and you’re the one who bared your breasts the first chance you got. So whether you want to admit it or not, I think you’re into this every bit as much as I am.”

Susan glared into Rachel’s eyes, almost as furious with herself as she was at the goading, infuriating blonde facing her. Now she flashed through every image of Rachel she’d ever had in her mind, all the moments when she’d caught the other woman working out, or even undressing in the locker room—all the moments she’d furtively, secretly studied her body, measuring it—and Rachel’s breasts—against her own. She hadn’t been able to consciously admit to herself that this was what it was all about, but Rachel had forced her to, and she hated the cold, arrogant blonde for that.

“All right then, you big, stuck up blonde bitch,” she said, tossing her damp hair back off her forehead and in the process jabbing Rachel’s breasts with her nipples—and receiving an answering poke from Rachel’s rubbery rods that made both girls hiss and back off slightly, glaring at one another. “What are we going to do about this? Fight bare handed? You want black eyes and cut lips and bruised up boobs?”

“Do you?” Rachel bit back. “I wouldn’t mind punching up your pretty face…or your bare breasts.”

“And I wouldn’t mind punching that nice flat belly of yours…or using those big tits for punching bags.”

Rachel too tossed wet locks of hair off her forehead, glaring at Susan defiantly. “Why stop there? I’d gladly use my nails on yours…or on that big, muscular ass.”

“You fucking bitch,” Susan murmured. “You’ve really been thinking about this…everything you’ve wanted to do to me. You should have come to me sooner because I’m glad we’re going to finally have it out like this, with no rules.”

“Good,” Rachel said quietly. Now she moved closer and slowly twisted her nipples into Susan’s. Susan felt almost light-headed as she held her own, then pushed back, slowly grinding her own rubbery, aroused nipples into Rachel’s. The two women pressed forward, compressing their big breasts into one another until they were nose to nose, breathing warm breath across each other’s faces. “Tell me more about what you want to do to me,” Rachel purred aggressively. “Now that you’ve been holding it inside all this time. I want to hear what a big, athletic whore like you thinks about me.”

Susan breathed in, delighting in the feel of her breasts firming up against Rachel’s until Rachel too inhaled, hardening her breasts into taut, aggressive balloons against Susan’s. “I wouldn’t mind digging my claws into your big, tight ass either, Rachel,” she breathed. “I would love to punch your tits hard.”

“You’re lucky I don’t pull down those stretch pants and punch your cunt,” Rachel said, slowly working one breast, then the other against Susan’s while keeping their tangled nipples in mesmerizing contact.

“Punching your pussy would be a pleasure,” Susan agreed. “And I’d gladly reach down into your stretch pants and pull out some of those blonde curls…that is if you’re woman enough to have any fur down there.”

“I have more than enough hot fur for you,” Rachel growled, “And for your information it’s golden blonde because I’m not a cheap dye job like you, so I don’t have dirty black cunt hair. And I’m very good at pulling pussy hair too.”

Susan felt like she was melting against the other blonde, her hard stomach and flared pelvis meeting Rachel now as they trash talked and goaded each other into closer, harder contact. “I think I’ll bite your big tits before we’re finished,” she said. “I’d love to get one of those hard nipples between my teeth…and if you don’t stop twisting them against mine you can be sure I’ll do it.”

“I’d enjoy biting those stiff ones of yours too,” Rachel said. “In fact I’d like to get my teeth in your face, on that bitchy mouth of yours…”

“I’d like that too,” Susan agreed, her lips brushing Rachel’s angrily as she spoke. “I’d bite your abs and your butt…in fact I’d leave a lot of teeth marks on that body of yours, but I think I’ll save your big hot pussy for last.”

“If you think you could bite my cunt without me getting a good bite on yours you’re mistaken,” Rachel assured her. “But don’t think you’re scaring me off with your empty little threats. I’m hoping for the longest, dirtiest fight with you imaginable.”

“I’ll give it to you,” Susan rasped. She had had enough. She reached up to grab Rachel’s hair and the other blonde answered her, tugging her face in close, both women gasping as their lips and teeth came into contact, both spitting and hissing as they angrily bit at each other’s mouths, feasting on the sensual flesh, flinching and wincing at the pain even as they groaned in filthy, aggressive pleasure, all the while thrusting their dueling nipples against one another and pressing breast against breast. Susan thrust her pelvis into Rachel’s generous, powerful hips and quivered as the other blonde ground her pubic bone into Susan’s, and Susan shuddered as she felt the full contact of Rachel’s smooth Venus Mound and vulva through the taut material of their two stretch pants. The two women rubbed and ground their sweat-slick breasts together with abandon now, groaning as the four mountains of flesh explored and tested themselves against one another.

