By Jagged Edge

February has always provided a biting frost in the night air. Winter is in full bloom and the merciless freeze could chill anyone to the bone. The wind whips angrily through the roof vents, screaming at anyone willing to listen. Such openings existed at the gym. One of it’s occupants listened to the lonely hollow voice of such a wind.

Rushing into the warm gym that evening, Julia felt the bitterness of the cold as she sprinted for the frost-covered door. Once inside, she removed her heavy jacket and rushed to change into her fencing outfit and begin warming up for the evening’s exercises. She knew that once she got moving around and warmed up she would feel better.

The bitterness she felt, though, wasn’t all from the cold air. Two weeks earlier, her friend and lover had quickly left the school for home, not intending to return again. It was a shock to Julia. One day everything was fine. But a phone call early one morning changed all that. A sullen male voice belonging to her dad had broke the news to Jennifer that a serious illness in the family meant the end of her college days and a return to her home a thousand miles away. A quick tearful good bye and a rushed kiss on the lips. Julia then watched her blond friend and partner sprint for the cab door and be whisked off. She was gone. The bitterness of finding herself alone was as stinging to Julia as the cold wind that whipped around outside that evening.

Moments later, the door burst open again. Nikki, the last person Julia wanted to see that evening, entered the gym, also shivering from the cold air. She removed her hooded parka and got dressed quickly. Julia had been pacing back and forth, sharply tapping the tip of her foil on the floor out of frustrations in her life. Walking out into the practice area, Nikki gave her a quizzical look, as if to say, “What’s your problem?” Julia looked up and just glared at Nikki. She was in no mood for matching wits with anyone, much less her.

They avoided each other most of the time. In the months following their duel, both girls had this unspoken truce. There was a mutual respect for co-existence. But it didn’t go much further than that. Normally they would go their separate ways after practice. But tonight was different.

After practice was over, Nikki walked over and broke the silence. Julia had her equipment bag open and was shoving her things inside. By this time the other girls had left the gym. Julia had a set of keys and agreed to lock up that night. No reason to go back to the dorm any time soon.

“Hey, I heard about what happened to Jennifer. I’m so sorry. If there’s anything I can do to…”

“There’s nothing you can do! But thanks anyway! “, Julia answered in a disgusted, sarcastic tone.

Nikki was startled by Julia’s response. She stood there for a moment, thinking that maybe Julia would look up and say that she was just kidding and thank her. After all, it’s not good when anyone faces something like that in life.

“Hey! I’m just saying sorry, that’s all!” Nikki shot back in defense.

Julia stood up and confronted Nikki face to face.

“Look, all you want to do is rub it in that she’s gone. I know that you wanted her really bad but couldn’t have her. Cause she was mine. Now that she’s gone, you’re just gloating cause neither one of us can have her! That’s what it really is, isn’t it?!”

Nikki got in Julia’s face, “I just came over here to say I’m sorry, OK?!! It ain’t my fault she left! Just cause you’re all upset and pissed off doesn’t mean you have to be a bitch about it!!”

“Oh! I’m the bitch?! You’re the bitch for even saying anything!!” Julia was seething at the nerve of Nikki to even call her such a name. She looked around the gym. It was empty now except for them. “I guess you didn’t learn your lesson the last time. You remember? We fought and I won.”

“Yeah, I remember. But now it’s totally different. Jennifer’s gone and you’re slapping at me for it. You insulted me for even trying to be apologetic to you.” Nikki began to feel her anger rise up against her long time rival. The truce was apparently over.

“Yeah? Well, you called me a bitch. And that isn’t a slap? Huh?”, Julia growled, red-faced by now.

Nikki shot back, ”You called me a bitch, too! I guess that makes us both bitches!”

Julia became enraged at Nikki’s words. “You want to talk about being slapped?” Then she reached out and half-heartedly slapped Nikki on the cheek. “There…That’s a slap.”

Nikki stood there for a couple of seconds, in shock. She couldn’t believe what just happened. It wasn’t enough to really hurt. Just a slight sting that made her boil with anger and revenge. She struck back with a slap of her own, striking Julia on the right cheek.

“Don’t you dare slap me and think that you can get away with it!“

The girls stood there for a few more seconds. They stared laser beams at each other. Julia decided this was it. They would settle things here tonight.

“I guess this is the way we both want it to be, isn’t it? You know…when you slap a person like that it means a challenge. You know I’ll accept a challenge from you anytime.”

Nikki paused, then answered her rival’s dare. “Yeah, it’s a challenge. I told you I would fight you anytime and anyway you wanted. It’s just us now. Shall we fight our duel here?”

