DARE PARTY - Chapter 28

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 28 - The Finals B

Alicia was forced to debate herself about what to do. She was so damn close to orgasm that her pussy was screaming at her to keep it up, to continue mashing Angel's cunt for pleasurable purposes. But her brain wanted victory, and an orgasm would be bad. Her hips tentative actions were evidence of the dilemma she faced. One moment she would grind her wide-open lips forcefully at Angel, and the next she would pull away, hoping to slow the progression.

Angel, finding herself down 1-0 was used to lots of stimulation and her recovery period was short. She paused for about a minute, resting, and then, her fighting spirit returned, including her verbal taunting. "You got lucky brownie," she said, making snide reference to her hair color, "you're next."

"Nice try you fucking cunt blonde sleaze. No blonde will ever get me."

So when Angel began to charge at Alicia with her pussy, Alicia's resolve took over and she denied, as best she could, the horny urgings flowing outward from her cunt. She tried to pull back away from Angel to cut the contact. The bindings at ankle and wrist prevented her from getting very far away and it was only with extreme effort, with Angel fighting all the way, that Alicia was able to wiggle backwards, pulling Angel with her, but managing to separate her pussy from it's tormentor. They had moved four or five feet across the lawn and as their legs and arms flailed for control they looked quite comical to the other girls.

Angel was strong enough to pull Alicia towards her, forcing some pussy-to-pussy contact, but only with supreme effort could she pull Alicia that close, and it was a strain of effort that couldn't be maintained for very long. As soon as Angel relaxed to deoxygenate her muscles, Alicia was off to the races, lurching her ass backwards across the grass, forcing Angel to try to keep up. Their meanderings across the yard kept the other six girls entertained for the next several minutes. Both girls had sweat pouring off their bodies from the exertion that was now being piled on top of all the heavy work they had been forced into most of the afternoon. The evening sun was sinking lower behind the trees and they were in the shade, but the temperature still hovered around 82 degrees and their muscles were tiring.

After one bout of hide and seek, with Alicia maintaining several inches gap between her pink gash and Angel's equally pink and glistening hole. The minutes that ticked by allowed Alicia's libido to become tempered. Her muscles were tired and her sexual desire hadn't disappeared altogether, but she now felt it was diminished enough that she should start an offensive attack. "Maybe I can get her to orgasm again and it will be all over," she thought to herself.

Just before Alicia, somewhat recuperated from the rest break, was ready to jump back into the game, Angel spoke to the others. "How about some water? Can we have some water?"

Aware of the high heat and humidity, the other girls glanced around and tried to reach a consensus. Carmen was dead set against it. "Hell no. This is supposed to be girl against girl. They should do the best they can with whatever they've got left in them."

But most of the others were persuaded by the dangers of dehydration that were possible. "Sure, why not. As long as we give them both as much as they need." That comment from Joy seemed to be predominant, so she and Maria took each girl a bottle of water that they gulped down. With this break clearly defining the end of round one, the two girls now were both ready for offensive action.

"You ready, cunt?"

"YOU better be ready, blondie." Alicia was thrilled to have beaten Angel to the first orgasm and she had successfully countered her own instincts to avoid coming herself. Now she was ready to crush her again.

"Let's fuck then!" Angel went for Alicia and Alicia met her halfway. Their pussies were well known to each other. Their touches, texture, feel, and smell was very familiar and each girl as an advantage perceived them for herself. "I know your pussy now, brunette bitch. Be ready to lose."

"Let's fuck then and shut your slimy face, hag!"

The trash continued off and on as the two girls' pussies became intimately reacquainted after the pause. Right away Alicia expected Angel to grind her pussy hard. She wasn't disappointed, but Alicia was content to leave the aggression mostly in the hips of Angel. Alicia wiggled and squirmed against Angel, but with a half-hearted sort of attitude. She was counting on her own powers of denial to hold off the effect of such a stimulating touch. Angel opened her own legs wide, forcing Alicia's arms to stretch out sideways in accommodation. She didn't just let Angel pull them apart with ease. Instead she made Angel work to pull her legs apart by pulling her arms inward with all the muscle she could muster. Indeed, her arm strength wasn't a match for Angel's legs, but she noted that for a moment it was a stalemate. Eventually Angel's legs took control and opened widely. Alicia recognized that Angel was going to try to give back what had been given to her in the first round. Angel's pussy was stretched pretty wide open, her fragrant cunt, still well lubricated, even after all the copious production of vaginal secretions already evident. "I'm going to swallow your little pussy with my pussy. My woman's pussy will eat your 'little girl' pussy alive." Angel might have expected Alicia to counter by opening her legs up like before and they would have used their inner surfaces to challenge, taunt, arouse, and tease their counterparts. But Alicia chose another tactic. While her legs were necessarily forced apart they weren't open to the gaping dimensions of Angel's lips.

