BEA - by Anonymous

Part I

Ever since Bea had gotten off the train and spotted the woman walking briskly and purposefully toward her down the station platform, she had felt a tingle of excitement. The woman who boldly stared at her from twenty feet away just had to be Claudia, thought Beatrice. At least she certainly fit the description that her friend from Europe had sent to Bea the week before.

Bea let her eyes travel slowly and appraisingly along the figure of the dark-haired woman who walked up and stopped in front of her. The young woman put her hands on hips . . . a pair of sleek, lithe hips that perfectly matched the narrowness of her waist. Bea's eyes moved spontaneously to the woman's bare arms, attractively revealed by a white sleeveless blouse.

Oh my, Beatrice thought to herself, she really was a big strapping girl . . . just as her friend had described her in his letter. And, as Beatrice's glance took in the strongly muscled bare arms and the long length of curvaceous yet sturdy leg that peeked out from beneath the rather short skirt, Bea knew that this was a strong woman. It was enough to make her feel a sudden dampness at her crotch.

"So you decided to come", Claudia said, as Beatrice walked up to her on the platform. It was a low, husky voice that seemed to fit the athletic young woman perfectly. As she spoke, the woman smiled and held out her hand in greeting.

"Yes, I simply couldn't pass up an invitation like yours, now could I?" Beatrice said in return. She took the woman's extended hand in her own; their palms pressed tightly, fingers entwined, both exerting a slow steady pressure at the same time. Bea almost gasped out loud as she felt the strength of the other woman's grip. She WAS strong!

While the two women strained in their silent test of strength, their lips never losing their smiles, they sized up one another. Beatrice's eyes watched the ripple and play of Claudia's sinews as they flexed in effort just beneath the tanned skin along her arm. The woman's bicep showed, swelling upward tautly as she strained with Beatrice in dead-lock. But to a casual onlooker there on that train station platform, it would have appeared as if two women friends were merely greeting one another with a friendly, but prolonged, handshake.

With a quick grin, Claudia suddenly released her grip and stepped back. "Oh-hhh, this is going to be such fun," laughed the young woman. "Let's make this testing of our strength last a while. There's plenty of time . . . all weekend, if you're game?"

Beatrice nodded her head, and returned Claudia's challenging smile. "Sure, I didn't come all this way for a quick best two-out-of-three," Bea laughed in response. "But are you sure that you are up to a whole weekend of this? Think you can last that long, my dear?

Claudia's lush lips parts and her teeth sparkled again in a smile. It was obvious that she enjoyed this light-hearted yet challenging banter with Bea. She was thinking of the letter that she'd received from a male friend who lived in Europe, the letter which initiated this adventure that was now unfolding. Once again, Claudia's eyes swept over Bea's athletically fit figure with approval.

"You know I wasn't really sure what to think when our mutual friend wrote and suggested that the two of us should get together. But I trust him, and he said that I would find you to be a good match for my strength. And now, having seen you, I'm absolutely sure that he knew what he was talking about. Actually, he and I have wrestled many times and he knows all about my grappling style . . . and what I like. And he tells me that the two of you have enjoyed many a mat session, too. He feels our styles and preferences for certain holds will produce some exciting matches between us. In fact, I have an idea that he would love to be here to see our little contest in-person. Of course, knowing him, he'd want to take on the winner, right?"

"But this is going to be just us girls . . . with no one to interrupt us, right? Nothing but raw female energy, doing what strong ladies like to do best", laughed Bea.

"Well, you can bet on one thing; you've never met a woman like me", Claudia murmured in a dreamy tone of voice, almost as if she were far away in her own fantasy. "Before I'm done with you, my dear, you are going to feel like a limp dishrag. I'm going to wring you out, both physically and sexually."

"Oh, promises and more promises . . . that's all I seem to get. So how about we get to your place and start the action, if you think that you're woman enough!" said Beatrice in a bantering voice. Claudia just smiled, and cocked one eyebrow in answer.

It took them less than twenty minutes to arrive at Claudia's beach-side cottage, then another ten minutes for Beatrice to get settled into the guest bedroom and change out of her travelling clothes to "something more comfortable". That turned out to be a brief thong bikini bottom and an even skimpier nipple-bra. As Bea stood looking at her figure in the full-length mirror on the wall, she quite unselfconsciously tensed her supple body, flexing herself so that the etched muscularity popped into sight.

"Hey, not bad for a 47 year-old housewife", Bea thought to herself, as she sent her sinews rippling, coiling and bunching throughout the glorious length of her compact physique. It was, however, the kind of smooth muscularity that left her body completely feminine in it's appearance . . . not bulky and hard-edged like so many of the female weight-lifters. Hers was a firm, smooth body without any droopy flesh, which was amazing for someone into her middle years. Even her tits were firm and solid, jutting out insolently like some teen-ager. Not even a hint of sag.

Suddenly, Beatrice heard a slight sound behind her, and turned quickly. And there was Claudia standing in the doorway with a gleam in her eyes. But Bea wasn't really looking at Claudia's eyes at all; instead her startled gaze was devouring the younger woman's magnificent body. And there was a lot of it to take in, since she was standing there naked except for the briefest of bikinis bottoms. Her magnificent upper torso was bare, her splendidly heavy breasts exposed.

If someone had been present in that bedroom, he or she would have been surprised at how closely the two women resembled one another in build. Claudia was obviously the taller of the two, and she appeared to be more full-figured. This was especially the case in terms of her upper torso. She was obviously a solid C-cup. Bea's breasts were somewhat smaller, but they sat wide and jutting upon the older woman's much broader chest.
Claudia's eyes widened in surprise when she saw how firm Beatrice's breasts were, especially for a woman of nearly 50. Bea's tits were medium sized but well-contoured, with strong cleft pectorals that held them arrogantly aloft. Bea saw the expression of delighted surprise in Claudia's eyes, and so Bea quickly reached up and unclipped her narrow nipple-band, throwing it onto the bed. Now both women were bare to the waist, clad only in their skimpy thongs. They would wrestle in bare-breasted Amazonian combat . . . that had been decided without a word being spoken.

"Yes, my dear, let's do leave our titties some room to breath . . . and to enjoy their getting acquainted with one another," laughed Claudia. "I can't wait to feel my bare nipples rubbing against yours. What do you think about that?"

"Well, I think that I can hardly wait to get you down on the wrestling mat," replied Beatrice. The two women moved toward one another as if hypnotized, stopping only when their thrusting tits came into contact. Claudia's nipples began to slowly harden as the two sets of solid breasts pressed together . . . lightly, very lightly. The two half-nude females stood toe-to- toe, letting their nipples joust and play, letting their heavy tits rub back and forth against one another. Then, abruptly, they each took a step backward. It had begun!

Claudia walked over and slid open the wide glass doors leading to the lushly landscaped garden outside. She motioned over her shoulder for Bea to follow her. The garden area was ringed by a high brick privacy wall, and in the very centre of the grassy area laid a double-wide, blue-surfaced wrestling mat. It was huge, and obviously well used!

"This is where I like to wrestle," said Claudia. "It's private, and no one will bother us. In fact, no one will even hear us. And that's good, because I'm going to have you screaming for mercy, Old Girl!"

And without another word the two muscle women came slowly together and began their test of ultimate female strength. They went right down to the mat, locking together tightly with arms and legs clasped about one another, rolling first one way and then the other. For several moments they traded holds and grips, testing each other's skill and strength. And then, finally, they settled into a kind of slow-motion grappling, with first one on top and then the other.

Beatrice found herself locked beneath her slightly larger adversary, the woman's muscular weight pinning Bea to the mat. Beatrice quickly set her heels against the yielding surface of the wrestling mat, leaned back on her shoulders, lifted her butt, and bridged straight up into the air, trying to dislodge her opponent. Claudia instantly slid her legs around and under Bea's raised hips, her ankles locking against the older woman's tensed buttocks, her long sun-bronzed thighs scissored tightly around Bea's body. She rode Beatrice like some rodeo cowgirl as Bea tried her best to buck her off. After several moments, Bea realized that she would simply have to figure out something else.

