By JB57

Elise McCann nursed her drink and watched the crowd around her. She was standing near one of the tables loaded up with snacks and other goodies intended for this very wealthy and urbane group of party goers. Elise had come to this office party with a date, a man she had recently met whose business connections could be of assistance in furthering her own endeavors. Both of them understood that their relationship was strictly professional. He had no illusions that she had any romantic interest in him and he was more than happy to help open doors for Elise in exchange for some sexual favors, favors that Elise was more than happy to dole out. For the man, the deal was a much more than equitable exchange; Elise was, quite simply, the most spectacularly beautiful and voluptuous woman he had ever met and just seeing her naked was reward enough for his help.

Elise and her date had come to this party to meet some of the senior partners of the law firm that was sponsoring this event and their rich and powerful clients. The firm was one of the best and most successful in the city. The party was a celebration of the opening of the firm’s new offices, which were now situated on the 40th floor of a brand new, 50 story skyscraper. The law firm was one of the first operations to move into the new structure. Most of the other floors in the giant building were unoccupied, though they were all functional and would soon be filling up with other businesses.

Elise had been at the party for a few hours and had succeeded in meeting almost everyone that she had wanted to meet. Of course, she was dressed for the occasion. For her, that meant dressing in a way that drew attention to herself, something that was very easy to do.

Elise was beautiful and blonde, with wide hips, a flat, taut stomach, and long, perfectly proportioned, muscular legs. Her most obvious assets were her E-cup breasts, which were round and amazingly firm and topped by thick brown nipples. She put everything on display for tonight, wearing only a thong, three-inch pumps, and a skin-tight, black cocktail dress which was cut low in the front and the back. The hemline barely dipped below her ass in the back and just managed to cover her crotch in the front. Her proud tits did not need the support of a bra. Her cleavage was spectacular; the neckline of the dress was cut almost to her navel. Her breasts had been bringing men (and some women) into conversation with her all night. Elise was used to these kinds of reactions, of course. Her incredible body intimidated and, at the same time, attracted everyone in the room, both men and women. But that was fine – she knew that she was unforgettable and she also knew that her intelligence and wit impressed anyone who talked to her. She was certain that some of the people she had met tonight would be calling her soon, though she also knew that some of them would be looking for relationships that involved more than business. She would need to evaluate those more closely.

Elise was confident in her status as the Alpha Bitch in this room. There were many other beautiful women present – young lawyers, and the wives and mistresses of the more powerful men. There was plenty of female pulchritude on display, but Elise had no doubt that her body and beauty were the most powerful and spectacular examples of womanhood at the party. She enjoyed the feeling of sexual dominance and superiority.

“Hello, Elise,” said a voice behind her. Elise turned to face her worst nightmare.

Louise Long was standing there. The beautiful redhead smiled radiantly, but Elise could easily see the smug arrogance beneath the other woman’s smile. Louise’s body was perfect in every way, a virtual mirror image of Elise’s spectacular form. Like Elise, she was dressed to show off her fantastic physical attributes. She was wearing a tiny burgundy cocktail dress which blended nicely with her auburn locks. The dress’s neckline dipped all the way down her breastbone; in the “v” of the dress, her incredible tits were on full display. The hemline of the dress was as short as Elise’s, showing Louise’s powerful, beautiful legs to devastating effect. She was wearing three inch pumps. Her toenails were painted a deep burgundy, to match the rest of her outfit.

Elise felt herself deflate. Ordinarily, when confronted with a woman like Louise, Elise would push out her tits, her eyes would light with fire, and she would feel her body ache with the desire to meet and match the rival bitch in every way possible. But not with Louise. Elise had already fought Louise twice and, both times, had lost. Both encounters had been vicious, ecstatic, sexual marathons. She and Louise had matched tits and clits for hours of brutal, delicious sexual warfare. But Louise had walked away victorious both times and Elise could not forget that. Instinctively, she found herself shrinking back, pulling into herself, dialing back her unvarnished sexuality, in deference to this Alpha Bitch. To her horror and shame, she found herself assuming a submissive persona.

Louise smiled viciously as she saw all the signs that Elise was acknowledging her superiority. This was the first time the women had met since their last battle in the spa, which had happened almost six months ago. After Elise lost that encounter, she had resigned her membership in the spa in order to avoid meeting Louise in the future. Louise had assumed she would not see the blonde beauty again, and she had been quite disappointed. Encountering Elise tonight was a welcome surprise. Louise intended to take full advantage of the opportunity.

“I haven’t seen you in quite a while, Elise,” Louise said. “How have you been?”

“I’ve been fine, Louise,” Elise replied, trying hard to sound confident and assertive in her sexuality. Feeling nervous and subservient in the presence of another woman was a new feeling for her, and she hated it. “I’ve been making business contacts.”

“Really,” Louise replied. “I haven’t seen you around the spa for quite a while now. Why is that?”

“I decided to try another spa,” Elise replied, coldly. Louise knew damn well why she had left, but she was hardly surprised that the redheaded bitch planned to embarrass and humiliate her. It was what she would be doing if the situations were reversed.

“Why? After all, your house is just around the corner from the old one.” Louise smirked.
Elise did not reply. Instead, she put down her drink and attempted to retreat.

“I have to go pick up my date. Goodbye, Louise.”

Before Elise could turn away, Louise stepped closer, her massive tits coming dangerously close to Elise’s thrusting boobs.

“Before you go, why don’t you and I visit the powder room for a moment?” Louise asked.

Elise hesitated; she knew exactly what this was about. But she knew she was caught. Not going to the bathroom with Louise would be an admission of fear and weakness; going put her in the position where Louise could attack her. Elise’s pride flared. She refused to be intimidated and pushed around by this arrogant cunt!

“Sure,” Elise replied. “Lead the way.”

The two beautiful women walked out of the party room and into the hallway, their hips swaying in concert, their bulging tits bouncing in time.

Louise led the way to the ladies’ room. She pushed open the door and stepped into a large, modern washroom. One side wall was lined with stalls; the other wall was mirrored, with a large marble trough serving as a single sink. A ledge over the sink provided plenty of space for women to put on their makeup as they freshened up.

A young woman was in the room when Louise and Elise entered. She was reapplying her lipstick. She smiled at the two gorgeous women, then put her lipstick in her purse and left.
Louise glanced under the stalls and did not see any legs. It appeared that she and Elise were alone in the restroom. Louise walked to the last stall in the row, pushed it open, and gestured to Elise to join her. Elise stepped into the stall right behind Louise and closed the door.

The women were pressed close inside the narrow space. Elise found her back pushed up against the door as Louise stepped closer to her. Their eyes glowed with heat. Elise found the familiar feeling of anger and the desire to conquer and break this redheaded bitch slowly start to overwhelm her apprehension and her feelings of submission. If they engaged in another sexfight, maybe Louise would beat her again. But Elise was beginning to find the idea of fighting far preferable to just surrendering to her powerful nemesis.

Louise brushed the hard nipples of her swollen tits against Elise’s equally hard, powerful nips. Even through the cloth of their dresses, their tit bullets burned with sexual electricity as they caressed. The women gasped and shuddered as one. Louise pressed closer. Both women turned their eyes from each other and looked down as their cleavages slowly mashed, as the taut flesh of their magnificent breasts swelled up under the pressure of their pressing bodies. Naked titflesh overflowed the women’s dresses and crushed together. Elise and Louise moaned as their warm, sensitive breast flesh merged. Elise wrapped her powerful arms around Louise’s voluptuous body and pulled the redhead in tighter; her right hand gripped the back of Louise’s head and pulled the woman in for a kiss. Louise gripped the top of the stall door and used it to anchor herself as she pulled her body hard into Elise’s ripe, meaty form.