Angel went for the clitty smother. She lurched and wiggled her gash to find and absorb Alicia's clitoris. She met with some dimension of success, but Alicia maintained a moving target. She wiggled and squirmed; the contact between her pussy and Angel's never done. The heavenly mingling of their organs re-energized their arousal factor. Both girls loved the tease and taunt associated with their battle, even as they sought to uncover and take advantage of any perceived weakness in the other. Alicia shivered whenever Angel managed to line up her vagina lips with her clitoris and squeeeeeezzze. Alicia occasionally even cooperated by rotating her hips in tiny circular loops, letting her clit ride between Angel's plump labia, the circular motion sending little shock waves and shivers outward. But mostly Alicia went after Angel's clit with her own. Their juices covered both clits with slick, but slightly tacky liquid. The lubrication was perfect for rubbing and grinding, but whenever they pulled their bodies apart, the liquid would semi-coagulate and stretch out in stringy tendrils of clear fluid, bouncing tenuously in the air before either the stretching force became too much for the surface tension to handle, or they would smack back together again and share nerve bundles all over again.

Angel's legs were still wide apart, keeping Alicia's arms from being close to her body. This prevented her from resting on her elbows as Angel could do. Angel had a bit more control and freedom of movement as a result of the difference in arm position, but this tired Angel's arms a bit, while Alicia just lay back on the ground and worked her groin against Angel's with less effort. The effort put forth by Angel was having some dividends. Alicia was sure she was bringing Angel along for the ride, but she knew her own arousal was beginning to spike upward.

Angel loved the pussy dance and she really loved to dominate another girl's pussy with her own. She recognized Alicia's arousal, and she knew it was the result of putting as much juicy pressure on Alicia's clit with her juicy slew while keeping her clit away from much of the counter attacking that Alicia was attempting. But whenever Alicia successfully targeted Angel's clit with her own, Angel inhaled a deep breath to try to thwart off the delightful feeling it produced. Each clit-duel sent a zap of energy straight to Angel's brain, reminding her of her own vulnerabilities. But those clit-to-clit moments seemed few and she estimated that she was smothering Alicia's clit with her lips and vagina at least 3-1 compared to Angel's counter attacks. After several minutes of the thrusts, counter thrusts, grinds and counter grinds, both girls slowed their attacks. Both needed a breather and even with the intensity of feelings of arousal and the adrenaline produced to push the body beyond its normal limits, their muscles seemed to reach a saturation point at about the same time. The water from earlier probably staved off any cramping that might have occurred, but it couldn't eliminate fatigue from the equation. So for a couple of minutes the action diminished to occasional jabs and retaliatory jabs as the girls replenished the oxygen in their muscles with deep breathing.

The horny onlookers couldn't tell if one of the two was responsible for initiating the resumption or if it had been mutual. In either case both girls went aggressive again and the swatting began. Proud pink pussy smacked into proud pink pussy and immediately began to grind away in horny expectation. Blonde fuzz met brown fuzz. Puffy labia serenaded puffy pink labia. Angel's clit smacked Alicia's clit in defiance of Alicia's strategy to go clit-to-clit before the break. The blonde's clit, hard and energized, pushed hard and directly at Alicia's firm nub. Their eyes met. Their bodies stopped in a moment of suspended animation. Angel kept her clit pressing firmly at Alicia and Alicia recognized the challenge implicit in the charge and the suspension of movement. They didn't need words to talk. Eyes and pussies said everything. Angel brought her legs in a bit, enough that Alicia could prop herself up on her elbows. The two girls were now positioned equally and the straight up challenge from Angel met with acceptance from Alicia. With very little movement and with eyes burning the answer into Angel's eyes, Alicia pushed back: not with a big shove or a wild gyration, but with a straight-ahead push. Her clit increased the pressure by half. No movement to speak of, but the added pressure between their clits might have just as well been a bullhorn. Without words, Alicia was saying, "Yes, I accept your clit challenge. I will clit fight you until one of us can't take it any more. I hope you are ready."

Alicia waited in that position, her clit firmly imbedded against Angel's hardness. Angel waited a moment, to savor the anticipation and heighten the erotic tension between the girls. Then, ever so slowly she pushed back. The force increased another 25% and the two girls recognized the inevitability of what would happen soon. One or the other (or both) clits would be bound to give way, and be forced aside or even backwards into the pubic bone behind, getting crushed in the process. The blood flow filling their clits and the fully heightened arousal of nerve cells, made it perfectly clear that something was bound to give.