Bea tried to settle back down onto the mat, but Claudia's encircled legs kept her slightly aloft in a kind of supported bridge. The way their bodies were tangled together left them face-to-face. By now their bodies were slippery with sweat, giving their naked flesh a kind of wet and rubbery feel as they slid together. As Claudia had suggested earlier, the two muscle-maiden's jutting tits were getting acquainted . . . and especially their nipples.

Bea felt her smaller pink-hued nipples growing stiff as they jousted with the larger, browner nubbins of her opponent. It was like two pairs of pencil erasures rubbing against slick flesh, and it was really turning Beatrice on. Of course the constant pressure of Claudia's pubic mound against her own didn't help matters any.

For her part, Claudia discovered that the older woman's strongly muscled body was far stronger than she had imagined it would be. Claudia was amazed at the way this erotic combat was playing out, especially the way in which Bea had been able to maintain that bridge for so long a time. Now THAT took strength, and agility!

Claudia always loved it when an opponent bridged up beneath her, pushing sweat-slippery loins against hers, pressing her mound into Claudia's. The fact that both women were wearing thong bikinis gave their clamped bodies an even more intimate weapon of arousal. The thick rope-like thong cinched between their thighs eventually worked its way against their aroused labial lips. It was like a finger softly kneading and spreading the portals of their sex, awakening the clit from its place of slumber. Both women knew that before long they would discard these thongs, so that their now engorged clits could joust and wrestle on their own.

Beatrice was absolutely ecstatic with joy. This was the kind of erotic wrestling she most enjoyed, the kind of "Strain & Struggle" that was almost like Domination/Discipline in its sexual intensity. She loved being held prisoner within the muscular limbs of another woman, while she herself attempted to wrestle her way free and subdue her dominant partner. It was simply a matter of locking your two bodies together until you were almost glued tight as one, then squirming your naked body against the sinewy length of the other in breathtaking slow-motion.

Oh yes, it was also fun to exchange quickly applied holds and grips, to see if you could catch your opponent in a full-nelson before she got you, to slap on an arm-bar, or send the other to the mat in a perfectly executed flying mare. But these more technical aspects of wrestling no longer appealed to Bea as it once had. And Beatrice had very quickly discovered that Claudia shared her own delight in slow, squirming, tightly locked grappling . . . the kind of wrestling that left your body glued full-length to your opponent's, your sweat mingling with hers, smoothly muscled limbs knotted and entwined, joined together as tightly as a pair of impassioned male and female lovers. Except THIS kind of eroticism was of the female versus female variety . . . a much more interesting kind of wrestling, at least as far as Bea was concerned.

And this is how they were wrestling now; chest-to-chest, nipples jousting, belly pressed to flat belly, grinding their loins together as clit sought clit. Their buttocks clenched and relaxed . . . clenched and relaxed . . . in a slow-pulsed flexing as their thighs clasped each other. Each had the other's long leg locked within the imprisoning strength of a powerful scissors, squeezing and humping the other's lithe-muscled thigh. Their breath was beginning to come in quick gasps, and both were emitting low moans of pain mingled with delicious pleasure.

Their eyes were wide-open and staring, but not at one another. It was as if both of the women were watching an erotic movie being projected upon the screen of their minds, both of them lost in their own fantasies, and yet each somehow contributing to the other's erotic mind-play by the sensual movement of their nude-muscled bodies.

By now they had worked up a good sweat, the glistening perspiration lubricating their sleek-sinewy bodies. They lay locked in each other's arms and scissoring thighs, their silken skin slurping and sliding as wet met wet. The sweat gave their limbs an oiled look, and seemed to accentuate the etched shape of each cleft muscle and corded sinew. It also made their flesh feel somewhat rubbery; warm and hard, yet yielding and soft all at the same time. It was a highly erotic sensation. And then, of course, there was the pungent odour of their mingled free-flowing sweat.

It is often said that the sense of smell acts as a trigger for arousal. For our Beatrice at least, this was true. And as her face slid along the perspiration soaked solidity of her opponent's naked breasts, as her nose caught the pungent scent of Claudia's heated body, Bea suddenly felt a tickling sensation between her powerful thighs. She was also VERY aware of the way Claudia's thigh felt, clamped between Bea's as it was at this moment. The soft flesh of her pubic mound could feel each ripple and quiver of Claudia's superbly muscled leg, which Beatrice was riding. And the harder Bea scissored Claudia's thigh, the more strongly she felt the dance and play of the sinew in that long leg.

The strange thing was that Bea sensed that Claudia was feeling the same erotic emotions, since Claudia had one of Bea's muscular thighs clamped between her own scissoring legs. Beatrice slid both hands up to cup the hard-flexed glutes of Claudia's buttocks. She filled her hands with the sinew-packed flesh, her fingers pressing into the muscles that writhed and played beneath her exploratory touch. Then suddenly she felt Claudia's hands on her own butt, and both women began to flex the hard, compact muscularity of their glutinous maximus as they humped and wrestled one another in sweat-soaked naked combat.

When women touch women, they go at it differently than the way in which men touch women. Deep, deep down . . . almost hidden away in the primordial ooze of the male brain, there's a fear of strong women. Perhaps it's left over from matriarchal rule in the dim past, but men are very skittish around strong and masterful women. So when a man runs his hands across a female body and discovers hard, athletic muscularity there's always that whisper of caution in his mind . . . DON'T AWAKEN THE AMAZON!

Don't fuck around with a physically powerful woman, unless you KNOW that you can hold your own. That's what it is murmuring softly to the male. Even if the man has a fetish for muscular women, and loves to feel the supple strength of a sleekly athletic female body, or loves to muscle-worship those satiny sinews . . . even still, the inner- whisper of caution is ever present. But not so with two women.

Women are not usually as interested as men in physical strength . . . that's basically a guy-thing. Women get off more on the eroticism of touch; the feel of flesh against flesh, the sensuous way one body fits against another. But there are also women who are turned-on by the feel of sleek sinews writhing and rippling against them, and especially if those firm muscles are in another woman's body. Add a playful contest of female strength, so that those muscles are even more pronounced to both sight and touch, and you have the recipe for "Girls Just Wanna Have Sexy Fun" (as pop singer Cheryl Crow would have sung). At least that's what Claudia was thinking at this very moment . . . she was one woman who loved lots of strength and muscularity in another female.

Perhaps Claudia's daydreaming thoughts had put her off-guard, or maybe it was simply Beatrice's skill and speed, but somehow the younger woman suddenly found herself captured in a crushing scissors. But unlike her own body-scissors, Bea had scissored Claudia's head between her thighs. It was like being trapped within the constricting coils of an Anaconda, with just as deadly a potential outcome!

Damn! Claudia had known from the beginning that she would have to stay away from the muscular thighs of the older woman. The first time Claudia had seen Beatrice's body stripped of her travelling clothes; she had recognized the sinewy strength of those lean thighs and solid calves. And now those gleaming limbs were wrapped tightly around her head, in danger of crushing her into submission if Claudia couldn't free herself.
Claudia pried at those mighty thighs with both hands, but she couldn't spread them a single inch. The way she was imprisoned within Bea's head-scissors, Claudia's face was jammed into the inverted V of Bea's lap. She could smell the musky dampness of Bea's crotch, but she could see nothing. Then, suddenly, her lips brushed across a pair of silken ridges of flesh. And within that softly folded flesh Claudia felt the quivering movement of a hard nubbin rising up against her lips . ... It was Beatrice's clitoris, stirring into life.

Claudia let out a muffled moan, and then she made her move! Her tongue flicked out and grappled with Bea's clitoris. She was rewarded with a gasp of surprise from Bea, and at the same instant a momentary relaxing of the thighs scissoring Claudia's head. That was all she needed. With a wild twisting and wrenching, of her body, Claudia broke free of Bea's head-scissors and rolled quickly to her feet.

Bea stayed there on the mat for a moment, looking up at Claudia with a strange smile on her lips. Then she too rose to her feet. Bea just stood there with hands on hips, her broad chest and thrusting breasts heaving as she sucked in air.

"So, you want to wrestle THAT way, do you," murmured Bea. "Well, two can play at that game. If you want to sex-wrestle, then that's what we will do, my dear girl."

