by Jagged Edge

The sound of jingling keys filled the outside hallway as the dormitory lay silent this evening. Julia was fumbling to find the door key, anxious to get inside and get ready for her visitor. This wasn’t a hot date or friends stopping by for a good time. Entering her dorm, she threw her gym bag on the floor. Standing at the bathroom sink, the 5’6” college freshman washed her face with a wet towel to cool off. Her reddish-brown hair was tussled and slightly matted from sweating. This had been no ordinary evening at the gym.

Julia had spent an enjoyable evening at fencing practice. Enjoyable until the last few minutes anyway. This athletic 19 year old lesbian of Hispanic descent found out that another female student and fellow fencer had set her affections toward Julia’s girlfriend and practice partner. A girl Julia met the first day of college. They hit it off right away and became inseparable. The type of friendship that could easily become lifelong. But now someone had come along to threaten that friendship. And their love. How dare another invade her space and love interest using her favorite past time to accomplish it? Julia’s blood raged with anger and jealously. She was bound and determined to put a stop to this immediately and was willing to fight for her girl.

Nikki was athletic and pretty and also very much a lesbian. At 5’6” with straight dark brown hair, this Irish/Italian beauty could turn heads anywhere. But her eye was on Jennifer, the one that consumed Julia’s heart. Well-tanned like Julia, Nikki wanted this cute blond and was charming her way into Jennifer’s life. Only one problem: Julia was blocking the path. Julia confronted Nikki after practice one night and they argued for several minutes but settled nothing. Threats were exchanged along with some name-calling. Both refused to give in.

After the verbal confrontation, the girls challenged each other to a fencing duel for the honor of having Jennifer. Two minute time limit. One touch. They each grabbed a long thin practice foil from the equipment room and walked out onto the strip. Facing each other with two other girls as their seconds, Julia and Nikki faced off in their skin-tight white jackets and knickers, ankle socks and fencing shoes completing their outfits. With only their well-tanned calves exposed and the black mesh masks hiding their faces, the two rivals stood facing each other and whipped their foils through the air, causing them to make a swishing noise. They then pointed their weapons at each other, until the blunt tips met. An “en garde” was exchanged. The fight was on.

As one of the girls watching declared “fence”, Julia and Nikki engaged in their fencing duel. Back and forth they moved on the floor. Blades met angrily time and time again, filling the gym with a metallic clacking noise. The white stretchy knickers, short enough to let their kneecaps peek at the action, gently hugged their legs, highlighting the flexing muscles in their thighs as they fought. The equally tight jackets allowed for every curve of their slender figures to be seen and their breasts even more pronounced than normal, providing enticing targets for both girls.

Julia attempted the first lunge, as she stretch out toward Nikki with a loud “Yaaaa!” The attack fell short and Nikki took off after her with a similar attack that, too, fell short. A yelling “eeeeYAAA!” echoed throughout the gym as they took turns attacking and parrying. The girls fought with passion and jealousy as they continued their duel. The clacking became louder as girlish grunts and cries mixed with the constant meeting of the blades. Sweat began to form around the back of their knees and started running down their shins and calves as the intense physical exertion caused their body heat to rise considerably.

Even though the duel was hard-fought, neither hit her rival and both knew they were running out of time. A matter of seconds were left as they engaged their weapons. Blades became crossed and separated the two duelists, who were now just inches apart. Mask to mask, the two girls hissed at each other in preparation for their final attack. But it was to no avail. Time had expired and the girl on the side of the strip yelled “Halt!”

The dueling rivals hesitantly ceased their fighting and quickly ripped their masks off. They were directed to salute and shake hands. The bitterness both shared for each other moved them in a different direction, though. Instead, they pressed together face to face, foils still crossed between them. Julia glared into Nikki’s eyes and touched the tip of her nose to Nikki’s.

Julia softly growled through her lips so that only Nikki could hear. “It’s obvious we didn’t finish this here tonight. Know where my dorm room is?”

Nikki glared back and smiled, “Yeah, I know. I’ve seen the two of you walking out of there before. I know exactly where it’s at.”

“Good. Meet me there as soon as you can. We’ll finish this duel there.”

The dark-haired girl relished the thought of what might happen. “Trust me. I’ll be there. I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”

They then gave each other a little shove as they backed off. In a weak effort to shake hands, they managed a sharp hand slap.

Julia found herself pacing the floor of her dorm bedroom, digging the toes of her bare feet into the well-worn carpet. Wearing a black sports bra and her fencing knickers, she had barely enough time to grab something to drink when a knock on the door echoed across the room. Julia walked over and opened it to find Nikki standing there. Their eyes locked for a brief moment. Then Julia stepped aside, allowing her bitter rival to come in. Nikki was also dressed in her sports bra and still wore her fencing knickers as well. Sitting her purse on the couch, Nikki slipped off her sandals and engaged in a stare down with Julia.

“Did you enjoy our fencing duel as much as I did?” Julia toyed with her rival. “Crossing blades with you was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.”