The two beauties French-kissed. Their tongues licked and stroked; the women took turns sucking on the other’s tongue. They exchanged saliva and hot breath, their pants and moans of pleasure growing more insistent. Elise felt her cunt lubricate, moistening her thong. She slipped her bare left thigh up between Louise’s legs and immediately felt an answering pressure from the redhead. As they kissed and sucked, a number of women came and went from the bathroom, but none seemed to realize that an erotic confrontation was going on behind the stall door. Elise felt the growing pressure of Louise’s fantastic body against hers, the weight of their heavy tits wrestling, the force from Louise’s bare thigh on her pussy. Erotic electricity flowed through their bodies, their twisting tongues stoking the terrible fires burning in their sexual organs. Elise became wetter, her cunt flared with heat and tension, her belly tightened with desire. She could tell Louise was experiencing the same effects as the redhead’s breath came faster. The women began to moan within their locked mouths. Elise felt Louise’s arms wrap around her, and the two women locked in an increasingly powerful mutual bearhug. Both women groaned with pleasure and staggered back from the door, moving deeper into the stall. They rocked from side to side. Louise twisted her body so that the women now stood sideways in the stall, their backs to either wall. Their tongues licked harder and harder, both women sucked more powerfully at each other’s breath and spit.

Finally, with a pulsating moan, Elise and Louise broke their all-consuming kiss. They rested cheek to cheek for a moment, panting in each other’s ears, gasping with pleasure. Elise reached down and grabbed Louise’s left ass cheek, and squeezed the round, hard muscle.

“You dirty fuck,” Elise groaned.

“You cocksucking whore,” Louise grunted in reply.

Louise grabbed Elise by her short hair and pulled hard, shoving the blonde woman into the opposite wall. She stepped back to the other wall and then reached down to her heaving tits, slipping her hands inside her tight dress to stroke and squeeze her nipples. Elise duplicated the move, compressing and fondling her tits, panting hard. Their eyes locked in hunger.

“Get down on your knees and eat me, slut,” Louise growled.

Elise started, her eyes blazing with hate and rage.

“Fuck you, cunt,” Elise breathed back. She would not let herself be humiliated this way.

“Do it, now, bitch,” Louise murmured. “I’ve beaten you twice. You owe me this. And if you don’t do it, if you force me to beat you again, I’ll double your humiliation.”

Elise swallowed. She felt real fear in her gut. She did not want to be subjected to more evidence of Louise’s greater sexual power and superior womanhood. But she had too much pride to simply surrender.

“Then beat me, fucker,” Elise snarled. “Beat me and I’ll suck your clit until it explodes. But not before.”

Louise smiled, her beautiful face lighting with lust. She stepped up until she and Elise were tit to tit, nose to nose, once again. Elise pushed back. Their eyes locked, fire flowing between them.

“There is an office two floors up,” Louise said. “Room 4312. I have a key. Tell your date you’re leaving and meet me there in an hour. I’m going to teach you a lesson for the last time.”

Elise felt a thrill of fear, but also a shock of lust. Her body desired Louise and the incredible pleasure of their sexual contact, even if her pride could not bear another humiliating defeat.

“I’ll see you in hour, fucker,” Elise snarled. She pushed Louise into the back of the stall, pulled open the door and stalked out. Louise was right behind her. Both women quickly checked themselves in the mirror, and then reapplied the lipstick they had lost during their passionate kissing. With a final exchange of hateful glares, Louise and Elise went their separate ways, at least for now.

The Office Party, Part II

For the next hour, Elise felt the sexual arousal and tension building in her body. Her nipples became hard and stayed that way. Her tight black dress did little to hide her jutting, inch-long nipples. Elise glimpsed Louise in the crowd, and was gratified to see that the redhead’s nipples were at full arousal, too. At the appointed time, Elise told her date that she was leaving for the night and would take a cab home. The man was disappointed; he had hoped to spend some time with Elise after the party. But he knew not to push the matter. Gathering her purse and coat, Elise made her way to the elevator. She had not seen Louise for the past half-hour, but she assumed the redhead had already left. Elise pressed the button for the 43rd floor. Her heart was pounding, her body was tense, her nipples were pulsing and her thong was damp with pussy juice. Elise got off the elevator when it stopped and made her way down the darkened hallway until she found the office Louise had specified: Room 4312. It looked like an executive office, judging from the double doors. Elise wondered how Louise had access to this place, but realized that she did not really care. Elise paused a moment longer. Then, taking a deep breath, she opened the right-hand door to the office and stepped in.

The door opened onto a huge, opulent space. The room was in the corner of the building. Two walls were solid glass, providing a spectacular view of the glowing city beyond. Across the room from the door, Elise saw a massive oak desk, faced by two thick leather wing chairs. Over to the side of the desk and chairs was a separate sitting area, with two leather couches facing each other across a coffee table sitting on an ornate Persian rug. Bookshelves lined the wall against the door. Against the wall to her left, Elise saw a concealed door that was now ajar, leading to what she assumed was an executive washroom. Against that wall was a bar and next to the bar was a high table with a mirror. Louise was standing in front of the mirror, leaning over, her face close to the glass, her ass thrust back. She was applying her lipstick.

Elise closed the door and made sure it was locked. She hung her coat from a coat rack just inside the door and placed her purse on a table beside the rack. Her eyes narrowing her, her heart pounding, she walked towards Louise.

The redhead smiled smugly at her reflection as Elise walked up and stood behind her, her hands on her hips, her body assuming a confrontational stance, leg forward, powerful chest pushed out. Louise reveled in the feeling of excitement that suffused her body that caused her heart to pound harder and her pussy to tighten in anticipation of hot, wet combat. A surge of heat poured from her tense abdomen down into her damp twat.

“Have you had a chance to reconsider, Elise?” Louise asked archly, dropping her lipstick into her purse and turning around to face her blonde enemy. “All you have to do is eat my cunt and admit that I am the dominant bitch. If you do that I won’t have to humiliate you again.”

“Fuck you, you redheaded cunt,” Elise replied, her voice dripping with venom. “I’m not your bitch.”

“You are my bitch, you blonde slut,” Louise replied, anger rising in her voice. “I’ve fucked you blind twice now. The last time we fought, I fucked you so hard you couldn’t stop coming. And I’m going to do it again, right now.” Louise moved to stand facing Elise, her hands on her hips, her gorgeous, angry face inches from the blonde’s, until they were almost nose to nose. “But I’m glad you want to fight. That makes humiliating you a lot more fun. I’m going to ride your pussy until I squash your clit flat, you cunt.”

The women glared intently and angrily into the other’s beautiful face. Their eyes were burning with lust and rage and both were terribly conscious of how close the other woman’s tits were to her own. As Louise watched, she saw Elise’s tight nipples swell up and tax the cloth of her skin-tight dress, growing to a frightening size as the blonde bitch grew ever more aroused. She saw Elise’s tits grow taut and thick with erotic desire. Louise felt her own nipples heat up and expand, matching Elise’s nips in size and hardness. She felt her own boobs tingle with blood and warmth as they swelled up to reflect her intense sexual desire. The women’s tits heaved in unison as their breath came in hot pants. The beautiful women grew more excited and vengeful with every moment.

Snarling with hate, Louise and Elise reached for each other’s short, curly hair. The beauties sank their sharp claws into the other woman’s thick mane and, taking firm grips, yanked viciously.

Elise and Louise screamed in concert as they inflicted terrible pain on each other. Holding each other at arm’s length, the battling women tore at each other’s head. Their high heels beat an uneven rhythm on the hardwood floor as they staggered around the executive office. Their heads burned as they each tried to rip out the other’s hair by the roots. Their massive tits jiggled and bounced as they pulled each other around the room, their sexy dresses barely able to contain their rocking breasts.

Gasping and groaning, Elise and Louise struggled, their mutual hate feeding their desire to hurt each other, to master and humiliate each other. Their physical struggle fed their growing lust; their pain sent intense sensations boiling through their breasts and pussies.
The women pulled each other’s heads down, their bodies bent at the waist. Snarling, screaming, Elise and Louise finally released each other and shoved the other away. They staggered back on their high heels, their faces already damp with sweat, their eyes burning with heat. Growling with hate, Elise kicked off her pumps, so she could fight in her bare feet. Louise immediately did the same. The beautiful women glared at each other for a moment, their matching golden tits heaving, sweat trickling into their cleavages.

Elise felt a raw desire to hurt Louise flare up in her heart. Louise’s beautiful, angry face, her blazing blue eyes, filled Elise’s vision and overwhelmed her with incredible rage. The blonde beauty remembered the shame of her magnificent body conquered and humbled by Louise’s body, the feeling of her beautiful, proud cunt gushing uncontrollably as it was fucked to defeat by Louise’s victorious, ravenous pussy. Hissing with hatred, Elise lashed out at Louise’s beautiful face, her right hand whipping across the redhead’s cheek.

