by Jagged Edge

It was 9:00am sharp, Monday morning. Lindy, dressed in a gray pantsuit and pink shirt, unlocked the front door and stepped into the office of the apartment complex where she worked as an assistant manager. At 5’7” and average build, Lindy was your classic girl-next-door type. Faintly freckle-faced with a fair complexion, the cute mid-20’s brunette had a simple charm that would win over most anyone. Well, almost anyone.

This was the first day in the office for Paige, an assistant who had been transferred from another complex. Uneasiness between the two women appeared almost from the moment Paige walked through the door. The fair-skinned redhead was physically an exact match for Lindy. Dressed professionally in a white shirt and black pantsuit, Paige entered the office with this air about her that said, "I’m here now and there’s nothing you can do about it.” As Lindy would find out later, it was nothing more than a cover to hide a part of Paige’s life she wanted to keep secret.

Their desks were positioned next to each other in the large room. Lindy and Paige shared many conversations that first week, being careful to always remain cordial and pleasant. While their little chats served as a perfect icebreaker for their professional relationship, the two spent the time “feeling each other out,” so to speak. It was a wonderfully disguised veil at gaining personal insight about each other. Paige had this sharp yet captivating look in her green eyes that Lindy found very charismatic and irresistible. Laser beams filled with charm and magnetism that drew her in. Paige, on the other hand, found Lindy’s simple charm to be very pleasing to her as well. She was almost always the first to speak, an eagerness and enthusiasm to close the gap with Lindy. Yet, for some unknown reason, tension between the two remained. Tension that would play out in a way Lindy would never have dreamed about.

About a week went by before Paige became settled in her new environment. She felt comfortable enough to hit the small gym adjacent to the office. After turning over the CLOSED sign in the door, Paige grabbed a mesh bag from next to her desk and went to change clothes in the restroom as Lindy cleared her desk. Emerging a few minutes later, Paige walked back in wearing some black lycra leggings that barely came to her knees and a cropped sleeveless top. Lindy looked up and her heart began to pound as she gave Paige the once-over. The redhead gave a little smirk as she walked into the gym and began to exercise. To her surprise, a small bit of jealousy cropped up in Lindy. She really felt as though Paige had nothing on her physically. Perhaps no one had ever challenged her like this before. And Lindy was beginning to feel the need to rise to the challenge of this new “rival.” Female competition had entered her world. A new sensation, something she had never dealt with here before. The brunette with the simple charm was about to discover a part of her she never knew before. A part filled with erotic, almost forbidden, emotions and desires. And cat’s claws to strike back when provoked.

A few days passed before Lindy would respond to Paige’s little act. She had gone shopping at several stores and found a few pairs of the same black lycra leggings Paige wore. She got home and immediately went into the bedroom. After taking off her slacks, Lindy took a pair from the bag and pulled them on. They felt slightly snug and oh-so-sexy. Looking in the mirror, she modeled for her own satisfaction. They barely came to her knees and hugged every curve of her thighs and butt. Convinced that Paige didn’t look any sexier than she did, Lindy spent the evening in them and began to have thoughts of the next day. Friday never came too soon and the start of this particular weekend was beginning to take on a whole new meaning.

A faint smile kept returning to Lindy’s face throughout the day as the 5:00pm closing time neared. Never one to be a clock-watcher, she managed to focus on her job, yet so anxious to hit the gym. The two had exchanged formally friendly glances and smiles that day. Giggling inside, Lindy thought, "If she only knew." The instant the large clock on the wall hit 5:00pm, Lindy bounced from her seat and turned the sign to CLOSED. It was finally time. Her strategy was to let Paige do her thing, thinking she would just prance by. Sure enough, Paige did just that. That was the sign Lindy needed to get moving. Immediately, she grabbed a plastic bag with her new gym clothes and made a beeline for the restroom. Her heart pounded and her hands shook as she quickly changed into the lycra bottoms and sleeveless top. As she pulled up her bottoms, the lycra hugged her crotch, forming a camel toe that outlined her aroused pussy. She was so ready to join this new-found rival of hers for a little workout. Grabbing the bag with her office clothes in it, she strutted down the short hallway to the gym door and walked in. The moment had finally arrived!

As Lindy entered through the door, Paige’s eyes bulged at the sight of her co-worker in the same capris as hers. She tried to be calm but was failing miserably. The two women faced each other there in front of the treadmill and glared at each other for a brief second. Paige looked down at the crotch of Lindy’s capris. Paige wasn’t ignorant. She knew what was going on. Turning around, she pretended to grab her water bottle and quickly pulled up on her capris to form a similar shape around her crotch. The tension was mounting quickly and both knew it.

