DARE PARTY - Chapter 29

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 29 - Who will it be?

They were drained.

Lying in the grass, bound together at ankle and wrist, Alicia and Angel were stuck together at the crotch. They rested, eyes closed, chests heaving up and down to try to recover some oxygen into their system. Five minutes went by, then ten, and finally twenty. The other girls recognized the near exhaustion of the two combatants, and took the opportunity to mill around, snack a bit, and discuss the fight that still hadn't reached a conclusion. Angel and Alicia were both offered water and both somehow managed to lift their heads and sip some. As soon as they quenched their thirst a bit, both lay their heads back down on the grass and rested some more.

Alicia slowly recognized her predicament. Her body was in recovery, but it didn't seem to be fresh and peppy. She wished her energy would return to a higher level, but she soon realized that was unlikely and that any resumption in 'festivities' would only happen on a lower energy reserve than before. She wondered about Angel. Obviously she needed to recoup a lot also, since she hadn't even moved her body an inch other than lifting her head to receive the water.

Not knowing Angel's status bothered her, but she began to contemplate a resumption of their cunt war. Slowly she lifted up on her elbows as best she could, surveying her opponent. Angel remained at rest and didn't even move. Alicia felt her pussy plastered to Angel's with the remnants of their sticky secretions that had long since lost all evidence of lubricant qualities. Her conscious mind didn't tell her to start up, but somehow her deep unconscious brain demanded action. She felt her hips move as if powered by another force. A soft push in a clockwise loop rotated her pussy against Angel's static twat. The friction was great and her tissues didn't slide smoothly over her enemy's cunt. It did not feel pleasurable at all. Sure, the nerves in her clit were still working, but the lovely sexual tension seemed gone and the only feeling was one of irritation.

Angel felt Alicia's grind and it bothered her immensely. Her lubrication was long gone and the feel of Alicia's fuzz-lined pussy grinding across her lips was easily characterized as unpleasant. She bit her lip at the bothersome intrusion on her recovery. She didn't respond for Alicia's benefit until Alicia ground her twat into Angel's a second time, after a pause of ten seconds. Angel came alive and ground back, fighting off the pain in her tender tissues. Her hips wiggled, sending a message to Alicia that she was game. Her fighting spirit returned and slowly she began to match Alicia's twisting grinds with humpty bumps and corkscrew twists of her own.

"Dry. Too damn dry." Angel thought to herself as her pussy matched tissues with Alicia, but without the benefit of any significant degree of lubrication. Alicia continued to produce small amounts and they shared what liquid was there, but it wasn't enough to stifle the pain and irritation caused by their tender labia whittling away at each other. The friction caused their skin to stick together. Even the sweat production had stalled and their legs stuck together and felt pain from the grinding action.

Alicia had to bite her lip to stifle cries of pain she ached to echo. Then she heard Angel moan. It didn't sound like a moan of pleasure, but of despair. Alicia fucked Angel as best she could, tribbing her cunt across Angel's soft, red, and tender pussy lips. An advantage she had that wasn't even a consideration was the remnants of her pussy hair. Her lips had not been shaved in a couple of weeks and the new growth of fuzz, grinding away at Angel's tenderness was making a bad situation even worse for Angel.

Angel's pussy was on fire. Each twisty grind gave her the feeling of hundreds of hot needles pricking her sensitive cunt. She moaned again and again. Her hips movement slowed and now matched Alicia's grinding action at only about one-third the frequency Alicia brought to bear.

Alicia, even though in extreme discomfort recognized Angel's sorry state. "What's up girl? Doesn't the blonde bitch want to fuck anymore?" Those were the first words spoken in anger and challenge in a long while. "Why don't you fuck me harder? Got a problem with your used up pussy?"

Angel managed a taunt back, but it didn't seem to represent her real feelings. "Fuck you," short and to the point, but barely credible. Her hips were still moving but the power was gone.

Alicia was fighting off her own pain to bring her challenge upon Angel. She began to think that Angel was in a bad way and wondered if she might be able to bring this to a quick end. She knew that forcing any more orgasms would be out of the question, but maybe she could make her quit. "That would be just as good, wouldn't it?" she thought to herself. She wished she could just climb on top of her and hump her until she begged for mercy, but her bindings prevented all but the most awkward arrangements other than their current scissoring position. She tested Angel's resolve and leg strength by pulling her arms inward. Angel's legs didn't fight off the change in position. She spread her legs wider, causing Angel's arms to follow. The opposition she felt was minimal and she began to wonder if she could leverage her body upwards and straddle Angel from above. She jerked against Angel's legs with her arms and managed to reach a sitting position. Now spreading her arms wide to keep Angel's legs apart, she positioned her feet firmly on the ground and thrust hard upward. She nearly lost her balance, but somehow she managed to get a good grip on the grass with her feet and to shuffle towards Angel's head. Angel had a look of disbelief on her face but she did not fight back.

