TRAINING DAY - Chapter 5


Alisha woke up in a taxi, disoriented and numb. “Where we going?” she asked the driver, before a familiar voice cut her off.

“My friend’s still drunk,” Judy said from the seat next to her in the back of the cab. “Just get us to the dorms.”

Alisha moaned and tried to adjust to her surroundings. “Good thing you’ve got a good friend like me to get you home safe, huh?” Judy said sweetly. Alisha turned to stare at the redhead wearily. “Fuck you,” she grunted.

The cab ride took only a couple of minutes and Alisha scowled as Judy helped her from the car and paid the driver. “Here you go,” she said, gesturing at Alisha’s dorm. “Don’t worry about me; I’m fine to walk to my place from here.”

Judy gave Alisha a shit-eating smile and started to turn away when Alisha found one final reserve of energy and managed to reach out and jam her fingers underneath Judy’s skirt. She had wondered for a second whether she had imagined tearing the white girl’s nylons off her ass but the shreds of delicate material still hung there under Judy’s skirt along with the smooth skin of the redhead’s baby soft buns.

Judy immediately spun back against her and reached down for her own feel of Alisha’s stripped and beaten ass cheeks. “You want some more, girlfriend?” Judy said huskily.

“You got lucky tonight, bitch,” Alisha snarled exhaustedly as she held Judy against her.

“Don’t make me laugh,” Judy snorted into her face. “I told you I’d beat you down once you got rid of that black brillo brush you had between your legs. How’s it feel to be nice and soft down there just like us poor white girls?”

“You’re a fucking racist cunt,” Alisha growled, giving Judy’s ass a rough squeeze. “I don’t need no fucking fur to pound your pussy!”

“Don’t worry, you soft brown bitch, I’m going to give you your chance to prove it,” Judy whispered, slowly pushing Alisha away. “You go to your nice warm bed and sleep it off so you’re nice and fresh for Saturday.”

“Saturday?” Alisha groaned, suddenly remembering the date of their final appointment. “So what kinda shit’s going down then?”

“I’ll tell you what’s going down then,” Judy said. “We’re throwing away all the weapons and all the outfits and we’ll just see if you’ve got the guts to face my body nude with nothing in between us and nowhere to hide. Then we can really find out who’s the hotter bitch between the two of us.”

Alisha stared at Judy hungrily, wincing at the feel of her beaten snatch throbbing against her nylons. She wanted to slap the smug little smile off Judy’s face but she barely had the strength left to stand up. “Fine, girl,” she said. “I’ve been dying to find out what’s underneath all your fancy clothes anyway, and I doubt whatever it is gonna measure up to what I’ve got, so you bring it on, bitch.”

Judy laughed cruelly. “Just show up at my place at nine. I’ll call you Saturday and tell you where to go. You just take care of yourself until then, pretty.”

“You just tend to those scratches on that big white ass of yours, honey!” Alisha managed to snap as Judy turned and walked away.

“You tend to your sore pussy, honey,” the redhead said as she disappeared into the night.

Alisha spent the next day nursing her wounds and steeling herself for what she hoped would be her final showdown with Judy. She still smoldered over the way this pale white bitch had managed to humiliate her a second time, dragging her around like a rag doll at that bar. She thanked God none of her friends had been in that place and marveled at how none of the bystanders had ever figured the two enemies as anything more than two girls who’d partied too long, playing games on the dance floor until one of them passed out drunk. She was also stung by the way Judy had gotten her home in the cab, almost taking care of her like a friend—when she had briefly considered letting the white girl get her ass crushed by the crowd if she would have come out on top in the dance floor fight. Somehow the guilt only made her angrier at Judy and more determined than ever to take the final fight to this arrogant little white princess.

Judy left a brief phone message with her room number and a reminder of their appointment time at nine on Saturday. Alisha got up early Saturday morning and made another appointment at a different hair and nail salon. She had her own plans for her meeting with Judy and she felt it was past time she took a little more control of the battlefield. She had her nails redone, stripping off the cracked and ruined set she’d gotten with Judy and restoring her natural nails, sensing somehow that Judy had gotten her point across with that game and that the white girl would probably have her own ruined nails filed back to normal for the evening. Her second maneuver was more important. She made an early appointment to redo her hair, pointing to a photo of the singer Kelly Rowland that showed her dark hair dyed an eye-catching strawberry red. A lot of the other sisters had gone with the same look and Alisha had avoided it until now, preferring to keep her own dark hair even though she did straighten it. But she liked the idea of stealing Judy’s look at least for the weekend. She had her hair cut a little shorter until it was close to the redhead’s jagged pixie ‘do and kept herself entertained as she sat still for the long dying and drying process. by imagining the look on the white girl’s face when she saw Alisha. She got a big enough reaction from Tanya when she returned to their dorm room, and she basked in her roommates gushing compliments while she nursed her secret agenda.