Lindy broke the silence. With a slight mischievous attitude about her, she asked, "Is there something wrong, Paige? You look a little startled." Paige looked at her, her face going from surprised to irritated. "No. No, nothing’s wrong." Paige swallowed and then composed herself and smiled, "Actually, I’m glad I inspired you to join me." As she spoke, Paige was giving Lindy the once-over, trying to get one up on her.

Lindy gave her a big grin, "No, it wasn’t an inspiration, really. It was more of a little reminder. That’s all. I’ve had these for sometime," looking down at her lycra-clad thighs.

Paige, becoming more and more agitated, "Well, from what I see, you really know how to wear your lycra well. I didn’t think you were the camel toe type. I guess I was wrong."

With another big grin, Lindy shot back, "I guess you were."

Paige stood there, trying to act confident. "You’re such a tease."

"Takes one to know one," Lindy answered, toying with her rival.

There was a couple of seconds of silence. Then Lindy leveled with her, addressing her in a soft, yet assertive voice, "Look, Paige, I‘m just as much of a woman as you, OK? There’s nothing you have that I don’t. And as you can tell, I’ve got just as much down there as you." Then Lindy drew closer to Paige until they were face to face. "I know what you’ve been trying to do to me. It’s not working. I can take anything you can dish out and give it back." For a brief moment they stared daggers at each other. A showdown was inevitable and both knew it.

Placing her hands on her hips, Paige shot back, "Oh really? Is that a challenge Lindy? Hmmm? I know you wore those capris in here just cause I wear them." The redhead was showing signs of total frustration over Lindy’s response. Then this large evil grin appeared on Paige’s face, "I just knew you and I were going to tangle about something. Jealous rivals just do that. Well, since you and I have this difference between us, maybe we should settle our difference somewhere else? The gym is a little too out in the open. This is more of a personal matter, don’t you think? Maybe some place else? Like your place or mine? Just you and me in our lycra? Cause I know you got turned on seeing me in them. I could tell. And I know you were just a little jealous of me. Admit it."

Lindy glared at her rival who was throwing verbal jabs at her. Then this unfamiliar yet sensuously enjoyable feeling overtook her. Before even thinking about the consequences of her words, Lindy blurted out, "Yeah, I’m challenging you. I’m more than ready to take you on. Woman to woman. Lycra to lycra. My place. Be there in 15 minutes.”

Paige delighted at the thought of what she and Lindy were going to do and tried to make light of it in a teasing manner.

"Oooooo. Just think. The two of us rolling around in a catfight. Such naughty little girls. I wonder who’s going to win?"

Lindy smiled, "I guess we’ll find out, won't we?"

Paige quickly responded, "Ohhh yeahhhh, we will."

Lindy hurried back to her apartment, her heart really pounding by this time from excitement and anticipation. She rushed in and went straight to her bedroom. Clearing off the queen-sized bed of clothes and comforter, she readied the room they would meet in. As she finished, the doorbell rang. Paige had wasted no time in arriving. Lindy opened the front door. Neither spoke until the front door was closed and locked. The two women walked in to the living room, where Paige tossed her bag on the couch. Lindy finally spoke, "Hold on a second. I’ll be right back." She disappeared into the bedroom, only to reappear a few seconds later. In her hand were two pairs of her new black lycra capris. She approached Paige and smiled. "Both of us know how much we want this catfight. Since our lycra started it all, this is all we’ll be wearing. Nothing else. The bathroom is on the right. Come into my bedroom when you’re changed."

Paige took one of the pairs and smiled back, "It’ll be my pleasure. I promise I won’t keep you waiting."

She walked quickly into the bathroom and closed the door. Lindy went into her bedroom and closed the door as well. Her heart felt like it was going to jump out of her chest as she changed. Off came her clothes. As she stood in front of the closet door mirror, she watched herself slip her naked body into the lycra capris. This incredible level of sexual excitement was building inside of her. Something so different yet so spine-tingling. Waiting for her rival to appear, Lindy could hear the fan running in the bathroom. Seconds later the fan stopped and she heard the bathroom door open. This was it. Then the door slowly opened and Paige, wearing the other pair, appeared in the doorway. Lindy’s stare met hers as she entered the room and closed the door.

Paige’s body was a creamy complexion. Toned but not much of a tan. Her perky tits stood erect, ready to meet Lindy’s similar sized breasts. Lindy’s body was only slightly darker and the black lycra provided a wonderfully stark contrast to their light skin.

