TRAINING DAY - Chapter 7


Alisha glanced down at the two creamy, pointed glands hovering over her erect brown tits. Her boobs suddenly seemed far more vulnerable then they had before during their ramming, jostling breast to breast fighting at the center of the room. Her arms strained to pull out of the pin, instinctively flinching to protect her naked and exposed trophies, but Judy’s muscular arms and crushing grip held her tight.

“You’re dreaming if you think I’ll ever stop dissing those pasty weak tits of yours, girl,” she said bravely as she wiggled and grunted under Judy’s pin.

Judy’s face hovered over her as the white girl taunted Alisha; she could smell the mix of perfume and the light coating of sweat on Judy’s beautiful face. “Let’s see whose tits are really weak, girlfriend,” the redhead said, slowly lowering her breasts and adjusting them into position against Alisha’s.

Judy flicked her nipples across Alisha’s black rods and Alisha grunted loudly, hissing as her stiff nipples bent and twisted against the dark gooseflesh of her own aureoles. The redhead’s bee-stung lips twisted into a snarl and she growled herself as she slowly stroked her hot pink rods downward so that they scraped across the full length of Alisha’s rubbery staffs, methodically abrading every exposed centimeter of the shriveled black skin.

Both girls hissed and panted at the effort of controlling themselves as this nipple to nipple torture gathered intensity. Alisha squeezed her eyes shut against the pain, damning this white bitch for getting her into this unbearable situation. Both of their nipples were held absolutely rigid by the tautly stretched breast flesh behind them so that every ounce of pressure from their nipple to nipple contact was resisted, adding immeasurably to the intensity of friction and the bending and pushing of their throbbing nipple shafts. Judy had control of the contest from her superior position but even she trembled and grunted at the hard feeling of Alisha’s black, erect rods scraping against her tender red nipple flesh, and Alisha felt a fierce moment of pride in her ghetto nips as their black shafts contested Judy’s even as the white girl pinned her mercilessly.

“Go ahead and rub my nips as hard as you want!” she snarled hotly as she writhed under Judy. “Mine’ll do yours just as dirty, girl!”

“You fucking black bitch, you don’t know what a real nipple fight is all about,” Judy gasped angrily. “I’m going to teach you to stick those hard-ons of yours in my face.”

“I should have made you suck my long ones a long time ago, slut,” Alisha said, managing to twist her upper body enough to meet Judy’s grinding attack head on and even force an angry hiss of pain out of the redhead as she thrust her black rods against Judy’s nips.

“You’ll suck mine before we’re through, don’t worry,” Judy growled. “I’m going to enjoy having you and doing everything I ever wanted to do to your wrecked body before I throw your ass out in the hall.”

“You wouldn’t want to do that, bitch,” Alisha said, slowly scraping her long shafts against Judy’s. “That’s just gonna prove to your lily white friends that you’re a big dyke who likes fucking with black girls.”

“I don’t care if you’re black or white, whore,” Judy snarled. “The only thing that matters is I’m better than you.”

“You’ll have to prove that to me, honey, and neither one of us is leaving this shit-hole until you do.”

For all the hot trash talk Alisha was trembling against Judy’s nipples and shaking as those erect pink rods scraped against her bare skin. Judy was being thorough about rubbing Alisha’s aroused black shafts, circling her own hard pink shafts around them, sawing against them harder and harder until both stiff shafts were bending around one another with delicious, tingling friction. Alisha thought her nubs would go numb at any second and just when she was sure it couldn’t get any worse Judy started forcing their breasts closer together. Now the white girl’s hard points started to stab Alisha’s puckered aureoles and jab into her tautly stretched, tingling breast flesh. She wriggled and tried to force her own tingling nipples into Judy’s round boobs and managed to sink them an inch or so into that firm flesh, but Judy still had more control, and as much as her erect nips warded off some full-on attacks from Judy’s vulnerable breasts the white girl could still guide her pink rods against Alisha’s and wickedly stab the black girl’s exposed tits as much as she wanted.