Louise gasped, falling back. The women had ended up near the sitting area, and Louise grabbed the edge of the couch to balance herself. Her face stung with the force of the slap. For a brief moment, she teetered between rage and fear. Then, her vision hazed over with red and she gave herself over to a blind sexual fury. Screaming, she struck back, catching Elise full on her face, whipping the blonde’s head around.

Elise staggered back, then leaped forward again, her claws out like a cat. Louise rushed to meet her. The women stopped an arm’s length apart and began striking each other, slapping wildly, neither making any move to block the other’s blows. For a few minutes, Elise and Louise pummeled each other, their hands and faces growing red as they exchanged vicious blows. The heat from their savage battle suffused their faces and then spread into their tits and cunts, filling them both with a raw sexual hunger. Violence and pain melded with pleasure for both women. Their screams and cries of pain and anger grew more and more desperately sexual as their battle continued. Their bodies began to throb to bursting with sexual sensations.

After almost five minutes of vicious combat, Elise and Louise stopped striking each other. They stepped back. Their magnificent tits heaved with their panting breath; their bodies were drenched in a glistening coat of sweat. Their tight, expensive dresses were damp with perspiration and beginning to strain at the seams. The women’s thongs were wet with pussy lubrication.

Louise felt her body aching with heat and tension. She saw Elise’s sweaty, pulsing tits. She felt her lust explode. With a groan of desire, she threw herself forward. She wrapped her arms around Elise’s slim waist and, with a cry, crushed her massive cleavage directly into Elise’s massive, matching tits. The women cried out together in pleasure as their mammaries mashed. The women felt their spiked nipples crushing and jousting even through their tops. Louise pushed Elise back towards the couch, the blonde unable to regain her footing against Louise’s momentum. Clinging to each other, their magnificent tits mashed tight, the women hit the back of the couch nearest them and fell over its top and onto its seat. Screaming and gasping, Louise and Elise thrashed in each other’s arms. Their massive chests crushed tight, their naked legs twined together. Their incredibly short dresses rode up their hips, leaving their thong-covered cunts exposed and their asses bare. Both women squeezed hard, trying to squash each other flat. Their breath came in hard pants of lust and pain. Elise wriggled, trying to roll Louise off the couch and onto the rug. Louise grabbed the cushion of the couch, which was sewn to the ottoman’s frame, to hold herself in place. She thrust down with her hips and mashed her damp thong into Elise’s equally drenched thong-protected crotch. The women groaned in unison and rubbed hard at each other, grinding their wet cunts together through their thongs, moaning in pleasure as hot pussy lips crushed. Their thick bushes of pubic hair rose over the tops of their thongs and tangled together as the grinding continued, sending pulses of intimate pleasure arcing through the battling Amazons.

Gasping face to face, driven almost crazy by lust, Louise and Elise locked together in a hot, wet kiss. Their tongues twisted together and the women moaned as one, their excitement, lust and rage all combining to fuel their passionate kissing.

“Fuck, oh Fuck,” Elise thought, her body shaking with pleasure and lust. “This is so fucking good.” She wanted nothing more than to kiss and fuck and suck every inch of Louise’s magnificent flesh.

Louise rubbed her boiling body as hard as she could into Elise, straining to become one flesh with her enemy, even through their meager clothing. “Yes, yes, oh fuck yes,” she chanted in her mind as her pleasure grew uncontrollably.

The women’s hot tongues untangled as they broke the kiss, lapping at each other’s lips as they pulled apart. The women stared at each other through half-closed eyes, their eyes bright with lust.

“Cunt to cunt, right now,” Elise gasped, thrusting up with her hips, grinding her sopping thong into Louise’s hot crotch. Elise filled her hands with Louise’s bare ass and sank her claws into the firm flesh.

Unable to suppress a fevered smile of desire, Louise pulled herself up, so that she straddled Elise’s body. Reaching down to the hem of her dress, which was now up around her waist, she pulled the skintight garment straight up her torso. The thin cloth caught and held as it rolled up her massive, beautiful tits, pulling her boobs high on her chest, before slipping free over her head. Louise’s heavy tits fell, bouncing deliciously. Louise threw her dress away, over the side of the couch. Elise licked her lips lasciviously as she looked up at Louise’s magnificent body, as she took in the redhead’s glorious breasts. The blonde reached up and filled her hands with Louise’s tits, squeezing the taut flesh, crushing the engorged nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Louise moaned in delight. She placed her hands over Elise’s hands, encouraging the blonde to torture her massive tits with ecstasy. The redhead threw back her head in pleasure. After another moment, however, she remembered that she was involved in a sexual battle. Louise reached down and slipped her hands inside Elise’s low, v-necked collar. She cupped and then squeezed and massaged Elise’s equally massive tits with equal fervor.

For long minutes, the two beautiful women kneaded at each other’s tits. They rocked their hips, grinding their covered cunts into each other. Their breath came in hot gasps, they glared directly into each other’s eyes as they massaged and squeezed and rubbed at each other’s chests, forcing greater and greater pleasure on their oversexed bodies.

Elise could not take it anymore. Her cunt ached and burned with need, her breasts throbbed with erotic sensations. With a groan, she shoved hard at Louise’s massive tits, catching the redhead by surprise, throwing her back so that she fell to the other end of the couch and almost fell off, onto the rug. Elise sat up quickly. She peeled her dress up over her head, enjoying the feeling of her tits compressing and then bouncing as the dress released them. She threw the black scrap of cloth over the side of the couch, after Louise’s dress.

The beautiful women leaned back on opposite sides of the leather couch and faced each other. Their bodies were absolutely, wonderfully nude, except for the thin, tiny thongs that covered their wet cunts. Their thongs matched their dresses in color, Louise’s burgundy, Elise’s black. The women’s legs were widespread as they lay back and contemplated each other. Their tits heaved and a light coating of sweat trickled down their torsos and coated their gleaming breasts. Louise and Elise locked their eyes on the heavy thatch of pubic hair which tufted up out of each woman’s thong. They smiled at each other. Louise leaned back on the leather cushion, brought her legs together and swung them up so they were pointing straight up at the ceiling. She peeled her soaking thong over her hips and up her voluptuous legs, and over her pointing feet. She tossed the wet cloth aside, so it landed in the general vicinity of her dress. Elise duplicated the move.

Now perfectly nude, the two gorgeous women examined each other in detail, their eyes roaming freely and hungrily over the other’s beautiful form. The women knew, from bitter experience, that their bodies equaled each other in every way. Their powerful tits throbbed with pleasure and arousal. Their nipples were as hard as rocks. Their bodies glistened in the half-light, their tight stomachs well-defined with muscle, their long, powerful legs spread apart, their thick cunts glistening with moisture, fat, pink, and juicy with arousal. The women’s eyes locked, hot blue eyes to green.

Elise slapped her thick, meaty cuntlips, then reached down and began to finger herself, spreading her labia, gently stroking her hard clit. Fluids and lubricants began to trickle down from her engorged pussy to the slick leather of the couch. Elise bit her lip and moaned as her self-inflicted pleasure built in her core.

Louise smiled and began to masturbate herself in reply. For the next few minutes, the only sounds in the luxurious office were the wet sounds of skilled fingers working hot, hungry cunts and the occasional gasp or moan of pleasure as Louise and Elise readied and primed their bodies for the sexual struggle to come. The women refused to break the other’s gaze. They drove each other more and more angry and crazy with lust, they challenged each other in the most primal ways. Their tits swelled, their nipples turned into spikes as their bodies burned with lust.

“You want me, don’t you, fucker?” Louise breathed at Elise. “You want my cunt to suck your twat out, you want my tits to crush yours. You want me to dominate you and own you, don’t you Elise?”

“Like fuck, you whore,” Elise snarled in reply. “My pussy is going to eat yours inside out, cocksucker. Then, I’m going to make you my slave and fuck you so bad you won’t be able to walk for a week. I’m going to ride that red cunt until it’s dry.”