Bea smiled invitingly as she opened her arms and beckoned Claudia to meet her in the centre of the mat. Claudia stood slightly crouched, circling Bea warily as the other moved toward her. Claudia was surprised to find that she was fantasizing about how it would be to have sex with this magnificently muscled Amazon. She wondered if Bea would be able to make her submit, to wrestle her into an explosive orgasm that would drain her fierce strength and allow Bea to pin her to the mat in sexual surrender.

"OK, let's just see who can make who cum first!" Claudia challenged the more mature muscle-woman.

The atmosphere was suddenly filled with sexual tension as the two naked females moved toward one another to wrestle again.
"Come on, bitch, let's see what you've got", murmured Bea as she reached out with extended arms for Claudia. "Let's wrestle!

They locked their fingers together, arms straight, wrists slightly bent. For a second there was no movement, but then both sets of arms began to quiver from the strain. Claudia's eyes were drawn to Bea's shoulders, watching the way the older woman's hard deltoids bulged into sculptured clefts and ribbons of strength.

For her part, Bea glanced down at Claudia's arms and found herself becoming excited by the ripple and play of muscularity in those smooth arms. Bea was slightly surprised by the size of Claudia's biceps, now that they were swollen into evident shape from the strain of her effort. And then, while Bea's attention was distracted, Claudia suddenly broke the dual finger-lock and slid her naked arms around Bea's body in a front bear hug. And just as quickly, Bea sent her own mighty limbs coiling around Claudia's upper body. They were now locked together face-to-face in a new test of female strength.

The two glistening bodies stood jammed together, swaying slightly from side to side as each put more pressure into her hold. Their breasts were mashed; belly flattened against flat belly, loins locked, buttocks tensing and rippling. The two straining bodies appeared as one, sinewy limbs melding, smooth flesh flowing into a hard knot of tangled female strength.

"Now I'm going to take you down to the mat," whispered Bea into Claudia's ear as they stood there struggling. "I'm going to pin your ass, then I'm going to face-sit you until you have made me cum! So what do you think of that, bitch?"

Claudia didn't respond with words, she let her actions speak for her. With a wrenching twist of her upper body, the sleek muscled younger wrestler off-balanced Bea and sent her crashing down to the mat. In a flash, Claudia was stretched out full length along the older woman's body, legs grapevine Bea's, her hands pinning Bea's wrists to the mat. Bea bridged upward against Claudia, balancing herself aloft on shoulders and heels as she strained to topple Claudia's muscular weight from off her.

Claudia released her legs from their grapevine, and instead scissored them around Bea's upraised body. Circling the older woman's hips with her legs, Claudia pulled the woman tightly against her own sweat-slippery form. Their loins were locked tightly, pubic hair tangling, clits wrestling for a grip. Their two bodies began to hump up and down . . . slowly at first, and then with greater and greater rapidity.

They were now holding each other within the grasp of their encircled arms, their tits jousting, sinew-corded bellies sliding back and forth against one another. Sweat was now drenching their naked bodies, making the flesh slick to the touch and hard to grip. Claudia could hear Bea's breath beginning to pant, and at the same time heard the woman begin to moan softly . . . not in paid, but in frenzied pleasure!

"Come on, bitch, give it up", demanded Claudia of the older woman. "I've got you beat and you know it."

Bea's answer hissed up against Claudia cheek. "No, you don't have me yet, bitch. I'm still going to pin your ass and wrestle-fuck you into submission, don't worry about that!"

As she spoke, Bea let her hands slide up and down the sweat-filmed expanse of Claudia's powerful back. Her fingers traced the deep indentation of her spine, and then slid across the hard-flexed sheaths of hard-flexed muscle across her upper back. Finally her hands came sliding down to the girls' sinewy waist and lithe hips. She captured Claudia's buttocks in both hands, gripping the mounds of flesh as hard as she could . . . but there was almost no yield in that firm flesh. It was like trying to pinch a pair of rubber balls.

Still holding onto one hard-flexed glute, Beatrice sent her other hand snaking down to cup one of Claudia's jutting breasts, while she tested the weight of the heavy breast, one of Bea's fingers moved up to tweak Bea's engorged nipple, massaging it into stiffness. Bea moved quickly, twisting around until she was plastered against Claudia's powerfully muscled back. Both hands now kneading the Claudia's hard nipples, Bea jammed her crotch against Claudia's hard-packed buttocks and slid one long thigh around the woman's sinewy waist, pulling Claudia's body even more tightly against Bea's loins.

Then with a quick movement that caught Claudia by surprise, one of Bea's hands slipped from Claudia's breasts, reached down until she felt the soft fuzz between Claudia's legs, then Bea's fingers were suddenly searching for Claudia's labia. She found what she was looking for, and quickly slipped two stiff fingers inside Claudia's moist and throbbing sheath. At the very same instant, Bea gave a short leap upward and scissored her thighs around Claudia's waist, locking her in place. Claudia spread her legs to balance Bea's weight, which made it even easier for Bea to finger-fuck the imprisoned young Amazon with slow, even strokes.

"Ah, now I've got you," whispered Bea into Claudia's ear. Her face was pressed against Claudia's cheek, their lips only inches apart. When Claudia moved her head to reply, Bea suddenly kissed the woman . . . deeply, with a darting tongue that wrestled with Claudia's. Twisting and straining, the two women lost their balance and crumpled to the mat. Bea landed on top, and stretched her sinewy weight on top of her opponent pinning her down onto the blue wrestling mat.

Bea's legs were grapevined with Claudia's, her hands pinning Claudia's wrists to the mat. Bea moved forward, putting more of her supple weight across Claudia's hips. As Bea strived to keep Claudia pinned down, her glutes clenched and flexed from the effort of holding her younger opponent flat against the mat. The mat itself was sweat-slippery, which made it more difficult for Bea to keep Claudia imprisoned beneath her and it appeared that at any moment Claudia would escape. However, Claudia was completely pinned and at Bea's mercy.

"Come on, say 'uncle' and I'll let you go," panted Bea. Her voice held a tone of pleading, because she was very nearly at the end of her strength. But Claudia fought on, refusing to yield. Actually, she didn't want to quit because Claudia sensed that Bea was only seconds away from an exploding orgasm. And if that happened before Claudia herself had to give, then she would emerge the winner of this bizarre wrestle-fuck. Or at least the first fall. There would, of course, be many more sessions on that sweat-soaked wrestling mat before this weekend was at an end.

But finally, after another five minutes of straining erotic combat, Bea felt the muscular body beneath hers begin to tremble and shudder. It was like the feint vibrations along steel track as a freight train approached from an unseen distance, building in intensity as it came ever closer. Such was the way in which Claudia's impending orgasm felt to Bea. Then, suddenly, Claudia arched up strongly beneath Bea, her magnificent body arched and hard-flexed. Claudia's breath, like Bea's, was coming in gasps. A soft moan of pleasure escaped Claudia's lips, and then the moan became a cry as her orgasm overtook her.

At some point in the last minute or so, Bea's grapevine had been released in favour of her legs coiling around Claudia's waist in a hard-locked scissors. It was a good thing that she was locked onto the woman beneath her, because as Claudia's orgasm exploded the young woman's splendidly muscled body was heaving and bucking like a wild mare trying to toss her rider. Bea rode her young opponent, clamping her own body tightly against Claudia's as she wrestled her into surrender at long last.

This had proven to be the toughest match that Bea had ever experienced, other than a couple of brutal contests of strength with a woman named Ali Day. Those had been wrestles set up by a film producer, with a sizable purse being offered to the winner. Thus, the fight had been "rough and tough", with no love lost between the two women.

This wrestle between Bea and Claudia was an entirely different match. This was a test of strength and wrestling ability between two athletic and well-trained females, with no disruptive male energy being present to channel their emotions into some kind of man-pleasing direction. It was just a case of a "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" meeting. And it was going to last all weekend. . One wrestle after the other!

