DARE PARTY - Chapter 30

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 30 - The Prize

Emily and Joy, with help from Carmen and Maria loosened the knots and allowed the girls to break free of each other.

"Lay back down whore!" Alicia shouted at Angelica just as soon as she sat up after the ropes were pulled off.

Angelica looked at Alicia with a look of disbelief. "What?"

"I said lay back down whore. YOU'RE not done yet!" When Angelica was slow to comply Alicia, her cockiness and bravado clearly evident, grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head to the ground.

Angelica's tears continued to flow and she didn't try to fight back. Even with the 'cuffs' off, she didn't have the energy or motivation to challenge Alicia anymore. Angelica was humiliated. Many reasons existed. First, she didn't like to lose at all. Second, she had lost to a girl 5 years younger than her. Third, she had lost to a brunette. Fourth, she had lost in front of all the other girls, two of whom she had beaten herself. What she didn't realize was the humiliation wasn't done. Not yet anyway.

Alicia's victory made her feel great. A demonic side of her was beginning to show its presence. She wanted to make Angel PAY for all the transgressions Alicia believed she was responsible for. The tingle in her pussy made the method of payment a foregone conclusion for Alicia.

"EAT ME!" Alicia sat on Angelica's tummy and bent low to her face and repeated herself, "Eat me."

Angelica just shook her head no. It was a bad move. Alicia grabbed both of Angelica's tits and yanked on them and twisted them in her hands for a few seconds. She stopped and whispered to Angelica, "BEG to eat me."

Angelica refused. Her lesbian experiences up to now had included an occasional submissive role, and she had always been turned on when forced to perform sex acts. But somehow this was different. She was being humiliated and it was in front of six other lovely girls. She wasn't willing to oblige Alicia's commands. "Fuck you!" she whispered in anger.

Alicia seemed frustrated that Angelica still wouldn't willingly submit. Her only recourse was more physical punishment. But first she whispered again, "YOU WILL BEG!" She rose up from her seat atop Angel's tummy and dropped down hard. Her ass smacked Angel's tummy and the girls all heard the 'oooof' as the air in her lungs was forcefully expelled. Again and again Alicia smacked her ass into Angel's tummy until there was no air left and Angel was unable to breathe. After about ten solid thumps to Angel's tummy Alicia pulled her nipples out long and far once again, followed by a wicked slap across her left tit.


Angel tried to catch her breath as the tears streamed down her cheek. Not acting quickly enough to suit Alicia, Angel felt the sting of several more slaps to both her breasts and face. Shortly her sobbing increased through the staccato breaths she managed to suck in. Finally Angel had had enough and determined that her only recourse to avoid further pain and suffering was to submit and comply. "Ok. Ok. Please let me eat your pussy."

"Its about time, slut. You're going to love it too!"

Alicia sat on Angelica's stomach for a few more moments, her ass beginning to wiggle a bit on Angelica's slippery skin. Alicia's pussy had finally regained some wetness and was ready for some action and she slowly worked her hips forward an inch at a time, slowly humping Angelica's beaten body as she went. She guided her well-juiced cunt lips over each of Angelica's still-hard nipples, cherishing both the erotic texture of those nipples and the humiliation she was dishing out. A few good wiggles across both tits were enough. She roamed further north until her pussy rested on Angelica's quivering chin. "This is gonna be GOOD!" Alicia was referring to both the agony she was delivering and the sexual relief she sought for her burning libido.

Angelica was still trying to recover her breath when Alicia slid her pussy over her face. Angelica ached from the emotional pain and from the fact that her lungs hadn't caught up with her body's need for oxygen when her air was cut off again by Alicia's wet cunt plastered across her mouth and nose. Alicia ground her cunt down on Angelica's tear streaked face, her pussy juices merging with Angelica's tears and snot. Angelica dutifully opened her mouth and stuck her tongue into Alicia's hot, sticky tunnel. She didn't have a lot of energy but she made sure to swizzle her tongue around inside Alicia, hoping that Alicia would let her breathe in a moment.

