By A. Penman

Journal entry, May 14th, 2012

Last week’s TGIF session ended in the usual fashion. We all went our separate ways afterwards, leaving in our individual cars out of the parking lot. Of course, by unanimous agreement, anyone who got too tipsy (and there was always one or two) was driven home by someone who was only allowed to consume non alcoholic beverages. It was a good and safe arrangement.

However, this past Friday was slightly different for me. I kept my drinking to a minimum because I had other plans. In my trunk, I’d placed an overnight bag with a couple of outfit changes and all the other girl essentials. I then left the parking lot and followed Sammie T’s silver E Class Mercedes convertible (what else would the sexiest, single female neurosurgeon in town drive?) to an undisclosed location. We ended up on Lake Shore Drive as the sun was setting. I pulled up alongside her in a playful challenge to race. She laughed, tapped her accelerator peddle and zipped off. I didn’t bother trying to catch her. I must say that with her top down, her designer shades on and her jet black hair blowing in the wind, she looked like some hot babe in a movie or a commercial. She was one fabulous woman! She was the kind of babe that most men can only dream about fucking. Then it dawned on me that she and I, two hot women, were on our way to an undisclosed location in order to do just that. What an oddly interesting scenario. I’ll bet it would have made a great commercial.

Eventually we came to the most elegant hotel on the outskirts of the city. I have to say that I was quite surprised when we turned into the parking lot. As I pulled in a couple seconds behind her, I watched as the valet parking service pulled off with her “E.” She waited patiently at the curb as I pulled up. The door was politely opened for me and I disembarked.

“That’s not necessary, ma’am.” Said a young man, as he gestured to Sammie. “The lady has already taken care of it.” The valet chimed, politely declining a tip.

Sammie came up to me and gave me an affectionate hug, which emphasized the mashing of our tits. I was thrilled by the sensation, as I watched my dark blue Camry sedan being driven away.

“Good to see you, sis! We’re gonna have a great time together.” Sammie said, for the benefit of any curious onlookers.

“I’ve been so looking forward to this.” I replied, rolling my breasts into hers to let her know that my tits were ready and eager for a match. She got the point.

We then made our way through the surprisingly empty lobby to the elevators. But, we did not get on the regular cars. Sammie smiled at me as she inserted the exclusive key that summoned the express car. This elevator only went to the top floor of the hotel, which had the suites reserved for VIPs and, I suppose, the hottest neurosurgeon in the Northeast. The speed at which the elevator moved was a little disconcerting, but I managed to compose myself.

“You OK, Melissa?” She said, as the elevator suddenly stopped, a little too suddenly for me.

“Well, I’m a bit queasy.” I responded, with that sensation of stomach butterflies.

“Breathe, slow and deep.” She instructed, taking my hand in hers as we left the elevator.

“I don’t suppose it gets any easier on the way down, does it?”

“Oh, it’s much worse. There’s a momentary loss of gravity.” Sammie teased.

We moved along the corridor to the suite at the end of the hall. Sammie slid a plastic card key into a slot. The door popped open with a chime sound. We walked into a room that was larger than most apartments I’d ever seen, and far more luxurious. We set our bags down and removed our jackets.

“Oh, my goodness!” I said, perusing the suite.

“Like it?” Sammie asked. She didn’t require an answer.

The first thing I did, after removing my shoes so that my feet could indulge in the plush carpeting, was to walk directly to the spectacular floor to ceiling window. An elegant dinner table, set up for six, was placed strategically near the window in order to afford diners a spectacular view of the city skyline on the other side of the lake. It was truly breathtaking.

Speaking of breathtaking, as I absorbed this magnificent view, and the fact that it belonged to me for the entire weekend, I felt a pair of arms encircle my waist from behind. Her nose, soft lips and warm breath nuzzled the back of my neck, and her exquisite tits nestled into my back. I felt a wonderful sense of warmth and comfort, not to mention sexual desire.

No question that my sexy office manager rival, the beautiful Sydney, had turned me on to new sensations and brought me to heights of pleasure I’d never before experienced. Indeed, I owed her a debt of gratitude for helping to release some deep seeded feelings and desires within me that I had only recently begun to suspect might be there, hiding in my DNA.

But this was the beautiful Dr. Sammie T., whom I’d secretly had a girl crush on since I first hired on with the Neurosurgery Group. I’ll never forget...