The day seemed to take forever but finally the afternoon faded and butterflies began to flutter inside Alisha’s stomach as she prepared herself to meet her enemy. She chose a simple but sexy outfit for the evening, a small black spaghetti strap top and black tights, and spent a long time putting on a subtle but still glamorous makeup on. She wanted to look good but not like she’d spent too much time preparing for Judy, she mused as she prepared herself, and as much as she tried not to make a big deal out of it the preparations weren’t lost on her roommate. Tanya studied Alisha speculatively as her roommate busied herself in front of the mirror.

“Don’t think I don’t know what’s going on, girlfriend,” Tanya finally said. Alisha stiffened, her blood running a little cold.

“What you mean you know what’s going on?” she said as casually as she could. A slow horror gathered in her mind as she raced over the last few weeks’ events, wondering how obvious she and Judy had been with their little war. She would die if Tanya, or worse, any of the posse knew what she was doing with Judy.

“Come on, honey—you out all hours, fixing yourself up to look fine, sneaking around. I’m not that stupid.” Tanya smiled broadly. “I just wanna know who’s the lucky guy!”

Tanya blew out a sigh of relief as she returned to her preparations. “That’s a secret,” she said.

Alisha headed off across campus to Judy’s dorm as she let Tanya’s remarks settle in. As relieved as she’d been that her roommate didn’t know the real truth of what she’d been doing with Judy, the comment had hit her in the gut. For the past few weeks she’d been primping, exercising and obsessing more over Judy Miller than she ever had over a guy. What the hell was this little white whore doing to her? She scowled to herself as her thoughts chased her across the wide campus grounds. She should have kicked the other girl’s ass good right from the beginning, or better yet, never used that dirty move on her back in class in the first place. If she’d known the can of worms she’d be opening up by touching the girl between her legs she would have found some other way of winning.

Winning did matter, she thought to herself, and that was sure as hell one reason she couldn’t leave well enough alone. Somehow Judy kept finding ways to beat her and her methods were becoming increasingly more sexual and humiliating. Alisha knew she should have just kept her distance, even if it meant ceding the superior position to the white girl after that first scuffle on the grounds when Judy had gotten her payback for Alisha’s trick in class. But the white girl’s violation had to be answered, Alisha knew. And now they were locked in a cycle of violence and degradation that wouldn’t stop.

She tried to psychoanalyze herself a bit as she made her way into Judy’s dorm. She knew somehow she wouldn’t be thinking clearly once she entered the other girl’s room for what she hoped would be their final confrontation. How was it that every fight they’d had had gone so dirty and sexual from word one? Sure maybe Judy had wanted that, but that didn’t mean she had to fight on the white slut’s terms. She had to admit to herself that a good part of her wanted things that way too and was perfectly willing to meet Judy on her own dirty ground. Maybe it was the way people were always comparing them, and how Judy represented all the little weaknesses she saw in herself. As cute and pretty and attractive as people always saw Alisha, maybe they didn’t see her as sexy, she thought—maybe no one looked on her as a formidable young woman, someone who could dominate an opponent or a rival, who wasn’t afraid of competition or confrontation.

Judy had called her out from the beginning and taken the fight to her and Alisha saw some responsibility on her part to meet the redheaded girl head on. If this sort of dirty fighting was the only thing the little bitch respected then Alisha felt honor bound to give that to her. Because she knew somehow that if she didn’t defeat Judy on those terms the other girl would never let her hear the end of it.

There was another factor at work now and Alisha was sure that it was something Judy had fit into her filthy plans since she’d decided they should both get these Brazilian wax jobs. The swelling and soreness from the waxing and that terrible nylon-rubbing bar fight had subsided, leaving Alisha’s sex organs baby smooth and clean, but in a way just as sensitive as they had been the day of the waxing. Every step she took allowed her tender nether flesh to fold against itself, slide and caress itself unnervingly, giving her a little sensual kick moment by moment. The light little thong she wore was acting like a feather duster, tickling and teasing her privates to a warm glow. Now she was going to have to face this redheaded bitch and all her dirty moves while already in a state of tingling arousal.