But right now, at the end of their first fall, it was time for Bea to take her prize. She pulled herself up from the supine body of her beaten rival until she was kneeling on Claudia's broad shoulders, a knee on each arm. Claudia looked up, a puzzled look on her beautiful face. She had already conceded the fall, so why wasn't Bea letting her up. As if in silent response to the unasked question, Bea inched forward until her crotch was even with Claudia's mouth. Her knees clamped themselves around Claudia's head, holding her in place.

"Do me!" Bea demanded in a harsh grunt.

Claudia tried to twist free, but she was held securely in the vice of Bea's knees. She looked up almost uncomprehendingly, surprised by the tone in Bea's voice, even more surprised by the sudden change in Bea's personality. Peering down at her like some avenging goddess, Bea seemed harder, far less attractive.

"Damn you, I told you to do me, bitch!" grunted Bea. As she spoke, Bea lifted her arms and hit a bicep pose that would have bested most professional women bodybuilders. She looked like an artist's illustration of an ancient Amazon warrior . . . impossibly strong, impossibly well muscled, and impossibly dominant.

Claudia's eyes got big as she watched those arms bulge and ripple. For the first time in her life she felt completely dominated by another woman. And it felt strangely exciting! She found herself moving her mouth onto the silken slit that was Bea's swollen labia, searching for the engorged clit that she knew was hiding just within. And then, with increasing excitement, Claudia "DID" her victorious wrestling opponent.



The two women slept-in the next morning, recharging their energy after the titanic battle of the evening before. When they had finally awakened, done their stretching exercises and their toiletries, they met outside in the private garden for a cup of tea. They talked about their previous day's contest, praising one another for particularly well-applied holds. All the while, their eyes roamed up and down each other's robe-clad bodies in appreciation . . . and excitement.

"So are you ready for today's first test of strength?" murmured Bea to her hostess, a gleam of anticipation sparkling in her eyes.

"Oh, I can't wait to get you down on the mat again," laughed Claudia. "It's going to be my turn to pin your butt!"

The two women continued their bantering conversation for another few minutes. It was, for Bea at least, the kind of pre-fight "trash talk" that she loved to engage in before coming to grips with an opponent. Nothing ever harsh or un-ladylike, no profanity or such, just an exchange of softly murmured comments about what each was going to do to the other once they got on the mat. It was a kind of foreplay; verbal foreplay, that revved up their sexual excitement.

Finally, their pre-fight "trash-talk" at an end, the two women pushed away from the patio table. They stood and ever so slowly removed their robes. They were naked beneath the silken robes except for brief exercise thongs. Then they walked to the big wrestling mat, limbering their bodies with some stretching exercises. Then by mutual consent, but without a word being spoken, the two women stepped onto the mat and began circling. The second round was about to begin!

"Come on, girlie, let's see how much strength you've got this morning," Bea challenged her young weekend hostess."

"More than enough to wrap you up like a pretzel," replied Claudia with a grin. "I've got a few holds you haven't seen yet, old girl."

"Oh, promises, promises." chortled Bea as she flexed her muscular upper body in anticipation of their coming to grips. She did a couple of quick deep-knee bends to wake up her sinewy thighs and prepare them for the effort that she would call upon them to provide. Bea found herself terribly excited by the thought of scissoring those legs around the body of her hostess, of capturing the younger woman within the inescapable prison of her muscular thighs and solid calves.

"OK, less talk and more action", taunted Claudia as she beckoned Bea toward her with outstretched arms. And so they came together with a soft THUNK of bare female flesh, and wrestled!

The two nearly naked bodies were clasped tightly together; sleekly sinewy limbs grappled into entwined knots of sweat-gleaming flesh, firmly moulded flesh that felt all rubbery as their two muscular young bodies slid slowly back and forth. Their straining bodies appeared to be hardly moving, aside from the ripple and quiver of their aroused musculature. Their bare arms were tightly locked around one another's necks, hugging one another with every single ounce of their strength, their hot breath panting into each other's ear. The wrestlers, grunting and hissing with effort, lay face-to-face on the mat; their solid breasts mashed together nipple-to-nipple, their flat bellies grinding, their pelvises pumping. Each imprisoned the other's thigh within the scissored clasp of her powerful legs. They lay there, squeezing rhythmically as each rode the other's sleekly sinewy thigh.

Bea always enjoyed this kind of thigh scissoring, since it meant that her groin would be pressing against the muscular pillar of her opponent's long leg. It was almost like lying in bed and locking a heavy pillow between her legs, and then squeezing her inner thighs with rhythmic pressure until she had masturbated herself into release. But in this case, it was another woman locked between her thighs, and she didn't want to be the one who would cum first. . She just wanted to enjoy the erotic sensation of Claudia's heavy muscular thigh captured between her own legs. Bea felt the firm flesh of her opponent pressed wetly against her own, felt the ripple and roll of flexing female muscle moving slowly in a sensuous dance against the sweat-oiled length of her squirming body. Their bodies were by now wet and slippery with perspiration, pungent-smelling sweat that had been squeezed from their pores in the exertion of their struggles.

The early morning sunlight reflected off their gleaming bodies, highlighting every cleft and ridge of their superbly sculpted female muscles. The layer of perspiration coating their flesh accented the ripple and roll of rounded layers of sinew across their bare backs and shoulders. Theirs was a smooth, sculpted muscularity that was quite obviously female . . . none of the heavy slabs of bunched knots of muscle that male wrestlers would have displayed. These were women's bodies, gloriously curvaceous female bodies that had become exceptionally strong and agile through countless hours of exercise and wrestling. And at this very moment, the two women were having the time of their lives testing their splendid strength in the timeless manner that harkened back to the fabled Amazons of old. And thus they wrestled.

Claudia clung to Bea like a leech, seeming to snuggle even closer as they strained together in silent combat. They heaved and tossed on the mat, first one on top and then the other. Neither seemed able to catch the other in any kind of lasting grip . . . and the film of gleaming sweat that covered their naked bodies didn't make the effort any easier.

The two females now lay quietly within one another's imprisoning arms and legs. For a moment they seemed content to catch their breath, and try to figure out their next moves in this sensual and erotic combat they were engaged in on the big wrestling mat.

Somehow, Bea had manoeuvred herself so that she was riding the back of the other woman, locked full-length along Claudia's body. One of Bea's arms was locked in place around the young woman's neck, while her other arm was clasped around Claudia's front. Her thighs were still scissored around the back of one of the young woman's legs. This combination of holds left Bea's groin pressed tightly against the firm-rounded buttocks of her opponent and her arm locked across the young woman's thrusting, melon-solid breasts. Her forearm was pressed tightly across Claudia's nipples, and she could feel them becoming stiff and aroused to her touch. Ah, Bea thought to her, the bitch was getting turned-on.

As Claudia fought to free herself, her glutes flexed powerfully up and down. The rhythmic movement of the young woman's butt against her loins brought a quick gasp from Bea's lips. She tightened her scissors around the young woman's thigh, bringing Bea even more tightly against that hard-packed butt that she was jammed against. For several moments, the two of them just lay there pumping away . . . their eyes shut, mouths open and panting, sweat coursing down their bare bodies until they were as wet as if they had been splashed down by a water hose.

Finally, Claudia now locked beneath Bea's squirming body, and began bucking up and down like a wild mare. Bea lost her balance and slid down to the mat. With a quick cat-like twist of her supple body, Claudia was on top of her opponent, pinning Bea in a full-length body smother.

"So-ooo, you like to hump, do ya?" the young woman panted down at Bea. "Hey, I'll show you how that's done," Claudia laughed. "But what say we get naked?"

By mutual consent, the two women drew apart just enough to permit them to wriggle out of their thongs. Now they were naked. The young woman quickly slid in- between Bea's thighs until her thick thatch of pubic hair was snarled with Bea's own black brush. Then Claudia sort of scootched forward until her clit was pressed against her opponent's. Both women trembled at the touch of their loins against each other. Now they would get down to business!

Bea slid her legs up around the young woman's powerful back, locking her ankles and pointing her toes to form a scissors hold around Claudia's upper body. This brought their loins even more jammed together, and the resulting angle was such that their clits had even greater purchase. It was as if their respective clitoris had minds of their own, as if the soft pink nubbins had decided to have a wrestle of their very own. Now, for the first time since they locked together that morning, this had truly become a female fuck-wrestle. And Claudia seemed to be getting the best of her older opponent at this point. She held Bea in a combination body-smother and front bearhug, holds that pressed Bea down into the yielding surface of the mat.