Julia ripped the practice foil out of her bag and glared at her. “Don’t you know it”

Nikki smiled back, knowing that this was the perfect opportunity for revenge from her previous loss to Julia. She would make the most of it. She had a plan to push Julia to her limits and maybe even beyond. She walked back to her bag and grabbed her foil and walked out to the gym floor to meet her rival.

Julia followed, still dressed from practice. Nikki had unzipped her jacket but was also still fully dressed. Then this wicked thought begin to consume her mind. Something she would never had considered before tonight.. However, the anger and revenge that motivated both of them got the best of the dark-haired beauty and she was more than willing to go the limit with Julia.

As they stood facing each other, Nikki slid the blade of her foil between her legs. She reached for the zipper of her jacket she had closed only seconds before and began to slowly pull down on it. Their eyes had become locked in anger, the stare down before the battle. Nikki gently pulled the sleeves off her arms and stepped out of the crotch strap as her foil hit the floor. She tossed the jacket against the wall and then removed the breast protector in a similar manner as she begin to smile this evil grin at Julia.

After staring at her, wondering what was going on, Julia realized what Nikki was doing and matched her rival move for move. As Julia removed her jacket, Nikki tossed her plastic protector aside. What she did next though showed Julia how serious she was about this duel: She reached for the bottom of her sports bra and pulled it up over her head, tossing it with her other things next to the wall.

Julia’s eyes bulged at the sight of Nikki topless from the waist up. She apprehensively removed her breast protector and, after a pause of a few seconds, removed her bra as well. They continued to stare each other down, as Nikki used her feet to pry off her shoes without untying them.. Then, using her toes, the socks came off. Julia, not to be outdone by her rival, followed suit. The girls had stripped down to just their fencing knickers. They focused briefly at each others 34c tits and the tan lines their bikini tops had left from the sun that past summer.

Nikki picked up her foil and slowly moved toward Julia. Julia grabbed her foil and met her in the middle of the gym. The two girls stood there for several moments, eyes locked in a sinister stare as each ran her thumb and forefinger up and down her blade. Clad only in their white skin-hugging fencing knickers, the duelists came face to face for their final verbal exchange.

Julia spoke first, her voice soft but daring. A slight smile came across her face as she talked.

“This time there’s no time limit. No seconds to call halt. Just you and me. No one to ruin our fun and sharing the joy of a fencing duel between two rivals.”

Nikki smiled back. “No there isn’t, is there. Shall we? I am so very anxious to cross blades with you.”

Julia chuckled slightly. “So am I… So am I.”

Both stepped back slightly and raised their weapons until the two foils touched tips. The girls shared a sultry “en garde.” The feeling of the moment was like nothing either had ever experienced before. They felt so exposed, so vulnerable. One false move could spell trouble for either girl. Yet, it was all so sensuous. So naughty and forbidden for girls to fight like this. The skin-tight knickers, reaching from their bellybuttons to the tops of their knees, flirted with their imaginations. Not quite nakedness, but yet revealing enough to expose their sexuality. It was, in a strange way, all so erotic and exciting for both.

In an instant, the duel had begun. The girls attacked simultaneously, blades meeting and filling the gym with that all-too-familiar clacking noise. Yet, unlike last time they fought, the girls used more caution. A lunge that fell short would leave them open to a counterattack. The speed of their fencing was slower but more meaningful. They fenced fairly hard then paused every so often, twirling their weapons at each other. It was like a catfight with each girl using one long claw to attack.

Back and forth they moved in the gym, dueling for position as well as for hitting each other. One could tell the girls were enjoying the fight, smiles appearing on their faces and an occasional oooooo and aaaaahh being spoken. Their tits bounced to the rhythm of their footwork. The muscles in their thighs and hips flexed through the stretchy material of their knickers as the girls attacked each other on a regular basis. There bare feet slapped against the wooden floor as the girls moved with each other in unison.

Five minutes passed. Then ten. Fifteen minutes. The duel continued with no one gaining the upper edge. Caution was beginning to give way to anger. Julia was becoming frustrated at not being able to take the advantage in the fight. Her attacks were becoming more angry and fierce. Nikki sensed this and became irritated with Julia’s emotions. Their fencing was becoming more and more intense and swifter. Their blade contact became louder and more violent. Twenty minutes and no winner.

As they fought with increasing fierceness, the girls began to grunt and shout at each attack. Name calling could be heard, “Slut…whore…bitch…cunt…” Girlish cries and moans became almost non-stop. Tears began to well up in Nikki’s eyes as her and Julia fought their duel to a bitter end. They fought not only for victory and honor, but for the sheer joy of fighting with each other. Julia and Nikki were rivals in the truest sense of the word and loved taking each other on.