The women were now so wet that they were leaking prodigious amounts of cunt juice onto the rich leather, their pussies so hot and tense that it felt like they were on fire. Louise extended her bare left foot. Elise pushed out her right foot. They pressed their perfect toes together, then the soles of their bare feet. They enjoyed the sensual intimacy of the matching of flesh to flesh for a moment more. Then they pushed towards each other, their wet cunts leaving a trail of sex-slime on the leather cushions as they scissored each other, sliding their bare legs past each other.

Panting with desire, their bodies burning up with lust, Elise and Louise thrust their hips forward and brought their wet pussies together with a wet, hard slap of thick cuntlips to cuntlips.

“Oh God, Oh Fuck, Oh YESSS!!,” Louise cried out, throwing back her head in pleasure. She worked her hips hard, rubbing her cunt into Elise’s matching twat, desperately trying to drive herself into the sexual core of her blonde enemy.

Elise screamed in joy and thrust back just as hard, powering forward with her ass, trying to spread and violate Louise’s welcoming twat. She was desperate to bring her aching, pulsing clit into direct contact with Louise’s matching sexhorn.

The women gripped the back cushions of the couch for support and began thrusting and grinding into each other with all of their power and passion. As they fucked, their massive tits bounced exuberantly. “Ungh, ungh, ungh,” Louise and Elise grunted in concert as they pumped at each other. Their cunts spread and locked, the delicious, erotic sound of wet pussies sucking together filling the room.

“Fuck, oh fuck,” Louise breathed. She felt her throbbing clit swell up like a balloon and slip in between Elise wet, soft labia. Elise groaned in ecstasy as she felt herself violated. Her clit swelled up to meet its counterpart. Their hard sexhorns licked and then began rubbing furiously, burning flesh seeming to fuse into one at the first contact.

Louise screamed uncontrollably at the first clit to clit contact. Elise shrieked in concert as waves of unbearable pleasure washed over her. Erotic electricity and tension flowed through their aching, shuddering bodies, doubling and redoubling the sexual ecstasy already torturing their fully aroused forms.

Sobbing, gasping with pleasure, Louise reached for Elise. Elise reached for the redhead in turn. The women wrapped their arms around each other’s backs and pulled each other in tight. Their massive, throbbing tits squashed tight, nipple to nipple, taut flesh resisting, dense titflesh swelling with pleasure. Louise and Elise pushed nose to nose and looked into each other’s eyes. As waves of incredible erotic pleasure washed over and through their bodies, they could not help but smile at each other in absolute bliss. As much as these two women despised each other, they could not deny their shared lust or the unbelievable pleasure they were inflicting on each other. They kissed ravenously, matching the stroking of their tongues to the grinding, constant stroking of their electrified clits.

The women shuddered and trembled with sexual tension, their moans of pleasure growing into crying whimpers of lust as they struggled to control the raging sexual desire permeating their bodies. After several minutes of passionate kissing, they leaned back, pulling their tits apart, grabbed the sides of the couch for leverage, and resumed the hard, cunt to cunt, clit to clit grind. They threw back their heads and moaned wildly, their eyes closed in ecstasy. As they continued to pump, riding each other to higher and higher levels of pleasure, their faces contorted into grimaces of hate and lust. They locked eyes and snarled and growled at each other as they pounded cunts and clits relentlessly, desperate to fuck the other into submission. Louise and Elise were both determined to be the one to draw first blood, to force the other woman to come first, to gain the psychological edge in what would certainly be a marathon sexfight.

“Give you little cunt, give!” Elise gasped, redoubling the power of her thrusts, trying to drive herself even deeper into Louise’s welcoming twat. As she drove in and penetrated Louise’s cunt, she also squeezed hard with her cunt muscles, trying to eat and suck the other woman’s genitals into her own.

“Never, you fucking slut!,” Louise gasped back, her hips working hard and slow, matching Elise thrust for thrust, squeezing her pussy with all her strength. She bucked hard, driving herself into Elise, raising their asses off the couch for a few moments as they held each other in a quivering stalemate, squeezing cunt to cunt until, with a gasp, their asses fell back to the couch and they resumed their grinding fuck.

Groaning and gasping, snarling and crying out in pleasure and passion, Elise and Louise fucked each other mercilessly, their cunts locked and merged, their pulsing clits sealed together in a constant rubbing, grinding battle that beat unbearable ecstasy into both women. Their tits bounced and jiggled enthusiastically, their abdomens rippled with muscle as they pumped their cunts, their long, powerful legs tensed and thrashed as the fuckfight raged on. Sexual lubricants flowed from their locked twats, coating the leather cushions beneath their struggling bodies, making the leather slick under their asses.

With a gasp, Louise found her hand slipping free of the cushion she was gripping to give her leverage; the sweat from her hand and body made the leather too slick to hold. With her hold gone, she found herself slipping off the couch to the floor. She kept her hips angled up, so that her cunt remained sealed to Elise’s fuckmeat, even as her shoulders hit the floor. Elise followed Louise’s body, making sure to keep their pussies locked together. The blonde was having a hard time staying on the sweat-slicked couch herself. Now, she found herself in an advantageous position. Louise locked her thighs around Elise’s hips, in order to keep the fuckfight going. Elise moved forward and pushed Louise up on her shoulders even more, until the blonde was almost sitting on Louise’s soaking cunt, until Louise’s heavy tits fell back onto her face. Louise gasped. She pushed at the table beside her, shoving it out of the way to give herself more room. But she knew that she was in trouble. Elise was now using Louise’s cunt like a saddle, sitting on the redhead’s twat, her legs on either side of Louise’s body. Elise rammed down, groaning with delight as she felt her cunt open and spread Louise’s fuckmeat, as she felt her cunt sink deep, deep into Louise’s sex. Elise let her legs relax and allowed gravity to pull her all the way into Louise soft, yielding womanhood. She had Louise in a delicious pile driver and she intended to let her twat eat Louise’s cunt from the inside out.

Louise screamed with pain and pleasure, enjoying the incredible violation while, at the same time, knowing that she was in terrible danger of being fucked senseless. She could feel Elise’s whole body weight resting on her cunt, driving deep into her core. She could feel Elise’s pussy sucking and squeezing at her own, Elise’s burning clit crushing down on her sexhorn. Louise squeezed back with her pussy. She closed her thighs around Elise’s body as best as she could and tried to lift her hips to drive back. But she knew that she would soon be overwhelmed if she could not level the playing field again. Elise was starting to slowly rock her hips, grinding and scooping her cunt into Louise’s slick pussy, spreading Louisa’s pussy lips like a fresh pink flower.

Louise twisted her hips as hard as she could, trying to overbalance Elise. At the same time, she grabbed Elise’s ankle and pulled hard. Elise’s had the dominant sex position, but her legs were badly balanced. She fell back onto the edge of the couch then, with a groan, slid off the slick cushions down to the rug.

The women were now back on equal terms. Scissor-locked tighter and deeper than ever, their cunts eating hungrily at each other, squeezing and trembling, their bodies shuddering with erotic power and tension, Louise and Elise resumed their relentless mutual fucking. Each woman grabbed the other’s thigh. Anchored in this way, they worked their hips and asses with all of their power, driving, ramming, drilling into each other’s pussies, rubbing and grinding their clits until the sheer, raw pleasure forced them to scream with need and frustration. Their thick, dense thatches of pubic hair meshed into one hot, wet mass of tangled fur. Their breath came in gasping pants, their snarls and growls of passion grew in volume and urgency. The sound of wet cunts sucked and merged and struggling filled the room, along with the intoxicating scent of fully aroused womanhood.

“You fucking cunt, come, come you whore!” Louise screamed at her blonde enemy, her desperation reaching a fever pitch. She felt a terrible, exquisite orgasm trembling in her core and she knew she could not keep it in check much longer.

“Fuck, fuck you!!,” Elise shrieked in reply, tears streaming down her face as she struggled to restrain the unbearable ecstasy coiled in her cunt, vibrating in her rocking tits. “Oh god,” she thought, “this is so good, this is so fucking good.”

Elise tightened her grip on Louise’s bucking thigh. She lifted her right hand, which she was using to brace her body, and reached out to cup Louise’s bouncing right tit. She squeezed the redhead’s engorged, rock-hard nipple as hard as she could.

