DARE PARTY - Chapter 25

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 25 - There Are Only Two Left

The total time elapsed between Joy riding high on Angel and Joy falling as Angel's second victim took less than 25 seconds total. The turn of events stunned the other girls. They had been rooting for Joy and it certainly appeared for a long time that was the way it would end: Joy victorious. But they underestimated the older girl. She waited for the perfect opportunity and was able to take advantage. She strode out of the pool, leaving Joy behind.

"Well, well, well," she sounded off. "I hope you weren't rooting for Joy, because you were backing a LOSER!" She put biting emphasis on the word loser. She walked over to Alicia and stood directly in front of her. Striking a defiant pose, hands on hips, she offered her challenge. "Its just you and me left now girl. I hope you're ready, because I plan to eat you up and spit you out just like I did the other two."

Her haughtiness wasn't winning any friends and Emily, even as horny as it made her to think of tangling with Angel herself, was wondering if it had been such a good idea to invite her. But ever the charming hostess, she managed to use her guile to gain some control over the situation. Alicia had started to chatter back at Angel, but Emily cut her off, "Girls, girls: That was a fine match. Congratulations to you Angelica. Congratulations to Alicia as well. I wish it was me but Alicia won and she deserves a shot at the title belt." She borrowed a phrase from boxing. There was no belt, really, just the understanding that they all shared, that whoever won the next fight was the 'best'.

"Why don't we eat a bite or two and relax a while? That way both girls will be fresh for the final match." It was Lori who suggested the break. "Emily, I have a question for you. It's now past 7:00. When is the party over? Do you have any events planned for after the next match?"

Emily noted the questioning look on some of the other's faces. 'I think a break is good. We all could use a stretch and a potty break too. I don't have any more 'events' planned. I do need to clean up a bit so we probably need to break it off shortly after the next event."

Alicia rose up now and stood toe-to-toe with Angel. "Just wait, cunt. You'll be just another sorry blonde, quivering away like Jell-O when I'm through with you." She turned and walked away as Angel tossed back her own barb, "No brunette ever made can get the better of me."

For the next 20 minutes the girls took breaks inside the house, fed themselves a bit, drank a bit. "Oh, by the way, here are some bottles of wine," offered Emily. She came out of the house with three big bottles of good wine she absconded from her parent's wine rack. "Maybe some of you might like to taste a bit of my parent's collection?" While none of the girls were big drinkers (yet), all had tasted alcohol a few times and with inhibitions already lowered by the sexy atmosphere, it didn't take much for all to transfer some of the wine from bottles to tummies. The hot sun, the humidity, the horny naked girls all around, seemed to make the wine work its magic very quickly. Except for Alicia and Angel, who only took a sip or two each, the rest managed to down all three bottles in short order.

Lori seemed to feel the effects the fastest. Her inhibitions were gone and she became more gregarious than any could ever remember her. "Hey girls, I have an idea." She commanded their attention.