TRAINING DAY - Chapter 6


Alisha swallowed as the girls stepped to within a few inches of each other. She felt almost dizzy with lust and anticipation. She felt like she’d gotten some licks in against Judy verbally, made her react maybe even a little more than she’d hoped. But she was still stepping on unfamiliar ground and she still felt that Judy had the upper hand here, that the redhead was sucking Alisha onto her turf and she was walking willingly into the trap. “How about we work from top to bottom?” she said almost hoarsely. “If you’re so hot to match up that pretty in pink mouth of yours against mine then why don’t we do it?”

Judy’s tongue slipped out between her two thick lips and moistened them a little, and Alisha instinctively pursed her own generous lips, licking them from the inside of her mouth before letting them spring back out with a sexy little pop.

“How long’s your tongue, bitch?” Judy said. Alisha hadn’t even thought of that and she had no idea how long the white girl’s might be. But she had always had a nice long tongue and one she knew how to put to use on her boyfriends.

“Come here and find out, slut,” she said, allowing herself a suggestive grin. The girls moved closer, almost nose to nose, hands still on their hips. Alisha’s eyes flashed down to glance at Judy’s breast thrust out at her, their rose red nipples pointing at her like weapons. She reached out and gently took hold of Judy’s hair, positioning her elbows down between them to keep their bare breasts separated. She was nervous enough about what they were about to do next and she didn’t want their naked, aroused boobs involved in it, at least not this moment. Judy reached out too and she shivered a little as the white girl curled her fingers into Alisha’s hair and the girls slowly consolidated their holds and positions, gently urging their upper bodies closer together. Alisha thought grimly that with her own hair a little bit shorter now, Judy wouldn’t have the advantage of a better grip for whatever hair pulling they would do to each other now.

Judy tilted her head a little and let her mouth fall open as her eyes gazed brightly into Alisha’s. Alisha watched as Judy’s tongue unfurled, licking past her two sensuous lips and extending far enough to touch the center of her own chin. She felt goose bumps raise on her back and neck and stiffen her aroused breasts even more at that sight but her eyes narrowed and she slid her own pink tongue out of her mouth and extended it in the same way, clearly indicating to Judy that her tongue was equally flexible and long as she licked her own pert little brown chin. Judy’s eyes narrowed in cool anger and she bared her teeth a little bit as she tilted her head and extended her sinuous, glistening tongue outward toward Alisha. Alisha breathed through her mouth as she followed suit, sliding her tongue out as far as she could to meet Judy’s.

Their two tongue tips encountered each other, briefly flicking tip to tip before touching and sliding delicately across one another. Both girls flinched, their breath quickening as they tasted each other and flicked their tongue tips together gingerly. Alisha trembled, her breath rattling a little in her throat as she guided her tongue tip against Judy’s and rode the shockwaves of sensation that shattered through her body at this new feeling. She was thrown back to the very first time she had ever touched tongues with another person and the wild thrill it had given her, only the fact that this time it was with another girl, and a white girl at that, seemed to make it a thousand times more electric. When she added the icy, hateful stare emanating from Judy’s sparkling blue eyes as they bored into her own and she tried to stare back at her rival with just as much venom, it seemed to redouble the intensity of the sensation even more.

Both girls withdrew their tongues after the first few moments and Alisha digested the feelings cascading through her as she stared into Judy’s lovely face. The two girls had done practically nothing, barely touched one another, but Alisha felt like she’d gone on a five mile run. Judy didn’t look quite as affected although she seemed to lick her lips nervously as if trying to make it look like she was feeling cooler about the whole thing than she really was. Alisha didn’t hesitate for long because she knew from experience that the more anticipation she built over this act and the less time she spent actually doing it, the more overwhelming it would feel.