“FUCK!” Louise screamed. She reached out and returned the grip, doing her best to squeeze Elise’s right nipple off of her breast.

Elise howled, feeling the pulse of electric pleasure leap from her nip straight into her pulsing clit. It was too much to take. She felt the orgasm in her clit expand like a nova, filling her body, preparing to explode.

“OH FUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!!!,” Louise suddenly shrieked at the top of her lungs. Her cunt convulsed and contracted powerfully and Elise felt the gush of steaming hot cum inject up into her vaginal canal, bathing her clit and her insides in warm, wet liquid. Louise entire body rocked and jerked and her clit smashed and mashed against Elise’s throbbing clit even harder.

“YES, YES, OH FUCKING GOD, YESSSS!!” Elise shrieked as she came with incredible force, only an instant after Louise, but long enough to claim victory. Her insides felt like they were emptying into Louise’s bucking body, her entire body was suffused with unbearable heat and pleasure.

The women fell onto their backs and arched their backs, forming a bridge of voluptuous flesh, ramming their cunts together and holding each other at the top of the arch, squeezing and eating eat other twat to twat, exchanging burning hot cum as they struggled to overpower each other even as they orgasmed together. Pussy juice flowed down from their interlocked cunts, trickling down their stomachs to flow around their massive, quivering tits, flowing down their thighs and into their asses. They came and came, over and over again. Elise and Louise cried out with each powerful convulsion, both women determined to ride her opponent to the end and force a surrender, but both also struggling to keep from giving themselves over to the incredible pleasure emanating from their mashed and throbbing fuckmeat. Finally, the women allowed their asses to fall to the rug. They grabbed each other’s thighs and held on, flat on their backs, as orgasms continued to chain through their perfect bodies. Elise and Louise released each other and simply lay back and enjoyed the delicious sensations, occasionally ramming at each other to force another excruciating burst of pleasure from their locked genitals.

Finally, their bodies covered with sweat and rivulets of cum, their beautiful tits quivering with their panting breath and engorged with power, the women slowly came down from their sexual peaks. Elise lay with her eyes closed, erotic power vibrating through her body. She reveled in the feeling of her pussy locked tight with Louise’s cunt, she enjoyed the pulses of electricity racing through her body even now. She had enjoyed that immensely. Indeed, she had to admit to herself that locking up with Louise and fucking the redheaded bitch was one of the greatest pleasures of her life. And she knew, with a thrill of lust, that the night was just beginning. Still, in the back of her mind, the feeling of apprehension and fear persisted. She had been beaten twice by this whore. She could not bear another humiliating defeat.

Louise was having very similar thoughts, though she was far more confident of victory than Elise. She was thinking to herself how much she enjoyed her sexual warfare with Elise. The blonde’s body was a perfect match for hers in every way. Fucking Elise was the closest she could get to fucking herself. And the additional, excruciatingly pleasurable sensation of defeating her foe was a bonus that she loved to enjoy.

The women lay on the rug, flat on their backs, for some time, slowly regaining their energy.

Elise stirred first. She knew that she had managed to draw first blood. Now, she had to press her advantage.

She pushed herself up on her elbows and looked over her burning tits at Louise. Louise remained sprawled and unresponsive on the rug. With a groan, Elise pulled herself away from Louise. Their thick pubic mats were heavily tangled and wet and both women groaned with pain as their cunt bushes ripped apart, leaving tangled knots of red and blonde fur in both women’s bushes. Their deeply locked twats sucked apart and more cum trickled out to wet the carpet. Their pussies remained joined by viscous strands of cum.

Louise finally stirred, pushing her head up to watch what Elise was doing. Elise got onto her hands and knees, then crawled towards Louise. Louise knew that Elise planned to mount her. She could think of nothing she wanted more. With a smile, she relaxed back onto the rug and spread her legs wide, one ankle on the couch, the other on the coffee table. She arched her back to give Elise’s pussy better and easier access to her own. Louise smiled as she felt the sexual hunger in her body reignite, quickly growing to a boiling heat. She wanted Elise’s body on her and in hers. She wanted nothing but to fuck and fuck with the blonde whore until only one of them could stand up. She extended her arms to Elise.

“Come and get it, cuntlicker,” Louise smiled. Elise returned the smile, a look of lust and hate flickering across her face.

Elise threw herself onto Louise’s magnificent body. The women moaned in concert as their massive tits crushed into each other, as their hard nipples crossed and locked and pulsed against each other. Elise wriggled hard, grinding her tits onto Louise’s rack, rubbing her wet, flat belly onto Louise’s matching flesh. The women smiled as they felt their navels suck at each other.

“Mmmmmm,” Louise sighed, wrapping her arms around Elise and pushed up with her hips, encouraging the blonde to violate her. Elise rubbed her pubic mat into Louise’s equally dense bush and felt their hair tying up again. She pushed down with her hips and squashed her wet, juicy mound onto Louise’s equally thick, hot cunt. The women sighed together in absolute bliss as their twats mashed tight. They rotated their hips, spreading each other, flattening their hungry cunts against each other. Thick clits swelled up out of their pussies. Louise closed her thighs around Elise’s hips, then slid her legs as far down Elise’s long limbs as she could, helping to lock the other woman’s body in place.

Thick, burning clits caressed each other. The women jerked and screamed with the shock of excruciating pleasure, then moaned together in absolute ecstasy. They began grinding clit to clit, driving each other crazy with pleasure. They were nose to nose, panting and moaning, sharing hot breath and occasional kisses as they fucked.

“You cunt,” Elise whispered as her hips moved gently but insistently, as erotic electricity burned through every cell in her body as her clit stroked and rubbed against Louise’s sexhorn. “You filthy fucking cunt. I’m going to fuck you blind, whore.”

“Yes, baby, yes,” Louise whispered back, her body moving with Elise’s body, keeping their pussies tight. “Give me everything you’ve got and I’ll give you everything I’ve got. Then we’ll see who walks away from this.”

The women smiled savagely at each other, then locked into a passionate, tongue-twisting kiss. They twined and knotted their bodies as tightly together as they could, both seizing the other’s round, bucking ass, and fucked and fucked and fucked. On and on, the two beautiful Amazons clitfucked each other, driving each other insane with lust and pleasure, riding each other mercilessly, neither wanting the pleasure to end, both craving the ultimate union that would make them one mass of sex-crazed flesh.

After more than 30 minutes, they shuddered and quaked together in an incredibly intense series of mutual, multiple orgasms. They soaked the intersection of their bodies with cunt juices as they pumped cum back and forth between their sealed vaginas, as they licked and bit and clawed at each other in absolute bliss. When the orgasms finally subsided, they remained locked together, awash in the afterglow. After a while, Louise tightened her arms around Elise, and then rolled the blonde, wedging her against the couch. The women thrashed briefly, but Louise soon succeeded in getting Elise flat on her back. Louise mounted Elise, crushing tit to tit, sliding her sex-slimed cunt into place against Elise’s hungry twat. Groaning with lust, the women resumed their delirious fuckfight, riding each other, grinding and rubbing mercilessly, consuming each other with desire and passion.

More than 45 minutes later, Elise and Louise screamed together in ecstasy as multiple orgasms chained through their bodies once more. Elise went off first, but her convulsions of pleasure pushed Louise over the edge almost immediately. The women enjoyed sharing fluids and kisses as they rode each other to the end once more, lost in sexual bliss.

Panting, cheek to cheek, arms wrapped around each other, Louise and Elise slowly regained their strength. They had been fuckfighting now for more than two hours and the night was still young.

Louise raised her head to look down at Elise’s beautiful face. The women glared at each other through half-closed eyes. Louise licked Elise’s lips. Elise’s tongue snaked out and licked back.

“Let’s take a little break,” Louise murmured. “We have all night to settle this, no need to rush.”

“All right,” Elise agreed. She was getting tired and she knew that she could use a chance to drink some water and renew her energy.

Louise pulled herself off of Elise. Their cunthair tore apart once more, but the women delighted in the pain, both privately enjoying the sexual intimacy and mutual violation symbolized by their intertwined bushes.

