DARE PARTY - Chapter 27

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 27 - The Finals

Lori grinned as the other girls complimented her on the feat. They asked numerous questions about how she ever learned to do that and she said she had figured out more than a year before that she could do that, but had actually only done it four or five times before. The girls were amazed and somewhat in awe of Lori for what they had witnessed.

The congratulatory fervor died down in a few minutes and the impending battle for sexual supremacy between Alicia and Angelica loomed in their minds. Emily, having done some conniving with Joy ahead of time was ready to add a new twist to the finals. At the time they had planned for such an eventuality, they had assumed that it would be the two of them battling it out. Their plans went awry, courtesy of Alicia and Angel, but they thought the idea would be exciting, even if only from a spectator's standpoint.

Before she could offer her suggestion, Carmen piped up with a concern and suggestion of her own. "You know girls, so far each of these matches has ended 2-1. I don't think that margin is sufficient to prove anything. Why don't we add the condition that the winner has to be two wins ahead? 2-0, 3-1, 4-2, or whatever, as long as the winner has forced two more orgasms from her opponent than she has had herself. Wouldn't that be better?"

A quick discussion confirmed that most of the girls thought that was a good idea, and with the confidence Alicia and Angel carried, both were happy to oblige the request.

Then Emily said, "Well girls, I was hoping it would be me in the finals and I got to thinking, maybe it would be fun to go at my opponent with a little bit of physical restriction. Nothing painful, mind you, just enough to force the fighters to use only their sex against each other." A few strange looks passed among them. Questions were asked and Emily went on, "I have these ropes, you see." She pointed over to a storage cabinet by the pump shed. She walked over there and pulled out several soft ropes, each about 4 feet long.

The girls were intrigued but still puzzled. "Joy, come here. Why don't we demonstrate?" Joy walked over to where Emily was standing in the grass and lay down on the lawn. Emily immediately lay down with her body pointing in the opposite direction. Sliding together they crossed their legs and pointed their well-acquainted pussies towards each other. Joy spread her legs wide and Emily laid her arms out to the side. Emily's wrists lay atop Joy's ankles. A couple of the girls began to get the picture.

"Cool!" It was Maria. "You want to tie the ankles of one girl to the wrists of the other, don't you?" She sounded excited at the scheme.

"Yes. You got it. Shouldn't that be a fair way to determine who has the best pussy?"

"Terrific!" That was the consensus. Even Angelica thrilled at the idea. "I can't wait! My pussy will waste yours in no time."

"Dream on cunt. There isn't a blonde alive who can tangle with my pussy and come out on top. I've already beaten two blondes, and you're just another domino for me to topple."

"Hey, bitch. Those were girls. I'm a real woman, and a real blonde. You haven't tangled with anyone like me yet. I'll be teaching you a lesson you won't forget. Your skanky brunette pussy better get ready for a whippin.'"

"Oooh. I love all this trash talk." Joy piped up. "I hope you have some energy left for fucking. Emily, why don't we get up," she purposely slid her pussy a few inches to mash against Emily's pussy, just to make a sweet point, as she continued, "and get these girls arranged?"

Emily gave a quick shove in retaliation and then they got up. "You ready?" she addressed Angel and Alicia. Both nodded. "Well, get in the position." She tossed a couple of the ropes to Maria and they set about knotting the ropes to the girl's extremities. Carefully they wrapped the silky ropes in a figure-eight pattern and snugged the ropes to modest tightness. They didn't cinch them over-tight, but made sure they were snug enough to prevent much slippage. Finishing with solid knots they admired their handiwork as Alicia and Angel tested the bindings by pulling and twisting a bit.

The knots seemed strong. The girls were pleased with their handiwork and stepped back.

Alicia and Angel started up their trashy talk again and within moments they began to wiggle and test the motion capability available from their predicament. Just seconds into their wriggling the inevitable conjunction of their loins occurred. Angel tried to sit up and squirm into a dominant position atop Alicia, however Alicia flexed the muscles in her legs and prevented Angel from achieving her goal. Alicia tested her power in the same fashion with equivalent results. In both cases the legs were definitely stronger than the arms and it was distinctly apparent to both girls that achieving a dominant position would require some luck or a worn-down opponent.

"You ready to fuck, bitch?" It was Alicia challenging the woman who had 5 years on her.

"You can bet your life I'm ready to fuck."

"Go for it blondie. I'm waiting." Alicia lurched forward forcing her pussy up against Angel's cleanly shaven lips.

"You asked for it. Now you're gonna get it." Angel rubbed aggressively against Alicia. Their bodies' awkward position forced their groins together and the ropes prevented them from mounting any sort of real defensive actions. Which of course was just what Joy and Emily had planned. They had hoped that they were the ones in the finals and those plans were foiled, but it would at least be interesting to watch.