Lindy slowly crawled to the center of the mattress and knelt there. Paige followed and met her face to face. The two were so close now. They could feel the warmth of each others breathing on their breasts. With no hesitation whatsoever, Lindy wrapped her left arm around Paige’s neck and pressed her body into Paige’s. The breast to breast contact aroused Paige to the point where she quickly responded with her left arm around Lindy’s neck. Their right arms simultaneously wrapped around each other and they embraced for a brief moment. Both slightly tightened their embrace as they exchanged a few words.

"I heard that naughty girls love to catfight."

"So have I."

"Does this mean that we’re naughty girls?"

"Very naughty."

"I’m sure that catfights can get very sexy, too" Lindy smiled.

"Why don’t you and I find out how sexy a catfight can get?" Paige gave a slight giggle.

With that they fell to their sides and wrestled briefly, entwining their lycra-clad thighs. Several squeals and moans filled the room as the two women began slowly rolling back and forth on the bed. Locked tightly in a breast to breast, crotch to crotch embrace, Paige and Lindy explored the sexy world of sensuous catfighting. Both women moaned and groaned in unison, as the feel of their lycra rubbing and grinding together against their legs sent them into ecstasy.

Well-hidden fantasies swirled in Lindy’s mind. Her imagination raced out of control as she became infatuated with the word "catfight" and began whispering it as they fought. The feel of their hard nipples piercing each others tits just added to the sexual heat that was quickly mounting for both women. The room became filled with squeals and cries of pleasure as the two rivals, locked in a tight embrace, rolled around like two she-cats in heat.

Several minutes of rolling combat passed before they began to feel the ultimate sensation of female combat: Pussy to pussy grinding and mashing. The sensuous feel of the lycra rubbing on their pussies sent both women into a sexual frenzy that caused them to forget their anger and delight at every movement they made.

Paige rolled on top of Lindy and they laid there for a few seconds. Chests heaved from the wrestling and rolling causing the beads of sweat to smear all over. Paige then began to slowly grind her pussy into Lindy’s, causing her to yelp in ecstasy. With a circular motion, the redhead continued the sexual attack on her opponent. The feel was like nothing Lindy had ever even dreamed of before. Her mind was going crazy with lust and passion. She was going to lose it soon and needed to counter the redhead’s attack fast.

Just as quickly, Lindy rolled over onto Paige and returned the attack, mashing and rubbing her pussy in to Paige’s in the same manner. Paige began to moan and groan louder and tried to fight off Lindy’s attack by rolling her back over. This caused the women to roll back and forth, mashing and grinding into each other. Both felt so close to orgasm, a thundering explosion of sexual release.

The women rolled onto their sides and laid there, resting and maintaining their pussy-to-pussy pressure and motion. They moved their thighs against one another, enjoying the sensation and the friction the lycra created. Lindy finally spoke first.

Catching her breath, she shared her mind with Paige, "Both you and I know we want to pussy fight with each other. But it’s kind of hard to roll around and pussy fight at the same time. I've got a better idea. C’mon, let’s sit up and scissor our legs and really go pussy to pussy."

Paige’s eyes lit up. "You’re on!"

The women separated and sat up. Each placed her right leg over the other’s left and slid together. They slid together until they were once again pussy to pussy. It caught Lindy off guard the lust she was feeling for Paige. This feeling of lust came out in a verbal exchange with the redhead.

"Ready to feel my pussy against yours?"

"Any time you‘re ready, sweetie."

"Then come and get me!"

Still dressed in the black capris they slipped into earlier, Paige and Lindy fought a sensuous pussy-rubbing duel. Rotating their hips in a slow rhythm, the two women ground and mashed their pussies together in unison. The lycra material made a quiet swishing noise and caused the most wonderfully sexy sensation as they ground together. Each time, their bodies stiffened as they cried out in orgasmic joy, shockwaves going through their bodies. And with each orgasm experienced, their woman cum began soaking through the thin crotch of their bottoms. The area became a slimy mess as they continued to grind together. The sensation of the friction created by the rubbing material became even more so as the slickness of their juices made it more pleasurable.

Lindy was in a state of total sexual bliss as Paige lightly rubbed pussy to pussy with her. Their warm juices mixed together, soaking their crotches and making it even hotter and slicker than she could imagine. They had managed to bring each other to one orgasm after another and cried out with sexual lust each time. But Paige wanted more.

As they slowed the pace of their grinding, Paige paused for a moment, causing Lindy to stop as well. They looked into each other’s half-closed eyes, heavy from the lustful experience. With a soft sultry voice, Paige finally confessed her secret to Lindy.

"If you couldn’t tell before, Lindy, I’m a lesbian. I love fucking girls. And you know what? So do you. I can tell. You’re enjoying this as much as I am. Deep down inside, Lindy, I think you’re a lesbian just like me."