She passed the front desk of the dorm and made her way upstairs toward where Judy lived. The dorm building was a little bit newer and cleaner than the one Alisha lived in and while most of the residents were out partying on a Saturday night like this there were a few on Judy’s floor, white girls who looked at Alisha suspiciously. Her scowl deepened as she passed a few of them. The dorms were hardly segregated but people wound up set apart by race anyway, and there were far more upper class whites in this dorm than blacks. Still, Alisha was middle-class and there was no reason for her to be stared at like some ghetto thief. Her anger grew as she headed down the last dozen feet of the hallway before she found the door to Judy’s room. She was tired of being judged by everyone from her so-called friends to these white bitches, and she was going to take it out on the first bitch to get in her way.

She rapped on Judy’s door and waited impatiently in front of it, hoping she wasn’t going to have to explain to some R.A. why she was here. She looked up and down the hallway but the few straggler girls that had been walking down it as she’d come in had retreated and she was alone. After a second Judy’s door opened and she saw her nemesis, looking cute as ever in a little red tank top and metallic green pirate pants that showed off her smooth, muscular calves while they accentuated her sexy pelvis. Judy too glanced down the hallway to see if anyone was watching her let Alisha in and the act made Alisha bristle even more as she brushed past Judy a little roughly and stepped into the narrow little dorm room.

“What, you don’t want anyone to see you letting a sister in your room?” Alisha demanded hotly.

“Shut the fuck up,” Judy’s low, no-nonsense voice said as she closed the door behind her. Alisha started to protest but Judy cut her off. “I just don’t want us to be disturbed and neither do you, right?”

Alisha looked around the dorm room impatiently. Two built-in desks and dressers flanked the door and two single, unadorned beds lay at the other end of the room. There was not much else to it. Judy had left the overhead florescent lights off and lamps over each desk threw a low, moody light into the room.

“What about your roommate?” Alisha asked, glancing at one of the desks where photos of a number of different girls taken at some resort lay. There was a butterscotch-haired, pug-nosed girl, an athletic-looking blonde, an equally trim-looking, tawny, preppy-looking girl with a sleek black pageboy hairdo, a tall, tough-looking girl with a ruddy complexion and soft brown hair, and another redhead, but one with straight long hair, supple arms and a strange, fiery expression.

“I’m between roommates right now,” Judy said, glaring at Alisha’s hairdo. “Is that your idea of a compliment—copying my look?”

“You don’t own this look, bitch,” Alisha said casually. “Matter of fact I think it looks better on me.”

“You’re not funny,” Judy said snippily. “I guess you just want to be more like me.”

“Hey, you all about comparing us so I’m just gonna make it more even.”

“Whatever,” Judy huffed, rolling her eyes.”

“If you don’t have a roommate then who are these girls?” Alisha said, gesturing toward the photographs on Judy’s desk.. Judy swept them up and dumped them into the desk drawer.

“Other girls I’ve whipped, just like I’m gonna whip you,” she said challengingly as she looked back at Alisha.

“Oooh, aren’t we just full of ourselves?” Alisha said as she glared at Judy.

“Maybe you’re forgetting how it went last time we saw each other,” Judy said as the two girls stared at each other with their hands on their hips, eyeing each other up and down bitterly.

“I don’t forget a thing, from night number one, girl,” Alisha said. “And I sure don’t forget tussling with you out on that damn dance floor.”

Judy glared back at her as Alisha played the bar fight over in her head. She had expected the redhead to be even more arrogant about beating her than she was being right now, and as her eyes locked on Judy’s searchingly she thought she saw some trace of vulnerability and wariness flicker in the redhead’s sparkling blue eyes. Maybe that fight had been closer than she’d thought, Alisha considered, and she felt her damaged confidence suddenly growing a little. She had still beaten Judy good one time and she had recovered enough from the bar fight and her waxing that she no longer felt sore and the swelling of her vulva had gone down to normal. The nude feeling between her legs still took some getting used to and in a way she was working with the same disadvantage down there, with delicate, rarely exposed skin that was exquisitely sensitive and if everything went like they’d talked, she’d be baring that most secret of skin to Judy for the cruel redhead’s attacks.