It was only my third week on the job. I was still learning what my duties would be. They were many, indeed. I was going over some of the nearly endless insurance stuff with the secretary/receptionist; just in case I should I ever have to cover her area. I heard a soft voice from behind.

“Could you send in the next patient, please? Sometime before the next millennium.”

There was obvious sarcasm in the voice. I turned to glare, and was flashed a beautiful smile. And there she was. I thought I might lose my balance, but I maintained my cool.

“I’m so sorry. I know that you gals are busy too.” She apologized.

I smiled back at her and she seemed to pause to gather her composure. I wondered if she was smitten with me, the way I was by her.

“Oh! You’re new here, aren’t you?” A hand was offered.

“I’m Doctor Samantha Tillson. But everyone calls me ‘Sammie T.’”

I accepted the handshake, noting the strength. Surgeon’s hands. “I’m Melissa. Nice to meet you, Sammie T. They speak highly of you around here.” I spoke the truth. She was well liked and, I expect, lustfully desired by many.

“I’m glad to learn that. And you must be our new office manager. I’ve heard good things about you, too. I can see why. You’re drop dead gorgeous!” She informed me. I felt myself blush.

“It’s kind of you to say that, doctor, but I believe that I was hired for my managerial skills. Besides, I’ve only been here a couple of weeks.” I explained.

“Well, in any case, Melissa, it’s nice to meet the woman who makes things run smoothly around here; the one woman we can’t live without.” There was sarcasm in this last statement, but it was playful.

Sammie T. then took matters into her own hands, pulled the patient chart from the rack and gestured for the patient to follow her. Off they went.

“Listen, if you two are done undressing each other in your minds, can we get back to this?” Donna asked, cattily. I sensed claws coming out. It was kind of titillating. The receptionist, who happened to be a delicious, full breasted redhead, then gave me a sly look. I smiled at her.

Come to think of it, I’d noticed a plentiful supply of hot women in this office. And from what I’d seen of the females in the other offices, gorgeous, buxom women seemed to be a theme all throughout. Humm...I wondered to myself.

“Oh stop it! It wasn’t anything like that.” I demurely replied.

“Right.” She said, once again drawing my attention to the computer screen.

Anyway, that’s how it started. I denied it to myself, but the good doctor made my nipples tingle whenever I saw her. There were a few times that we rode the elevators together, just her and I, when I swore her nipples were stressing out her blouse. I think I made her blush once (actually, it was more of a mutual blush) when she caught me by tracing the line of my vision directly to her tits. I recall now that there were times when I fantasized about a naked mash up between my tits and hers. I wondered if Sammie was having a similar fantasy. As I now look back, it seems that this indeed was a shared fantasy.

And now, I had her all to myself for a weekend of planned hedonism. By mutual agreement, we met in private to spend an entire weekend body locked and cunt locked with each other. As I luxuriated in the fullness and softness of the two breasts at my back, I found myself imagining my breasts finally meeting Sammie’s flesh on flesh. The thought of it made me shudder.

“Melissa, you enjoy this view as long as you want. I’m headed for a shower...” She paused, and then asked the question I knew she was going to ask. “Unless, of course you’d like to...”

I never let her finish the question.

Then, it seemed as though we passed through a time warp because the next thing I became aware of was water cascading down on the two of us, while we were locked in a voracious, open mouthed tongue kiss under the shower. I was finally kissing the mouth I had so longed to kiss. Our lathered bodies rubbed sensuously in an incredibly tight embrace. Two hot, big breasted women were locked in the reckless abandon of long suppressed desire that was finally free to express itself. My moment’s earlier fantasy about how her tits would feel did not come close to how the reality felt. My breasts were lost in the fulsome wonder of her tits. Four old friends were meeting in a loving embrace. Sammie’s amazing tits rolled all over my eager to fuck tits as our smooth soapy bellies tightly pressed, slid sensuously together. This beautiful woman lived up to the billing of my fantasy, and then some. I had lost all control, but Sammie was even less in control than I was. I got the distinct impression that I was living up to her fantasy, too.

Passionate groans escaped from deep inside our chests and entered each other’s mouth. Our slithery bodies were enmeshed in and intense “I’m gonna fuck you” challenge. Our smooth skinned, slippery cunts were only fractions of an inch away from tangling with each other, but Sammie had it in mind to remedy that.