“Come here you little bitch,” she growled as aggressively as she could and tugged Judy’s face closer. Both girls opened their mouths wide and unfolded their long tongues, this time laying them alongside each other and sliding them slowly and repeatedly across each other’s slick, undulating lengths. Alisha began to swirl and lick around Judy’s delicious tongue, exploring its slick underside before scraping along the taste buds along its top. She twisted her head closer, letting her raw breath caress Judy’s tongue and mouth as they girls maneuvered against one another. Judy’s tongue suddenly slipped past hers and licked at Alisha’s pliant, full lips, even brushing against her bared teeth, and Alisha swiftly did the same thing to Judy, feeling the other girl’s big, soft lips with her tongue tip and sliding along her smooth, pearly incisors, all while Judy’s warm tongue corkscrewed around her own in a moist, erotic embrace. The girls’ aggression slowly intensified as they feinted, slapped and shoved at each other tongue against tongue, each testing the other girl’s strength and agility until they finally engaged each other in a slow, scraping tongue fight. Alisha forced her taste organ into a hard core of muscle as she roughly forced it against Judy’s again and again until her over stimulated taste buds began to grow raw and sore. Alisha winced as Judy’s fingers gripped her hair and scalp tightly, hauling her in a little closer and controlling the angle of her mouth, and she pressed her own fingers into the game, forcing a little grunt of discomfort out of Judy as she twisted the other girl’s face into a better position. Little groans and grunts escaped from their open mouths while warm breaths panted with effort as the girls positioned themselves against each other. Alisha pressed closer until she could shove her tongue past Judy’s teeth and invade the other girl’s mouth and just as quickly she felt Judy’s pink, wet probe slide and push into her own yawning mouth.

Suddenly Judy lunged closer with a groan and she felt her yawning lips press against Judy’s open mouth. She twisted sideways, her sticky, moist and lush lips sliding across their counterparts on Judy’s mouth. She shivered as she forced her face forward to meet Judy’s, determined that the other girl wasn’t about to intimidate her away from this initial contest. Their soft mouths closed over each other, sealing out the outside world as their slippery tongues thrashed against each other. Alisha breathed raggedly through her nose as she devoured Judy’s open mouth hungrily. She had been told by many boys that she had the softest lips and the sexiest, most erotic mouth any of them had ever kissed. She had always prided herself on that and she realized now as she slid her mouth against Judy’s that she must be experiencing something like what all those boys had when they’d kissed Alisha. But those boys hadn’t had soft girlish lips of their own, she realized as Judy’s yielding, exquisite lips caressed hers. The combination of her soft brown lips against Judy’s pliant, rose red mouth made for possibly the most sensuous moment of decadent pleasure Alisha had ever known. Judy’s lips seemed to match her own in delicate softness and temperature, so much so that she felt as if her own soft lips were melting into the other girl’s as they pressed and slid gently against each other. Alisha found herself cooing softly into Judy’s mouth as the redhead’s lips glided over her own and their thrusting, aggressive tongue fighting gradually slowed to a smooth, sensuous and incremental tasting of each other’s tongues as each girl tried to gently taste and lick every centimeter of the other girl’s sweet taste organ.

The two girls maneuvered slowly against each other and Alisha barely had the presence of mind to keep her elbows against Judy’s shoulders and keep the white girl’s soft, smooth body off of her own. They swayed in the questing, hungry kiss, exploring one another’s mouths thoroughly, moving around the dorm room in a slow dance until Alisha felt her buns hit the back of a chair and Judy’s hips and thighs suddenly pressing in close against her. She squirmed against Judy’s mouth as the white girl’s pale legs pressed against hers and she felt the molten heat coming off the skin of the redhead’s bare cunt as it hovered inches away from her own.

Alisha twisted hard into the kiss, growling against Judy’s mouth. Judy seemed to sense that her black enemy was about to disengage and she stroked her tongue furiously, deep inside Alisha and Alisha jammed her own hot tongue back against Judy’s viciously for several savage, plunging strokes before their mouths smacked apart and Alisha shoved an angry Judy away. Both girls gasped a little as they came up for air and Alisha stalked after Judy as the redhead regrouped. The white girl tossed her fiery hair as if shaking off the dizzying effects of the kiss and got right back into Alisha’s face for another stand-off.

