DARE PARTY - Chapter 19

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 19 - Alicia and Emily Have a Nipple Confrontation

"Finally," Emily thought. Her hot bodied friend with the gorgeous breasts and firm ass stood before her in defiance of her own determined spirit. "I've been wanting her for a long time," she thought to herself. They had been friends since elementary school and had shared many a good time together over the years. She was almost surprised that Alicia was so willingly ready to open a brand new chapter in their relationship. They liked each other as genuine friends, but they were now face-to-face intent on dominating the other enough to prove sexually superiority. Even with all the practice with Joy, Emily expected Alicia to be a formidable opponent. Her very close call with Maria gave her no illusions that a victory would be a sure thing.

Alicia defined brunette beauty. Her face was flawless and creamy, but tanned deeper this year than any former year. When she smiled her brown eyes melted most men and they were now working their magic on Emily. Alicia, like Lori, had not expected such a turn of events, but it had been less of a surprise for her, considering how well she knew Emily, and the small comments that Emily had (accidentally or not) dropped over the past couple of months about boys, girls, and sex. Never explicit, but just teasing around the edges, Emily let slip enough of her feelings that Alicia wasn't totally surprised with how Emily was acting today. So she now found herself face-to-face, from only inches of separation, with her long-time friend.

Having beaten Racine with her own body she now felt enough confidence to think she could beat Emily as well. She seemed to have conveniently forgotten though that at the end of her sexy cunt-fight to the finish with Racine, that she had actually been lost over to her own libido. She was aching for her own orgasm so badly that she wasn't even trying to hold back. It was only by the fate of Racine racing to her own orgasm first that allowed Alicia to win. She had forgotten all about that and she was ready for Emily on whatever terms it might take. "Two orgasms. That's all I need to get out of her. Just two."

Emily's arms came forward towards Alicia. Alicia reached for Emily's hands and they clasped together. An immediate test of strength began their battle. Emily's powerful arms seemed to bend Alicia's backwards but never far enough to cause pain. Alicia brought her arms up high overhead with Emily attached. Leaning forward to press against her with all the might in her arms she met Emily leaning in from the other side. Their faces passed beside each other on the right as their chests pressed together.

D-cups met C-cups. Emily's larger breasts made delicious contact with Alicia's smaller (not exactly the right word) pair. Since their brief interlude together in the water after the race earlier, they hadn't been in touch with each other. Now they were definitely in touch. Big firm boobs, burrowed into each other, compressing the flesh and creating a line of demarcation between them. Their nipples were buried between them amidst the expanding flesh of their healthy tits. While their nipples might have gone out of sight they were definitely not out of mind. Emily felt Alicia's hard nipples pressing hard into her own. She relished the sexy sensation her friend's nipples made. Exquisite! The four hardened nubs of darker flesh wiggled and tested within the tight confines of burgeoning breast flesh. Alicia made an "oooohhh," sound because Emily's hard nipples firmly rubbing against her own, sent tiny little sparks of pleasure shooting outward across her chest.

Emily relaxed her grip. Alicia relaxed her grip. They let go of each other's hands and sensually slid their hands downward alongside their arms, tracing a ticklish path across ultra-sensitive skin. Alicia's fingers momentarily halted in Emily's armpits. She used her nails to very, very gently rake across the smooth but ticklish skin under her arms; ticklish enough to make Emily giggle a little, but not enough to throw her into paroxysms of bouncy laughter. A sensual playfulness seemed to settle over them with both girls smiling, giggling, and exploring each other's body with soft hands.

Alicia backed up just a bit to free her breasts from the pressure of combating Emily's monsters. Emily allowed it without fanfare. Emily glanced down at their large breasts now unencumbered. "My nipples are nicer than yours." She grinned as she watched them jiggle a bit. Her hands had settled on either side of Alicia's ribcage, gently gripping her.

Alicia reminded Emily, "You sure didn't mind sucking my nipples earlier. I think mine are better."

"Well then since we both think we've got the best nipples, why don't we put them to the test? Your nipples against mine in a no holds barred fight. I'm sure we'll find it arousing and then we'll know whose nipples are really the best."

"No problemo. I'd love to teach your nipples a lesson about tittie manners. You'd better make sure your nipples are as firm and hard as they can get, you wouldn't want to lose in the first minute would you?" With that Alicia pulled her right breast up to her mouth and she pulled her nipple into her mouth and made obvious slurpy-sucky sounds.