"Oh yeah?" Lindy replied, her voiced hushed by the continual sexual exertion. "Well…maybe I am. And you know what? Since we love fucking each other so much, let’s get rid of these bottoms and really go at it. I dare you to lock pussy lips with me."

"Oh my gawd. Let’s do it. I am so ready for you."

Immediately, both women slid apart and quickly pulled off their sweaty cum-soaked capris, tossing them to the side of the bed. As they once again faced each other, Paige and Lindy spread their legs apart. Lindy’s pussy was a little darker than Paige’s and had a neat brown bush of pubic hair, matted from the grinding and orgasms. Paige had a bright pink pussy, partially covered by a small bush of red pubic hair, also matted and sticky. Both pussies had become very slick and slimy from their girl cum and their puffy pussy lips were swollen and spread, ready to receive each other.

First contact was light and the feel of their hot juicy pussy lips brushing against each other made Lindy let out a moaning "ahhhhh." Paige also moaned slightly as she responded to Lindy’s reaction. Back and forth their pussies engaged in a playful slap fight with their swollen lips. Looking down between her legs, Lindy could see the two pussies playfully slapping at each other.

Paige looked at Lindy‘s face and saw the look of sexual joy on it. "Feels good, doesn’t it?"

All Lindy could manage to respond with was a muffled "yeah." The sensation was beginning to overwhelm her. She could feel the wetness and the heat their pussies were beginning to share. The intimacy of the moment was sending her into another dimension of enjoyment. Somewhere Lindy had never dreamed of before.

"Here, let’s do this. It feels even better." Paige then gently mashed her pussy against Lindy’s, causing them to become locked in an erotic French kiss. Their cum mixed together between their pussies and made the feeling even more sensuous. Something else was happening between them as well. The sexual tension between the two had caused their clits to become erect and stiff. Doing what clits naturally do when aroused, they started to pulse and ache with lust, seeking contact with each other. It was then that, as Paige moved slightly, their clits met for the first time and flicked against each other. Lindy let out an even louder "ahhh" and glared at Paige. The lust she felt for the redhead was beginning to rage out of control. Lindy gathered her thoughts long enough and spoke with a sultry voice to respond to Paige’s latest move.

"Mmmmmmm, touche. That’s what you really want, isn’t it? Clit to clit. I know yours is throbbing and achy just like mine." Lindy had thrilled at the shockwave rippling through her sex. Nerve endings in her clit being stimulated and jumping at the friction.

Paige smiled back at Lindy, "Of course, my dear. That’s when you know you’re ready to cross clits with your rival."

Lindy winced with a mischievous grin, "Then, my dear Paige, I challenge you to a duel. Clit to clit. We shall fight our duel until one of us can’t cum anymore." Then Lindy leaned forward, "You and I are gonna fuck each other until there’s nothing left in us."

Paige quickly responded, "The joy of meeting you in a duel with clits is all mine." She then pushed her pussy into Lindy’s until their clits slid together and smiled, "Let’s fuck each other’s brains out. En garde, Lindy."

"En garde, Paige."

With that, the two rivals began to fight their duel, slowly sliding their clits back and forth with light strokes. Teasing and tickling each other, their stiff throbbing sex weapons engaged in a fencing duel, hidden by their tangled and matted pubic hair. Both women moaned in sexual ecstasy as, time and time again, their hard slick weapons slashed and thrust against each other. Warm juices poured from both pussies, making the sensation even more erotic. With each thrust and parry, the two rivals brought each other closer and closer to orgasm, their bodies starting to shake and tremble harder and harder. Chests began heaving more and more as beads of sweat ran down their bodies, glistening in the soft bedroom light.

Lindy was totally oblivious to everything else at this point. All she could do was enjoy the feel of her oh-so-sensitive clit rubbing against Paige’s and trying to make her cum as hard as she could. It was so unbelievably sexy and erotic. The raw sensation felt electric and so spine-tingling. She had never even come close to experiencing anything like this before. Lindy just couldn’t believe that she was rubbing pussies with another girl. It was all so naughty and forbidden.

Little did Lindy know that Paige was feeling the same way. Having the same emotional and physical lust as her rival and sensing that she wouldn’t last much longer, Paige got the upper hand, sliding her clit under Lindy’s and jabbing into her slightly. The redhead began jabbing this way into Lindy’s clit several times. Light playful jabs, tickling her opponent into an orgasmic rush. Lindy couldn’t take this for very long. She was so overcome with the feeling that it pushed her to the limit and beyond.