“Like that, bitch?” she snarled into Alisha’s face.

“I know you did, honey,” Alisha hissed back at her.

“Sluts like you like kissing dirty like that, don’t you?” Judy sneered.

“Just like you liked tasting me all over inside,” Alisha retorted, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand as if she were smearing Judy’s taste off her lips. She knew or at least assumed that Judy had done this before with other girls so she felt pretty good about how she’s held up against her. Both girls were breathing hard and Alisha felt the goose bumps on her back, neck and breasts from the erotic contact with Judy. She knew this was only the beginning but after the jolts their first few oral contacts had given her she was glad to have overcome this one little hurdle. She still had to restrain herself from throwing herself on Judy and fighting her violently, and she still wondered how both girls could be so intent on engaging in this weird ritual with each other where neither girl really went all out to hurt the other. Maybe that was what slow domination was all about, she thought, controlling both yourself and your enemy.

“You sure made sure to keep shoving me away from those precious boobs of yours,” Judy said witheringly as she glared down at Alisha’s brown breasts. “They must be awfully sensitive with those big black nipples sticking out like that.”

“You’re one to talk!” Alisha snapped. “Those pale, prissy little white titties of yours look like they just came out from under a rock, all pasty and goose bumped with those big red stiffies. You look like you’d jump a mile if anyone touched your precious little trophies.”

“Yours are just weak,” Judy growled in her low, strong voice. “I wouldn’t waste my time touching against those coffee tits of yours even just to teach them a lesson.”

“You’re not gonna teach my titties anything, bitch,” Alisha said dangerously. “I can tell you all soft and fragile up front with those creampuff boobs. Why you nipples already look like somebody rubbed them all raw and red!”

“Yours look like burnt black sticks,” Judy said. “Those are the ugliest breasts I’ve ever seen. Do all your ghetto sisters look like that under their shirts?”

“I don’t know, do every one of you white cunts look so pasty and weak when they get naked?”

“Does every black girl like to cheat when they get in a fight?” Judy demanded. Alisha knew they were throwing everything they had into the trash talk, goading themselves on every bit as much as each was trying to raise her opponent’s hackles, and it was working. She could feel the hot blood coursing through her body as Judy’s words stung her and the adrenaline pumping through her as she aimed her own hurtful, vicious words back at the redheaded girl.

“I fight dirty if I have to, but you’re the one who likes to fuck girls with your fingers,” Alisha snarled.

Judy’s voice was dry and dangerous when she spoke next. “I don’t need my fingers to fuck you, girlfriend. That’s one thing you’re gonna find out tonight.”

“Oh is that right?” Alisha said, more bravely than she felt. “That what this is all about, who gonna fuck who?” The threat was ugly, maybe the ugliest that had passed between them so far, but it also added a cold rage to her already raw mood. She hadn’t imagined this cute-looking white girl had been capable of harboring such horrible thoughts and she knew if she was going to stand up to this sick girl she was going to have to dig down into the deepest, darkest part of herself and find the primitive animal that even the sweetest person kept inside her.

“I’m going to finish you and have you begging for mercy before we’re through with each other,” Judy said coldly.

“You talk mighty harsh after all that nice soft kissing,” Alisha replied sneeringly. “Don’t you talk to me about ‘ghetto’ honey because you as down and dirty as any ghetto trash I ever met.”

“Suck my tits,” Judy retorted, grabbing one of her pert breasts and squeezing it in Alisha’s directions.

“You suck on mine, girly,” Alisha said, returning the gesture. Her breasts were stiff with gooseflesh and she furtively flicked her thumb across her erect nipple, gauging how rigid it was. She knew what this returned focus on their breasts had to lead to and she desperately wanted to be ready for it. She doubted they had finished dueling with their mouths yet but the way things were going Judy would want to press their breasts together soon. She had never been in a situation like this before but it seemed clear they had tested each other’s kisses and would now move down to match tit to tit, and this was the one part of their bodies that had not yet touched one another nude.