Alicia was now above Angel for the first time and her legs straddled Angel's crotch, which Alicia had under her control with her arms tied to Angel's legs. Alicia couldn't resist another taunt. "Ok blondie. It's time for the brunette to take control."

"Fuck you." Again, Angel's comeback was not matched by her actions.

Alicia now went after Angel's pussy with her own. She mashed and ground down against Angel with the aid of gravity and the gut feeling that Angel was not long for the fight. She was right. After only four or five minutes Angel, who half-heartedly tried to grind her pussy back at Alicia, began to moan and cry from the pain in her pussy. Alicia's hairy stubble was turning Angel's pussy brilliant red and raw. All the dry grinding was accomplishing was pain, pain, and more pain. Alicia felt the pain, but her dominance and adrenaline allowed her to forge on. Her taunting resumed again. "Give up bitch! Come on girl. Give up. You know you fucking blondes can't handle a hot brunette like me."

Angel tried to fight back but it was no use. Her attempts to stifle her tears failed. Her grinding was tentative and didn't damage Alicia's pussy enough to slow down the pace of the attack. Her muscles were completely spent from the rigors of not only this fight, but also the two tough battles earlier in the afternoon. Alicia owed a debt to Carmen and Joy for the energy they stole from Angel. "Stop! Stop! Don't do it anymore."

"What did you say, bitch?" Alicia ground her pussy again. Angel shrieked in pain as Alicia's stubble etched another path across her sensitive vulva.

"Stop. Please! Stop."

"What for? This is fun, don't you think?" Alicia began to feel her power and domination over Angel. Not only did she want to win for her own ego, she wanted to humiliate her in retribution for the 'cheating' way she had beaten Carmen and Joy. While she never had anything against Angelica before today, her willingness to use her nails in what was supposed to be a sexual contest really bothered her, and now she was in position to do something about it. She ground her pussy across Angel's dry crotch again and again, her razor hairs slicing and irritating her skin with every move.

Angel cried out, "Please! Stop! No more!"

"Aw come on. Tell me it isn't true. Blondie has had enough. Blondie can't handle a real woman. Blondie can't match pussies with a brunette."

Angel tried to fight Alicia off from her to force an end to the punishment her pussy was receiving, but she didn't have the strength and Alicia just kept fucking away, bearing down on her from above.


"Oh girls, do you hear that? She means it." Alicia let the word 'means' roll off her tongue slowly with saccharin sweetness that wickedly mocked Angel's predicament. "Guess what, whore? I MEAN it too. Keep fucking until I'm ready to quit." A new energy had surfaced in Alicia, it masked the pain that was still present, and allowed her to keep grinding her cunt at her enemy without pause. In fact, the power she felt had even begun to turn back towards the sexual lust that had been so prevalent all afternoon. Her clit began to grow towards erection and her vagina even managed to produce a small amount of delicious juice. Her motivation to humiliate Angel was amplified by the horny desire beginning to course through her body.

"No! I quit. Stop. Please! Stop. I can't take anymore."

"Not yet. You have to beg and pronounce me the winner and you have to admit to all the girls here that brunettes are superior to blondes... Maybe then I'll think about it."

Alicia gave Angel two more hard cunt-thrusts to emphasize her superiority and then waited for an answer.

"Ok. Ok. You win. You've got the best pussy. The brunette wins."

Alicia pounded down again, forcing more tears and shrieks from Angel's anguished face. "Not quite. I said, 'you have to admit that brunettes are superior to blondes'. It's a fact so why don't you just admit it in front of all these girls?"

The blondes in the audience weren't any too pleased with this demand, but under the circumstances they weren't in any position to contest her desires, so they remained mute.

"Whatever! Just get the fuck off me!" Angel still had a sliver of oppositional motivation left in her and she didn't really want to admit such an absurdity (in her mind at least) of such magnitude. But when Alicia hopped up in the air and landed squarely on her open cunt with all her weight the pain racked her so much that she was forced to submit and repeat exactly what Alicia had told her to say. "Ok. Ok. Brunettes are superior to blondes." She whimpered the sentence out, not really convincing anyone that she really believed it.

Alicia heard what she wanted to hear and she looked over at the six girls as if to say, "See who is the best. Brunettes!"

She did punish Angel's cunt for just a few more seconds before she asked the other girls to come untie the bindings that kept her so awkwardly but intimately attached to Angel. As they approached she stopped them for a moment. "Wait! I want my reward and my prize for winning. Don't you think I deserve something special for showing all of you who the best girl REALLY is?"

"What do you have in mind?" queried Emily.

"Oh, just you never mind. I'll decide that after you have me untied. Come on now, I've had enough of this 'rope' stuff."