Louise sat back on her haunches and regarded Elise with unrestrained lust. Elise pushed herself up to a sitting position, her legs spread, and her soaking twat exposed, and returned the hungry gaze. The women examined each other. Their bodies were red with abrasion and flushed with arousal. They were wet with sweat and cum. Moisture streaked their perfect flesh, causing their voluptuous bodies to glisten in the dim light. Their massive tits hung high and proud on their chests, their thick brown nipples fully engorged. Both women saw in the other her ultimate rival, a physical double whose sexual appetite and glorious body challenged her own. They were both enraged and infuriated by the beauty and power of the other woman and their desire to possess and master each other reached a feverish intensity.

Louise broke the eye contact and got to her feet, somewhat unsteadily. She offered Elise her hand. The blonde took it and let the redhead help her to her feet. They stood close, tit to tit, and pressed their beautiful faces together, licking and teasing each other with their tongues, until they sank into a passionate kiss. Their bodies throbbed with building sexual energy. Their thighs, bellies and tits pressed tight and, for a moment, it seemed like the women would start fuckfighting again. But they soon broke the kiss. Louise and Elise wanted to tease and taunt each other, to see how hot they could get the other one without giving into their desires. They understood the game they were playing with each other. Hand in hand, the women walked to the far side of the room, toward the bar and the washroom. Their hips and thighs swayed and pressed as they wiggled across the room.

“You wash up first,” Louise said to Elise. “I’ll get some drinks for us.”

Elise went into the executive washroom. It had everything one could want, including a beautifully tiled shower. She cleaned herself off, washing down her fantastic body, admiring herself as she soaked herself down and washed off the dried cum coating her flesh. She drank copious amounts of water to replace some of the liquids she had been gushing out of her cunt. When she returned to the office, Louise had a glass of wine waiting for her. Elise sipped the wine while Louise went into the washroom to clean up.

The redhead soon rejoined her and the two naked women stood close and shared some exquisite red wine. As they drank, their beautiful eyes challenged each other. They looked for signs of weakness or tiredness, but neither could see any indication that her foe was close to surrender. As the warm wine burned into their bellies, both women felt their sexual energy and hunger grow more intense.

“You’re a fantastic fuck, Elise,” Louise murmured after a few minutes. “I love getting you down and fucking you. I love breaking your cunt even more.”

“Mmm. You’re a good ride, too, Louise,” Elise responded. “But I think it’s time my cunt taught yours some valuable lessons.”

“What would those lessons be, hm?” Louise whispered, stepping closer to Elise. Both women could see their nipples hardening, could feel their beautiful tits swelling with tension.

“That winning once or even twice doesn’t mean forever, you fucking whore,” Elise whispered back. The women were very close now, their nipples only millimeters from touching and caressing, their hot breath washing over each other. Green eyes and blue eyes drew closer and closer until all they could see was each other.

Suddenly, Elise stepped back and carefully poured her glass of wine down Louise’s body, emptying the goblet onto her rival’s cleavage, watching the warm liquid wash down over the redhead’s tits, drip off her engorged nipples, trickle down between her breasts onto her belly and into her navel, before soaking into her thick red cunt fur. Louise gasped with the sudden shock. Then, smiling savagely, she returned the favor, carefully pouring her glass down over Elise’s chest and torso. Elise shuddered, and then smiled. Both women put their glasses onto the bar, and then reached for each other. Elise dipped her head low and wrapped her lips and tongues around Louise’s magnificent left nipple and began to suck hungrily. Louise sank her teeth into Elise’s left tit and sucked just as hard. With their free hands, the women kneaded, caressed and teased her enemy’s remaining tit. Elise and Louise loved the other woman’s tits, even as they hated each other’s boobs with a vengeance. They loved feeding on each other, they loved mashing tits and feeling quivering, dense titflesh struggling and pulsing with tension, and they loved licking and biting stiff nipples and pebbled areola. They now attacked each other’s tits with a vengeance, sucking ravenously, enjoying the taste of wine on the other’s fevered flesh. Their quiet moans of pleasure grew more intense as the women feasted on each other with greater urgency, as their mutual enjoyment built. Elise slipped her hand down Louise’s belly and through the thick thatch of Louise’s red pubic fur, cupping the redhead’s burning cunt, then shoving in some fingers and beginning to fingerfuck her foe. Louise moaned deeply then slipped her eager hand down into Elise’s bush and began to stimulate the blonde’s twat. Groaning with pleasure, sucking at each other tits and mutually masturbating each other, Elise and Louise sank slowly to their knees. The sound of hot fingers working wet cunts became louder as the women’s pussies lubricated hard. Their gasps and moans grew in volume.

Louise suddenly reached up and gently but insistently yanked Elise’s head back from her tit. Panting, Elise looked at the redhead with puzzlement. Louise smiled, her lips trembling with lust. She placed both of her hands on Elise’s tits and squeezed, then pushed the blonde away. Louise got to her feet and padded across the room, towards the desk. She climbed up on the desk, which was completely bare, and stretched her voluptuous, nude body out on the polished wood. She lay flat on her back with her knees up, her legs spread. She smiled at Elise seductively.

Elise did not need any encouragement. Carefully, her body quivering with passion and lust, she crossed the room. She walked around the desk, so that she was standing over Louise’s head. She climbed onto the desktop and lowered her face to Louise’s and gave the redhead an upside-down kiss. Their tongues twisted and licked together. Elise broke the kiss and began moving down Louise’s body, kissing the redhead’s tits, and then sucking hard at her rival’s nipples. At the same time, she felt Louise kneading her tits and sucking her nipples in reply. Continuing her crawl up Louise’s body, Elise kissed and licked the other woman’s belly and navel, enjoying the taste of the wine, enjoying the feel of Louise’s tongue on her matching body parts. Both women slipped their hands up the other’s body to cup and fondle their enemy’s hot bush and throbbing cunt. Elise finally reached Louise’s pussy. She looped her arms under Louise’s hips and ran her hands over the redhead’s ass. Louise knees were bent and her thighs spread wide. She rubbed at Elise’s ass and fingered the blonde’s asshole. Both women buried their faces in the other’s thick bush. Elise rubbed her whole face into Louise red cunt fur, basking in the delicious, musky odor, tasting the sweet red wine. At the same time, she felt Louise’s face rubbing around and around in her blonde bush, Louise’s tongue lapping at her fur, before running deliciously over the thick, wet flesh of her burning cuntlips.

With a shared animal groan of pure lust, Elise and Louise began eating and licking and sucking at each other’s cunts with a ravenous hunger. They spread each other’s cuntlips with eager fingers and plunged in questing tongues. They wrapped their tongues and lips around the other woman’s engorged clit and sucked and bit and ate each other like starving cats. They used their fingers to probe each other’s assholes, but most of their attention and passion was focused on the other woman’s delicious twat. Moaning, groaning, screaming with lust and passion, the beautiful women devoured each other. For more than a half-hour, they sucked each other out, until they finally came together in a tremendous mutual orgasm. Their bodies thrashed and bucked and they rubbed their pussies hard into each other’s faces as their twats erupted in fragrant cunt juice, bathing both women’s faces in their sexual secretions, leaving their hair damp with cum. Then, they started again, this time using their fingers to probe and tease and stroke at clits and inner vaginal walls. Elise located Louise’s g-spot and stroked and sucked her redheaded enemy to a screaming orgasm. Moments later, Louise found Elise’s g-spot and returned the favor. They fisted each other, driving balled fists deep into tight, hot cunts, forcing orgasm after orgasm out of each other, struggling to overwhelm each other with raw ecstasy. Louise and Elise both knew that the blonde had proven to have a point at which her sexual dam burst, at which her body’s insatiable sexual appetite simply exploded uncontrollably. Louise was seeking to force Elise to that edge and fuck her into submission. Elise devoured Louise hungrily, hoping that she could find a similar weakness in Louise before she gave out herself, or just hoping she could sexually exhaust her redheaded nemesis. The two beauties rolled over onto their sides and continued eating each other from equal positions. Their heavy tits crushed tight, underside to underside, and the women reached down to occasionally stroke and fondle each other’s rack. Most of their attention and energy, however, was concentrated on eating each other’s pussies, on sucking each other dry.