“I wouldn’t want to taste those black hard-ons of yours,” Judy sniffed. “They’d probably shrivel up at the first lick.”

“Yours don’t look all that strong and stiff, bitch,” Alisha said, eyeing Judy’s creamy boobs and their rose red nipples coolly. “I doubt they could stay hard in a suck either.”

“They’re a lot harder than yours will ever be, no matter how much my body’s turning you on,” Judy argued.

“You’re just as hot and bothered by my stuff and don’t deny it,” Alisha sneered. “And I’ll tell you one thing, no weak red white girl’s nipples could ever stand up to mine.”

Judy’s hands stuck to her hips as she stepped forward and Alisha countered a little, glowering at Judy as she thrust out her chocolate chest until her nipples were pointing up at Judy’s face. Judy pivoted her taut, pale chest too, proudly displaying her firm little boobs to Alisha.

“Mine could more than stand up to yours,” Judy insisted, her red rods now aiming up at Alisha’s face too. “I could bend you and break you.”

“I’ll bet you’d like to try, wouldn’t you?” Alisha said. “That must be how you and your little friends have fun, getting in big hard nipple fights with each other in bed.”

Judy’s face always seemed to harden at the mention of those other girls and Alisha intended to keep playing that card as long as the redheaded girl kept racially baiting her. “Any one of those girls could bend those black nips of yours back hard,” Judy said hotly. “And believe me, I beat a few of them that way pretty good.”

“I don’t care what kind of lez competitions you and your girlfriends had, you never gonna beat anything about my fine tits.” Her belly tightened as she arched her back to its limit, thrusting her pert coffee-colored boobs forward as both girls displayed their trophies to each other threateningly.

“If you want to have a competition between our breasts why don’t you come here and press ‘em up against mine?” Judy said.

“Why don’t you come here and bring those red nips of yours on if they all so stiff and nasty? They don’t look like much to me.”

“Neither do yours,” Judy snapped. “You wanna find out who bends first, let’s fight like that.”

“Okay, let’s,” Alisha said agreeably, eyeing Judy’s hot pink rods with caution. She had already felt those twin rubbery weapons up against her once and for all her insults she knew Judy’s nipples weren’t soft and weak at all. If she’d been able to feel them jamming up against her through layers of clothing she didn’t dare imagine what they might feel like against her bare skin, especially the hypersensitive, puckered dark skin of her own erect nipples. She felt the flesh between her legs throb a little at the sight of Judy glaring at her with her hands on those meaty, cocked hips and those two creamy, red-nippled breasts thrust out at Alisha, daring her to come and meet them. She tried to look just as threatening and sexy as the white girl, knowing that her cocoa butter skin, smooth stomach and jet black nips made her just as striking a sight as the one the redhead provided. Her mouth still tingled from the touch of Judy’s lips and tongue and now she was preparing to meet this girl bare tits against bare tits. As Judy faced her she looked cool and businesslike, like she did this sort of thing all the time. Alisha only hoped she looked half as imposing as the other girl did as she carefully moved forward, her mouth set in a crooked snarl.

Judy’s rose red rods moved to within an inch of hers as both girls’ breasts raised and fell on their outthrust chests as they positioned themselves. Alisha watched Judy carefully, almost searching for clues about how to start this phase of the contest. She had a good basic idea of what they were about to do but she didn’t know what kind of strategy to go after in this kind of fight. She’d have to see what Judy did to her and follow suit.

Both girls pivoted a little bit as they closed, still showing off their breasts to each other, eyes darting between their locked stares and the sight of their enemy’s hard bust line as it hovered within striking distance. Judy suddenly feinted expertly and touched her left nipple tip roughly across Alisha’s right one. Alisha instinctively gasped and flinched at the friction, like two matchsticks striking one another. Her black shaft tingled wildly and she had to fight the urge to cup her boob protectively and massage the feeling out of her nipple.

