DARE PARTY - Chapter 16

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 16 - Angelica Discovers Carmen has Spunk

The exciting conclusion of Alicia and Racine's sexfight took them beyond the finish of Joy vs Lori and Emily vs Maria. One fight wasn't over yet and now slowly the other girls turned their full attention to the action between them. Plenty of talk passed among them regarding the outcome of their already completed matches. Eventually though the only talk was of the fight still very competitively contested at the far southwest corner of the yard.

When the six girls finally turned their attention towards Carmen and Angelica they were treated to some very rough talk that didn't seem to match the very loving actions. Since they had been quite preoccupied with their own private battles, they hadn't seen all the very bitter confrontation and vicious battling that had erupted between the two hot-tempered wenches.

Angel had hardly been able to wait to tear into Carmen when Emily waved the green flag to start the orgy. Angel was a girl who had quite some experience with a few lesbian lovers over the past three years, some of whom really were into the rough stuff. It hadn't taken more than a couple of hot interludes with some 'butch' type young ladies for her to figure out that rough sex was one of her most favorite kinds. She loved getting tossed around, restrained, whipped a bit, and her body used to fulfill another girl's fantasies. But she REALLY liked to be the aggressor, to find a willing lover, engage her mind, then her body in dominance rituals, and to use that body for her own pleasure for hours on end. She looked at Carmen like a hyena might look at a wounded rabbit. Carmen would be 'as easy as pie, tasty too,' she figured.

What she didn't figure on was the one intangible. Carmen had an Irish temper that was matched by a competitive nature second to none. When her ire was up, she fought like the devil and only a supremely powerful foe was likely to outfox Carmen. The girls were matched pretty well for size. Carmen was actually an inch taller, but probably weighed four or five pounds less than Angelica. Carmen's red hair should have been a hint to Angel that this wouldn't be easy, but all Angel could see were the rewards at the end. She would take Carmen, toss her around a bit, blister her pussy in one fashion or another and then make Carmen provide the pleasure for her. Carmen had a very pleasing body. Her green eyes and red hair and fine features were very pleasant to look at. Her solid B-cup tits weren't remarkable especially, but they were formed to a high standard of pertness and shape. Angel noted the reddish brown pubic hair adorning her mound. It was trimmed for ordinarily small bikinis without the extreme grooming necessary for a stripper or a Wicked Weasel wearer. Her hair extended down between her legs to make any foreign excursion into her girlish hole one that had to be forged through the fuzzy impediment.

Angel took all of Carmen's physical attributes into her senses, but only as a minor awareness. She didn't value Carmen as an adversary, and her haughtiness was fully apparent to Carmen. Carmen stared at Angel whose hands rested confidently on her hips. One hip was thrust out to the side; body language that was easy to understand. Carmen could barely contain the smoldering annoyance she felt as she glared at Angel.

"Whats'a matter skinny? Never seen a real woman before?" Angel opened the spigot of words that wouldn't slow down for nearly ten minutes.

"Oh don't you wish I'd never seen a real woman before? You may be older, but there's a big difference between a hag and a real woman. I see a real woman every fucking day in the mirror."

"Oh, that's precious. Little kitty here is going to show little pussy how things REALLY are." She pointed first at her own pussy and then briefly towards Carmen.

"You know Angel," she drawled out her name slowly, like molasses, "you must think you are some really hot stuff. But I don't give a fuck how hot YOU think you are. I'm about to turn you into a pile of moldy Jello and you're going to LIKE it."

Angel took a step closer to Carmen and raised her eyebrows in question. "Make the first move, skinny cunt."

"Gladly." She slapped Angel across the face with her left hand. Angel had been ready for it, but it stung regardless. Carmen stepped back just a bit as if to offer her own cheek.

Slap! The blow came right on target to Carmen's left cheek. Now both girls had a sting to contend with. Angel smiled in mock sweetness and waited for the next blow. She didn't wait long.

Slap! The two took turns slapping each other's face in a sort of ritual duel. Taking turns, Carmen with her left and Angel with her right, they reddened one cheek on the other girl. The stings were apparent, but each momentary cringe from the pain was followed by a sweet smile of defiance. After about a minute of heavy slaps, Carmen finally began to use her favorite hand. She had used her left hand all along, which was not the hand of power. When she suddenly switched to using her right hand, the additional power behind it was noted by Angel, and not in a pleasant way. She reacted, not in formality, but with accelerated anger. Both hands went wild, slapping away at Carmen as she waded into her like prizefighter. Carmen absorbed a slew of blows from Angel's open hands, but her own hands were furiously whacking away at Carmen as well. Most went to the face, but soon she sent a few wicked blows at Angel's C-cup tits.