“I haven’t forgotten either so if you’re looking for some payback why don’t you come and get it,” Judy said, with a little less fire than Alisha expected.

The black girl swallowed as she stared at Judy uncertainly. “We just gonna fight now?”

“I think we discussed doing this stripped,” Judy said, “In every way. As long as your big black snatch isn’t too sore from the other night.”

Alisha shook her head slowly. “Kiss my ass, bitch,” she said slowly.

“I’ll let you kiss mine after I’m finished with you,” Judy replied.

“How long did it take your cooch to feel normal after I scrubbed your pathetic bush off back in that shower?” Alisha goaded, taking a cautious step forward.

“Not long, honey,” Judy said, responding to Alisha’s approach by edging forward herself slightly while moving a little bit sideways as if starting to circle Alisha. “What are you going to do now that you don’t have that big black brillo pad down there to fight with?”

“I’ll just have to fight you with what I got I guess,” Alisha said firmly. “I’m not all that worried because I don’t think any little white bitch could match up to a sister down there where it counts even if she has a great big pussy like you have.”

“You don’t have any idea how big I really am, girly,” Judy retorted.

“Bullshit,” Alisha said. “I felt you out enough.”

“You haven’t felt a thing,” Judy snapped. “Maybe you’re tough enough for little street scraps but you don’t know a thing about the kind of contest we’re going to have tonight. All your beginner’s luck isn’t going to do a thing for you now.”

“Cut your bluffing, honey; you don’t have a thing on me. I showed you I was as strong as you and I think I’m just as tough as you too. Sure, you scrap okay for a white girl but you not all that, not at all.”

Judy stepped in close and Alisha studied her intently in the low light. She gave the impression of a casual appearance but Alisha could see that Judy had put just as much work into her look this evening as she had, with a subtle makeup application that set off the glow of her porcelain complexion and every lock of her blazing red hair arranged just so to give that off-the-cuff, jagged little style that looked so cool. It was all set off by warm red lip gloss generously to those big, juicy ghetto lips of hers, and that observation made Alisha glad she’s applied an extra coat of dark lipstick to her own pouting mouth.

“You think just because you’re black that you match up against me?” Judy said. “I suppose you think that big ghetto ass of yours is as good as mine, like every black chick has to have the perfect butt.”

“And I suppose you think because you’re lily white you’re better than me?” Alisha demanded. “You don’t know me, girl! You don’t know what I can do so don’t you judge me! Just because you got your own ghetto ass you think you all fine and shit?” The street talk poured out of her now as Judy got in her face and she couldn’t decide whether she should clamp down on it and act all proper like Judy and her perfect diction or just let the street talk fly. Both girls’ breathing had quickened and deepened as they moved deeper into the confrontation, voices raising heatedly, but both taking care not to start shouting. Judy was right about one thing, Alisha thought—she didn’t want them to be disturbed now that they were finally alone together.

“You know something, Alisha?” Judy said. “Even if my ass was the only thing I had going for me I’d have it all over cheap trash like you. If you remember we’ve already had three fights and I’ve beaten you twice. The only reason you won one was because of your big, gross bush and now you’re bare down there so you’ve got nothing.”

“Maybe you forgetting me pinning your ass to the mat in class, girl?” Alisha said hotly.

“Oh, you mean your dirty cheating?” Judy shot back.

“Fuck you, how about you jumping me afterwards? That don’t count for no fight, girl. So if we don’t count that night then you and me are even, one for one.”

Judy now moved in nose to nose with Alisha and the two enemies faced off in a simmering stare down, eyes blazing as they drank each other in. “You know why you lost out to me at that bar, honey?” Judy asked. “Same reason I’m going to beat you tonight. You’re weak for me and you might as well admit it. If you’re going to fight with your sex you have to know how to keep from letting the other girl turn you on and I don’t think you know a thing about that, Alisha Jackson.”