Emily, of course, was delighted with Alicia's willingness to match titty-tits with her. Even though she had lost more than one tit-fight with Joy in the past, the erotic thrill of tangling nipples with another sexy chest was among Emily's most frequent fantasies. Now, here she was, just about to double duel her own spectacular nipples with Alicia's formidable endowments, and all in front of an audience of precious spectators. "My big nipples could be half-hard and still make your tiny little nubs submit. But it will be more fun to dominate them completely. So I will take your bait." She copied Alicia and mouthed both of her nipples for the next minute while Alicia did the same. Alicia finished sucking her nipples into full erection and they were impressively enlarged: especially in length. Emily knew her own nipples length from the measurements she and Joy had done several weeks before: five-eighths of an inch. Could it be possible that Alicia's were even longer?

Carefully approaching each other they expectantly aligned their nipples. Emily lifted her breasts, one in each hand and Alicia followed suit. Alicia stared down at the daggers dangling in front of her. She noticed that in fact, her nipples appeared longer than Emily's and nearly, if not, as thick and full as well. A surge of pride swelled her chest and her long nipples responded, even before the initial contact with a yummy tingly sensation. "See, mine are longer than yours."

"That is of no consequence. What can they DO?"

With that Emily gently grazed her right nipple very gently across Alicia's left. Just the very tips came in contact and the feeling was beautiful. She shivered with the delicate and delicious sensation created by Alicia's nips. Next she scraped her left across Alicia's right, with Alicia cooperating fully, and sharing in the exquisite sensations.

"They can do THIS," Alicia said in a teasing way as she moved her nipple to nudge one edge of her right nipple against the side of Emily's left nipple. With her shaft touching Emily's shaft, side-by-side, she inched forward with aching slowness. The lengths of their nipples slid slowly by each other, a new set of nerve endings awakened to the joy of this most sensual aspect of feminine erotique.

Emily pursed a tiny smile and shivered with the delight from Alicia's hard nipple tantalizing her own. In response she used her own right nipple to glide shaft-to-shaft alongside Alicia's left. With deft control they mutually shafted each other with their lovely light brown nipples. Neither girl sported dark nipples, in fact they were nearly identical light brown, just a shade darker than their surrounding skin. If it hadn't been for the need to use their eyes to manipulate the connection, they would have probably closed their eyes to relish the sparkly sensations cascading through their tits, and beyond.

For as much bravado and threats of domination that had passed between them moments before, they weren't actively engaging in anything remotely like a nipple fight. This was nipple love plain and simple. Emily let loose a few oohs and aaahs, as did Alicia. Both clearly enjoyed the wonderful eroticism of sharing nipples with each other. Recognizing how lovely this was (it was her first time) Alicia absorbed it and gloried in it, but it didn't seem to be 'enough'. She began controlling her right tit in tight small circles around and around. She traced her nipple shaft tightly and totally around Emily's shaft. Every square millimeter of her right nipple tingly grazed around every square millimeter of Emily's left.

Sensing the delicate tantalizing feel, Emily mirrored her nipple around and around Alicia's so that the two were dancing together with all four nipples. All of this was accomplished with nothing more than the gentlest, almost feather-like touch. No firm jabs, no hard rubs, no careless bumps. The choreography was magnificent and the lightness of the touch belied the power of the feelings.

Alicia felt her legs tremble. The weakness in her knees was making it hard to maintain the necessary concentration and control to guide her nipple with such care. Eventually her control slipped and her long nipple jabbed into Emily. "Ooops!" She grinned at the mistake.

Emily knew it was an accident, but she snagged the opportunity to retaliate in kind. Her smile indicated she knew it was an accident, but she spoke as though she was offended by the thrust. "Oh, so that's the way it's going to be? You think you can jab me like that and get away with it? I think not!"

Dropping her hand support she let her tits hang free. "Let's let 'em go at it on their own." Her intent was obvious: tit-to-tit without hands.

Emily initiated a jab of her own. She expertly rammed her right nipple directly into Alicia's left prong: not hard really, but with firmness that foretold of more to come. Alicia viewed the spectacle with both desire and stubbornness. She wasn't about to let Emily's rock-hard nipples carry the day. She would user her own granite nipples to sway Emily's arrogance back to reality. She leaned closer to Emily and in a soft sexy voice purred, "Mine are harder."

