by A. Penman

Journal Entry, May 21st, 2012

Donna stood in front of the full length mirror in her bedroom. As was her custom, she removed her negligee and let it drop to the floor. Then she took the time to assess her nude body from front, side and back views. It was a breathtaking body! She was one sultry, desirable redhead.

Her silky hair was at the reddish-brown end of the redhead color spectrum. It was a beautiful match for her creamy skin tone. A little past shoulder length, it framed her big, brown pouty eyes, her high cheekbones, full lips and dimpled chin. Her long neck rested on square shoulders and a smooth upper chest supported breasts of near perfect shape and size, if your favorite size was extra large.

It should be noted here that she, like all of the other full breasted women in the medical and surgical offices, had been. “strongly advised” to not dress provocatively. In other words, dress in a manner that downplays your large assets and minimal display of cleavage.

Tonight, however, she reveled in her naked splendor. Her beautiful, toned abs and flaring hips spoke to the real woman that she was. Her body was, quite simply, exquisite. This was a good thing because I was about to match my body against it. She and I were getting ready to fuck.

She turned to face me. Reaching for the top of the towel I had wrapped around me, she then peeled me like a grape. The towel dropped to the floor. Donna then took a step back to assess my nude body for the first time and sighed. The rise and fall of her chest became more pronounced. I had to assume that she was pleased with what she saw. She zeroed in on my tits. Her subtle, whispered comments at work left no doubt that she had long wanted to match her breasts against mine. My breasts began to quiver in excitement. I knew that my beauties would be a great match for her wondrous orbs. Donna knew it too. I observed the hardening of her nipples.

“Donna finally gets what Donna wants.” I said, teasingly. The beautiful redhead then moved close, reached up and caressed my face.

“I’d almost lost any hope that these two elegant bodies would ever meet.” She confessed.


Last Friday’s session was my designated driver day. As fate would have it, the bartender cut off Donna’s supply of Margaritas. She wasn’t excessively drunk by any means. But she was in no condition to drive. Driving her home, however, wasn’t enough for her. She insisted that I come in for a chat. I somewhat reluctantly agreed because I knew what she wanted to “chat” about.

“As long as you promised to let me make you a snack in order to sober you up.” She gladly agreed. Anything to get me where she wanted me, I suppose.

I fumbled around the unfamiliar kitchen, gave up, and eventually called out for a pizza. I was a hungry too, so I ordered a large and stayed to help her eat it. Getting food into her worked. She eventually came around and sobered up. I now felt pretty good too. We sat, satiated, at the kitchen table. At that point, I suggested that it was time for me to leave. She was not in favor of that.

“Then what, Donna?” I asked.

“Melissa, please stay with me. Overnight.”

“Why, Donna?” I asked, knowing the answer.

“So that we can fuck, Melissa. So that our hot bodies can be together for just for one night, Melissa. Then I’ll never bother you again.” She almost pleaded.

“You’ve wanted to fuck me for a long time, haven’t you?”

“Don’t play with me bitch! You know the answer to that.”

I took her hand in mine, leaned in and whispered in her ear. “OK Donna. You got it. Let’s fuck. Woman to woman, pussy to pussy. No artificial ingredients.” I said, now feeling my own arousal beginning to build.

“Never!” She exclaimed.

“But Donna, I have one request.”

“Anything! Name it.”

“I want the entire weekend. Not just one night.”

“Are you serious?” She responded in disbelief, at my unexpected request.

“Are you woman enough?” I challenged.

“Bitch! I’m twice the woman you are. I’ll fuck you into another dimension.”

“Well, since I haven’t traveled much, it might be nice to visit another dimension. But we’ll just see about who’s gonna out fuck who, you red headed slut!”

Donna was truly turned on by this most erotic challenge. I was excited by the fact that this was going to be my third girl on girl fuck in as many weeks. She then scrambled to her feet, excitedly.

“Let me make a call and cancel a planned outing for tomorrow.”

“Oh...well...” I hesitated. It never occurred to me that she might have actually had plans for Saturday.

“It’s OK. It’s really OK. It’s not something urgent. It can wait for another time.” She assured me.

“OK. If you say so. Donna, would it be OK if I took a shower, before the main event?”

She divulged the location of the clean bath towels and went off to make her call in private. After my shower, I located her in her bedroom, in front of the full length mirror with a negligee bunched up around her feet, checking out her body as if she was preparing to go into battle. In a way, she was. From the doorway to her room I observed this womanly goddess. I felt a sense of foreboding, but I could not reverse course now. I had made the decision to finally give in to her, to match my body against hers. No backing down now. I took a deep breath and entered the room.

And so, there we were, nipple to nipple, reveling in what we were about to do. I’m not sure why I was surprised to find myself here, considering that I had taken on Sydney then Sammy T. in two weeks. Donna had been dropping both subtle and not so subtle innuendos for a couple of months. About two weeks ago she actually stopped doing that. Maybe, as she said, she had given up on trying to arrange a meeting of our fulsome endowments. I noticed that she hadn’t hit on me for a while, but I just let it ride.

But then one day, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her involved in a conversation with one of the nurse practitioners, a gorgeous Asian woman named Dawn. Dawn, of course, had a striking body too. But it was Donna who got my attention that day. She didn’t know I was watching her. I have to confess that I found myself wondering why I never took her up on her offer. She looked really hot! Donna was truly beddable.