Both women strained their powerful arms against each other as they tugged at each other’s hair, exchanging bites. Susan got Rachel’s chin in her mouth and bit down, feeling the crunch of gristle under her teeth until Rachel moaned in pain, twisted out of the bite, and hauled Susan’s jaw in close so that she could retaliate, biting sharply down on Susan’s face. “You fucking muscular bitch,” Susan groaned, staggering against her enemy.

“Too much for you, Miss Bare Tits?” Rachel growled. “I’ll eat you alive.”

“You’re just exactly enough for me,” Susan snarled, smearing her tits against Rachel’s. “Our tits obviously match up against each other perfectly and I’m going to enjoy pressing them together tight until we figure out whose are better.”

“You’re going to lose that fight,” Rachel assured her. “I’ve always had dense, firm breasts that can stand up to anything. I’m going to crush your big ones and I’ll gladly take the rest of the evening doing it.”

“It’s going to take longer than that,” Susan said. “I’m going to dominate you if we have to stay in this room all night.”

The two women had slowly maneuvered each other back to the corner where they had clinched last, squeezing into it so that the post was on one side and the ropes stretching off to either side were in each woman’s back. It formed a perfect, one-sided arena, forcing their bodies together tightly. Both women maintained their grips on each other’s hair, glaring challengingly into each other’s eyes as they continued to force their breasts together, each woman measuring her weapons against her enemy’s pouting glands, mushrooming each other’s boobs outward as their powerful chests pressed together and each woman inhaled, holding their breath as long as possible to harden their dueling breasts against their opponent’s.

“I can crush your fat tits out right here, right now,” Rachel said bravely, slowly raking her nipples up and down across Susan’s tits.

“Go ahead and meet me then,” Susan said. “I’ve been dying to go up against equal tits like yours…you think you’ve got the hottest boobs at the gym so prove it to me, show me you’re best.”

“It’ll be my pleasure to outdo your boobs,” Rachel snarled. “And you’re right; I should have called you out a long time ago.”

“Why don’t you just suck my big ones, you fucking cow,” Susan growled as she pressed and rubbed into the other blonde.

“You can lick my tits, you dirty little sow,” Rachel replied. “Just as long as you look up at me like the submissive cunt you are.”

“You big, muscular pussy,” Susan rasped, biting at Rachel’s lips and face and taking long, spiteful bites in return.

“Athletic cunt,” Rachel snarled back as her teeth scraped Susan’s face. “I’ll tear your stretch pants off before this is over and beat your big ass raw.”

“It’s mutual, honey,” Susan agreed hungrily. “I’m going to strip you bare too and I’ll gladly pound those hot, tight buns of yours until they’re red.”

“First you’re going to have to beat my tits,” Rachel challenged, and Susan immediately increased the pounding friction between their four warring breasts. Rachel answered her and soon the two women were butting breasts, rubbing roughly, backing off and smacking, their wet breasts colliding with heavy, wet plops that echoed in the little room. Susan fought to stab her hard nipples as deep into Rachel’s breasts as she could and she winced and hissed as the other woman’s stiff bullet points penetrated her boobs, seeming to stab almost to the ribs as their hot breasts collided, slapped and pressed. After tearing at each other’s hair for several long minutes the women locked fingers, forcing each other back and forth in the corner, slapping their mammoth boobs together when they could. Susan managed to wrestle Rachel into the corner and again pin her arms backward, slamming her heavy breasts into the other woman’s quivering rack repeatedly, her breath quickening as she watched Rachel’s nipples recede and soften under her attack. “I’ll beat your tits all right!” she snarled as she pounded away, sweat splattering off her jiggling boobs as she smashed them down on top of Rachel’s. “I’ll pound your fat ones flat!”

Rachel took the punishment, arching her back until Susan’s belly smacked against Rachel’s with every bit as much stinging pain as her breasts were delivering. Suddenly Rachel’s powerful thighs locked around Susan’s and the other blonde wrenched their bodies around, wriggling away from the corner. For a moment they stalemated, fingers locked above their heads, arching their chests and exchanging sweaty, slapping blows, breasts swinging like wrecking balls against one another, droplets of sweat flying. Then Rachel muscled Susan backward into the corner and began to rain tit blows down on her, smashing her heavy weapons down on top of Susan in raw retaliation as Susan groaned underneath her. She too arched her back, giving Rachel her belly and forcing her stinging breasts back against Rachel’s. Then Rachel took advantage of their position to slip out of the finger lock and sent one of her fists rocketing into Susan’s taut stomach.

Susan doubled over against the ring post, her butt striking the mat while Rachel towered over her, triumphant breasts thrust out, her crotch taunting Susan as her legs spread wide.