Alisha had never believed the two girls could do real harm to one another by going tit to tit like this; it had all seemed like an exercise, a way to get in each other’s faces and prove they were each willing to expose themselves fully to the other, measure themselves against each other in every way, and push each other around the room in a test of strength and bravery. But now as Judy crushed her against the wall she realized this white girl knew the tricks of this game better than she did. Maybe they weren’t doing the kind of serious damage to each other that would happen in a real fight but the discomfort she felt as Judy’s nipples teased, scraped and poked at her exposed tits was real. Her nipples were on fire after several long moments of determined, spiteful rubbing and abrasion, tingling with raw irritation that only made Judy’s vicious little attacks more and more unbearable. Even her firm boobs were starting to ache and protest as their tissue was invaded repeatedly by Judy’s stabbing pink erections.

Alisha was keenly aware of the cool wall against her ass and her slightly spread thighs, exposing her raw sex to Judy’s full white pelvis. The redhead’s thighs were also spread but forced back to keep her balanced with her chest against Alisha’s, and several inches still lay between their naked, hairless cunts. Alisha still felt too vulnerable and exposed down there while Judy was torturing her tits.

“I’ll bet you never thought a girl like me would take on those big black nipples of yours, did you, slut?” Judy taunted her.

“I should have known the first time you tit pressed me that we’d get into it like this, bitch,” Alisha hissed.

“I’m going to rub those hard things of yours raw, baby,” Judy snarled. Alisha met her eyes as she listened to the hot fury in Judy’s voice. One thing was for sure: she had way underestimated the depths of this girl’s inner rage, the way the slightest provocation or slight could set her off on a warpath. Alisha could be fiery too when pushed and she knew this whole confrontation would be the test of whether her own inner fire matched Judy’s. But there was something almost dangerous and unhinged about Judy’s little fits of anger and she wondered how long the redhead would be able to keep control of herself while they fought each other.

Sweat had begun to flow freely off each girl’s body. Alisha could feel it dripping down off her scalp, onto her forehead and gathering below her breasts and onto her belly. She knew she was tiring and that if she was going to avoid getting steamrolled by Judy she would have to make a stand. She stared into Judy’s eyes and began to gather herself for a sudden thrust, then had an idea. Judy’s face moved closer as the white girl started to force her bare breasts full on against Alisha. Alisha could feel a squeal of arousal gathering inside her but she forced it back down, then tilted her head, opened her mouth slightly and pressed her soft mouth against Judy’s. The white girl did not back off but slackened her own baby soft lips until both girls flicked their long tongues out and began to lick at each other competitively.

Alisha almost forgot her plan as she stroked gently against Judy’s fluttering tongue. The intoxicating softness and sweet taste of the other girl made a shocking erotic contrast against the hard dueling of their taut, bare breasts below. She let the kiss drag on a few more precious seconds before twisting against Judy’s mouth and catching the redhead’s lusciously soft lower lip between her teeth. She bit hard enough to shock the redhead, then powered into her with a mighty effort as Judy flinched back.

Her body smacked against Judy’s as she forced her away from the wall and Judy stumbled back with Alisha in hot pursuit. Arms and legs flew at one another in a moment of furious grappling before Judy’s back slammed against the wall that had been only four or five feet behind her.

“You dirty bitch,” Judy protested as Alisha grabbed the white girl’s wrists, crushing her brown fingers into the pale white flesh with all her might and forcing her upper body back against Judy’s struggling chest.

“Suck it, girlfriend!” Alisha snarled as Judy bucked under her grip. The two sweaty coeds struggled against each other, bellies smacking together hotly as Alisha forced Judy back and hauled her arms straight up over her head. “I got you now, bitch,” she growled as she pinned Judy against the wall, forcing a howl of pain from the white girl as her shoulder blades cracked from having her arms stretched and pulled so high.