MELISSA’S REVELATION: I found myself rationalizing, and questioning why I would reject such an amazing looking woman. Why shouldn’t I match tits and pussies with her? Why shouldn’t our hot bodies meet? What was holding me back?

According to both Sydney and the good doctor, three quarters of the women in the building wanted to grind with me. I had no idea that I so alluring to other women. Ever since my late teens, when my own breasts started to burgeon to their current wonderful size and fullness, fantasies of other women’s large, beautiful breasts were always in the deepest recesses of my mind. These last two weeks had been an awakening, thanks to Sydney and Sammie T. Perhaps a new avenue of exploration was opening up to me. Perhaps I should avail myself of its potential delights.

Sydney was amazing in bed, and there was no doubt in my mind that we would hook up again. Sammie T. and I fucked like we were meant to fuck. Our bodies matched up so intimately that I could not believe the sheer delight I experienced with her. She was the new love of my life, but it’s not like we were a couple. I doubt if anything like that was even remotely on Sammie’s mind. And, no doubt that the good doctor and I would share many future nights of lustful body to body sexual scrimmages. But there were no strings or promissory words with either woman. There was nothing to restrict or inhibit me. I was a free, Republican American woman. Free to match breasts and bump cunts with any woman I chose. This was only the beginning of a wonderful new life journey.

I felt Donna’s arms encircle my waist. I closed my eyes and absorbed the sensation of her breasts meeting fully with mine. Her soft belly pressed to mine and I responded to her full mouth kiss. She was quite wonderful with her lips and tongue I noticed, as I my body became acclimated to yet another spectacular female body. In my mind, I made body comparisons. Maybe it was a function of her red hair and fair skin, but Donna’s body was the softest so far. I could already tell that this was going to be a great fuck. Our bodies would meld together nicely. Like mine, her pussy was also shaved. I was thrilled that they would meet in the flesh.

I have to say that here that I began to suspect something. Shaved pussies are indeed a hot trend among women. But, my suspicions about the motivation for doing so were rapidly changing. More and more, it seemed to me that this wasn’t even remotely about attracting men. To my mind, it was about women desiring and challenging other women. Who was the better woman? Well, this could only be determined by locking up two aroused pussies. Smooth, clean shaven pussies could only enhance this most intimate of encounters. I had no problem with this at all. To me, it was simply a great idea.

And now as we came together in her bed, with Donna’s body all over my body, she gently opened my legs and made the kiss of our cunts her primary objective. I could feel my lips welcome hers as our pussies began to grind into each other. I could hardly wait for the inevitable scissor lock of our thighs. But for now, I had a hot body loving mine and I had every intention of giving this woman’s body what it wanted...MY BODY. We would fuck both gently and savagely with our full bodies pressed together, orgasm after orgasm.

Then, when the time was right, and when we both couldn’t hold off any longer, we would scissor lock our thighs and seal our cunts to each other. This fusion of womanhood would go on long into the night.

The next morning, while we were in the shower, Donna asked me why, after so many polite rejections, I finally decide to give in to her. I simply told her that one day I saw her chatting with another woman and had to question my own judgment. Perhaps I was wrong to reject her advances.

“You looked so hot! In my mind, I began to undress you. Unknowingly, you turned me on.”

“Wow! I had no idea I was such a desirable woman.” Donna faked modesty.

“Yes you did.” I pointed out. She chuckled.

In a tight embrace with her under the shower, I whispered a question into her ear.

“By the way, Donna. Who was that gorgeous Asian woman that you were talking to?”

Donna just shook her head and looked at me, astonished.

“Melissa. You’re turning into a slut. And I like it.”

“Just like you, Donna. So tell me, slut to slut, who is she?”

“Her name is Dawn. She’s a nurse practitioner. They hired her about a month ago.”

“She’s beautiful!” I said, emphatically.

“I shouldn’t be telling you this, Melissa, but she’s asked me about you, more than once. I think she’s a little enamored of you.”

“Really?” I said, sort of intrigued.

“You sound surprised to hear that.”

“I am surprised, Donna. I had no idea that I was such a desirable woman.” I said, faking modesty and mocking Donna at the same time.

“BITCH! I’ll slap the shit out of you!” She responded.

“I’d rather you fuck me, you auburn haired slut.”

Donna smiled as she slid her hands down my wet back and took a firm grip on my butt cheeks. Instinctively, we angled into an advantageous position. As our pussy lips slid into each other and we began a juicy fuck under the shower, there was a simultaneous, spontaneous acknowledgement of the Supreme Being. We both screamed as an unexpectedly quick orgasm came upon us. Our bodies met fully as we kissed in post orgasm euphoria.

I broke off the kiss and looked her in the eyes.

“You said that, after we fucked, you’d never bother me again.” I reminded her.

“I did. Why?”

“I’m not so sure that’s a good idea, Donna.”

She looked at me and smiled, catching my meaning. As our breasts softly rubbed together, Donna spoke softly, looking me directly in the eyes.

“You are so amazing, Melissa. Do you have any idea how many hot, busty women at the Penman Professional Building would love to fuck you?” Donna asked, sincerely. All I could do was choke down fake surprise and naiveté.

“I’ve heard tell. But I belong to you for the entire weekend, Donna.”

She moaned and we kissed. The sensation was exquisite. Donna was hotter than I ever imagined she would be. The rest of the weekend saw the reckless abandonment of propriety. We fucked like two wildcats.

But there, under the shower, as our bodies molded to each other, visions of an exotic Asian beauty named Dawn danced in my head.