“You bitch!” Susan growled, rising to sink a fist deep into Rachel’s snatch. Now it was Rachel’s turn to double over and sink to the mat, hands buried in her crotch. “I told you I’d punch your pussy!” She crawled after her opponent, pinning Rachel’s thighs with her own and sitting on the other woman’s pelvis. As she raised her fist to deliver another blow, Rachel smacked her own fist directly into Susan’s bare breast, sinking deep into the quivering gland. Groaning, Susan pounded her own fist into one of Rachel’s tits, aiming dead center into the aureole. Somehow Rachel jammed another fist up into Susan’s stomach and the trainer collapsed on top of the enemy blonde, heavy breasts smacking down onto Rachel’s chest as Susan fell across her opponent’s powerful body.

For a moment she could only gasp and pant on top of Rachel, her breasts still hardening against her rival’s as she inhaled, feeling the other blonde’s enemy orbs crush upwards against her dominating boobs, still somehow refusing to yield even now that Susan had mounted her. Their thighs slowly wrestled against one another, damp Lycra sliding across damp Lycra until Susan’s pelvis settled between Rachel’s muscular thighs. Susan groaned as her rival’s muscular pelvis pivoted, grinding into her as she felt Rachel’s pubic mound and vulva tilt upward to meet hers. Susan’s big buns twitched as she instinctively thrust back against Rachel’s sex and she squeezed her eyes shut as she felt their overheated, thick sexual triangles press, rub and slide together. The sensation through the tin fabric of their stretch pants and panties was unbearable, and Susan couldn’t help imagining—even though it was beyond her imagination—what it would feel like to press her aroused pussy against Rachel’s with nothing between them to prevent the most intimate combat possible.

She felt Rachel’s nails at her neck, then felt them rake down her muscular back to finally clutch at Susan’s pulsing derriere, urging her into even closer pubic contact. Susan couldn’t believe how far things had come with this near stranger, from a no-holds-barred fistfight to almost fucking each other on the mat. She was appalled at her own behavior, but Rachel had obviously come here wanting this from the beginning, and Susan was discovering that she wanted it too. She would gladly take this all the way to the finish line, no matter how dirty this big blonde bitch wanted it.

For several long seconds Susan eagerly rubbed her big, throbbing snatch against Rachel’s, and the other woman glared up at her face with cold satisfaction as she hungrily pressed her own burning pussy back into Susan’s, twitching and urging her rival’s big buttocks into harder action as she spread her thighs, locked them around Susan’s and pumped back into her. No words were necessary as the two women angrily, eagerly humped one another, pubic bones crushing together. Rachel’s fingers found their way into the back of Susan’s pants and soon she felt the other woman’s sharp nails raking across her hot, sweating buns, digging into the muscular flesh as Susan worked above her.

“Bring it on,” Rachel whispered, and Susan groaned and found herself pumping madly into the icy blonde’s crotch, spreading her own powerful thighs wide to brace herself against the mat and get more leverage.

“I’ll pound you off,” she whispered. Rachel took the punishment eagerly for several long, hard seconds before thrashing furiously underneath Susan, twisting with inhuman strength and suddenly reversing their positions, slamming Susan’s back into the mat while Susan bridged desperately, knees and pelvis thrust upward as Rachel climbed on top, thighs wrestling thighs until Susan slipped and her ass slammed into the mat, Rachel’s punishing pelvis burrowing into her, her hard stomach flexing against Susan’s, breasts bearing down on breasts and Rachel’s coldly beautiful face bearing down on her, glaring at her with icy control. She couldn’t deny the other woman’s strength as the other blonde pinned her down, matched her squirming abdominal muscles against Susan’s and forced the trainer’s thickly muscled thighs apart as she planted her pelvis between them and pressed it firmly against Susan’s thrusting hips.

Now it was Rachel’s firm, hot crotch pressing down on her, twitching and thrusting against Susan’s pubic area and inflaming her vulva. Susan’s belly tightened to iron hardness as she strained upward against Rachel’s upper body, struggling to force her off. The other girl’s heavy tits were like molten metal, burning into her boobs, nipples scraping her aureoles or fencing savagely with Susan’s nips as she forced herself back against them. Sweat seemed to pour off Rachel’s superheated, powerful body as she pinned Susan down, the hot liquid dripping down Susan’s sides, spattering across her bulging breasts as she wriggled sensually against her opponent.

Throughout it all, Rachel’s crotch rubbed and pounded away at Susan’s while the other blonde panted and cursed against her face. “God!” Susan gasped. “You fucking bitch…” The two soaked pairs of stretch pants, pulled to their limits by the combatants spread thighs, concealed nothing—no detail of sexual anatomy was hidden or off limits as Rachel’s vulva explored Susan’s and Susan struggled to jam her aroused cunt back at its attacker with equal violence. She felt her hands flutter down Rachel’s sweat-soaked back, feeling the other woman’s shoulder blades shift, powerful back muscles leaping like pythons under her skin, until Susan too invaded Rachel’s stretch pants to feel and squeeze those incredible ass cheeks, the ones producing all the power that throbbing hot pussy needed to pound away at Susan’s.