Alisha glared into Judy’s eyes as she fought to control her breathing. Part of her wanted to beat Judy down right then and there, flail at her and pound her until she begged Alisha to stop. But she couldn’t ignore the gauntlet Judy had just thrown down into the light the truth of what the white girl had said burned in Alisha’s gut and sent her trembling a little bit. Even as she simmered over the accusation she saw Judy checking her out, eyeing her expectantly with those gorgeous eyes. She was goading Alisha all right, but Alisha could see a matching uncertainty there in Judy’s face. Maybe the white girl was experienced at this twisted kind of fighting, she thought. Maybe she had tested herself against all those other girls in the photos and maybe she’d even beaten them all. But she hadn’t beaten Alisha and she could see that something about herself affected this white girl. Maybe it was just the fact that Alisha was black and that this prissy white bitch had never touched a black girl before. She had seen the way Judy had snapped when she’d called her racist and how much she seemed to relish all the racially-charged trash talk between them, especially during their heated fights.

“Maybe I’m not a filthy dyke like you are,” Alisha said purposefully. “But if you want to talk some shit I can see you checking me out and checking out my black ass and my fine tits like you want to get some, and when it gets right down to it I’ll tell you a sister knows a lot more about fucking and getting hot than any pretty white priss does.”

“Don’t make me laugh, honey,” Judy said, shaking her head a little as she stared Alisha down. “I’ve been up against girls a lot hotter than you. A lot hotter.”

“You mean those skanks in the photos? That’s a laugh!”

“Shut up about them!” Judy said, bumping against her dangerously. The two girls maneuvered against each other in the center of the room, circling a little bit as if looking for an opening or a weakness even though they had hardly begun fighting. Judy glared at her and Alisha felt the white girl’s two pert breasts brush up against hers through the thin material of their tops. Judy’s red top was stretched taut where her two nipples jutted out and poked against the tight fabric and her twin rods jabbed across Alisha’s, making the black girl gasp and retreat a little as she realized just how stiff she’d become herself during all the taunting and insults. Both girls glanced down at each other’s proud, firm boobs facing off against each other and then glared back into each other’s eyes.

“Like my tits?” Judy said daringly.

“Like mine?” Alisha taunted back.

“You fucking bitch,” Judy said hotly as she eyed Alisha warily.

“Skank,” Alisha sneered back. The two digested that and continued to glance up and down from their chests and into each other’s eyes. Alisha thought about the fact that neither girl had seen the other’s bare breasts yet even though she had clearly felt Judy’s hard nipples under her clothes and it was very clear that the two girls could contest one another very evenly in this crucial erotic area. Alisha had felt Judy’s breasts jostle against her own several times during their confrontations and every time the white girl’s and her own nipples had jerked to attention and gone on hard display. Since they had each attacked each other’s crotches that first night all of their animosity and struggling had seemed centered on their pelvises as they had insulted each other’s behinds and attacked each other almost exclusively pussy to pussy. Alisha could feel the mystique over Judy’s breasts, how they were clearly excited by contact with her own and how Judy kept the firm globes thrust out at her defiantly as if they were weapons she might attack Alisha and her breasts with at any second.

She studied the other girl’s lovely face too and thought about the way they had bitten each other, spitefully but almost carefully too, as if either was afraid or unwilling to seriously wound each other’s beautiful features. She couldn’t forget that shocking feeling the first time her mouth had encountered Judy’s and how their tongues had touched just barely, but enough to send a shockwave through her body the first time they had tussled. And she couldn’t forget her last memory of the bar fight when Judy had closed her liltingly soft mouth over Alisha’s to choke off her air with unbelievably delicate cruelty. She knew somehow that no matter what happened now, she and Judy would not simply haul each other in by the ass and engage in another bucking and pounding contest, at least not right away. There were other battlegrounds, other competitions to explore first before they decided which one of them was the better girl.

“If you’re so interested in my boobs why don’t we just take off these tops and see whose are better?” Judy said, as if the redhead were reading her mind.

Alisha shook her head in slow disapproval as she faced Judy with her hands on her hips. “Oh you like that, wouldn’t you? You want a little striptease? Let’s just cut all this bullshit, girl. If you wanna see me stripped down you’re going to have to take off everything and I mean everything, right now. I’m not afraid to show what I’ve got.”

“Neither am I,” Judy said hotly.