For more than another hour, the beautiful women devoured and ravaged each other’s cunts, lost in a red haze of erotic pleasure and sexual bliss. They lost all sense of everything except the delicious fuckholes before their faces, which they struggled to consume, even as their bodies trembled and convulsed with incredible pleasure. After nearly two hours of eating each other, the women exploded together in a final burst of orgasmic delight. For a moment, Elise was afraid that she had been pushed to the point of uncontrollable orgasms once again. But the chain orgasms gradually subsided. Finally, soaked from head to toe in cum and sweat, gasping with ecstasy and momentarily exhausted, Louise and Elise released each other. Panting, lying side by side but head to toe on the desk, they struggled to regain their stamina.

Finally, Elise propped herself up to glare down her body at Louise. “Are you ready for more, baby?” she growled, her voice harsh in her dry throat.

“Oh, you know I am, fucker,” Louise snarled in reply. She pushed herself into a sitting position, even as Elise did the same. The women arranged themselves on top of the desk, scissoring each other, lining up their wet, sloppy cunts, preparing to fuck cunt to cunt and clit to clit once more. Suddenly, something on a shelf behind the desk caught Elise’s eye.

“Wait a moment,” the blonde said. She disentangled her body from Louise’s and climbed off the desk. She walked towards the shelf and pulled off a long, thick, perfectly oval sculpture that had been resting in a support stand. It was more than ten inches long, made of some kind of smooth hardwood and almost 2 and a half-inches thick at its widest point. Elise hefted the sculpture. It was perfect for what she had in mind. With a lascivious smile she turned back to Louise, who was watching her with a fevered grin.

Elise climbed back onto the desk with the makeshift dildo. “Let’s do this ass to ass,” she murmured at her redheaded nemesis. Louise smiled and turned around, then got onto her hands and knees. She looked at Elise over her shoulder and grinned, then wiggled her beautiful round ass.

“Give it to me, girl,” Louise moaned, her pussy dripping with secretions.

Elise turned so that her back was to Louise and, with a hard shove, inserted the wooden dildo deep into her own tight cunt. She thrilled to the feeling of the hard wood stretching her tight pussy walls. She got on her hands and knees and pushed her ass into Louise’s ass, rejoicing in the feel of the other woman’s hard pad of muscle caressing and flexing against her own. The women reached between their legs to guide the thick cock up into Louise’s tight fuckhole. Gripping the shaft with her cunt muscles tightly, Elise shoved her ass back and thrust the hard implement deep and tight into Louise’s hungry twat. The redhead moaned and shuddered with pleasure, then tightened her internal muscles around the shaft. Each of them gripping half of the dildo, Louise and Elise lowered their chests to the desktop, shoved their asses up, and began wrestling cunt to cunt for control of the heavy wooden object. They pressed back, their powerful round asses straining and caressing. The women pushed so tight that their pussy lips touched, then crushed tight and fused. Their swollen clits rode along the top of the shaft and squashed into each other like two hard marbles, sending unbearable pleasure coursing through their bodies. They spread their buttocks and pushed in until they could feel their assholes grating against each other. The sensations were deliciously erotic and the women rubbed their throbbing tits and pulsing nipples hard into the desk as they pussy-wrestled for control of the dildo.

For more than a half-hour the women struggled ass to ass, pussy to pussy. Their deep muscles contracted around the thick shaft, holding it in place as they tried to use the rest of their bodies to shove the shaft more deeply into the other, to gain control of the instrument and succeed in fucking the other senseless. Their pussies proved equally strong, at least for now, but the constant contraction of deep muscles around the unyielding shaft was proving deliciously enjoyable. Elise came first, suddenly finding the deep pleasure building in her core too much to restrain. She gasped then screamed as she felt the incredible release rushing through her. Her body’s lubricants and cum gushed out around the shaft and coated its slick wooden skin. Elise was sure that she would soon feel Louise driving the wood deep into her core, grinding her clit down with her own marble-hard clit. But a moment later, she felt Louise stiffen and scream and then felt the answering gush of hot cum and pussy juices splattering onto the desk from Louise’s convulsing pussy. Gasping, regaining their breath, Louise and Elise resumed the battle. For the next half hour, orgasms followed orgasms, but neither woman surrendered control of the shaft.

Elise groaned and decided to change tactics. She began to turn herself around, rotating her body around her pussy and the thick wood lodged inside of it. Louise moaned and, realizing what Elise was doing, followed suit. The women turned themselves, getting onto their sides and rolling over, raising their legs to the ceiling, and turning until they were lying on their backs on the desk. They sat up and scissored each other. The thick wooden shaft continued to bridge and join their tight, aching cunts. They sat facing each other for a few moments, their tits heaving as they panted, and their eyes glazed with sexual pleasure.

Elise reached for Louise; Louise moved to meet her. The women wrapped their arms and legs around each other’s bodies, they filled their hands with the other woman’s round, taut ass, and they pulled each other in tight until their massive, throbbing tits crushed hard and their burning nipples twisted and grated against each other. Waves of erotic power rolled through Louise and Elise as they came together. They pushed their cunts together so that the wood of the shaft disappeared completely into their aching, burning bodies. They worked their deep muscles and their hips and asses to continue the struggle over the wooden dildo. They slid their tongues together and began kissing with ravenous hunger. Their bodies tied up in an erotic knot, they pressed and twisted their flesh into one mass and they resumed the fuckfight face to face, tongue to tongue and clit to clit.

Every few minutes one of the women would orgasm, clinging to the other as she rode out the wave of exquisite pleasure, splattering hot cum on the desk, before resuming the battle. Both women knew that they were now embarked on a war of attrition. But the sexual hunger and pleasure in both women seemed to grow ever more intense, their sexual power seemed to grow deeper. Their bodies throbbed and burned with pleasure, every orgasm feeding the boiling core inside of their locked and battling sexual organs. Deep in her mind, lost in the delirium of sensual pleasure, Elise knew that she must be close to losing sexual control, just as she had in her last battle with Louise.

Louise and Elise fucked and fucked and fucked, pulling orgasm after orgasm out of each other, driving each other mad with pleasure. Almost an hour passed in this state of sexual bliss and savage warfare. Then, suddenly, Louise’s eyes went wide.

“Oh,” Louise gasped, pulling back slightly. Through the red haze of lust and pleasure, Elise realized something had changed with her foe.

“Oh, oh, oooohhhhh….,” Louise gasped. Then her eyes went even wider and she screamed in sheer ecstasy. Her entire body seemed to twist and convulse and a gusher of boiling hot cum surged from her powerful cunt, blasting out to coat the women’s lower bodies, to splatter the desk.

“JESUS FUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!!!,” Louise howled. Elise realized, with a start, that Louise’s sexual dam had broken. The constant, unrelenting sexual pleasure of the last several hours had suddenly and finally overloaded Louise’s sensual reserves. Her body had crossed a threshold into a realm of uncontrollable sexual pleasure. Elise knew exactly how this felt and she could only groan and then laugh in pleasure.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!,” Louise cried out, her body quaking with sexual power.

“Yes, baby, yes, come for me you whore, come you bitch, come!” Elise chanted at her foe, her eyes glowing with sexual rage and joy, her face lit by a predatory smile of victory. She shoved hard at Louise and forced the redhead onto her back. Louise could not put up any struggle as her body shook and quivered with orgasms. Elise mounted the other woman, tightened her cunt grip on the wooden sculpture and began to pump the shaft up and down, deep into Louise’s core. Louise could only groan and wrap her arms around Elise’s magnificent body, crushing the blonde’s tits to her own. But Elise’s ass continued to rise and fall, pumping Louise’s cunt in wild abandon. Louise sobbed and screamed and cried out in erotic joy as orgasm after orgasm chained through her, rocking her body.

Elise gloried in her victory as she rode Louise mercilessly. The redhead spread her legs wide and threw back her head, lost in the pleasure of being fucked out of her mind. Elise pumped the shaft many more times, enjoying the feel of her hard belly slapping into Louise’s belly, the sound of the redhead’s thick cunt sucking and squelching beneath the assault, the feeling of Louise’s entire body spread out beneath her own like a dish of delectable meat. Elise felt an excruciating orgasm rising in her core. With a gasp, she pushed her ass high, pulling the dildo out of Louise’s cunt. The redhead groaned as she felt her tight slit lose the thick shaft that had been stretching and pumping it with such pleasure. Elise reached between her legs and drew the shaft out and threw it aside. She lowered her aching, burning cunt onto Louise’s hungry snatch. Elise moaned with pleasure as she sank her soft, thick fuckmeat into Louise’s matching pie. The women’s burning pussies formed a thick mass of erotic flesh, sucked and sealed and melted into one exquisite genital. Raw pleasure blasted through Elise and Louise as they fucked, their swollen clits grinding until their knotted into one, redoubling the pleasure.