As she dug her fingers into Rachel’s pulsing buns Susan realized she had never felt out another girl’s ass before. Weirdly, after everything else the two struggling, bitterly angered women had done to each other, gripping each other’s butts truly seemed like crossing a line. Everything else could fall under the name of fighting activity—even; Susan told herself, butting and mashing their big breasts together. Susan had playfully done that—with her top on, of course—with other girls in college, and she had seen other women try to bully each other breast to breast in locker rooms and soccer fields. And the undeniable cunt contact between her and Rachel could be excused as just pelvic pinning—controlling and dominating an opponent. But by grabbing and squeezing each other’s buns, actually urging their pussies into closer contact, both women were silently acknowledging the increasingly sexual nature of the fight. It had hung in the air from their first face-off, maybe even back to when Susan had first seen Rachel’s name on her roster. Now it was undeniable.

Susan’s buns still stung from where Rachel’s longer nails had clawed them—that, at least, fell into the fighting category. As she squeezed Rachel’s ass she marveled at how sexy the other woman’s behind felt under her fingers—soft with a delicious, supple layer of fat, skin silky smooth to her touch, but once her fingers penetrated deep enough the other woman’s bulging muscles were steel hard.

As if reading her mind, Rachel growled “What’s it like feeling a better ass than yours?” Rachel’s dark eyes narrowed as she glared up into Rachel’s glowering face, the other girl’s soft, straight hair brushing Susan’s cheeks and forehead.

“I could ask you the same question,” she snarled back. “Mine’s hotter…and stronger than anything you’ve got.”

“Oh really?” Rachel said sharply, jabbing her pubic bone roughly into Susan’s and forcing a grunt of pain out of the other blonde. “Think your pelvis is as strong as mine? I think I can give you more punishment…”

“Go ahead and keep humping my cunt, bitch, but don’t think I won’t retaliate,” Susan groaned. “I had your big hot ass down once and I’ll pin it to the mat again before we’re through.”

“You couldn’t pump me half as hard as I’m pumping you,” Rachel said. “I’ll match my ass muscle against yours any time you want.”

“You want to match everything up, that’s your problem,” Susan hissed. “You didn’t want a sparring match, you just wanted to press up against me and compare bodies and see who had better boobs…”

“Maybe you shouldn’t have marched around here sticking these out like you owned the place,” Rachel said, grinding her breasts down harder onto Susan’s for good measure. “I’ll gladly put you and your big chest in your place.”

Susan struggled against the weight of Rachel’s breasts but it was her crotch she was worried about. The hot friction of Rachel’s pubic mound against her own was building into something unbearable, setting every nerve ending in her body aflame. Neither girl had said it but there could be only one goal to the crotch pounding: bringing off the woman being pounded. Susan had never been in a struggle like this but it was clear that even if Rachel was getting turned on by the pump-off, she would be at Susan’s mercy if Rachel came to a climax. She must be trying to get Susan off…maybe to take advantage of her losing control, maybe just to prove that she could do it. They’d already exchanged insults about each other’s bodies, bragging about who was hotter…maybe that was the best way to prove it: make the other girl cum and show she was so sexy she could even turn on another woman until she lost control.

There was no doubt that Susan was close to the edge. She had never sweated it up or clinched so hot and close with anyone. She had noticed Rachel’s athletic beauty the moment she’d first seen her, and now she realized she’d snuck more than a few glances at the other woman’s body and face as she’d worked out. Now the shock of having what might have been an unconscious fantasy at the back of her mind played out for real, in private, was staggeringly sexy. If she wasn’t careful she would be at the other blonde’s mercy…and so far Rachel had shown none of that.

Susan managed to heave her opponent on her side after a moment of furious concentration and she quickly locked her knees around Rachel’s and both women braced themselves with their legs, tendons cracking, pelvises still pressed tightly together, breasts jostling slickly between their compressed chests as the two women hugged in a crushing, muscular embrace. Susan felt her navel slide across Rachel’s, each fleshy inlet spilling tiny cupfuls of perspiration onto each other’s bellies as their abdominals flexed against one another. For several long moments the two women managed to beat their flexing hips together with neither having the advantage of gravity, and Susan thought she managed to even the score somewhat, rubbing her swollen, sheathed pussy roughly into Rachel’s until the other woman was twitching and groaning uncontrollably against her. Susan felt very much on the edge herself but at least she knew they were struggling evenly now, although maintaining their position was causing her increasing muscular strain and discomfort. Once in a while one of them would free a hand and punch viciously into their opponent’s buttock or side, or jab into a breast as it bulged upward between their warring chests. But the pace was slowing, both women gasping with effort.

Continued in Part 3