Nikki chuckled, “I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than to fight you in a duel. Unfortunately, I underestimated how well you handle a foil. My bad.”

“Yeah, you're bad alright. But we’re not through yet. Interested in fighting me in a different kind of duel? Say, woman to woman? For the woman that we both want?"

Nikki’s eyes widened. “I’ll fight you any way you want. Bring it!”

Julia reached out and gently led Nikki to the side of her unkempt bed. Reaching down, she quickly shoved everything off onto the floor at the foot of the bed. They stood there for a few seconds, staring at each other as the sexual tension began to mount. Julia then pressed herself against Nikki, as their breasts gently mashed together.

“If there’s anything I love more than a hot swordfight, it’s a hot juicy clitfight with another girl. Are you as good at handling your sex as you are with your foil?” Julia challenged this rival of hers.

Nikki placed her hands on her hips and, as she stared daggers at Julia, answered, “Why don’t we get naked and get on the bed? Then we’ll find out just how good I am with my sex. I’ll fence you any day of the week and I’ll fuck you any day of the week, too.”

“Let’s do it,” Julia growled softly. As she finished speaking, her hands reached up and pulled the sports bra over her head. Her 34c tits stared at the other girl. Glaring at Nikki the whole time, she flung the bra across the room. Nikki, not to be outdone, did the same, tossing hers on top of Julia’s. Her identical tits stared back. Now clad in just their skin-tight knickers, the two girls moved together and embraced. Julia slid one thigh between Nikki’s legs, causing her to let out a small moan and a lustful sigh. The feel of their nipples piercing each others tits was making both of them incredibly hot and horny for one another. A feeling Julia thought she would never have for this girl. Pressing into each other crotch to crotch, the girls ground their pussies together in a very erotic trib dance. For the next several minutes the girls rubbed and pressed together, feeling the increasing sexual heat building between them.

They were nose to nose by this time. As Julia brushed her lips against Nikki’s, she whispered, “So you think your little sex rod is ready to fight with mine? Hmmmm? Let me show you my little sex weapon.”

Julia stepped back and slowly peeled off her fencing knickers and panties. What Nikki saw next between Julia’s legs made her let out an “ahhh” with sexual anticipation.

Julia had the most delicious, most sex-hungry shaved pussy Nikki had ever seen. Bright pink pussy lips hung down, pouting with lust and glistening with her juices. A pussy that actually could stand up to her own and then some. But what was beginning to emerge from between her pussy lips is what really caught Nikki’s eye. Julia’s long pointy clit had become aroused from all the fighting and build-up. Pink and erect, it glistened from the juices covering it. A very formidable weapon to use against any rival, she was more than ready to cross clits.

Nikki, rising to the challenge, slid her knickers down in a slow strip tease and kicked them from around her ankles onto the floor next to Julia’s. Julia, smiling confidently, got her first look at Nikki’s pussy. It, too, was shaved smooth and very wet. Nikki’s clit was almost already emerged. It, too, had become as a long pointed weapon, very slick from her juices. During this short time of comparison, Julia’s clit had finally become fully erect. Both measured almost an inch in length.

“Mmmmm. A worthy opponent. But can you handle the feel of the two of them sliding together?” Julia questioned her rival.

Nikki moaned in defiance, “Sweetie, I can handle the feel just as well as you. Let’s go for it now.”

Julia made the first move toward the bed. She sat down facing Nikki, spread her legs and motioned with her forefinger for Nikki to join her. Nikki wasted no time sitting down facing her and spreading her legs as well. Scooting together, Julia placed her right leg over Nikki’s left. Nikki reciprocated, doing the same until they were in a full scissors position. With only a couple of inches separating their pussies, Julia began rubbing Nikki’s thigh with her hand.

“We fight this clit duel until one of us gives up. Till the last drop of cum. Either from me or from you.” Julia declared in a lusty voice.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. We’ll see who cums the most when our clits are fighting.” Nikki shot back in a sexy and defiant manner. “Ready to defend yourself, slut?”

“Anytime you are, whore. En garde.”

“En garde.”

Julia and Nikki closed the gap between them and touched the tips of their clits. Moans came from both girls. Thrusting their hips forward slightly, their hard slick clits then slid together the full length. The duel was on. Rotating their hips in a back and forth motion, the girls fenced with their inch-long weapons. The slick, stiff clits swirled together, then slid back and forth. Julia began to slash hers against Nikki’s, as the thick gooey cum that coated their sex made the feel even more sensitive. Nikki found a way to slash hers back against Julia’s and tease her with the full length of her weapon. As the girls moaned and groaned with delight, their clits slashed against each other and tried to bend each other back. But they were so slick and hot with the mixed juices that any attempt to bend each other backwards would cause them to slide off, flicking each other as they slid away.

For several minutes, both girls continued to attack each other. Julia used the hard tip of her clit to meet Nikki’s and jab against hers. Time and time again, Nikki’s clit would get pushed back by Julia’s thrusts and jabs. But both girls had smeared their cum together and made taking the upper hand almost impossible. Their clits, instead, would wind up rolling around in the mess, wrestling in the hot mixture like two oil wrestlers in a pit.