She repositioned herself at an angle that made it possible to thrust her pelvis forward. I followed suit. Then it happened; the first skirmish of many full lipped meetings that would take place between our naked cunts over the course of the weekend. All of the good doctor’s sumptuous womanly assets belonged to me. I muffled a scream of delight as Sammie’s juicy cunt began to grind into my welcoming cunt. Sammie wasn’t so decorum conscious. She groaned and screamed while the first battle between our cunts transpired under the shower. It was quick and to the point as orgasms swept over both of us in just minutes.

“God, Sammie! This is the fuck I’ve wanted so bad.” I confessed to her. She then caressed my face and told me that she, too, had long imagined us like this.

The wide spray of the shower water gradually removed all the soapy lather, and made our flesh cling tightly together. We both had the same thought at the same time.

“Sammie. Can we dry off and finish this in bed?”

Sammie just nodded. “You want to get it on in a full body fuck?”

“I wanna fuck your brains out, tits to tits and belly to belly!” I said, emphatically. This thrilled her.

“Oh, Melissa. You slut! I was just thinking that too.” She replied.

“Which would make both of us fuck sluts.” I pointed out.

Sammie grinned, then reached across and turned off the shower water. We then wrapped our arms around each other and engaged in an intense kiss that was a portent of things to come. I was pleased to feel Sammie’s tits fully matched up against mine once again. I surrendered my boobs to hers in the throes of desire. The kiss only lasted a minute, but the passion was extreme. We truly were two concupiscent sluts who desperately needed to mash tits and bump and grind cunts.

We stepped out of the shower into the sumptuous towels one might expect to find in a hotel suite of this level. The next thing I remember is passing through that time warp again and being body slammed on to the bed by the body that I’d long wanted to slam into. I gave my body completely to the good doctor, and she responded in kind. As our fulsome breasts melded together, and our bodies became liquid, melting into each other, through the heat of locked mouths, I pondered the writhing, sweaty fuck that her body was laying on mine; every square inch of her. Her legs were wrapped with mine. Her smooth, toned tummy matched mine. We were wrapped in each other’s embrace so tightly that it became a challenge to gather in a breath. But this phenomenon was secondary to the urgency with which we both needed to engage our breasts. This was a duel of big, full breasts between two women. Our bodies needed to engage like this. I felt such extraordinary fulfillment and satisfaction in this fuck.

Then, of course, there was the ultimate. Sammie’s full lipped cunt located my hungry labia. The kiss of our cunts made me dig my fingers into her ass, which, by the way, was firmer than Sydney’s ass. I tried not to make comparisons, but since Sammie was my second girl fuck in a week, indeed, the second of my life, I could not help looking for similarities and differences in my mind. I kept these to myself, however.

I would have screamed, but Sammie’s sugary tongue was in my mouth. Her sweet saliva mixed with mine in a wrestling match between our tongues. But the premier event of this above the neck encounter was the fact that my full lips were now sealed with Sammie’s gorgeous lips. Mouth to mouth, we resuscitated each other, breathing life and pleasure into each other. She thrilled me with her kiss, as I knew she would. I’d craved this kiss for a long time. I had no idea, however, that she had longed for it too.

As our kiss intensified, our bodies established a slow, steady rhythm. The kiss of our mouths and the kiss of our cunts sandwiched everything in between. Sammie fucked me in such a way that I could feel every inch of our bodies united in lavish, self indulgent pleasure. Her breasts were locked with mine in a match so intense, that I longed to concentrate on it exclusively. But Sammie’s body was not to be denied. Her gorgeous anatomy fused with mine in a full body girl/girl fuck. I now truly understood the meaning of “woman to woman.”

This multi orgasm inducing fuck went on and on. We fucked and fucked like two elegant savages. Our bodies undulated together to a pulsating rhythm heard only by us.

After an hour of sweaty rolling around, grinding and body fucking each other, I got it in my head that I should assert myself and take this to the next phase. I rolled her onto her back, pressing the full weight of my body onto hers. I broke off the kiss and looked her in the eyes.

“Your cunt belongs to ME, Doctor.” I said aggressively, surprising myself.

“Take it, bitch. If you think you’re woman enough.” She replied, eagerly accepting the challenge.

I just slyly grinned at her. Then, in seconds, I scissored her. The thrill of our thighs sliding into each other is one I won’t soon forget. I stopped just short of connecting. We both propped ourselves up on our elbows and viewed the two lustful cunts that were facing off with each other.

“Let’s find out how much you learned from that English cunt, shall we?”