Alicia gritted her teeth, tossed her brunette hair to the side and strained to push harder. Angel met Alicia with more force than ever. The two pushed and strained, the pressure on their clits mounting and mounting. Alicia felt her clit compressing from the pressure. But it stood firm, and even with the pain that shot through it, she urged even more pressure into the conjunction. Both clits were now flattening between them and their pubic bones were squeezing their love buttons into tight ribbons of burning pain on top of exquisite pleasure. Both feelings were strong and motivating. The brunette lusted not only for sexual fulfillment but also for the power to dominate the blonde older girl. Alicia's legs, slightly askew to Angel's, didn't allow her clit to line up perfectly with Angel's, so their clit-shafts crossed each other in a sort of X-shape, the tingly center of their orgiastic nerve bundles smashing firmly and angrily into each other.

Angel put everything she had into her clit attack. She never wanted to lose again. It was bad enough to lose to a younger girl, but a BRUNETTE! God, she wanted to beat Alicia. The sweat on her breasts dripped off and rolled down her tummy and her muscles tensed. She stared across the short span between them, her eyes demanding surrender, but what she saw in Alicia's face mirrored her own desperate fortitude. It did nothing to fluster or intimidate Angel. She was confident that no young brunette would be able to stand the onslaught she was dishing out. It would only be a matter of time.

Movement was minimal but the effort was extraordinary. Like isometric exercises they were each pushing against a seemingly immovable object and they were using what seemed like every muscle in their bodies. The rest period and the water had helped give both girls the strength to continue and they both needed it.

Alicia felt the burning in her thighs and her arms as she used them to keep the pressure on her muscular enemy. Her breasts, like Angel's, were dripping sweat. Her hard breathing made her impressive tits, still pointing magnificently forward, jiggle and sway to the rhythm of her diaphragm. Her fortitude was strong and she summoned up a hidden reserve of energy and with a deep low-pitched grunt, pushed Angel even harder. The burning pain rolled through her clitoris as the effort intensified the pressure well beyond what she ever thought she could stand. And all it did was move Angel back about an inch or two. Then it was Angel's turn.

Angel dug deep and gathered the desire and motivation and yearning all into a single mighty push. Her rebound surge pushed her clit menacingly into Alicia's just as Alicia was forced to relent her own effort. Both girls yelped out little shouts of pain but it was Alicia who was forced backwards: not much, possibly four or five inches, but it was enough to indicate a possible end to the stalemate. Alicia regrouped and began to push back after her short retreat, and was able to stop Angel's advance after just those 5 inches. The fire of excitement and power practically exploded out of Angel's eyes as she glared at Alicia. Alicia saw the fuming excitement and ached to wipe that look off her face. The clit-push was now about 8 minutes old and the effort it demanded forced Alicia to change tactics slightly. She didn't give up the clit war exactly; she just altered the dimensions of it. Instead of maintaining a static pushing pressure on Angel she wiggled her hips a tiny amount. She felt an instant jolt of lightning jab through her clit, a surging reminder that her circuits were still wired for sexual excitement. She noted a small lurch and a tiny change in expression on Angel's face. She made an assumption that a similar feeling had just coursed through her.

Alicia lifted one eyebrow as a question. It said, "I can tell you felt that; because I've got more where that came from."

Angel's response also came from her eyes. She squinted, her blue eyes narrowing into slits as if to say, "Go ahead bitch, give it your best shot." Then Angel relaxed her pressure just enough to give a bit more freedom of movement and wiggled her still-hard clit directly at Alicia's taut nub.

Both girls' clitorises were strung tight, like a rubber band stretched to near its breaking point. This time it was Alicia's turn to wince, not from pain, but from the second jolt of sexual pleasure. Angel noted the response and it brought a smile to her face. Alicia quickly wiped the look of surprise from her face and twisted her hips against Angel's twisting groin. With an axis centered on their respective clits, the two girls began to twist and turn against each other. The intensity of the pressure from before was gone, but there was enough left to make every turn and twist a powerfully exciting sexual stimulus.

The afternoon's proceedings had all taken place in the heat and humidity of an early August afternoon. Water helped, but with the pace of activity, both Alicia and Angel began to notice the diminished lubrication between their crotches. While production hadn't halted completely, the amount wasn't keeping up with the drying power of the hot day and the friction generated by their long-held coupling. The liquid that had been so juicy and greasy earlier was now a bit more tacky and gripping. There was still some lubricant action left, but both recognized the difference.

The trash talk was gone. It took more energy than either girl was willing to spend on it. Both knew the final outcome would likely be determined by the thinnest razor margin and neither felt willing to jeopardize what they thought their winning margin was by squandering energy away on irrelevant words. Their pussies were doing all the talking and that was plenty.