Alisha glared at Judy as she spread her legs to block Judy’s kicking thighs. The redhead thrashed furiously for several long seconds and Alisha held on, determined to keep her rival under full control. After several moments of struggling Judy’s movements subsided and she only glared furiously into Alisha’s eyes, panting in growing exhaustion. Alisha knew she had the white girl’s arms pinned up much higher than Judy had done to her: the redhead’s red-nippled breasts jutted outward rigidly, nipples pointing upward obscenely as Alisha aimed her own black points at Judy’s erect targets.

“Now let’s see how you like it, girl,” she said dangerously.

Judy glared at her defiantly. “Go ahead and bring those black boobs of yours on, you fucking cow,” she growled, sticking her own proud, creamy tits up as far as she could. Alisha gripped Judy’s wrists harder and aligned her proud cocoa butter breasts against Judy’s porcelain boobs, pressing her dark nipples head to head against Judy’s and purposefully pressing down until Judy’s pink shafts sank back into her aureoles and the redhead gritted her teeth and hissed in discomfort. She twisted a little and was rewarded with the sight of Judy’s long nipples bending back until they were pointing straight up at Alisha’s face, and she jostled her own stiff breasts to twist her rubbery black daggers against Judy’s rods, circling them until their four thick, erect nipple shafts were engaged in a tight, vicious knot of tingling, aroused flesh. Judy groaned under her and Alisha could barely contain her own moans of pain and arousal as their hard rods engaged each other in direct, abrasive conflict. She was beginning to understand this whole game now and she could see what was going to lie ahead for them both if things continued to escalate the way she thought they would. It had been hard to understand how pressing together naked, kissing and rubbing boobs like they were making out with each other could qualify as a fight, but somehow there was real satisfaction in dominating these little contests and comparisons, and with both of them totally naked and exposed the erotic feelings that were generated definitely became part of the battle.

She knew her hard nipples were formidable weapons now against Judy’s bare breasts and her own aroused nipples, and now Alisha had the advantage of being able to control most of the contact between their boobs. But she would have to put up with and control the raw sensations her own naked flesh was exposed to every time she directed her tits against Judy’s, especially when they matched their nipples directly against each other like this. If Judy’s mammaries were anything like her own, enough poking and probing from Alisha’s stiff nipple shafts would genuinely hurt her, making her breasts gradually more tender and sore, just as much as if she’d been pinching or squeezing them with her fingers. But there was something more satisfying about this, knowing that her own proud breasts were attacking Judy’s directly and proving that they could take and dish out more punishment than this high and mighty white girl’s could.

She spitefully twisted her long nipples around Judy’s as slowly and painfully as possible, tracing a tight circle around the redhead’s rosy aureoles and wincing only a little bit at the feeling of Judy’s nipple tips biting into her own black aureole skin. “How do you like it now, pussy?” she hissed. “Let’s see just how long those pink stiffies of yours are gonna stand up to mine.”

Judy snuggled close to her from beneath Alisha’s pin and the girls’ sweat-moistened cheeks pressed together as they ground slowly against each other breast to breast. “Mine can stand up to yours for as long as you want to do this, baby,” Judy said. “Don’t think those black sticks of yours are so tough. I’ve been up against bigger bitches than you.”

“I doubt it,” Alisha murmured. “I doubt it, girl.” The two girls shuddered, their labored breathing stuttering out of their mouths as they pressed tit to tit and Judy began to move her shoulders, muscles cracking to press first her left breast, then her right slowly against Alisha’s to momentarily increase the pressure between their four bulging glands. Alisha followed her lead and began to mash down every time Judy led with one breast, and both girls grunted in pain as they pressed into each other, grinding glands that were already stiff from their gooseflesh skin and smashing them down to the edges of their tolerances.

“Just keep pressing those chocolate tits down on mine, honey, and we’ll see whose are harder!” Judy snarled hotly against her.