Nikki was starting to weaken at this point, having underestimated how a fight like this would feel. Every thrust was spine-tingling and was bringing her closer and closer to the point of orgasm. Julia knew this and mounted her best attack to push Nikki over the edge. Time and time again, Julia slid her clit the full length against Nikki’s, then thrust the tip underneath. Nikki started to cry out louder with pleasure. Her hands grabbed at the sheets and she gripped as hard as she could. Anything to keep her from orgasm.

Both pussies were leaking profusely of their juices and squishing noises became louder and louder. The mixture smeared everywhere and ran down their thighs onto the bed. The smell of sex permeated the room as they continued to duel intimately. Pussies engaged in a tight lip lock, their clits wrestled inside, rolling around in the warmest slickest feeling imaginable.

Julia looked at Nikki’s face, grimacing with a near-orgasm experience.

“Cum for me, Nikki. Cum for me really hard.”

Nikki cried out even louder as Julia egged her on to orgasm. She was so close, if only Julia could just push a little more without losing it herself.

Finally, Julia began wildly sliding her slimy, throbbing clit full blast against Nikki’s equally erect weapon. This spine-tingling feeling was more than the dark-haired girl could take. That was all it took as Nikki’s body stiffened and she let out this loud throaty groan from deep within. As she did, her pussy exploded in orgasm, squirting the hot slimy juices directly into Julia’s pussy. This suction noise came from between their legs as Nikki screamed in orgasmic joy. Julia then pushed her pussy even harder into Nikki and continued attacking her clit. Sliding stroke after sliding stroke, Julia dueled with Nikki for sexual dominance. She was serious about the line “until the last drop of cum.” The loud squishing noises coming from between their legs provided a background for their moans and groans of pleasure.

It was only a matter of moments before Julia brought herself to the edge of orgasm. Nikki was groaning loudly and the slurping noises from their pussies filled Julia’s ears and mind. Nikki was getting close to another orgasm and Julia wanted to go for it. Long and slow thrusts sent both girls into this powerful mutual orgasm as the spray from their pussies collided. Cum engulfed both pussies and their clits could do nothing but slide all around each other. The feel was so electric for both girls that they cried out in unison time after time. The flood of juices had heightened the sensation to the point that both girls would cum together a second time. Banging together wildly, they fought with every ounce of strength they had left, then shared one more mutual orgasm.

Clits, thickly coated with cum, continued to roll around between their swollen slimy pussy lips. Both girls kept experiencing this prolonged orgasm as the juice continued to flow. It felt like their pussies were on fire with sexual heat and lust. Julia slowed her thrusts until she was barely sliding against Nikki’s clit. It was then that Nikki decided she had had enough. She was totally drained, both physically and sexually. Even though her clit was Julia’s equal in size, her fighting skills were no match for her opponent’s.

“Ok. Ok! You win! Oh my God! My pussy feels like it’s on fire. I can’t do it any more.” She fell back and just laid there on the bed, arm crossed and covering her face, moaning quietly. Her chest was heaving from a combination of the physical exertion and the sexual release.

Julia, relieved that she had defeated her rival, fell back as well. She had fought sexually with Nikki for the affections of Jennifer and won. Laying there with tremendous satisfaction, Julia spoke first, declaring her victory as she sat up and looked Nikki in the eye.

“How do you feel now, slut? We finished our duel and I won. Jennifer’s mine. And don’t you ever forget that. Got it?”

Nikki finally sat up to answer back. “Yeah. I got it. Your clit got the best of mine and I’m just not used to that. You have to admit though, it was a pretty good fight.”

Julia smiled, “Yeah, it was. I drained you and made you give up. But you got me to cum quite a bit, too. Still, Jennifer‘s mine.”

“I know.”

After resting for a few minutes and catching her breath, Nikki got up from the bed. Her pussy ached and throbbed. It was still dripping and the juices ran down her leg when she stood up. Julia then got up, her pussy juice still running out as well. Both girls grabbed their clothes. Nikki sighed heavily as she put her bra back on and slipped back into her fencing knickers. Julia decided to get back into her clothes to see Nikki to the door. On the way out, Nikki slipped on her sandals and grabbed her purse from the couch.

After pausing for a few seconds, Nikki turned around as she reached the door.

“See you at practice next week? There’s some things I’d like to work on in class. Maybe you can help me.”

Julia smiled at Nikki, “Sure. I’d be glad to. See ya there.”

Nikki nodded in approval and walked out the door and to her car. As she drove off, Julia closed the door and went back to her bed. Laying a towel down to cover the huge wet spot, the girl who fought for her lover’s affections and won laid down and drifted off to sleep.

It was practice time that following week. Julia had changed into her fencing outfit and grabbed her foil. Walking out onto the floor she looked over and saw Nikki, dressed with weapon in hand waiting for class to start. They glared at each other for a few seconds and then shared a faint smile. Julia then stepped onto the strip opposite Nikki.

To be continued? (It’s really up to them)