“Oh God, OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD,” Louise shrieked as her body was forced higher and higher up to an incredible plateau of pleasure. Louise could feel her consciousness fading as it was overwhelmed by erotic ecstasy. “Oh fuck,” she thought to herself, “this bitch is fucking me senseless! I’ve got to fight back!” But there was nothing she could do. Every inch of her flesh was mating with every inch of Elise body and they were riding each other to a catastrophic orgasmic finish.

“YES, YES, YES, YES!!!,” Elise screamed as her body filled to overflowing, as her flesh vibrated with sexual lust and power, as she felt herself merge with Louise’s body, even as her sex finally overpowered the redhead’s matching cunt and tits. “Oh God,” Elise thought to herself, “this orgasm may kill me, but I need it!”

“OH FUCK, NOOOO!!,” Louise shrieked as her body exploded in an unbearably intense orgasm. She bucked and heaved, her limbs tightened and her muscles twined and flexed against Elise’s struggling, victorious body. A gusher of hot cum erupted from Louise’s core, her breasts felt like they had expanded to twice their normal size and exploded. Louise felt her mind fade as the intense pleasure built and built, finally exploding out the top of her head.

Elise shuddered and quaked with pleasure. She crushed Louise’s body as tight to hers as she could as she trembled and convulsed through one devastating orgasm after another. She grabbed the edge of the desk, digging her nails into the hard finish, as she emptied herself into Louise’s jerking body. Their flesh melted together and became one bucking, heaving, writhing body. Elise screamed and screamed, in victory and pleasure. Her clit just kept detonating with sexual bombs of delight.

Finally, certain that she had milked every drop of cum out of Louise’s cunt that she could, certain that she had been drained dry herself, Elise collapsed on top of her defeated enemy. Soaked in sweat and cum, the women floated in sexual bliss for some time. After a while, Elise rolled off of Louise and gasped, stretching herself out beside the perfect body of the unconscious redhead.

Elise admired her enemy for a few minutes. She enjoyed the deep sense of sexual satisfaction now suffusing her body. She enjoyed the tingling of blood and pleasure in her flesh. She basked in the incredible sense of victory. She had finally defeated her enemy, the one woman who had fucked her into submission twice. Elise had finally avenged herself.

Carefully, she got off the desk and staggered to the bathroom. She showered quickly, cleaning herself off. When she got out of the bathroom, Louise was still unconscious on top of the desk. Elise ignored her. She quickly slipped on her thong, and then slipped on her dress. She found her high heeled shoes. She found Louise’s red thong. She hesitated for a moment, then picked it up and carried it to her purse, sitting on the table beside the door. She dropped the thong into the purse, even as she shrugged herself into her coat. It was only fitting that she keep a trophy from tonight’s victory.

Elise admired Louise’s magnificent body, sprawled out on top of the massive oak desk. She had a thought. She pulled her cell phone out of her purse and took several pictures of her defeated enemy, including close-ups of the other woman’s splayed cunt and round, thick tits. She wanted these for her own collection and her own memories. Something to pleasure herself by later, she decided, with a smile.

With a final triumphant grin, Elise walked out of the executive office. She was careful to lock the door behind her. For Louise’s sake, she hoped the redhead woke up before the office’s occupant came in for the day. The sun was starting to light the sky and it would not be long before the work day began. But Elise did not care. A little more humiliation for her enemy could only be a good thing. All that mattered to the blonde was that she had finally beaten her hated foe. For this night, she really was the Alpha Bitch. She swore to herself that it would stay that way.


A few days later, on the Monday, Elise rejoined her old gym. Her sexual confidence had been fully restored. She resumed using the gym the next day and part of her was hoping very much to see Louise. But the redhead did not come in that day.

Four nights later, on a Friday night, exactly one week after her victory over Louise, Elise was lying naked in bed at her beach house. It was a rainy, stormy night and she had decided to stay in. At 10:30 PM she had just gone to bed and was enjoying a mystery novel. The phone on her night table rang, startling her. When she answered it, there was no answer. Oh well, she thought, probably a wrong number.

A half hour later, Elise was surprised to hear her doorbell. “Good god,” she thought to herself, “who would be coming by this late at night?” She wondered if there was some kind of emergency. Then, another thought occurred to her. Her pussy tightened instantly and her tits crusted over. Her breath came in short gasps. Carefully, she climbed out of bed and pulled the gossamer-thin, thigh high robe that she wore to bed over her nudity.

She padded down the stairs to her front door. The bell had not rung again. Taking another deep breath, hoping against hope that her expectation was correct, she opened the door.

Louise was standing in the alcove of the door, wearing a raincoat that stopped halfway up her thighs and high heels. The redhead was holding a folded umbrella which was dripping wet. Her blue eyes were lit with sexual hunger.

“Hello, Elise,” Louise smiled. “May I come in?”

Elise smiled back, a predatory, hungry grin lighting her face. “Why yes, Louise, come on in. Don’t stand out in the rain.”

Elise stood aside to let Louise into the house. The moment the redhead crossed the threshold, Elise closed and locked the door. Without another word, she turned and walked away from the door, up the stairs and into her bedroom. Louise paused only long enough to kick off her high heels. She followed Elise closely up the stairs and into the bedroom. Elise turned around when she got to her bed and stood waiting, her hands on her hips, her heart pounding, and her throat dry, her body hot and ripe with sexual tension.

Louise had been here before, of course. This room was where the two women had fought their first ecstatic fuckfight, where Louise had achieved her first victory.

Louise stood in her short raincoat, dripping on the carpet. Her long legs were bare and Elise had no doubt of what lay beneath the coat.

The women’s eyes locked. Licking her lips lasciviously, Elise slowly pulled back her gossamer thin gown. The scrap of white lace slid from her spectacular body like a whisper, landing in a puddle at her perfect feet. Her tits rocked deliciously as she cocked her hip in challenge. Her pussy lips were wet with lubrication.

Louise unbuttoned her coat slowly, carefully, her blue eyes never leaving Elise’s green eyes. When the coat was undone, she slowly shrugged it off her magnificent bare shoulders. Her massive tits jiggled enticingly as the coat fell to her feet. Louise was naked too, under her meager covering.

The magnificent enemies stood staring at each other, studying each other’s nude perfection, taking in every inch of the other woman’s aroused body with their hungry eyes.

After another moment, Elise climbed up on her bed, threw off the bedclothes, and sat with her back to the bed head. She spread her legs, her knees bent. She leaned back and then reached down and carefully spread her wet, juicy cuntlips, freeing her thick, pink clit, which swelled up out from the top of her labia. She smiled invitingly.

Louise crossed the floor, her naked body swaying, her tits quivering, her pussy glistening in the light from the bed lamp. She climbed onto the bed and sat facing Elise, her thighs spread. Louise, too, reached down and spread her cuntlips and teased her massive, throbbing clit out into the open. She licked her fingers, and then held her hand out to Elise.

Elise smiled and took the offered hand. The women’s wet fingers caressed, then they clasped hands and pulled each other close, inching forward until they slipped their bare legs over and under each other, until they brought their hungry, boiling cunts to within inches of kissing and sucking and fucking. Their thick pink clits throbbed in desperate lust.

“All night long, fucker,” Louise breathed. “All night, all day if we have to.”

“Baby,” Elise smiled, “As long as it takes.”

The women shared one final, intimate smile of pure animal lust and hate. Then, drawing back their hips, Elise and Louise thrust their aching cunts together with all of their power. Their twats slapped together with a thick, wet clap. Their engorged clits met head to head and crushed and twined into a knot of absolute ecstasy. Screaming, shrieking with unbearable lust and pleasure, Elise and Louise reached for each other.

Louise and Elise fucked and fucked and fucked long into the night and into the next day. The fuckwar that both women had always craved finally arrived.