Sweat began to run down their bodies, causing them to glisten in the light of the gym. The girls began to pant slightly as they would pause every so often. Their chests would heave in and out as the extended physical exertion began to wear both of them down. Attacks became less frequent and not as sharp. Both had stopped using their fencing skills and began slapping at each other’s blade in anger and bitterness. As the blades clacked loudly, each girl screamed and cursed. Going high and low, fierce parries pushed both girl’s emotions over the edge.

Finally, in a move of desperation, Julia caught Nikki’s blade and trapped it with a circular motion. Their blades became crossed between them near the hand guards. The two duelists started pushing and shoving into each other, grunting and crying out in anger. Name calling continued. As she was about to lose her balance, Nikki grabbed Julia by the hair with her free hand to keep from falling. Julia responded by grabbing Nikki’s hair and pulling her closer. Their blades were still separating them, as the girls continued pushing into each other.

The fencing had ceased. But their anger was still there. Both girls increased the grip in each other’s hair and started pulling it. The position was very awkward for both. As they began moving around from the pushing back and forth, Julia stepped on Nikki’s foot, causing her to move back and lose her balance. She pulled Julia with her, still in their mutual hair-pulling hold.

This caused both girls to drop their weapons to the floor, fearing they might fall. As the foils hit and clanged against the wood, Julia and Nikki locked bodies and staggered around the gym floor, calling names and pulling hair. As their embraced tightened into a bear hug, the two managed to take each other down onto the floor. Still locked in the tight embrace, they entwined their legs and started rolling around the gym floor.

Like two cats in the heat of battle, Julia and Nikki rolled around the gym in a slow yet fierce and emotional catfight. From one wall to the other, the girls grunted and groaned loudly as their tightly-locked sweaty bodies thumped and smacked against the wooden floor. Tits slid slightly against each other and nipples flicked together as their sweaty bodies continued to press tightly against one another. Thighs became entwined, making their bodies look like two snakes twisted together in some wild mating session.

The groaning and cries were almost constant as they continued rolling and wrestling. Neither girl had any real cat fighting skills at all. The only thing they could think to do at this point was to roll around together and hope that one of them would give up. Their anger toward each other had clouded their minds and all they wanted to do was fight.

As their dueling foils lay at one end of the gym, the girls remained at the other, their rolling and wrestling becoming slower and slower. At last, Julia managed to roll on top of Nikki and pin her to the floor. However, as they fought on the floor, Julia’s anger started diminishing from the physical exhaustion. She was simply wearing down. Nikki was already there but never said anything. Julia loosened her embrace slightly and released her thighs from Nikki’s. She stared down at Nikki’s sweaty reddened face. Her hair was soaked, as was Julia’s.

Even though it lasted maybe a minute at the most, the time spent gazing into each other’s eyes, maybe catching a glimpse of their thoughts and feelings through the emotion on their faces, felt like an eternity. The snow was melting. Cold was becoming warmth. As the anger subsided, each girl caught a glimmer of passion and desire in the other’s gaze.

The anger and bitterness of the past few months, of Jennifer leaving, of her rivalry with Nikki, and everything else, was gone. Julia was feeling emotions again like she used to. Feeling her body clutched to Nikki like this. She began to slowly grind her crotch into Nikki’s. Up and down, back and forth. Subtle yet sensuous friction felt by both girls. She continued to rub and grind. A little faster and harder. Both girls, still clad in their knickers, moved in rhythm, slowly and gently. Julia smiled down at Nikki. A genuine, heart-felt smile for the first time.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Julia continued to rub.

“Yeah…it does.” Nikki looked up at Julia, studying her face. She could feel the warmth behind this different smile. “Too bad we have to fight to do this.”

Julia listened to those words and this cloud of guilt began to hover over her. A tear ran down her face. Maybe it was that realization, along with the weight of anger and bitterness lifted from her. It didn’t really have to be like this. A thought came to Julia, as she continued to slowly rub against Nikki, the affection for this once-rival growing by the moment.

“Can I ask you a personal question?”

Nikki gazed up at Julia for a second, then answered. “Of course.”

“Do you have anyone right now? You know…like going with anyone?”

“No.“ Then Nikki thought for a second. “Do you?”

Julia had to confess out loud for the first time. She didn’t have anyone and the loneliness was more than she could bear sometimes.

“No, I don’t. It sucks. Gets lonely, you know?”