This was Sammie’s first reference to Sydney of the night. In the scheme of things, it made no difference. But the timing of it made me wonder if she and Sydney had ever locked up. The possibility was not at all far fetched. If there were, as she had said, loads of women who engaged in sexual encounters of this nature, then it would follow that there were a good number of steamy sexual battles happening among the many hot women of the various medical and non medical offices in our building. Women who, at one time or another, found themselves squaring off cunt to cunt with each other. Then I wondered if Sammie had squared off with any of the numerous hot women from our office. There were certainly plenty to choose from.

“Just in case you’re wondering, as I know you are Melissa, the answer is no. I have not hooked up with any of the women from the office, or from any of the other offices, for that matter. But I do know, as I’m sure you’re also wondering, that many succulent cunts in the building have met and tangled. It goes on regularly.”

What the hell? Was she reading my mind?

“Sammie, is it going to get around that you and I are, know?”

“Absolutely NOT!!!” Sammie reassured me, emphatically.

“How can you be so certain?” I queried.

“Ever see the movie ‘Fight Club’?”


“Then let me paraphrase the famous line. ‘You NEVER talk about the Sex Fight Club.’”

This only made me wonder. “But Sammie, if you’re not a part of it, then how do you know of its’ existence?”

“Because I get challenged to sex fights almost daily.”

“Well, I certainly can understand that.”

“That redhead you were talking with, the day we met.”

“Donna?” I asked. Sammie nodded.

“She’s been dying to get her pussy right where yours is now.”

“Wow! I kinda had a feeling about her.”

“Oh, hell, Melissa, Donna would love to lock pussies with you, too.” Sammie informed me.

“Really?” I said, naively. Now I wondered if there was some sort of competition as to who could get to me first. But, it really didn’t matter. All things considered, I was right where I needed and wanted to be; between the thighs of my personal goddess. As for Donna, well, I didn’t let on that she had asked to meet with me outside of the work environment a couple of times. Perhaps I should at least consider her overtures.

“This is all so mind boggling, Sammie.”

“Just thought that you should know about the path you’ve chosen to traverse, Melissa. You’re gonna get challenged. A lot!”

I sighed. “It seems I have much to ponder.”

“Ponder some other time. Tonight it’s just you and me. Woman to woman. Let’s fuck.” Sammie softly said.

We then both threw caution to the wind and sealed our cunts in this most anticipated encounter. Sammie’s silky thighs locked our meaty cunts into a fusion of unctuous cunt meat. My labia were now fully locked with hers. Oh my god, her cunt was intense!!! We moved rhythmically together like a well oiled machine.

“I’m gonna fuck that cunt of yours, Sammie.”

“Save the trash talk, Melissa. You’re still a rookie. Your pussy is hot. But there’s no way that your cunt can out fuck my cunt.” The good doctor said, smugly.

“I learn quickly, Sammie. My cunt is gonna give your cunt a serious battle.”

“Then bring it, you sexy bitch!”

And so, I brought it. I forced my fulsome pussy deep into hers. I impelled every pelvic technique I’d learned over the years, along with my newly acquired knowledge of girl on girl scissor fucking deep into her welcoming loins. She groaned in deep pleasure and forced her delicious pussy back into mine. We both gasped as we heard the squish of our cunts locking up in sexual battle. Our clitorises met head on and they challenged each other instantly. After months imagining ourselves together like this, our pussy to pussy match up was finally fleshed out.

My cunt duel with Sydney was an exquisite encounter. But Sammie’s cunt seemed far more empathetic with my pussy. Every subtle nuance of this lusty synthesis made my whole body quiver. Perhaps it was this ultimate realization of our long suppressed desire to bring these two hungry, horny cunts together, to fuse them in raw sex with each other, to compete with each other at the core, woman to woman to find out which of us was sexually superior. I don’t know for sure. Perhaps these are questions that don’t need answers. All I really needed to understand was that I was cunt fucking with my fantasy. And it felt...transcendental.

And so, we fucked. Not just that evening, but repeatedly over the course of a three day weekend. Between meals, mall shopping and tourist activities, we’d hurriedly return to the suite so that we could fuck. Again and again. I didn’t want this lust filled weekend to end...Then came Monday.

“Oh doctor. You forgot something.” I said, as I stuck my head into the driver side window of her car and laid one last, passionate kiss on her. She damn near dragged me into the car with her. But decorum prevailed. I watched her drive off...