DARE PARTY - Chapter 26

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 26 - But Not Before Lori Makes One More Dare

"I'd like to make a dare." She paused for a moment, assuring herself they were all listening. "Since I never used my 'pass' during the dare rounds, I'd like to offer another dare as a way of getting a little repayment for my success in the wardrobe war." Again she paused and noted their undivided attention. "This dare is for all of you." She paused again. The wine was definitely at work. "I dare you all to be graded by a judge. Graded on your beaver eating skill. I'll bet every one of us thinks they are the best, but only one can REALLY be the BEST. I want to find out who it is."

Maria, also a bit affected by the wine asked, "And just who would be the judge?"

"Why ME of course." Lori went on, "If you're too chicken to compete, that's ok. But I really want to know who is the best muff muncher here. I think I deserve an answer." Even Alicia and Angel, who were trying to concentrate on their upcoming match, were intrigued by Lori's dare. Acting as if the decision was a foregone conclusion, Lori sat down on one of the recliners and opened her legs wide. Pointing at her crotch she said, "Right here it is girls. Best muncher gets a prize from me. You've got 30 seconds each to prove you're the best."

"And just what is the prize?" A skeptical Carmen wondered.

"The winner gets her own muff munched, for as long as she wants... by me! Now isn't that fair?"

The girls, in their slightly drunk state, couldn't argue with the fairness. After all they were still horny hens anxious to prove themselves in front of the others and none seemed ready to admit she wouldn't go along. Hell, most were looking at Lori's gash, glistening with a slight mixture of sweat and femjuice in the evening sun and getting wet themselves just from the thought of diving into her pussy headfirst.

The sun was heading down towards the horizon, but there was still at least an hour left before it sunk from sight. Alicia happened to be standing closest to Lori's chair and was surprised to hear Emily urge her to start things off. "What the hell," she thought. "A little tune-up for my match with Angel can't hurt."

"Get over here Alicia, I won't bite." Lori, obviously drunk, wiggled her ass invitingly.

That was all it took. Alicia kneeled on a pillow and dove in. As soon as her face got within about a foot of Lori's shiny pink hole, the heady and erotic aroma smashed through Alicia's olfactory system. The spicy and musky scent was strong and wickedly erotic. Her lips wasted no time burrowing between Lori's labia and spreading them wide for her tongue to slide inside her greasy hole.

"Hey, who's keeping time?" Carmen wondered. Emily ran for the watch she had taken off earlier and ran back to watch the action. Here, the girl going next can keep the time. She sort of barged in front of Maria as though to say that she was going next. No order had been chosen and the girls sort of jostled for position, both to see the action, and to be close so she could get in her licks sooner rather than later.

Alicia extended her tongue into Lori's wet hole and it excited Alicia immensely to know she tasted the intimate juices and tissues of one of her long-time friends for the very first time. In and out she fucked Lori with her tongue. "Time."

It was over too quickly to suit Alicia. But Emily was already nudging her out of the way. "Nice, Alicia." Lori gave a verbal compliment even as Emily's tongue replaced Alicia's inside her pussy. "Shit, I wish I had thought of this earlier." Lori just was thinking out loud. She wiggled her ass, making her long slender legs wobble in the air. "Come here. Will two of you hold my legs up so I don't have to?" She was demanding more and she got it. Two girls grabbed her legs and held them wide and high, making her avenue even more accessible for Emily. Emily's tongue burrowed deeply and then slipped up and out of her vagina to taste the nubbin atop her cleft. Lori's clit was firmly erect, aching for just such a treat. A few seconds later, Emily's time ran out.

Angel went next. She burrowed her face in Lori's crotch all right, but she also stretched her arms upwards to pinch her nipples as her nose, inhaling the same erotic fumes that Emily and Alicia had encountered, dove inside Lori's cunt. Wiggling her nose briefly to stretch her tissues out and loosen them up a bit, she then sucked her labia lips, first left, and then right. Sucking like there was no tomorrow, she stretched her lips a couple of inches and gently chewed on them with her teeth before her time ran out as well.

Racine dove in behind Angel. By now Lori was groaning and moaning a bit. Her hips wiggled and squirmed with each new face. Her erotic adventure, coming to pass through the portals of wine and seven horny girls, was more than she had ever dreamed.