Had there been a referee present, he (or she) would have pounded the mat three times to signal a pin. But these two were not after merely a pin. The two muscle-maidens were wrestling for a greater prize than that . . . they were each determined to bring the other to a panting, hissing, moaning orgasm. Claudia was trying desperately to wrestle her weekend guest into sexual submission, not a merely some variation of a "schoolgirl pin."

Claudia kept the pressure on, despite Bea's heaving and bucking movement. Claudia reached down and grabbed Bea's wrists, pinning them to the mat. She grinned down at her guest.

"Well, looks like I've got you right where I want you", Claudia chuckled. As she spoke, the younger woman leaned forward until her chest was mashed down upon Bea's jutting breasts, helping to keep Bea pinned to the mat with her upper body weight. The effort made Claudia's firmly packed buttocks begin to writhe and ripple with hard-packed muscularity; the glutes slowly flexing up and down, the back of her thighs bunch, her calves harden and bulge. And her muscular calves weren't the only thing that hardened . . . so did Claudia's nipples! She liked the feeling of her own bare breasts sliding back and forth across Bea's, and continued to lean forward atop her rival.

As if in answer, Bea wrenched her scissor-lock even more tightly around Claudia's trim waist, causing the young woman to emit a sharp gasp of pain. Claudia let go of Bea's wrists for a brief second, but that was enough time for Bea. She quickly bent at the waist, as if doing an abdominal crunch, and flung both arms around Claudia's neck. This brought the young woman's face into the deep crevasse between Bea's bare breasts, imprisoning her within the sweat-slippery slopes of woman flesh. Claudia could still breathe, but just barely. She knew that Bea could bring her to eventual unconsciousness, if Claudia didn't gain release quickly.

As Claudia wrenched her head sideways, her mouth felt an aroused and jutting nipple in her path. Without a moment's hesitation, Claudia sucked the thick nipple into her mouth and began working on it with her tongue. She was rewarded with a quick cry from her opponent and a slight release of pressure of Bea's arms from around her head. That was all she needed . . . or so she thought. However, the erotic sensation of Claudia's tongue jousting with her engorged nipple seemed to energize Bea into frenzied activity. She pivoted around beneath Claudia's weight, until her head was positioned below Claudia own melon-solid breasts. And then she, too, sucked a nipple into her own mouth. Now both women were stretched out, one against the other, their faces pressed tightly to one another's breasts, their tongues wrestling with the jutting distended nipples captured within the firm grip of their lips.

Bea could feel a tingling "itch" in her vagina, the first indication that the beginning of an orgasm was slowly building within her. For a brief moment she let herself enjoy the feeling, allowing the pulsing movement deep within her to gain strength. It felt so damned good. It was so easy to just let Claudia's educated tongue wrestle her into panting submission. But then, suddenly, Bea realized that her daydreaming fantasies were about to lose her the fall. She pulled away abruptly, freeing herself from Claudia's encircled arms and rolling across the mat. Bea crawled to her feet, as did her opponent. Claudia stood there looking at her, a big smile tugging at her lush lips.

"Had you going there, didn't I," Claudia chuckled. And with that, Claudia dove at Bea. She caught Bea in a short-spaced tackle that took them both back down to the mat in a tangle of arms and legs. For several seconds they grappled neither one seemingly able to secure a lasting hold or grip. Then Claudia put an arm-bar on Bea, at the same time scissoring her thighs around Bea's midsection. The dual holds completely immobilized Bea, and she knew that she was in danger of losing the fall unless she could somehow free herself.

Bea flopped back and forth on the mat, but Claudia maintained her torturous holds. If she could just keep the pressure on, Claudia knew that she could make Bea submit. And that thought brought a smile to her lips.

It actually took almost another ten minutes before Bea gurgled out her surrender, and the two women rolled apart. It was now a fall a piece. Claudia was excited by her victory over the older woman, and she was ready to go right into the next fall. Bea, however, wanted to rest a bit before the next session. Claudia glowered and sulked.

"Don't be in such a snit, my dear girl" laughed Bea. We have all of today and tomorrow to wrestle. But there's no use in exhausting ourselves, is there dearie? Let's have a quick bite of breakfast, a little shower, and then it's back to work, OK?"

"Yes, of course you're right," murmured Claudia with a sheepish look. "It's just that I have never had anyone as good as you to workout with, and I want to take full advantage of the opportunity."

"Well you'll certainly get your fill before I'm done with you," replied Bea with a lopsided grin. She reached over and ruffled Claudia's short hair playfully.

The two women walked out of the private garden and into the house, heading for their respective bedrooms to grab a quick shower. A few moments later, Bea was standing under the stinging needle spray of water, rubbing her still-hot body with soap. As her hands moved across her taut flesh, kneading and massaging the sore muscles, they paused for a moment at her breasts. Her fingers reached for her nipples, carefully pinching them between her fingers. Then her hands slipped down to cup the breasts, holding the satiny globes as if testing their weight. Although she was nearly fifty, Bea's medium- sized solid breasts didn't sag a fraction of an inch. The well-defined pecs held them as firmly aloft as a teenager's. They were set in perfect balance on her wide, powerful chest just above her well-defined ribcage.

Bea's hands slid downward until her fingers found the surface of her flat-as-a- board belly. With a soft grunt of pride, Bea examined the six-pack sculpture of her well developed abdominals. It was still a woman's stomach, but it was as sinew-packed as any man's could be. There was where she kept her "Ki", as the Asians called it. And Bea was also quite vain about having such a hard set of abs at her age. Then, with a dreamy disregard for time, Bea slid one hand downward toward her crotch. A second later she had inserted a finger within the already moist cavern guarded by the labial lips. She began pleasuring herself, one set of fingers tweaking her nipples, while the other set of fingers slid in and out of her hot cunt. Suddenly and without warning, a soft voice spoke behind her.

"Let me do that for you," whispered Claudia as she pulled Bea into a passionate embrace. "After all, you're my weekend guest and I want to be a proper hostess."

Bea laughed and snuggled her wet body against Claudia. She didn't feel in the least embarrassed at being discovered masturbating herself. Wrestling with a strong female was always sexually stimulating to Bea, and pleasuring herself was a natural outcome after such a hard-fought bout . . . if she didn't TAKE her pleasure from a defeated opponent. But this time she had been the one who had surrendered, and could not demand her victory award.

A half hour later, the two now completely exhausted and sexually spent females lay curled together in Bea's bed, still wet from the shower and their recent efforts, softly snoring as the two magnificently muscled athletes cuddled together for a much needed nap. There would be plenty of time for more wrestling . . . all the rest of that day, that evening, and all day Sunday to get their fill of erotic female combat. But for now they would rest . . . and so will we (if you can wait that long!)


It was almost 3:00PM before the two women awoke, still clasped in each other's sleek-sinewy arms. The sudden memory of their previous "work-out" made both of them smile contentedly, and they slid closer together within the interlocked tangle of arms and thighs. The heat of the afternoon had left an imprint of perspiration upon the bare flesh of the two women. As they slowly stretched their bodies and snuggled ever closer to the soft/firm body of the other, the gleaming coat of sweat gave an erotic sculptured definition to their lazily flexing muscles.

"So-oooo, do 'ya want to move outside and onto the wrestling mat, Dearie?" murmured Beatrice into the ear of the girl beneath her.

As an answer, Claudia bridged up strongly beneath Bea's sinewy weight. She wrapped her legs around Bea, scissoring the woman's muscular waist within the steely grip of her thighs, just as she wrenched her own body to one side. The momentum sent the two naked female athletes in a short roll, a rolling movement that left Claudia on top.

"Uh-uh, I don't think we should go anywhere, Old Girl", Claudia smiled down at Bea. "I think that we should do the next fall right here on the bed!"