As Angel waded in at first she forced Carmen back a few steps, nearly on top of Emily and Maria, before Carmen took a firm stand, held her ground and leaned forward into the onrushing Angel. Their bodies were close now and their arms weren't as useful as pugilistic weapons, so they each grappled with the other with hands in their hair. Just the first 90 seconds of exertion, on top of the 85-degree weather had both girls sweating like football players. Their skin shown with the perspiration as they wrestled each other around. Each tried to gain control of the other through hair jerking and pulling.

Even with the catty violence the other six girls were so involved with their own sexy battles that they were only minutely aware of the rule-breaking fight between Carmen and Angel. Carmen felt the rush of adrenaline pump through her veins, and even with the pain in her scalp; she loved the intensity of the moment. It was incredible. She hadn't been in very many fights up to now, but she had felt the same rush before, and it excited her whenever she thought about tangling with another girl. This time proved to be an even stronger feeling than the other times. Part of it was because of the total disgust she felt for Angel, and part of it was the surface reason for their battle, and part of it was that Angel's body was sexy and totally naked writhing with hers for control.

Carmen cried out as her head was pulled hard to the left by Angel's strong arms, but it was as much joyful because she heard Angel scream with pain as her hair was stretched to its limits in her own hands. They staggered around in their corner of the yard for a minute or two, both hands wrenching the other girl's hair before the fatigue and awkward body positions forced them to the ground. Angel hit the ground a bit before Carmen and absorbed most of the shock. It wasn't enough to stop her aggression, but it did give Carmen a moments advantage which she used to put a headlock on Angel. She tried to wrap her legs around Angel's body but the twisting, rolling Angel thwarted that effort and grabbed a hold of both of Carmen's arms and pulled to relieve the pressure on her head. At first she didn't succeed, but with some more rolling around in the grass followed by a concerted effort she escaped the headlock. Carmen's violent antics brought them back to a near stalemate. Each controlled one wrist of the other while their legs fought for control over the other as they rolled across the grass, nearly ending up in a flower bed at the far west side of the lawn.

Angel sputtered and grimaced as she recognized the intensity in Carmen's effort. While it was a surprise that Carmen was mounting such a spirited contest, it didn't mean that Angel was afraid. She LOVED the intensity of the battle as much as Carmen and the adrenaline pumping into her system elevated both her muscle strength and determined endurance. She rolled atop Carmen just as the two of them were nearly exhausted from their efforts. Both needed a rest and with Angel lying atop Carmen, each with one of the other's wrists in her hand, they stopped fighting and rested. Their breasts heaved together as the heavy breathing allowed some much needed oxygen into their starving lungs. Carmen wasn't thinking anything but vengeance for Angel, when Angel slowly rubbed her thigh into the cleft between Carmen's legs.

Angel's second thigh-grind brought a grimace to Carmen's face as she tried to squirm out from under the slightly heavier Angel. But she hadn't yet recovered enough energy to successfully unseat her foe. With their sweaty faces, and matted hair just an inch apart, Angel taunted Carmen, "What do you think you're going to do about it, huh?"

Resigned to the fact that she didn't currently have enough energy to throw Angel off, Carmen vowed to gather her energy soon and show the bitch a thing or two. Meanwhile Carmen's curly reddish bush received several more thigh-grinds courtesy of Angel's right leg.

Angel knew her own stamina had been taxed but she felt Carmen suffered the more and she wanted to try to make Carmen expend even more energy while she used up less of her own reserves. Again and again she rocked her thigh, into Carmen's pubic area. Carmen's legs were apart just a bit, offering a sliver of an avenue for her thigh to wiggle down close to Carmen's fuzzy-lipped pussy. Slowly but surely Carmen lurched and tossed in an attempt to free herself from the inferior position. With only modest effort Angel managed to keep her in place.

Carmen felt the futility of the exertion and she tried to suck huge gulps of air into her lungs. But Angelica had an answer for that too. Recognizing the trouble Carmen could cause if she gained her real second wind, she went after the source of the air. She leaned her face into Carmen and while her mouth was open for another gulp, she plastered her own mouth across Carmen's desperate lips. That stopped Carmen's breathing through her mouth, leaving only her nose to try to gather the oxygen she needed. She tried to toss her head around to get Angel off, but Angel was forceful and persistent. Their mouths mashed together and Carmen, now for the second time succumbed to the fate forced on her. She relaxed enough to let Angel have her kissing-way with her.

