DARE PARTY - Chapter 18

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 18 - Semi-final Arrangements

Lori had come to the party excited about being with her friends, getting a bit daring, and having a fun time. She hadn't really expected to get involved sexually with her friends, but now that she had participated in the fun, explored her sexuality in a brand new way, she thrilled at the possibilities her newfound awareness provided. Throughout the battle with Joy, she had not even once felt like a 'lesbian'. She was just having girlish fun and trying to overpower her friend in a fun sort of way. It was only afterwards that she realized that she had just had an intimate sexual lesbian tryst with another girl, and had witnessed three other episodes of girl-on-girl lovemaking. Yes, it was competitive (very) lovemaking, but it was lesbian lovemaking regardless. She didn't know if any of the other girls had ever had such experiences, but she certainly wondered. Actually the only ones who ever had were Joy and Emily (with each other), and Angelica (with several others, none present today). She had been initiated and she knew Joy and Emily had planned it. She suspected that such an initiation had been part of their plan all along. What she didn't know was if the initiation that had happened up to now was the totality of it, or if indeed, there might be more to discover. She remembered the devilish wink she had sent to Racine. It sent shivers down her spine to recall the tempting look Racine had given her. "If I could sneak off in a corner with Racine right now I would fuck her silly," she thought. But her thoughts came back to reality when Joy called for everyone's attention.

"Girls. Girls. Listen up." She waited a few seconds for all to become attentive. She smiled as she looked around at the seven other sexy babes gathered on the north side of the pool, near the food. "Emily and I want to thank all of you right now for coming. The party is far from over, but in case either of us forget or are unable to give a proper thank you later on, we want to do it now. This has been an exciting party for us and we owe it all to those of you who DARED to RSVP in the affirmative. We hope you are all having a good time and will continue to do so. It is only a bit past 6:00 so we have a lot of time left before the place needs to be cleaned up a bit. But that shouldn't take long so we can continue to entertain ourselves in daring ways. I'll let Emily have the floor now."

"My thanks to all of you as well. My hat is off to Joy for her help in the preparations. Thanks. We both really do want to thank all of you for coming, regardless of what might happen later. Maybe, just maybe, we can find a time and place to do it again." She paused long enough to hear a few murmurs and note some heads nodding up and down. She smiled and continued; "Now we have concluded some pretty rough and tough sexy fights. Congratulations to the winners, including yours truly, and also congratulations to those who didn't manage to advance. I saw Carmen and Racine battle very strong against Angel and Alicia so I know that both could have gone either way. I was a bit too involved with Maria to have realized how close Joy and Lori were matched, but from what they told me it was nip and tuck all the way. I can assure you Maria was within a hair's breadth of keeping me out of the semi-finals. Now though, it is time to move on and see who can back up their first round win with a second. Joy and Angel have the pleasure of getting at each other in one semi-final. They will wait until Alicia and I decide who is better. We'll start and then Angel and Joy will follow. There will be another break between our matches and I'm sure another break will be needed before the finals." She paused for a second. "Joy, any final thoughts?"

"Yes. I dare the other three girls to raise the bar for this round." She looked around and saw the quizzical looks on their faces. No one interrupted, but they waited for her to describe what she meant. "I think we should go for more orgasms. You know, best two out of three." We don't want a single lucky orgasm to send the wrong girl into the finals now do we?" She paused a moment before adding quickly, "I don't mean to imply that any of the winners were just lucky, either."

"Oooohh. I like that." Alicia spoke up first. Eyeing her opponent she remarked, "Emily looks ripe for a pair." Her words rolled smoothly and it took a moment for the others to glean the double entendre lurking amongst her words.

"I've got no problem with that." Emily nodded.

"I see you're a bit scared of me aren't you Joy?" It was Angel, bending Joy's words around into a near admission of inferiority. "Don't worry though. I'll be happy to take you for a double ride. What are we waiting for?"

"Ha ha. I'm no more afraid of you than I am of AvidMike losing Joslyn's phone number."

Emily offered the six girls the availability of the chairs from near the pool so they could come and sit in comfort. Arranging them in a circle about 25 feet across gave the appearance of a ring. Emily and Alicia walked into the center of the ring.