“Bitch,” she whispered sullenly.

“Can’t take it?” Judy said, all smug and stuck up. “It’s going to be easy to beat you.”

“I can take it, honey,” Alisha said firmly. The girls slowly circled around each other on the balls of their feet, like two birds in a mating dance. Alisha waited for her chance and then jabbed forward with one breast, flicking her own dark nipple across Judy’s. She grinned wickedly as Judy too flinched away a little bit and obviously tried to hide her reaction to the touch. Whatever experience the girl had Alisha still made her nervous somehow, and the thought filled her with confidence.

“Aw, you afraid of a sister’s nipples, girl?” she taunted as she followed Judy and the two opposing chests dodged around each other, nipples aiming at one another in a weird Mexican standoff.

“Bring ‘em on and find out, slut,” Judy said. Both girls seemed to slow at that, staring at each other warily, again eyeing their tit positions as they aligned themselves so that their four rod tips faced each other perfectly. Alisha held her breath as Judy did and each girl held her chest rock steady.

“I’ll push those black things right back inside those coffee tits of yours,” Judy said in a hushed, deadly tone.

“I’ll break your red rods before you do, girl,” Alisha answered her.

With that both girls pushed in slowly and carefully, their breaths catching slightly as their almost half inch diameter nipple faces pressed against each other. Alisha adjusted herself against Judy’s hard shafts, staring down at where those four rigid, fleshy poles met between the two girls. Almost three inches now separated their bare breasts now as each girls’ nipples were clearly well over an inch in length.

Judy seemed to flex her shoulders a little as she glared into Alisha’s eyes and suddenly the black girl felt a firm, uncomfortable pressure bearing down on her nipple points. Without their bras on she had expected both of their bare breasts to jiggle and give way easily to the touch but she realized that she and Judy were apparently both now so aroused that their boobs were rigid with gooseflesh. She pushed forward experimentally and was met with firm resistance from the rose red rods pressed against hers.

“You’re gonna bend, bitch,” Judy said as she nudged her hot pink shafts forward. Alisha felt the flesh around her aureoles start to buckle painfully as her two black erections were shoved back a little bit and their bases retreated into her breast tissue. She grunted a little in discomfort before gathering the nerve to press her nipples back against Judy’s.

“I’ll bend you first, you little pussy,” Alisha growled back as she thrust forward carefully. She wanted to press Judy’s nipples back into her boobs the same way Judy had done to her but if she slipped off she’d never show the other girl her nipples were firmer. Her long black rods were throbbing now as they pressed against Judy’s tip to tip, and she saw that each of them could really bend the other’s slightly due to their length. Every time Judy bent her rubbery shafts the nerve endings along her nipples sang out almost enough to make her scream, although she managed to muffle the sound to an uncomfortable hiss. With great effort she managed to align her nubs perfectly and thrust her tits forward and watched in satisfaction as Judy’s red nipples crunched into her aureoles noticeably and the redhead winced in displeasure.

Judy immediately raised the stakes, shoving her tits forward quickly enough to catch Alisha’s and bend them back sharply. Alisha gasped and jabbed forward herself and for a second both girls’ long shafts twisted together and were squeezed upward by their four colliding breasts until their black and red rods pointed momentarily skyward. Alisha hissed into Judy’s face as the girls pressed breast to breast while their nipples tweaked each other in an agonized knot, until both girls pulled their breasts away from the inflamed contact and glared at each other furiously, panting in excitement and anger.