Nikki smiled as a tear ran out of the corner of her eye.

“I know. You know what? …I know we’ve fought a lot. But… I would love to get together with you, if you want to. You know…since neither one of us have anyone…and we hate being lonely and all…”

Julia reached down and locked lips with Nikki. Nothing more needed to be said. A deep french kiss was shared as they rolled on to their sides. Moans of anger had become moans of ecstasy. It was the moment both had been yearning for. But Julia really wanted more than this. She broke her kiss with Nikki after a couple of minutes.

“You know what?” Julia whispered. “It’s just us in here and the door is locked. And I want you so bad right now.“

Julia sat up and slid off her sweat-soaked knickers. Nikki immediately took hers off as well. Tossing them aside, the girls slid together and scissored their legs. Inches apart, their pussies were swollen and ready to lock lips. Both clits were fully erect as Julia and Nikki had brought each other into a state of erotic excitement with their new found feelings for each other. They moaned with sexual pleasure.

“Rub clits until we can’t cum anymore?” Julia smiled at her new found love. Sharing a lusty gaze with her, Julia licked her lips in anticipation as she whispered, “I want to share every drop of my cum with you.”

Nikki moaned with delight. Her pussy was in heat like she had never felt before.

“I have a lot of cum to share with you, too. It’s been building for a long time. C’mon, our clits want to play together.”

In the middle of the gym, Julia and Nikki slid together until their pussies were kissing softly. Their hips moved slightly until their erect clits touched. Both let out a gasp of pleasure. Then they pressed together more. Clits, throbbing and sweetly slick with their juices, slid together. Nerve endings jumped as the feel was so spine-tingling, like a small electric shock.

Back and forth the girls slid their sex rods together. Pussies felt like they were on fire, the sexual heat was so intense. As the stiff clits wrestled, shockwaves were being sent through both girls’ bodies. It was so intense it didn’t take very long. In less than a minute they shared their first orgasm. Emotions and tension that had built up for weeks created a dam of frustrations. The feel was so wonderful, the dam broke quickly, as large amounts of hot cum shot thru their pussies, colliding at their joined lips. The fluid mixed at impact and oozed out, smearing everywhere, then dripping onto the hard wooden floor. The girls continued to pump each other, clits sliding back and forth thru the constant flow of female juices. Crying out in unison, they orgasmed time and time again. The puddle of juices grew on the floor and smeared into a huge mess as they scooted back and forth in their sexual rhythm.

Echoing off the gym walls, the squishing, slurping noises grew louder as each orgasm was enjoyed. Swollen slick pussy lips slapped together time after time, as clits continued to play wrestle. Every so often one or both girls would moan and gasp in ecstasy , breaking up the constant sound of oozing pussies slapping and mashing together.

The sliding and rubbing slowed until the last orgasm was achieved. Both girls were totally drained sexually, not to mentioned physically. Bodies were soaked with sweat. Their once-beautiful hair was matted and tussled. Julia laid back and caught her breath. Nikki just sat there, absorbing the wonderful feel of the experience.

It was Nikki who slowly stood to her feet first. She then reach down and pulled Julia up by the hand. Nikki slipped and almost fell in doing so. This sent the girls into a giggling fit. The animosity was gone. It felt so wonderful. So light.

Julia made it to her feet and embraced Nikki.

“You know…I was thinking…it’s late and everything…why don’t you just stay at my place tonight? We can shower off and just hang out. Watch TV or something. And pig out!”

Both girls started giggling again.

“And I have a very comfy bed.” Julia smiled and winked at the not-so-subtle hint.

Nikki just gave her this huge grin. “Well…OK…You talked me into it. Besides I’d love to pig out. On food… And on you… I just hope you don’t snore!” Then she busted up laughing.

“I don’t know if I snore or not! I’m always asleep if I do!”

Julia giggled. Then both girls got to laughing out of control, staggering around each other. They were giddy and punchy. And so very happy they finally found each other in the world of friendship.

As they controlled their laughing, both girls got dressed and got into Nikki’s car. Driving back to Julia’s dorm, it was non-stop chatter of what music they liked, favorite foods, girl stuff. Things that friends always talk about. And the smiles never left their faces.

Early the next morning, the school janitor came in to the gym for routine cleaning. Mopping the floor, he came upon mess after mess. Dried spots everywhere. And one big spot of something right in the middle of the gym. A few hairs laying around. Looking at everything, he wondered what in the world was going on in here last night. Not giving it any more thought, he took the wet mop and cleaned the floor until it was it’s usual shiny self.

Wow, if only the walls could talk.