This clit to clit tickle fight made Lindy cum first, as a thundering orgasm shook through her body. As she stiffened her back, Lindy let out a loud moaning cry. The feel of her girl cum squirting out drove Paige over the edge and sent the redhead into an identical state of orgasm. As her pussy gushed against Lindy’s, both girls rubbed and ground their pussies faster and harder. Their clits continued their erotic fencing duel within the walls of their pussies. Within a very short time, a mutual orgasm sent both of them into a scream that filled the room, as the lip-locked pussies once again filled each other with their hot cum. Slurping, squishing noises became louder as they fought to multiple orgasms.

As each orgasm was shared, both girls shrieked with joy as they exchanged their warm love juices inside their pussies. The release and the flow of the juices sent them into this heightened state of lust that neither had ever experienced before. Their slimy clits playfully fenced and wrestled inside their pussies, as their swollen lips and tangled pussy hair provided a private intimate space for them to enjoy their own little catfight.

As time went on, both women began to slow down. The multiple orgasms had taken their toll on the women and drained them physically, as well as sexually. The rubbing and mashing got lighter and eventually they came to a stop. Lindy looked down at her pussy still pressed against Paige’s. Both were reddish-pink and swollen. They were sore and throbbed with a great deal of sexual satisfaction. Their pussy hairs were a mess. They had become matted and tangled and were soaked with their mixed juices. Several hairs had been traded during the duel. The almost-continuous flow of their blended cum had dripped and smeared onto the bed sheets, forming a large wet spot where they had fought.

Paige and Lindy sat there for a few minutes, just catching their breath and gathering their thoughts. Both were totally overwhelmed with the whole experience and their lusty gaze spoke volumes of their mutual satisfaction. Moments later, Paige reached up with her hand and lightly stroked Lindy’s cheek. She smiled at Lindy and, speaking softly, shared her most private intimate thoughts with her.

"You’re so soft and so pretty. The moment I walked in the door that first day, I knew I wanted you. It was like one of those "first sight" feelings. Then when we got to talking, I became infatuated with you. Maybe you thought at first that I hated you and wanted to give you a bad time. But I never disliked you for one second. I just wasn’t sure what it would take to get together with you. I guess we had to fight for our friendship."

Lindy gulped, trying to hold back tears. She started melting at the touch of Paige’s hand and knew that this tight emotional bond was growing between them.

"At first I wasn’t sure. I never disliked you either, Paige. I was hoping that we would become good friends. I guess I just didn’t know that I could have feelings like this and it was really confusing for me. But I really do like you a lot. I want to be close to you. I just hope you feel the same way."

Paige gave her a reassuring smile, "Of course, silly. I love being close to you like this."

Lindy’s heart totally melted at that point. All she wanted to do at this point was to hold Paige close to her. Scooting to the side of the bed, she reached down and picked up the capris they had worn at the beginning. "Here, let’s put these back on. I just want us to hold each other. It felt so good to feel you in them."

The two slipped back into the lycra bottoms and crawled back onto the bed. Lindy held out her open arms to Paige. Without a word spoken, they both understood. In a warm loving embrace, they locked bodies and enjoyed all of each other. As arms gently wrapped around one another, their legs became entwined. Thighs slowly rubbed together as they once again lusted at the feel of their lycra rubbing together.

Laying on their sides, Paige and Lindy shared a tender moment as their eyes met. No words were spoken. Just the most intense eye contact either had ever had before. Slowly, their mouths moved together. Lips touched. A slight moan came from both.

As the two lovers began a slow writhing on the bed, the deepest most romantic French kissing was shared for the first time. Tongues circled together in a passionate lip lock as Paige and Lindy rolled back and forth. Pressing their pussies together once again, the girls spent the evening making love on the bed. Rolling around in their embrace, they kissed passionately and slowly ground their bodies together in the most tender lovemaking imaginable. Once-soaked crotches renewed their wetness as orgasms were shared in more tender and sensuous moments than the ones they had shared earlier.

As the evening went on, Paige and Lindy filled the bedroom with sounds of muffled moans and bodies rubbing together. Hardly a word was spoken as wanton lust guided their actions. It seemed like they were together forever. The concept of time was forgotten as they shared themselves in ways neither had ever done before. But time continued to pass well into the night.

The sun was rising. They stirred from their embrace. The two women had spent the night together. The most wonderful and sensuous experience of their lives. Their first night was over. But a new day was ahead. They would share it shopping, eating, talking, playing, and loving. The lycra was peeled off, well-soiled from the night together. They exchanged good morning kisses and escorted each other to the shower and the beginning of their new friendship.

The weekend came and went. As they arrived at the office the following Monday, the co-workers greeted each other as normal. Work never changes. It’s always the same.

But workouts?

They’ll never be the same again.