"O-ooooooo, now doesn't that sound exciting," murmured Bea in reply. "But let's make this match a sex-wrestle, with the loser having to "take care" of the winner. How does THAT sound to you?"

And without waiting for a response, Bea flung her arms around Claudia's back in a bearhug. The two women were instantly engaged in all-out erotic combat. But this time, by unspoken mutual consent, they were not wrestling for a submission pin. This bed-top match would be an all-out contest of strength, wrestling skill, and sexual endurance. This fall would be decided by which of the two naked, sleek--muscled Amazons could bring the other to an orgasm first!

While they both had been looking forward to such an ultimate contest between two such strong and magnificently muscled women, each had her own unique approach . . . her own reason for wanting to engage in a sex-wrestle on that Queen-sized mattress in Claudia's bedroom.

For Claudia herself, it was to satisfy a long-held fantasy of forcing Bea, her idol and role model, to submit both physically and sexually to Claudia's youthful strength. It was that fantasy that had long served Claudia as the motivation to train her body to its now superb state of conditioning. It was also the reason that she'd taken to the sport of wrestling as she had, a form of exercise that Claudia would not normally have chosen otherwise. Granted, once the young woman had begun working out with some of the better wrestlers at the local women-only gym she frequented, she had loved the sensuous intimacy of one well-muscled female body grappled against another. Before long, she was looking forward to the totally unique sensation of being brought to a mutual orgasm by her Amazon mat-mate. But surprisingly enough, Claudia didn't think of herself as being a Lesbian. She quickly discovered that she could achieve the same orgasmic intensity with the men in her life, just so long as their "lovemaking" was conducted with the same vigour and wild abandon that she experienced during an actual wrestling match with another woman. In her mind, Claudia never equated sex with gender. Rather, she thought of sex within the context of "wrestling."

To say that this severely limited the number of boyfriends she had would be the understatement of the year. Claudia smiled to herself as she remembered one young man with whom she had a very short affair. Until the night they actually went to bed together, it had seemed like a perfect match up. He was as tall and fit as her, and they shared many of the same tastes in common. However, on the fateful night that the young man finally made his move to "bed her", Claudia realized that he was not THE one after all.

It had started out as most such youthful first-encounters did; lots of clutching and grabbing and grappling as they frantically kissed one another within the confines of the front seat of his car. Gradually their exertions became hampered by the narrow seat and protruding steering wheel, and they called a momentary halt to their "making out". Shakily, the two over-amped would be lovers climbed out of the car and moved toward a small grove of trees. Claudia's boyfriend had grabbed a blanket from out of the trunk, which he quickly spread out on the soft grassy clearing within the hidden grove of trees. It was the perfect spot, and a perfect warm summer evening. Encouraged by their apparent privacy, they both began undressing one another . . . slowly, and with considerable excitement. In less time than it takes to describe the act, they had striped down to his briefs and her panties. She didn't wear a bra . . . didn't need a bra. Her perfect breasts thrust out strongly and firmly, and his hands went immediately to cup their solidity, his thumbs slowly massaging the pink nipples that began to grow hard beneath his touch. But to his complete amazement, Claudia had stepped back, flung one splendidly muscled arm around his neck, and pulled him down to the blanket in a headlock. Once down on the ground, she was all over him. In a second he was captured within the vice of her considerable strength, scissored by her long legs and throttled by her muscular arms. Claudia had of course expected him to resist, and such resistance would have led to a marvellous wrestle which Claudia would prolong until the close-locked grappling had brought them both to the necessary point of sexual excitement that would insure a well-timed mutual orgasm. That had been her intention, but it was far from the reality of what happened.

Let's just say that the young man was both startled and frightened by this sudden change by Claudia, a change from softly feminine compliancy to that of Amazonian aggressiveness. Any sexual excitement that he had felt up to the moment Claudia had caught him in that initial headlock was quickly drained away. Most of all, his male sense of "machismo" was severely compromised by the sheer physical strength that he was experiencing from this woman who held him captive within her steely arms and legs. Rather than his being thrilled by the intensity of her ardour, he was repelled by his loss of control. To him, he was simply being "raped" by this incredibly strong young Amazon.

Claudia, on the other hand, was luxuriating in the sensual inter-play of their half naked bodies as they wrestled and rolled atop the blanket. He was strong, and was giving her a good battle (or so she thought) as they tossed and turned with first one on top and then the other. Claudia didn't realize that his hard-fought efforts were born of sheer terror instead of desire, and the more he fought to free himself the more Claudia got turned-on. But finally the young man was able to struggle free, and immediately ran back to the parked car . . . still clad in nothing more than his jockey shorts. Once inside, he locked the door and quickly rolled up the windows. There's no doubt that he would have driven off, leaving his completely shocked girlfriend there, but for the fact that his car keys were still in his pant's pocket.

Claudia smiled to herself in memory of that ludicrous set of events. But then she was instantly brought back from her daydreaming by Bea's scissoring thighs. Once again Claudia had let herself drift off into a lack of concentration, and it had almost cost her the match. The young athlete quickly brought her attention back to the action at hand, and realized that she was not in a good position. So she brought her fine young strength to bear, wrestling frantically to regain the dominance in this match that she had once enjoyed.

The silence in the bedroom was broken only by the sound of their panting breath, low moans of pain, and muffled grunts of effort as they struggled furiously atop the Queen-sized mattress that served the two women as a wrestling mat. It was hot in that bedroom, the kind of heat they left them both slathered in sweat and puffing for breath.

As always, Bea delighted in the feel of another woman's superbly muscled body sliding slickly against her own. Hm-mmmmm, as a matter of fact, Bea loved the feel of either female or male bodies straining against her own . . . she just wasn't all that particular. And if the truth were told, Bea didn't even care which gender got her "off" at the end of a sweat-slippery wrestling match. A couple of months earlier, a fan in Hawaii had invited her over to Maui for the same kind of a long weekend of wrestling, and it turned out to be one of the nicest vacations (and fee-for-service) that Bea had ever experienced. An older man who had kept himself exceptionally fit, their non-stop bouts over that three day weekend had left Bea both sexually satisfied and well-paid. Ah-hhh, but THAT is another story!

So lost in her "strain down memory lane" was Bea that she allowed Claudia to catch her in what could be a deciding hold. Bea quickly snapped her attention back to this match, and did a quick mental check of her present situation. It wasn't good.

Claudia had stretched out atop Bea, her legs grapevined with Bea's, grasping Bea's wrists and pressing them down to the tangle-sheeted surface of the bed. With Bea's arms spead-eagled and pinned, and with both legs immobilized by Claudia's grapevine, there was little that the older woman could do but strain and squirm beneath her opponent. Longer waisted than Bea, Claudia's melon-solid breasts hovered inches above Bea's upturned face. Bea looked up saw that Claudia's nipples were already swollen and hard, a sure sign that the younger woman was getting turned-on by their wrestling. Then she suddenly realized that her own breasts had become aroused by the friction of their chests rubbing back and forth as they wrestled. Two sets of thrusting tits squashed together and did battle. Their was surprisingly little give in those firm globes of woman-flesh, neither seemed to mash the other's breasts. But there was really no doubt about which woman's tits were the largest, as Claudia was proving as she captured Bea's upturned face within her own deep-valleyed cleavage.

"UM-MMMMM . . . MURFFFFFFF . . . URRRRGGGG" sobbed Bea, as she tried desperately to free her head from that prison of firm flesh. She could still breathe, but barely at this point. It was as if Claudia didn't want to actually smother her into submission, but to break down her strength. Bea did the only thing that she could, which was to reach up and suck one of those swollen nippled into her mouth and clamp down lightly with her teeth. It had the desired effect.

"Oh-hhhhhh, you sneaky bitch," cried out Claudia as she lifted away from Bea's face. But Bea's head came right up with those luscious tits, her teeth still clamped onto Claudia's engorged nipple. Not wanting to do lasting damage to the nipple she had captured between her teeth, Bea had applied just enough pressure to maintain her grip but not enough to actually bite into the nipple. Bea did, however, nibble away at the thick brown nubbin of flesh imprisoned in her mouth, coiling her tongue around the nipple to lave it with saliva. She could feel from the sudden change in tempo of Claudia's straining body that the young woman was beginning to become aroused.