The girls glared at each other for a second, each waiting for the other to make the first move. “Fuck this shit,” Alisha said finally, reaching down to pull her top up over her head. She yanked the thin slip over her hairdo and tossed it on the dresser top next to her, then turned to face Judy topless. She was facing the closed door and its full length mirror and watched how the room’s shadows and reflections played over her own buttery brown, gleaming and smooth skin. Her bare breasts rode high and mighty on her toned brown chest, two firm globes tipped by twin, jet black nipples more than an inch long. Judy stared at Alisha’s chest sullenly as the black girl placed her hands back on her hips provocatively and thrust her chest out a little bit, her smooth tummy muscles tightening as she stood clad only in her black tights. She watched as Judy’s beautiful lips curled dismissively and the white girl reached down to pull her own crimson top up and away from her creamy belly and up off her smooth, toned shoulders. Her jagged hairdo fluffed a bit as she shrugged the top over her head and tossed it next to Alisha’s on the dresser top.

Alisha bit her lower lip pensively as she stared back at Judy’s bare breasts. They seemed impossibly pale and round, as if the room’s dim lights might shine right through their delicate skin, and they looked as smooth as blown glass except for a scattering of goose bumps around each puckered, rose red aureole. In the center of those red circles of dark flesh sat two obscenely erect nipples that pointed slightly skyward, adjusting their aim slightly with every rise and fall of Judy’s muscular little chest.

It didn’t surprise Alisha how similar in size and apparent stiffness their nipples were, since she had felt Judy’s hard rods press against her own several times during their encounters. But she had flattered herself to think that no white girl’s stiffies could ever be as fine and long as a black girl’s and she had felt sure that once she saw Judy’s breasts bare that her own brown mammaries and her fine black nipples would prove obviously better, sexier and more beautiful. Judy shook her head roughly for a second to clear her brow of a few locks of bright red hair, then gave her shoulders an additional shake that sent her braless tits quivering for just a second or two before they quickly settled down on her chest in a quick demonstration of how firm they obviously were.

She didn’t give Judy time to make any comments about her tits. Instead she reached down and slid her stretch pants down off of her pelvis and off her legs, stepped out of them and, as Judy quickly moved to match her, unsnapping her pirate pants, unzipping them and stripping them off quickly, Alisha pulled her final bit of modesty, her little black thong, down and off her denuded sex.

Judy made just as quick work and both girls returned to their face-off positions, hands on hips, and tensed their stomachs a little as they adjusted their breasts to the best possible angle for displaying them to their adversaries.

Alisha took in a long breath as she openly admired Judy’s body. The white girl’s beautiful porcelain skin showed off every curve, every firm little bulge, every tight bunching of tendons as she adjusted herself to face off against Alisha. Her collar bones gracefully accented her long neck and supple, red-nippled breasts, while her long waist flared gradually into her powerful-looking breeder’s hips. The supple, nicely defined abs at her solar plexus plunged down to frame her large, sexy dark navel and then plunged down further, framed by her pelvic bones into a wide ‘V’ of stomach muscle that seemed to extend directly into her two firm, creamy bare vulva. Alisha stared at Judy’s sex with naked avarice, marveling at the thickness of her vulva and the lush pink folds of her labia now openly displayed to Alisha’s gaze. The long, fleshy sexual channel extended up to juts under her pubic mound, with a few extra folds of delicate tissue still hiding that secret part of her from Alisha’s view.

She glanced at herself in the mirror and was favored with a view of Judy’s creamy body from behind, her smoothly muscled back meeting up with her two big, muscular ass cheeks in a diamond-shaped tangle of tendons and ligaments at the small of her back. Alisha glanced at the reflection of her own body next to Judy’s, her flat brown belly and big navel pointing down at her own prominent, thick vulva nestled between her two smooth, muscular thighs. She couldn’t help feeling a sting of self-consciousness now that her naked sex had been stripped of its luxurious black bush so that every detail of her intimate region was open for inspection. But after a moment’s uncertainty she saw Judy’s eyes studying her crotch intently and, she fancied, maybe a little jealously. She adjusted her stance, spreading her legs just a little bit wider to give Judy a good look at the shocking pink channel of labial tissue splitting her crotch. It was probably about the same length as Judy’s but Alisha thought smugly that the contrast between her dark brown skin and her bright pink pussy folds made her look bigger than Judy down there. White chicks were always scandalized whenever they saw that pink flesh peeking out from a sister’s pussy, Alisha thought smugly, and she hoped Judy was having the same squeamish reaction to her display.