Alisha’s boobs throbbed from the skirmish but the contact and Judy’s spiteful attack had also left her steaming and despite the tingling in her tits she thrust forward and smacked one breast against Judy’s with a hot slapping sound. Judy hissed, pivoted and grunted back against her, quickly slapping one of her own pale boobs against Alisha’s. She followed up, pursuing Alisha as the black girl backed off and jabbed her still hard pink nipples into Alisha’s goose fleshed brown boobs, and Alisha gasped as she felt the rubber rods sink into her tender tit flesh. She grunted as her chest thumped against Judy’s and she quickly maneuvered to return the favor and both girls feinted and threatened each other’s breasts with their erect nipples, Alisha quickly stabbing her black rods so they disappeared into Judy’s bare, creamy breasts and Judy instantly closing the distance between them to smack her jiggling boobs against Alisha’s quivering cocoa butter breasts. The two girls cursed under their breath hotly as they bucked at each other like rams, grunting as their chest to chest impacts shoved the air out of their lungs.

Alisha felt the weight of her tits on her chest as she measured them for aim against Judy’s beautiful boobs. She was amazed how she could really use her tits as weapons against another girl’s like this and cause real discomfort to this redheaded slut by smacking her little jugs into Judy’s. Their aroused nipples were surely effective weapons that could stab their tender tit flesh and bend and scrape their opponents’ own sensitive erect shafts, but they were also targets that could be attacked, bent and abraded by the rough, puckered skin of their counterparts. She was breathing hard too as they smacked together and muscled each other around the room, and she caught a glimpse of Judy from the back as the white girl smacked her chest into Alisha’s and saw the muscles ripple under the creamy skin of her back and those big white buns of hers clench with powerful muscle. Judy’s strong body forced Alisha’s back and she powered back into the white girl with her own thick thighs and meaty ass muscles quivering with effort. It had almost seemed like a joke to her to try and fight with just bare tits as weapons but she could see how it all stacked up like this, how they could press their boobs together and see which girl could take more pressure, whose tits stood up against the other’s better, and who was too sensitive a priss to have her precious titties smacked around and squeezed by her rival’s naked breasts.

“Ready to admit mine are better?” Judy growled as she smacked into Alisha one more time and held the contact, pressing her pale, creamy mammaries into Alisha’s brown coffee tits firmly.

“Not when my brown boobs are beating yours, bitch,” Alisha said, squeezing her bare breasts back against Judy’s. The girls pushed each other back and forth slowly chest to chest now, their thighs straining against each other, glaring into each other’s eyes chin to chin as they breasted together. Suddenly Judy’s arms slipped around Alisha’s slender waist and tugged their two hourglass figures closer together.

“Maybe we need to see just how hard I need to squeeze to press the chocolate milk out of those ghetto tits of yours, slut,” Judy said as her soft body pressed against Alisha belly to belly now. Alisha quickly slipped her own arms around Judy’s neck and shoulders, glaring into her eyes nose to nose as she forced their upper bodies into even closer contact. Both girls groaned as their breasts squeezed together and Alisha hissed as she forced Judy to her cheek to cheek and the girls slow danced into a tight, sexy grind. Alisha could see herself and Judy in profile in the full-length door mirror now and she marveled at the perfect contrast they presented, Judy’s gleaming white skin and contours pressed against her own gorgeous brown, supple body. Their two faces grimaced cruelly as they pressed against each other, Judy’s sparkling blue eyes glaring hatefully down at Alisha’s body, their two lush, bee stung mouths snarling next to one another, while below Alisha’s toned arms circled Judy’s lovely neck and shoulders and Judy’s pale, muscular arms tugged at Alisha’s waist, leaving their one of Judy’s breasts and one of Alisha’s visibly locked in open, naked warfare as they bulged out aside the girls’ pressed chests, Alisha’s deep brown hemisphere mashed flatly against Judy’s bulging, creamy orb while Alisha’s shocking black nipple thrust and rubbed directly against one of Judy’s inflamed, rose red shafts. Their bellies pressed hotly, firm abs sharply defined by the thick, muscular love handles that extended up from their cocked pelvises. Through her fogging vision Alisha focused on the girls’ big, sexy asses, held up erotically as if both girls had silently agreed to keep their bare pussies out of the conflict until the word was given. The French curves of their gorgeous, full ass cheeks mirrored each other perfectly, just as their rippling thighs echoed each other’s musculatures while offering their own stark contrasts of cocoa brown flesh against porcelain whiteness.