Their sweat-soaked loins were clamped together, their hips moving up and down and back and forth in a slow squeezing rhythm. Their sinuous movement was a kind of parody of two lovers humping one another, but in a much different position that had it been a man and a woman. They had turned their sweat-slick bodies until they were able to fit together within the double V's of their thighs, their legs scissored together in such a way that their labial lips were glued tightly into place. As they continued to strain, both women began to feel their respective clits swelling. The fact that each of these two magnificently muscled wrestlers possessed larger-than-normal clitorises made their tight-locked tussle that much more exciting.

By now they were riding one another like a pair of strong-thighed cowgirls clinging to the hot, heaving flanks of a wild mare. Up and down they pumped, back and forth they thrust. Harder and harder they squeezed, until they were both almost screaming from the tension of vagina against vagina erotic combat.

"Oh-hhhh. ... yes, you sweet bitch", panted Claudia. "I got 'ya now. Are 'ya going to give, or will I have to squeeze you unconscious?"

"Na-aaaaaaa, you haven't got me yet, dearie." groaned Bea. She'd had to release her grip around Claudia's nipple to reply, but her teeth had begun to lose their grip anyway. The sweatiness of their naked flesh made almost ANY kind of grip problematic, but the erotic feel of wet flesh straining against wet flesh made up for the disadvantage.

"It seems that you forget that I can squeeze you just as hard as you can me, so it appears that we're at stalemate," laughed Bea. "Shall we break?"

"No way!" replied Claudia, gritting her teeth in frustration. She realized that if she were smart she would accept Bea's offer to call that fall a draw, but she thought that she actually had Bea close to climaxing. She had only seconds earlier felt a delicious tremor in Bea's groin, heard the woman's breath hissing between her tightly clenched teeth, saw the cords of sinewy dancing along Bea's strongly columnar neck. But most of all, Claudia had felt the hot trembling of Bea's thickly fleshed clit against her own. No-oooo, if only she could hold on for another few moments Claudia knew that the older wrestler would begin to heave and plunge in the wild abandon of an explosive orgasm. And Claudia would be the winner!

So the two naked Amazons continued their contest of strength atop the Queen- sized bed. Several times they had tumbled off the mattress and onto the floor. But each time they would fling themselves back onto the soft bed as soon as possible. Neither of them had ever wrestled this hard and this long with another woman while in bed . . . and it was exciting beyond belief to be doing so now. This was indeed the ultimate challenge between two such magnificently muscled women: being on a tangle- sheeted bed that was sopping wet from their sweat as they attempted to squeeze one another into a shuddering climax.

When the end-point finally arrived, both women cried out at the same instant . . . for both had reached their shuddering orgasms at the same time. After all of their effort, all of their strength had been utilized; they had "cum" to a draw. And while each had hoped to emerge from this erotic combat the clear winner; neither was particularly unhappy at the final "out-cum". There would obviously be many more chances to match their Amazonian strength before their weekend would be over.


The next morning, when Bea opened her eyes, she was startled to discover that the sun outside her window had already crept high into the sky. She had overslept! Bea groaned and tried to sit up, and then gave a quick hiss of pain. It seemed as if she'd been run over by a steam-roller, and every single muscle ached. Then her lips curved into a slow smile, as Bea remembered just exactly why she was so stiff and sore.

Suddenly, the door to the guest bedroom swung open, and Claudia stood in the doorway bearing a breakfast tray. With a big grin on her lips, Claudia moved toward the bed, set the tray on Bea's lap, and plopped herself on the edge of the bed.

"Gawd, woman, I thought you were going to sleep away the whole day", laughed Claudia. "Anyway, here's some coffee to get you started, and a big sticky sweet roll to lock your lips around."

Bea looked at her weekend hostess with twinkling eyes, noticing that the young woman was already dressed for "action" in a brief black thong and a cut-off t-shirt that tented out across her thrusting breasts.

"Hm-mmm, I see something I'd rather lock my lips around", murmured Bea as her eyes slid across the majestic slopes of Claudia's superb breasts with their hard, already erect nipples pushing against the cotton fabric.

"Now, none of that," Claudia said in a tone of mock severity. Then, as suddenly as a cloud scurrying across the face of a full moon, a look of concern flitted over Claudia features.

"You know, Bea, I don't want you to get the wrong idea about me", Claudia said almost in a whisper. "What we have been doing the last couple of days has truly wonderful, especially the sex- wrestling. And I must admit that I've never been so turned-on by a woman in my whole life. But I want you to know that I'm not really a lesbian."

As Bea looked up into Claudia's eyes, she suddenly realized that the young woman was close to tears. With a quick movement, Bea set the tray aside and reached up to hug Claudia to her . . . this time quite gently.

"Oh, dear girl," Bea said with great tenderness, I didn't for a minute think that you were anything of the sort. Hey, we're just two big, healthy women with equally hearty sexual appetites. Sure nothing at all wrong with that, is there? And there's sure no reason to put a label on it."

"No, you're right, it's just that the very first time we wrestled I found myself getting all horny," exclaimed Claudia. "It's always been that way with me, ever since I was a teenager. Whenever I get locked up in a hard-fought wrestling match my body seems to respond almost as if by its own volition. I just get really turned-on. It's like something hormonal, something I can't really control. In fact, I don't even try to keep those urges suppressed anymore, although I've got to admit that this weekend of wrestling with you have about done me in. That's why last night's sex-wrestle was so enjoyable for me. I've got to admit it; I really love getting-off while in a hot, sweaty, hard-straining tussle with a strong woman like you. It's just the best possible kind of sex for me, much better than getting fucked by some fumbling, pawing idiot of a guy. Do you understand?"
Bea gently pulled the young woman down beside her on the bed. "Yes, I know," she said. "It's the same thing with me. It's one of the reasons I love to wrestle, whether it's with a man or a woman. Straining together in tight-locked effort, muscle-to-muscle, flesh-against-flesh is the most erotic thing that I can think of. But tell me, dear girl, when did you first realize that wrestling was something that sexually excited you?" Claudia stared up toward the ceiling for a moment, thinking about Bea's question.

"It was probably something that happened when I was about fifteen", she murmured, as if lost in thought. "My best girl friend was staying the night, sort of a slumber party of just the two of us. We were joking around, and she began tickling me. Well, in another couple of seconds the two of us were sort of 'wrestling' there on the bed.

Aggie, my friend, was the best athlete in school, and strong as a young ox, but I wasn't any slouch myself in the strength department. I'd just spent a couple of summers working on my uncle's farm doing a lot of hard physical work, and had grown some impressive muscles in my upper body. So I was a good match for my girl friend Aggie. Anyway, we really went at it, and we must have wrestled for almost twenty minutes before she was able to pin me down. Even then, I was able to get my legs around one of her thighs in a scissors, and so we just lay there straining together with neither one of us seeming to be able to make the other give. But while I was squeezing on her leg with mine, I began getting these shivery, tingling sensations in my crotch.

"By that time we were both all sweaty, and somewhere along the way we'd both shucked out of our nightgowns, and were now wrestling naked. Our bodies were slipping and sliding together, and my scissors hold had left us glued together at our loins. The more we strained, the more we rubbed our bodies together, and the more turned-on I got. I suddenly realized that we were both getting really wet down at our crotches, and it was not just because of the sweat. The feel of her muscular thigh between mine was reminding me of the way my favorite bed pillow felt locked between my legs when I slept.

"Since I was a little kid, I've always slept with a big, thick five-foot-long pillow. And somewhere along the line I discovered that if I gripped the pillow between my legs, squeezed it with my thighs and humped against it, I would eventually masturbate myself to climax. So anyway, that's what Aggie's thigh felt like between my scissored legs. But in this case it was me wrestling with another girl, not some bed pillow. We continued straining together like that for another ten minutes, and I was getting more excited with every passing moment. The next thing I knew, I was experiencing the most powerful orgasm I'd ever known. It wasn't just me, either. Both of us were cumming at the same time, and had my folks been home that night they would have thought we were being attacked by some madman from all the screaming that the two of us were doing.