A second glance in the mirror emphasized just how similar the two girls really were physically, right down to their facial features, especially now that Alisha sported a hairdo and color so similar to Judy’s. They might have been twins or doubles pressed from the same mold except for the contrast between Alisha’s gleaming brown skin and Judy’s porcelain, sculpted body.

Judy met her eyes forcefully and Alisha brought herself back to reality as she wondered what the next step in this confrontation would be. Now that she saw Judy fully nude she had to admit to being impressed herself. Not only did this white girl sport a ghetto booty that would be the envy of any hot sister, but she had the big pussy to match it. She could feel the stirrings of arousal on her skin and deep inside her pelvic region already and she shuddered at the thought of matching up against that firm girl flesh on Judy’s body without the protection of even a hint of pubic hair between them. She had agreed to this Brazilian wax business and had felt confident enough about meeting Judy on this level, but now she felt the lingering self-doubt that was always her worst enemy torturing her. Maybe she had only licked this white princess in the shower because of her tough black bush. Judy had sure beat her hard when they had only nylons separating their sex and now here they were bare-assed, naked to each other for whatever dirty contest one of them wanted to have.

“Like what you see?” Judy said smoothly as she balanced her body in front of Alisha’s.

“I just see a pale little white girl who thinks she’s all that,” Alisha said bravely.

“You sure everything you’re looking at is little?” Judy asked, stepping sideways a bit as she looked Alisha’s brown body up and down.

“No,” Alisha said, sniffing. “Maybe not those big red stiffies of yours, and maybe not that fat white girl’s pussy.”

“You’ve got a big one too, don’t you, bitch?” Judy said huskily.

“Yeah?” Alisha said. The talk was provocative but as hot as it was getting her it was also kind of safe, she thought to herself. As long as they trash talked each other they weren’t touching, weren’t starting this final, all-out battle between them. Yet. “You think you’ve got as much as I do, Little Miss Big Stuff?”

“I think I’ve got about all you can take, Miss Ghetto.”

“You just think you walk on water, don’t you?” Alisha said as the girls circled slowly, chests still thrown out, body stances open. “Your cute red hair and those fine ghetto lips, and those big red pokies sticking out in front of you.”

“Yeah, and you think you’re fucking Halle Berry, right girlfriend?” Judy taunted her. “You think those sweet chocolate boobs of yours are so fine? And those big ugly black nipples?”

“I’ll put my proud black tits up against yours any day or night, honey,” Alisha said.

“I doubt any part of that gutter trash bod of yours measures up to mine,” Judy continued. “Seems like every time we match up for real you just can’t take it. Just like every time those big soft coon lips of yours touch up against mine you practically faint.”

Alisha burned as the racial insult hit her. There were a million dirty things a white girl could call a sister, she thought, and all the obscenities she could level against Judy somehow didn’t measure up. But she managed to keep her cool, reminding herself that this girl had her own issues and she just needed to find them.

“Oh, I can touch my mouth against those bee-stung lips of yours any time I want, honey girl,” she purred. “The fact is mine are just so soft I doubt you could take more than a few seconds of your sorry mouth touching mine—that is if you can keep yourself from doing all that nasty bitch-biting you like so much."

“Don’t worry, I could kiss your big mouth into next week and make you beg me to stop,” Judy said. “So don’t push me into a kissing contest because I’ll be happy to choke your breath away just like I did at the bar.”

They had moved in to within a couple of feet of each other now and Alisha could begin to feel the warmth radiating off of Judy’s close, bare skin. “Is that the way your dyke friends liked it?” she said experimentally. “Did they play all that S&M shit with you?”

“Watch your mouth,” Judy shot back angrily. “You’re a joke making remarks about dykes. You’ve been looking at me ever since our first night in class and guess what? I beat you two times so far by jerking off your big black cunt, and I couldn’t have done it if you weren’t already pretty heated up to begin with.”

“That right, honey?” Alisha growled back. “Who’s the one who was bucking and moaning under MY black ass in that shower stall? You got a nerve telling me you’ve been getting ME hot!”

“You’ve wanted to get me all along so why don’t you just admit it?” Judy demanded.

“Maybe I want to get you now,” Alisha said. “I want to get you down and do you so hard you’ll never forget my name.” She caught her breath, a little shocked by those last words even herself.

“I guess that’s what we’re going to settle tonight, then,” Judy said quietly. “Just who is going to do who the hardest."

To be continued