“I swear I’m gonna bruise those boobs of yours, honey,” Alisha growled back as she slowly stroked and mashed against Judy’s chest.

“Not before I burst your brown balloons, you bitch,” Judy replied.

“Maybe I’ll cut yours apart with my fine strong nipples first, cunt,” Alisha grunted.

“Or maybe I’ll twist your ugly black hard-ons off after mine tie them up in knots, honey,” Judy hissed.

“You’re all full of dirty trash talk, aren’t you?” Alisha snarled, her lush lips twisting against Judy’s. “You lie awake every night dreaming about how you were going to get my body bare in this room?”

“No,” Judy snapped. “But you were probably feeling yourself up nights dreaming up how you were going to squeeze my pussy in class I’ll bet.”

“You asked for it, honey,” Alisha replied. “Shaking your white ghetto ass in front of me and sticking out these pink stiffies just daring me to come on.”

Judy twisted against her until their lush mouths aligned, hot breaths licking each other’s faces. “I dare you to come on right now,” she said, snaking her long tongue out until it entered Alisha’s open mouth. Alisha panted and slid her own tongue roughly against Judy’s and the two girls exchanged trembling, hot licks as they breathed against each other. Alisha’s tongue felt dry and rough from fatigue and combat and even Judy’s sweet taste gland was abrasive against her taste buds. The two glands scraped and slapped at each other until Alisha twisted her open mouth hungrily down on top of Judy’s and engaged her enemy’s waiting lips. Both girls moaned openly at that melting feeling of ultimate softness against softness as their yielding, pliant mouths caressed one another, tongues thrashing deep inside, and Alisha dizzily struggled to draw enough breath through her nose to keep herself from fainting.

Their battling breasts were momentarily forgotten as Judy’s body twisted against her and she felt the white girl’s strong arms thrust against Alisha’s gripping hands and her supple body buck and writhe under Alisha’s ministrations. Judy’s mouth twisted around hers and began to shove her around to the side and Alisha realized she was losing her pin on Judy. Both girls thrashed, struggling violently until Judy’s pelvis slid around Alisha’s and muscled her off to the side. In a flash their positions were reversed and Alisha’s back and ass now struck the wall and Judy quickly slipped her thick strong thighs on either side of Alisha’s, grabbed her wrists and hauled her arms up into the same painful position Alisha had held Judy in.

“You should know better than to kiss me by now because I’m obviously too hot for you,” Judy taunted her. “Now I’m gonna grind your glands down good.”

The redhead snarled against Alisha’s face as she forced her firm white boobs down onto Alisha’s, again matching their stiff nipples against each other and cruelly twisting them together just as Alisha had done. Alisha wriggled slowly against the attack, wincing as she tried to back her nipples off a little and lessen the blazing friction that was burning off of their raw, puckered black skin. Their open mouths clashed hotly again, the alluring softness of Judy’s lips giving way to the hard fact that they were cutting off more and more of Alisha’s labored breathing. Judy slowly stabbed her erect nipples deep into Alisha’s breast, alternating thrusts one breast after the other with vicious precision as Alisha felt her own hard nubs bent aside. She twisted exhaustedly against Judy’s body, trying to keep her breasts in play against Judy’s, but she was tiring. Judy grinded her boobs off to the sides of Alisha’s soft glands and then spitefully dragged her long nipples straight across her enemy’s pair, cutting across them, tangling with Alisha’s black nipple shafts midway before slicing across to the other side. She continued this agonizing assault for several long moments while Alisha groaned against her until she finally paused and set her wickedly hard red rods directly against Alisha’s black ones one final time.

Alisha panted against the wall, her brown boobs rising and falling against Judy’s as the white girl began to press down on her nipple to nipple. The discomfort in her abraded black shafts was unbearable and Alisha winced and shuddered against Judy’s touch. In a crushing moment she felt her nipples give way, shrinking back as pain overtook arousal within her inflamed boobs and her once erect nips and their goose fleshed, supporting aureoles softened to flaccid, yielding and beaten flesh.

