DARE PARTY - Chapter 17

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 17 - Break Time

Joy and Emily felt wonderful. They were on cloud 9, knowing their plan was working and also because they were enjoying the six sexy girls, happy to be bringing them into their little world of sexfighting. The erotic encounters they had been in, with Lori and Maria respectfully, were extremely gratifying and enjoyable. The other two encounters they had witnessed had obviously been well received by the girls involved, even with the violence that accompanied the latest match to end. They were excited and anxious to continue on towards their own rematch, but it wasn't without some apprehension.

When Joy and Emily were able to talk out of hearing of the others they discussed their matches. "How hard was it for you to beat Lori?"

Joy admitted to Emily that, "It was not easy at all. Lori put up a good fight and I barely won."

"Me too. Maria turned out to be really tenacious and it was all I could do to hold off and get her to come first." Emily raised another concern. "I sure hope you can beat Angel. I want to get at you for the championship, but after watching Angel, I'm not so sure you can beat her."

After watching the final part of Angel versus Carmen, Joy had a few doubts herself, but she didn't let them show. "What are you talking about? If I were you I'd be more worried about Alicia than about who my next match is with. I can take care of myself when it comes to Angel."

Carmen and Angelica were the first into the pool, both feeling the need to clean their faces and bodies of the sun-dried concoction of fluids plastering their hair to their faces. The cooling water helped immensely, even if it didn't totally wipe away the fatigue they shared. Eventually all the girls ended up in the pool, after nibbling on the collection of food that remained. All of them drank lots of juice or water or soda pop.

The four girls who had lost their first sexfight all wished they had won. They found themselves anticipating the next battles with great interest, but wishing they were participants instead of spectators. Lori, Maria, Racine, and Carmen sort of gravitated together during the break and compared notes a bit. Lori, the first to lose, admitted how much she loved hooking up with Joy and that she would REALLY have liked to take on Angel, especially after seeing how much excitement she created with Carmen. Racine was still upset that Alicia had overcome her, no matter that it had been contentious to the end. Maria didn't talk a lot, her shyness still a bit evident, but she did smile and blush when she admitted that locking up with Emily had been 'pretty damn nice.'

Maria's shyness didn't extend to her fantasies however. As she listened and conversed with the other girls she began to look at each of them in a whole new way. Instead of seeing them as cute friends, she imagined them as sex objects. Mashing tits or twats together with Racine, Carmen, or Lori seemed like a fruitful way to spend an afternoon. Racine gave a sly glance at Lori that Lori caught. Lori noted the little grin and she responded with a wink. When Carmen turned around once and bumped into Maria, Maria didn't back off. In fact Maria put her hand on Carmen's arm and let her finger trace a little line downward to her hand. The tickle Carmen felt was nice, very nice. She reached across to brush Maria's cheek. Maria blushed a little more as she finished her nibbling.

Soon the girls were done freshening, eating, and cleaning up. All the girls still strode around Emily's backyard naked. It was now nearly 6:00 P.M. and the afternoon was turning into evening. It was still plenty warm enough for nudity and by now the girls were very used to each other's bodies; not in a 'don't even notice sort of way', but in a 'comfortable with our sexuality' sort of way. Even when talk turned for a moment to other topics, the aura and aroma of feminine sexuality still permeated their awareness. None could escape the 'fumes' of pheromones that wafted across the back yard on the gentle August breeze.