"Needless to say, my girlfriend and I were both so embarrassed we almost died. We never talked about that night, and a couple of months later Aggie moved out of town with her folks, and I never saw her again. But I often found myself thinking about our slumber party session, and wishing that Aggie was still around so that we could wrestle again.

"Then, later on, I began working out at a gym that was restricted to women only and started wrestling with other women as often as I could. But I never found anyone with whom I could get as fantastically turned-on as I had with my slumber party girl friend . . . until now," she finished with a shy smile at Bea. "I guess that was my first experience," murmured Claudia.

Bea lay there with a bemused expression. As Claudia had been sharing her intimate story, Bea's mind had been wandering back to when she herself was a young girl of fourteen. But in her own case, unlike Claudia's first female vs. female match, Bea had engaged in her first erotically charged wrestle with a young boy of her own age.

The lad was a next-door neighbor who was all-too-rapidly emerging from puberty and entering a difficult adolescence. Flooded with testosterone, and experiencing strange sexual urges for the first time, the young boy found himself both attracted and repelled by Bea. And as often happens in these cases, the boy fought against his attraction to her with sarcasm and constantly picking on Bea. Finally, one day the young girl had decided that she'd suffered enough at the boy's hands and stood her ground for once.

Already quite athletic, and blessed with excellent genetics, Bea was both taller and stronger than her young neighbor. But Bea had been raised by her parents to believe that "nice girls don't rough-house with boys!" So until that fateful day, Bea had never actually tested her strength against a boy. As she was soon to discover, Bea was a born-natural when it came to wrestling.

When Bea and the boy finally tangled in a tree-shrouded vacant lot behind their two houses, the girl found that her arms and legs seemed to know just what to do; where to grasp, where to grip, which hold to apply. She was all over the young lad before he even knew what hit him, wrapping him within the strong grip of her well-muscled arms and long bare legs. She had laid upon him, her legs grapevining his, arms wrapped securely in place around his throat in a neck lock. Beneath her, the boy strained and heaved, trying with all his young strength to dislodge Bea from her dominant position atop his body. But the girl rode him like he was a bucking stallion. Her loins were thrust against his, and as they continued to wrestle Bea felt a funny kind of stirring and movement against her loins. It felt to Bea almost as if a thick-bodied snake was crawling between her hard-locked legs. And it felt awfully good!

Bea discovered that if she moved her legs from around the boy's thigh. And inched them up his body until they were scissored across his straining buttocks, pulling his body even more tightly against hers, that the strangely erotic sensation she was experiencing as she rode that lump at the boy's crotch became even more intense. It was at that point that Bea felt the first electric stirrings of an orgasm travelling through her body. And the tighter she strained against the boy, the faster the waves of pleasure coursed through her until she was at last screaming out in both exultation and release. And so caught up was Bea in her own climax that she didn't even notice the shudders and groans that came from the boy pinned beneath her trembling body. She didn't know that he, too, was experiencing the most intense sexual release of his young life! And, most important to Bea, it was a sexual release accomplished without penetration. She realized for the first time that she could 'get-off' with a guy without his male penis penetrating her. The fact that this was nothing more than mutual masturbation didn't seem to bother Bea at all. Her mother had always warned her about 'making out' with boys, and the danger of getting pregnant. So, hey, this 'wrassling' with a boy was the ultimate in safe sex!

In the hot summer days that followed their first "strength-testing" session, the two youngsters continued to meet in the vacant lot to explore their emerging sexuality (although neither of them would have thought about it in those terms.) All they knew was that it felt wonderful to lock their young bodies together and strain in those sweat-slick wrestling holds. But it became quickly evident to Bea that she couldn't get the kind of all-out challenge to her strength from the boy that she seemed to need. So she went looking for others with whom to test herself. And that exploration led her to Melvine, a slightly older girl at her school.

Melvine was a tall, strikingly beautiful girl . . . easily the best athlete in their school, boy or girl. Even at fifteen, Melvine was already possessed of a superbly sculpted body that seemed to ripple with strength. The girl came from a racially mixed marriage; her father a tall handsome black man, her mother a beautiful Scandinavian whom he had met when he was stationed in her country while in the Army. Melvine had inherited her father's rangy body and pronounced muscle structure, while at the same time she was gifted with her mother's beauty. The genetic combination made her almost fatally attractive to every boy in school. But Melvine didn't really like boys, as any of them stupid enough to try to "cop a feel" quickly discovered.

One of the tough young football stars on their high school team had made the mistake of trying to grab at one of Melvine's already jutting solid breasts. And when Bea happened upon the scene, Melvine had just wrestled the bigger athlete beneath her and was pummelling him with fists, elbows and knees. Bea found herself quite strangely affected by what she was seeing. Her eyes caught the flex and ripple of solid female muscle along Melvine's strong young arms, and she saw the corded strength of her long bare thighs where the girls' skirt had risen up around her hips. Bea watched as Melvine's strength completely overpowered the surprised young man, and squeezed him into gasping submission. And Bea was suddenly more sexually aroused than she had ever experienced in her young life!

Within a couple of weeks, Bea had become friends with the older girl. They found that they both enjoyed working out in the gym late in the evening, when the male jocks had already left for the day. At first the two girls merely eyed one another as they hoisted their weights and lifted their dumbbells. Then they began spotting for one another. That quickly led to some good-humoured competition to see which of them could lift the heaviest weight. Surprisingly, particularly to Melvine, they were almost an equal match in strength. So one evening, almost in jest, Melvine had proposed that the two of them test their strength in another way. Melvine challenged the younger and slightly smaller girl to a wrestling match.

What Melvine didn't know was that Bea had become devastatingly effective as a wrestler from all of her vacant lot sessions with that neighbor boy. And so instead of the quick victory that Melvine anticipated, it turned out to be a thirty minute battle that the older girl almost lost. But while in the end Bea was forced to cry "uncle", she emerged the winner in their confrontation in a far different way. Bea discovered during their straining, panting match that she could get just as "turned-on" wrestling a woman as she could a man. And in the subsequent late-evening wrestling matches that the two of them engaged in at the deserted gym, it became obvious that Melvine was also getting sexually aroused. Soon, the two young girls were bringing one another to orgasm during every one of their hard-fought wrestles in that deserted women's gym.
Bea lay there beside Claudia, still lost in the memory of her first erotically- charged encounters with Melvine . . . and the countless other female bodybuilders and strength athletes that followed. As she replayed the old memory tapes in her mind, Bea almost chuckled at the thought that she as now considered to be one of the best amateur female wrestlers in the world, and had travelled all over to meet challengers like Claudia; strong, well-muscled women who thought they might beat the Champ in 'mano a mano' female combat. And this splendidly muscled young woman, who had invited Bea for a weekend of exciting wrestling, was about the best she'd ever met. In fact, last night's session had been THE most sexually stimulating that Bea had ever known.

Like Claudia, she didn't think of herself as being a "lesbo". Bea had long ago discovered that she was completely bisexual. But if the truth were known, a good straining wrestling match with another well-muscled female could get her even more aroused than if she were testing her strength against a man. It was just that the two events were . . . well, different! Bea suddenly realized that she had been relating the story out loud, and looked up quickly to find that Claudia was looking down at her with moist eyes.

"Oh, Bea," Claudia almost sobbed out, "You'll never know how relieved I am to hear that we are so much alike. I was beginning to feel that you were thinking of me as some weird kind of sexual pervert."

Bea gave a laugh, and rolled over atop her weekend hostess, pinning her to the mattress. Quickly, the two women stripped out of what little clothing they were still wearing and began a furious nude-bodied wrestle upon the King-sized bed.

"Well, my dear, lets us two 'perverts' see who can make the other cum first," laughed Bea. "We've only got today left before I have to leave for home, so let's not waste a minute of that time."

And so the two women began the last phase of their weekend of challenge. Both knew that there would be one last battle; one that would decide which of them would be the final victor in this contest of strength and wrestling skill. But that match-up would come later that day, and for now they would just enjoy one another's strong female bodies in a few preliminary skirmishes. This was truly the ultimate in erotic combat between two such magnificent Amazons of the mat.