Judy grunted against her as she slowly twisted and raked her bare boobs against Alisha’s and Alisha responded in kind, each girl seeking out the secret, tender and vulnerable soft tissues and nerve endings in these four tingling, eroticized parts of their anatomies. The tight little war waged slowly and painfully at the center of the room as the two girls twisted and slowly wiggled around each other’s taut bodies, mashing these four soft orbs and their wickedly erect weapons against each other in tightly intimate conflict.

“You fucking tight bitch,” Alisha found herself hissing. “I knew you had hard ones from the first time we tangled on that mat but who knew you’d be this wicked hard?”

“I guess you think only black girls have long hard nipples?” Judy gloated. “You thought you were going to scare me off with one look at those black hard-ons of yours?”

“No,” Alisha growled. “I thought we were going to have a good hard fight just like we’re having right now.”

“That’s just what I thought the first time I felt these wicked stiffies of yours poking mine,” Judy purred back at her as they slowly adjusted their bodies against one another. “I don’t like seeing bitches who think they’ve got sharp nips strutting them in front of mine, so I’m glad we’re finally getting together to have it out like this.”

Alisha grunted against Judy as she tried to twist a little harder against the redhead’s nipples. “If you wanted this fight so bad I’m happy to give it to you, you soft pussy,” she murmured, marveling at how the confrontation had slowed down to this almost gentle dance despite the punishment they were inflicting on each other’s boobs.

“Too bad you’re gonna have to go through my body whipping every inch of your body,” Judy said with mock sympathy. With that she shoved Alisha away roughly and the two girls glared at each other for a few seconds, circling. Judy extended her claws, widening her stance a little threateningly. “Let’s hold hands if you like me so much,” she said.

“You bitch,” Alisha said, reaching out to interlock her dark brown fingers with Judy’s white ones. Their fingers crushed into each other with surprising strength and the girls began to wrestle against each other, pressing, pulling and muscling each other around the room. Alisha wondered if the contest would now devolve into an open fight instead of the ritual they had engaged in so far.

She watched the muscles leap and course on Judy’s shoulders and arms as she pushed against her and felt the crushing power in her fingers. This girl was strong, no doubt about it, she thought to herself as she struggled to pace herself and keep from letting the redhead steamroll over her in this new contest. It seemed a strange tack for the white girl to take after all their hot talk and bare breasted, nipple to nipple rubbing but it was almost a relief to not have to fight the sexual feelings that threatened to overwhelm her for a few minutes. She had to admit she would never have pegged Judy to be this strong and athletic and she was thankful that she’d put enough work into her own workouts to hold the other girl off and keep things on a fairly even keel.

She swallowed that thought as her ass hit the wall behind her. There was very little room to maneuver in the dorm room and she realized if she gave way even a little Judy would be able to force her back against the wall. In fact it was already too late as soon Alisha’s back was pressed against the painted plaster wall behind her and Judy began to force her arms up over her head and pinned them against the unyielding wall surface as well. The redhead’s cute face was now framed by her outstretched arms as she forced herself against Alisha and consolidated her position so the wriggling black girl couldn’t escape.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Alisha growled as Judy pressed in closer. The white girl’s chest was thrust out, her pale breasts and their rose-petal points aimed straight at Alisha’s. With her own arms above Alisha’s head, Judy’s beautiful mammaries were stretched into taut ovals just like Alisha’s. All the jiggle had been pulled out of this soft flesh as the four opposing glands were stretched over fully extended muscles and Alisha grunted a little in discomfort at the way her brown boobs were pulled tight.

“I’ll tell you what I’m doing,” Judy growled. “I’m going to teach you to respect my breasts."

To be continued