Twisting and grinding her clit at Alicia gave Angel a real feeling of power even when she could acknowledge plenty of impressive power coming back at her through Alicia's cunt and clit. Unknown to her was the changing shade of pink between her legs. What had started off the day as a nice pink had turned darker and was now approaching crimson. The unabated blood flow, topped off by the intense irritation caused by so much rubbing had turned her pussy into an almost glowing red. If that color had been on her nose they would have called her Rudolph. Alicia wasn't far behind in the race to redness. She too had been royally chafed and excited and plundered and the twisting and grinding they shared now sure wasn't spelling relief.

Alicia winced a bit as Angel prodded her clit underneath Alicia's clit, from inside her pussy and slipped it upwards. Zap! Another solid jolt of arousal shot outward from her clit. She retaliated in kind to see Angel lurch a bit at the obvious excitement from their sticky clits wiggling together. Angel ground her clit in tiny circles trying to surround Alicia's clit with stimulus from her own clit. Alicia let a low moan escape from her mouth as the sexual tension reached another plateau. Angel pushed harder with more twirly clit-play. She too felt the sizzling arrival of imminent orgasm. She threw her head back to try to force her brain to think of something else, but try as she might, all she could think about was the hedonistic pleasure radiating from her clit. Alicia gasped again as Angel's clit danced perfect little circles around the perimeter of Alicia's clit. Alicia fought back. Bringing back her side-to-side wiggles she pranced her clit across the little flap of skin at the very tip of Angel's clit and felt the two clits gingerly spring free each time she slid her stiffy across Angel's hard weapon.

A few times the uncoordinated motions of the girls caused their clits to part for a moment. The coagulating moisture had turned to a texture more resembling that of paste and that caused the skin of their clits to modestly stick together. As they parted Angel's clit would stretch and cling to Alicia's clit. It was as if they didn't want to part, but wanted to remain together forever. That is exactly how Angel felt. Her clit was dancing along a path of such slow wonderful arousal that it seemed like heaven had come down and blessed her clit with a capacity for pleasure beyond human. She felt fabulous. Even though her muscles burned, even though her lungs ached for more air, even though she hated the girl whose cunt was gnashing at her own with an angry motivation, even though the sweat made her skin feel greasy and nasty, even though she had lost the first orgasm, even though she wasn't sure that her foe would succumb first, she was in a state of total peace and joy. Her clit was in control and it was seemingly on an auto pilot setting that programmed it to taste its enemy in the perfect dosage to insure the most exquisite stimulation and yet somehow forbid the last thread of orgiastic stimulation from burrowing into her senses.

Lifting her head up, Angel noted the look of transfixed pleasure dominating Alicia's face. Their clits had been dancing/dueling now for twenty-five minutes and the last ten of those minutes almost without thought on their part. Alicia was in a Zen-like meditative state of her own. Her clit found its own instrument to play. It was like a harp player that strummed out beautiful music without having to look at the sheet or watch a conductor. Her clit just plucked and sensuously massaged the instrument of its desire. Alicia's eyes were wide open with a look of insatiable lust and yet menacing tension. But her clit played on. Beethoven never wrote a better concerto than the one these girls played on each other's instruments.

As if from an unseen conductor the music seemed to call for some fortissimo. Both girls were compelled to pluck faster and faster. The hidden maestro's baton zipped through the air with powerful strokes and the pace picked up. The meditative moments of the war were over and the thump, thump of the tympani echoed in their heads. A warbling flute saturated the air. A single cello scratchily foretold an impending catastrophe. The instruments of the orchestra surged ahead and then the cymbals crashed and the entire orchestra bellowed out their impressive crescendo.

Angel waged holy war with her clit. She overlooked every negative thought and powered her clit into Alicia's with incredible drive as Alicia summoned her fortitude and guts to counter every churning clit attack that came her way. Their cries were wails of agony as they came together. No one was sure who came first, but undoubtedly they shared an incredible orgasm that seemed to rumble and roll through their bodies as though they were attached as one. Alicia screamed and cried as her body lurched out of control, her muscles straining against both her opponent and the constraints that bound them together. Her shaking and grinding was shared by as much humping and grinding as Angel could unleash. Their clits and slits melted together as one and their orgasms lifted them almost out of their bodies.

Angel had her second orgasm and Alicia her first and they were such that neither wanted it to end. Both maintained a clinging touch with the other girl's pussy. It took them nearly three minutes to unwind from the glorious finale of the concert and when they did they found themselves facing each other with the end no closer than before this round started. The other girls had already declared that event a tie and there was no use arguing it. But now their bodies were more wasted then ever before. The reality was that one girl still needed to get a two-orgasm lead on her opponent. Alicia had the lead but the outcome of the last event hadn't made certain anything at all.