Racine blasted her tongue inside Lori's twat for a quick taste. "Mmmmm." She liked it and said so out loud. Then she corralled her clit and used her tongue like a sword to thrust, parry, and foil every motion emanating from Lori's crotch. "Mmmmmm." She made sure Lori heard how much she liked the taste and texture of Lori's sex. "Magnificent," she spouted as her time ran out and she was pushed aside by an impatient Carmen.

Carmen laid a load of spittle on Lori's cunt, which was now so saturated and covered by her slime mixed with the saliva of six other girls that she almost needed a snorkel to get into the goodies. Carmen went straight for the clit. Lori's ass bounced on the chair and thrust against Carmen's mouth while her legs were kept aloft by two of the others. Carmen plunged two fingers inside Lori's hole beneath her chin as her lips sucked as much of her clitoris inside her mouth as Lori's physiology and her own sucking power would allow. Like trying to suck a thick milk shake through a too-small straw, Carmen radically extended Lori's clit into her mouth. In and out, in and out, in and out, went the now stretched clit. Carmen hoped that Lori would actually come in her mouth, but it didn't happen and now Joy was nudging her out of the way for her turn.

Lori had never been pleasured like this, even in her dreams, and the erotic power of seven different girls giving her such wonderful cunnilingus made her pant with horny anticipation as Joy, the next-to-last girl became instantly intoxicated by the lovely and powerful aroma wafting out from Lori's cunt. Lips, tongue, teeth and nose all went crazy trying to smash Lori through the barrier. But Joy didn't succeed either, even with all the wiggling and crying that came from the girl on the recliner.

"Time!" It was Maria and she somehow had been relegated to last. But now it seemed perfect. Lori was so wound up and so tense from all the delicious oral manipulation that she thought for sure that Lori would blast off. Maria was now just as horny as she'd ever been and the gusto that shot her forward into Lori's pussy was amazing. Her hands grabbed Lori's ass and held it tight so her mouth could run wild in the juicy orifice. She rubbed her entire face across the expanse of juicy flesh, sucked in a huge breath of aromatic atmosphere, and jammed her tongue three inches deep inside Lori's aching hole.

Amazingly Lori held off. In less than five minutes seven sexy babes had eaten her out and her twat had never been so generously pleasured. The smile on her face was a mile wide.

Time was up. Alicia had the watch and she shouted out that it was time for Maria to stop. Maria snuck in four or five quick bites. Lori's clit was just too good to pass up.

Clearly Lori had loved it all. But now the question in all the girls' minds was: Who was the best?

"Ok, Lori. We did your dare. I thought for sure you would come, but now we each want to know, who won?"

Lori had to let her breathing slow down for a few seconds before she could answer.

"It's too soon to know who won." A thought flashed through several of their minds: Did she want a second round to determine the winner?

No. That wasn't it. "I can't choose a winner until EVERY girl has had a chance to eat my pussy." She paused. The others were confused. All seven of them had already had the chance. "Had she lost track and forgotten one of them?" some wondered.

Emily tried to clear up the misconception. "Lori. We all DID eat you. You should decide which one you liked best."

"Like I said, not before EVERY girl here has had a chance to eat my pussy." With that Lori sat up in the chair. She leaned her torso forward as she pulled her legs back behind her shoulders. Then, amazingly she managed to curve her back forward, quite dramatically, even more, into a 'C' shape, propelling her pussy upwards as her head snaked lower and lower.

Fourteen eyes practically jumped out of their heads as they watched Lori slide her long tongue out of her mouth and lick her clit. Not only had they never seen anything like that before, they never even knew such a feat was possible. Autocunnilingus isn't something that 99.9% of the female population could accomplish. But Lori had been in gymnastics for seven years. Her body was lithe, limber, and on the slender side. Aghast, the seven watched in wonder as Lori proceeded to gain access to her own pussy with her tongue and they watched mesmerized as she proceeded to eat her own pussy to a shuddering orgasm. It only took a couple of minutes and they were dead silent the whole time.

"I'm the best beaver eater." Lori relaxed back on the chair as the seven girls gave her applause and kudos for a job well done.