"Come on now Alicia, such fantasies. I'd have thought you were more of a realist than that?"

All through the brief encounter they probed each other. Alicia purred again, "I can feel it. My nipples make yours feel like cotton candy: mostly air. Can't you feel the difference? Yours are squishy and soft. Mine are hard and powerful."

As much as Emily really liked Alicia, she didn't at all appreciate being told her feminine assets were inferior. She assumed that Alicia was just trying to get under her skin, because she couldn't possibly believe that her nipples were actually harder or better than her own. From Emily's perspective, in fact it was clearly the opposite. She genuinely could feel Alicia's nips compressing and giving way to her own as they slowly increased the pressure between them. Emily couldn't let Alicia get away with that kind of audacity, so she let her know her true feelings and intentions. "You better quit your 'little girl' lies. I don't much appreciate such horseshit. To punish you for your stinking lies I'll just prove mine are stronger than yours."

With a little wink, and a slight edge in her voice (she didn't like being talked to in such an obvious condescending way), Alicia questioned her, "Just exactly HOW do you propose to use your itty-bitty-titty-toppers to prove such an outlandish claim?" She was wringing every last drop she could from the fact that indeed her nipples did appear to be about an eighth of an inch longer than Emily's. Her C-cup size was clearly inferior to Emily's whoppers, but she made sure she to utilize the one impressive feature of her tits as much as possible. At almost three-fourths of an inch they were definitely well beyond the mean for even mature women.

Emily was undaunted by Alicia's sexy nipples, she KNEW what hers could do. "I'll bend yours over flat. Just watch." With that she twisted her chest a bit so she could pounce forward towards Alicia's jutting nipples at a slight angle. Her thick prongs poked at her nemesis' nips. Alicia held her ground, both physically and psychologically. Alicia stood Gibraltar-firm to watch what would happen when Emily's daggers attacked her nipples. For the benefit of both pairs of eyes, Emily moved slowly, pushing gently. The pressure was certain, but not overpowering. There was no pain at all, just the continued delicious tactile resonance from plenty of nipple play. The very center of Emily's slightly conical nipples rested against the outer edge of Alicia's more cylindrical nipples. "Just watch!" Emily repeated herself as if to emphasize what she thought was inevitable. With minute increments, she edged her nipple forward, watching every tiny change in position and shape of the dueling torpedoes. The muscle control both girls showed was quite remarkable. Just to align BOTH pairs of nipples up so delicately was a feat in itself, but to experience the teasing, testing, forceful battle between offensive nipples and defensive nipples without any shaking, slippage, or misguided pressure was mightily erotic and amazing in and of itself. The other six girls watched intently, but the two tit-gladiators were transfixed by their own personal battle. Even with the question of nipple dominance at stake the shared atmosphere was one of powerful eroticism. The sexual stimulation was both accepted and understood. Neither girl had forgotten the overall goal of this interlude in their lives; it was to elicit two orgasms from the other girl before she succumbed herself. So even with the motivation to prove nipple superiority at stake, they felt like Tinkerbell had scattered horny dust all over their tits.

"Were they deflecting or not?" That was the question on both girls' minds as they scanned their nipples for evidence. The exact point of contact between their nipples had widened. The pressure caused Emily's nipple to compress backwards a tiny fraction, as Alicia's nipple compressed at a 45-degree angle. The compression seemed to match perfectly. Neither gave away more than the other. Even though they had each sucked their own titties to 100 % perceived fullness and hardness, each girl imagined that right now, under the sexy onslaught of her opponent's nipples, they had supersaturated themselves with blood, turning into super dense sexual weapons. Even compared to her tit-fights with Joy in the past, Emily had never been prouder of her nipples than she was right now.

Alicia, awed by her nipples ability to withstand the gritty slow attack, carefully whispered her defiance. "I don't see them bending at all. I don't think your nipples have what it takes, BIG GIRL." The way she said BIG GIRL irritated Emily. The connotation was that, even with big tits, when it came to the crown jewel of those tits, she wasn't so special.

"I've only just begun." She spoke matter-of-factly and she followed up with a nearly infinitesimal advance. The compression intensified. Both pairs of nipples gained an even wider area of contact. The sexual heat generated didn't lessen a bit, but finally Alicia's nipples, simultaneously, bent to the side. The bend formed at the very base and curved along the shafts to where they now pointed about 50-degrees towards Alicia's right.