Alicia felt Angelica's tongue slide inside her cunt and immediately she reacted with slow, hard, rotation of her hips, grinding her gash down even harder onto Angelica's hapless face. "Hey blonde slut, how does a brunette pussy taste?" She didn't even give her the chance to answer her rhetorical question. Her clit wiped Angelica's nose, the hard gristle stimulating Alicia's sexual center. Angelica's lungs were bursting and she nearly passed out before Alicia relieved the pressure on her face and allowed a few quick breaths. Angelica sucked in air as fast as she could, a screechy sucking sound reverberating across the yard. "What's the matter, slut? Can't you breathe? Don't worry, I won't let you suffocate; at least not until you make me come."

After six or seven deep breaths, Angel got face fucked again. Alicia's hot pussy thrust forward and backwards to the rhythm of horny excitement her arousal demanded. Angelica was allowed an occasional quick breath as Alicia's motion would free up her nasal passages. Angel was overwhelmed by Alicia's grinding cunt. The odor was strong, full of musty sweat, pungent juices, and yet powerfully feminine. While aching from the embarrassment of her situation, she eventually reminded herself that she had liked eating pussy for the past 4-5 years. "Oh well," she thought, "I might as well make the best of it." She was referring to her submissive position and the newly remembered love of pussy.

With her realization now forefront in her mind, Angelica started showing a bit more liveliness in her tonguing and head motion. Alicia kept her pussy moving, but without the intense pressure of before, and now Angelica could use a little of that freedom to keep her tongue twisting and turning inside Alicia's love hole, darting into each and every crevice, sliding along both lips, tweaking her clit with quick jabs, and then repeating the procedure again and again. Angelica noted Alicia's hips losing a bit of their rhythmic stability. She would pause mid-stroke for a moment as Angelica's tongue tickled her cunt in pleasure, only to have her hips lurch spastically forward, as if under a will of their own. Angelica knew her ministrations were building Alicia towards an orgasm. She slithered her tongue like a snake, burrowing deeply up inside Alicia, the tendons at the back of her tongue stretched to the limit to probe as far inside her hole as possible. Alicia managed to remain still (almost) for a while as she felt the lovely invasion. The feel of Angelica's tongue fucking in and out of her depths was pure hedonistic pleasure. With Angelica's tongue buried full length inside her, Alicia felt her desire building and her ache for total abandonment to her horny drive for release led her to actually lift her knees off the floor and literally sit on Angelica's face. Her entire body weight pressed down on her, smashing her head against the ground, even as Angelica absorbed the punishment by jamming her tongue into her again and again, fucking Alicia's twat with at least three inches of muscular tongue with every stroke. The thrill of feeling that tongue dancing in her cunt made her shiver with delight. "Good work... for a blonde." Alicia, even in her pleasure managed to make a sarcastic remark about Angelica.

Before Angel ran out of breath, Alicia took her weight off and allowed her to breathe once again. But, oh, that tongue she thought. She wanted that tongue in her some more. So down she went, now with most of her weight resting on her knees so that Angel wouldn't be smothered. Angel obliged the position by zipping her tongue inside Alicia for 45 seconds, before she decided to augment the tongue fucking with some clitty sucking. Shifting her head just enough to reach her clit, Angel gave it a quick flick with her tongue and then sucked it into her mouth. She sucked and sucked and sucked, feeling the hardened nub conform to the texture and pressure of her lips. The vacuum power extended the fleshy nerve-bundle to enormous length and Angel managed to chew on it, tongue it, lip-pinch it and in mere seconds Alicia was thrown into a gut-wrenching orgasm. Muscles from across her body spasmed and contorted with random twitching. "Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKK!" She screamed out her pleasure with continuous shrieks that almost sounded like they were screams of anguish. But they weren't. Her orgasm wracked her body for over a minute, Angel's mouth and tongue devouring Alicia's cunt throughout. After twenty or thirty waves of pleasure roared through her body, Alicia finally ground to a halt. Angel's tongue finally slowed to a standstill.