Angel thought about the events leading up to this match-up with Alicia. Her two wins over Carmen and Joy had been hard fought and pretty violent. The ropes made that kind of battle impossible but she still believed she could whip young Alicia's pussy with her own. She set to it right away. She was very proud of her lovely sex and she knew how to use it. Her pussy was quite long, about an inch longer than the slit between Alicia's legs. Her clit was also quite long as a shaft of delight that terminated just at the tip of her labia minora. It didn't protrude outward very far. But it was thick and firm for more than an inch and a half. The pretty flap at the tip made for a tempting target. Her labia were moderately protruding, but much less than Alicia's erotic flaps. The blonde 23-year-old waitress plastered her pussy firmly against Alicia's 18-year-old cunt. "Hello. Nice to meet you," it seemed to say. "But lets get things straight. I'm the better pussy and I'm going to prove it." If pussies could talk this is what would have been heard.

Alicia sent a message of her own. Her body hadn't budged an inch as Angel pushed her pussy against Alicia's. Alicia's pussy 'talked' like this, "I feel you. I know what you've got. You're wet and hard, but I'm wetter and harder. I'll be dishing out the punishment and the pleasure long after you are spent and drained."

Alicia tried occasionally to loosen her constraints or to arise and overpower Angelica but it still was futile. Each attempt did nothing but reinforce the necessity of using her pussy to achieve whatever objective she wanted to attain. Her light brown fuzzy hairs, adorning the sides of her pussy, scratched and pressed into the shaved smooth skin surrounding Angel's cunt. Alicia learned quickly. Her looser labia lips would slip and slide across Angel's puffy lips and firm clit, teasing and testing the movement and reaction from her foe. While not a conscious act, Alicia's pussy was juicing up quite nicely all over again. She knew her wetness was thick and slimy and she twisted and turned her body as much as she could to lather Angel nice and thick. "I'm wetter than you are. I have a slipperier hole than you and you'll be coming like a whore."

"Hey bitch. I'll come when I want to. It won't be until long after you've burst your bubble at least twice. As for wetness, I feel what you've got. It ain't nothing. My pussy makes juice like it was a Welch's factory. You'll be all dried up like my grandmother and I'll still be squishing away."

The trash continued right on as they 'talked' at each other with their pussies as well.

Angel enjoyed the sensation that zipped through her when her clit flicked back and forth across both full flaps of skin that were Alicia's inner labia. It was delicious to feel the little 'bump' as her clit rode up and over first one and then the other side, hesitating in between for just a fraction of a second, gauging the texture and slipperiness of Alicia's hole. It was quite a powerful aphrodisiac to push and plunder the intricate folds and textures that adorned Alicia's girly nest. Angel knew it was having an effect on Alicia. Distinct signs of arousal were noticed. The signals were more in the way Alicia's pussy matched up with her own than in anything Alicia said. Angel mounted challenge after challenge to Alicia's pussy and Alicia was right there with pressure and thrusts to meet every one: for the first ten minutes at least.

Angel noted that eventually Alicia's pussy slowed its hard charging thrusts. The frequency diminished, just a little bit, but just enough that Angel noted it and made sure to mention it. "What's the matter little cunt. Getting tired? Can't keep it up?"

"Think whatever the fuck you want bitch. We're here to fuck, not talk." Even though she had been trash talking right along with Angel for most of the last ten minutes, she taunted Angel with the obvious.

"Hah! Then what's the problem? I'm doing the fucking and you're just laying there."

That wasn't exactly true, but an exaggeration based on the diminished pace of Alicia's cunt grinding rubs.

"So you want me to fuck harder huh? Well, take this bitch!" Alicia, reinvigorated by the taunting, flung her pussy at Angel with renewed fervor. Her clitoris danced across Angel's crotch landscape, charging both girls sexual batteries even further. Whatever belief Angel had about Alicia running out of energy was now clearly contradicted. This caused Angel to pick up the pace as well. She wasn't about to let Alicia's rapid fucking go unchallenged. They pushed and prodded against each other and the pressure and wetness prodded more and more sexual heat and excitement out of them. The hard charging actions meant that soon there would be an orgasm.

Alicia stretched her legs wider and to open up even more of her squishy wet vagina. Alicia focused her grinding now to seek and destroy Angel's clitoris. Wherever Angel's clit went, Alicia followed with her super wet and squishy cunt. She was relentless, and it worked. Angel felt her orgasm approaching and she tried defensive actions, but the constraints wouldn't allow much freedom of movement and her pussy couldn't escape Alicia's attacks. Angel's clit, exquisitely swamped with Alicia's honey hole and her sweet honey juices was producing such lovely feelings. As the inevitability of her coming became apparent she quit trying to escape and just pressed her clit into Alicia's pretty vagina, savoring the intense sexual heat. The trash talk had diminished in the last minute and now the noises were of liquid pops and squishy commingling noises along with panting lungs and moans of pleasure. Both girls were close, but Angel surged across the finish line first. "OOOOOooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuwwwwwwwwwwww." She howled with delight at the pulsing power of her orgasm that burst out of her groin and splashed through her body, leaving tingling joy across every millimeter of her body and brain. Angel continued to grind her clit at Alicia's pussy for two reasons. The pleasure she felt was intensified by keeping up the wicked contact throughout her orgasm and in hopes that Alicia would follow suit.