The smile across Emily's face could have lit Manhattan. She glowed at Alicia but did not speak. She let her nipples and smile do all the talking. Alicia just stood, looking at her nipples bent to the side, but seemingly unfazed by the result. "Ok. What did you just prove? That after more than two minutes of pushing, your nipples plowing straight ahead, mine skewed at a 45-degree angle, that finally mine would bend. Now it's my turn. I'll bend yours FLAT, and it won't take half the pressure it took you."

She moved with excruciating slowness, but Alicia finally pulled back from the attack, undaunted. To her it was an obvious result. Physics alone was behind the outcome. It had nothing to do with Emily. In fact Emily understood all that very well, but considering the erotic thrill she got from pushing Alicia's nipples back like that she couldn't resist the temptation to go at her like that and to be willing to accept any retaliatory attack that might come her way. "Oh, well." She thought. "Fair is fair."

Once again, great care was taken to line up their nipples. This time Alicia came at the corner of Emily's nipples from straight on. Alicia managed to advance with the same excruciating deliberation as had Emily. In the end the results bore out Alicia's thinking, but not before both girls had challenged each other's nipples with the intense hardness and sizzling erotic touch they shared. It seemed that Emily's nipples had withstood the pressure for just as long and looked just as nice doing it as had Alicia's.

By this time the six onlookers were anxious for a little bit more action. A few comments were heard about the lack of progress. What they didn't see though was the erotic intensity that even the soft, but firm, jabbing of nipples had done to the libidos of both young women. Their arousal was like that of the rising tide, not explosive nor rapid, but yet unrelenting and voluminous. Each girl wanted more, but there was momentum left in their nipple duel.

Since the outcome of the tickly jabs wasn't definitive, there seemed a need to test each other simultaneously. Without a word being spoken the girls once again carefully arranged their tits and nipples so that the shafts were side by side, each on the right of the other. Overlapping about half-way or a bit more, they began to press to the left. Like before, the tension was erotic and exciting, even with the sincere desire for a little victory. Alicia felt Emily's hard nipple demanding her, threatening her, pushing on her, teasing her, relentlessly impinging on 'her territory'. Undaunted, Alicia reciprocated with as much unyielding energy.

Emily watched as her nipples compressed at the side of impact, flattening out just a wee bit as Alicia's hard nipples modestly compressed as well. Millimeter by millimeter they challenged their foe. Slowly the bending started, equal at first. Even though the physical effort was not great, both girls broke out in a sweat from the concentration required to 'will' their nipples to victory. Alicia's pride in her super hard nipples was evident even as her face grimaced from the total absorption with her task.

Emily ached for the moment when Alicia's nipples would finally submit. Her own hardness could feel the mass and inflexibility of Alicia's daunting nipples. Ever since Emily's discovery of the sexual turn-on that comes with pitting oneself against a powerful foe, she dreamed of innumerable sexy combats: little ones, big ones, and everything in between. This was a small one for sure, but still highly charged with sexual overtones. Alicia's nipples were certainly a force to be reckoned with. Her firm nipples hadn't lost even a sliver of their initial stiffness. Would she be able to overpower such a formidable pair? Her mind tried not to doubt, but it was impossible to avoid as she felt the stretching begin at the base of her nipples. The tension along the left side of both nipples increased. She felt the stretching first; just a tiny amount. She wondered if Alicia was sensitive enough to notice the same thing. She was certain that if she was feeling it that Alicia MUST have begun stretching too. It had to happen. Finally something had to give. Emily looked in dismay as her left nipple began to give way, turning and bending to the right while Alicia's stiff right nipple remained rigid and ramrod straight. "Could it be?" she wondered. Could she really be seeing what she thought she saw? Yes, it was clearly true. Alicia's right nipple had overpowered Emily's left. Emily was sort of surprised that Alicia didn't immediately shout out her jubilation. She knew why when she glanced back at the other duel just inches away. She had been so focused on that single nipple battle that she hadn't noticed her own right nipple was now bending Alicia's left in much the same way as her own was being bent. They stood like this, breathing as softly as possible to maintain the delicate balance of pressure on their nipples. Evidently both girls had a stronger right nipple than left and, as such, had been able to eventually carry the day against the slightly less firm left nipple of the other.