Judy’s still hard rods sank deep into the black targets at the center of each of Alisha’s breasts, penetrating the tender, throbbing tissue easily. “You weak little bitch,” the redhead whispered sexily. Alisha felt her nipple skin tighten a little at the sound of her rival’s voice but the first inkling of renewed arousal only sent more shockwaves of pain through her breasts. Judy gripped Alisha’s wrists tightly, pulling her arms up even higher against the wall, first one and then the other alternately as she pressed her nipples ever deeper into Alisha’s beaten breasts, until the black girl swore she could feel the redheaded bitch’s nipples reaching to her rib cage.

“Cunt,” she managed to croak before Judy forced her warm mouth over Alisha’s once again and the black girl fluttered and moaned under Judy’s teeth and tongue as they worked her mouth over. Judy finally released her wrists, letting Alisha’s arms fall helplessly to her sides. She caressed Alisha’s hair and neck as she deepened the kiss and Alisha thought she might pass out from the mixture of pain and pleasure and the debilitating lack of oxygen.

Somehow she managed to kiss the white girl back, forcing her soft lips back against Judy’s and tonguing the white girl with careful, probing strokes. Even though it had not been a wild, uncontrolled catfight between them Alisha’s muscles were ravaged by the infighting, the struggle between the two girls to control each other’s positions and pin each other. She found the strength to place her arms around Judy’s waist and threw all her energy into continuing the kiss, twisting her mouth against Judy’s and focusing on the other girl’s little moans of pleasure as she searched out the erogenous zones inside her mouth. Her fingers traced the muscles of Judy’s back, tracing lines in the sweat there before moving down to settle on Judy’s two firm, muscular buns. They felt big and soft under her hands, damp with their own layer of sweat, deliciously yielding under her fingers until she pressed in an inch or so and felt the bunched, taut muscles in those big cheeks. Judy undulated against her and Alisha felt the white girl’s fingers slide down her dark flanks to touch her pelvis and begin to feel out Alisha’s brown buns too.

Alisha held on as she felt a little bit of strength come back to her. She was determined not to pull out of the kiss until she had recovered a little bit of her dignity and she could feel her nipples responding to Judy’s and beginning to harden up again. They still hurt but not as badly as before, and she winced only a little as they began to lengthen and contest Judy’s erect shafts once again.

It was Judy who pulled out of the kiss with a loud, erotic smack, her bright, glistening eyes fastening on Alisha’s as the girls danced nose to nose. “You don’t give up, do you bitch?” she said quietly as Alisha breathed against her face. “Where’re your proud black tits now?”

“Right up against yours, slut,” Alisha said bravely.

“It felt pretty good fucking your weak boobs, baby,” Judy said. Alisha glared at her sullenly. She was almost afraid to take this to the next level but she knew that the one contest they had come here for specifically lay in front of them, and after losing out to Judy’s breasts it might be the only avenue Alisha still had to victory over this white bitch.

“Then why don’t you and me do some real fucking, Little Miss Big Stuff?” Alisha said. “I didn’t wax my pussy just so we could slap each other’s titties around.”

Judy’s eyes gleamed as she ate up Alisha’s nickname for her. “You wanna put your big black cunt up against my sex, then?” she asked huskily.

“What if I do?” Alisha replied. “You think you big enough down there to match up against me?”

“Oh, so you think you’re Little Miss Bigger Stuff?” Judy said. “I think I could devour you.”

“And I think I could squeeze you dry,” Alisha said, her breath quickening a little. She felt her mouth, which only a moment before had been flooded by their kissing duel, run dry again as she set her mind on what was going to happen next. Her naked and exposed pussy, almost forgotten in all the upper body wrestling, kissing and breast fighting, tingled now as she made herself aware of how close Judy’s equally bare and equally big, firm cunt was to hers.

To be continued