Carmen felt Angel's hot sticky lips, and the skin of her face plastered against her own. Soon enough Angel's bold tongue invaded the outer reaches of Carmen's oral cavity. Carmen tried to free her one hand from Angel's grasp in defiance of the invasion, but it seemed half-hearted and she couldn't get away. When Angel's tongue slid deeper into Carmen's mouth, found her tongue and tasted its juices, testing its competitiveness, she tossed her hips upward in another attempt to unseat her rival, again to no avail.

Angelica was beginning to feel the tide swinging her way. It seemed that each attempt from Carmen to fight back was less intense than the last, and there was no hint of anything different to come. At first Carmen's tongue passively accepted the generous swirling touch of Angel's tongue, then after a minute or two she slowly let her tongue wander a bit around Angel's pink invader. Their lips were still locked in tight, wet embrace; Angel's wiggling providing a stimulus of sorts that Carmen didn't attempt to counter. Another minute passed with Carmen docilely receiving Angel's advances, only modestly using her own tongue to try to thwart them. Angel slithered her tongue deeply into Carmen's mouth, tasting her gums, teeth, roof, and tongue as far back as she could reach.

Slowly, even though able only to breathe through her nose, Carmen recognized the burning in her lungs diminish. She felt about 50-60% recuperated and yet she feared that Angel had more reserves than she.

Angel sent her thigh on another rubbing frenzy between Carmen's legs, eliciting another spirited but unsuccessful attempt to throw her off. Angel now felt enough confidence to lift her body's weight briefly from Carmen and sidle to the right a bit so that their bodies were 'lined up' better. Her arrowhead slice of blonde pubic hair creased the auburn curls sprouting from the juncture between and just above Carmen's crotch. "Mmmmm. Delicious," she thought.

Carmen hadn't managed to even try to unseat Angel as she maneuvered their mounds together. Angel gave a slight wiggle/thrust of her groin into Carmen's groin and got an unexpected reaction. Carmen, her mouth still perfectly fitted to Angel's mouth sent her tongue on an excursion of its own. Angel felt the passion in the swirling, dancing tongue as it entered her own mouth, sought out every oral detail and tasted it with the tip of her tongue. Recognizing the sure signs of arousal she dueled back with her own tongue. Carmen lay perfectly still beneath her as their mouths sizzled together in a probing, pressing, tasting, extravaganza. Angel explored Carmen now with a new zeal, intent on both feeling the passion in her own body and in raising the passion in Carmen to a higher plateau. For a time she had just focused on the immediate strategy of bringing Carmen under control and bending her to her will. Now with that goal met, she went to the next level. Angel reminded herself that Carmen was a spirited contender, but her immediate concern was how to bring her along even further towards a climax.

Carmen, for the very first time was kissing another girl in a passion she didn't know she had within her. She tasted Angelica's saliva, her teeth, her lips, her gums, her tongue, and would have tasted her tonsils if only her tongue would have been long enough. When Angel's pussy mound had wriggled into position atop her own, she felt the electric sensations of pleasure ripple outward. Her arms lost their intensity of trying to yank away from Angel. When Angel wiggled her crotch down against her own for the second time, she let go of Angel's wrist and reached behind her neck and pulled her face even harder into her own. She moaned and sent her tongue on another powerful excursion against Angel's tongue.

Now for the first time in a while the two dueled equally. Angel relished the intensity behind Carmen's tongue dance. It excited her to feel the passion driving forward against her through the vigorous lockup. A nice, sweet hormonal glow covered her body. She accepted the nice feelings and felt rewarded greatly for the efforts she had put forth to bring Carmen into 'her' fold of dominated lovers. While it had only taken about 15 minutes to reach this point, that was longer than many of her other 'dommed' lovers, including a few males. She tried not to think about the times when she had been dommed by others, even though she would have admitted to herself that she liked that too. She was much more motivated by the need to control her lover than to submit her lovely body to the will of another.

Angel now finally let go of Carmen's wrist and mimicked Carmen. Each had two hands on the back of the other's head and neck, forcing their hot mouths together for a continuation of the most erotic French kiss either had ever had. On and on went the slobbering and jousting inside their mouths. The passion was intensely shared between them and soon it flowed more aggressively to other parts of their bodies. Their chests, passive before now, began to twist and explore the breasts of the other.

Carmen raised her chest to put more pressure on Angel's breasts. She ground them upward, feeling her nipples begin to harden a bit; excited by the invitation they received from Angel. Angel had pressed and wiggled back. Their nipples were almost like magnets to each other. Without conscious thought they managed to find their counterparts, left to right and right to left. Another sizzling flow of horny emotions flooded through Carmen as she tested the hardening nipples of Angel's tits with her own. It felt like a swarm of bees were buzzing inside her boobs as she wantonly surged upward and initiated another dancing duel with Angel's sexy nipples. She was finding it hard to concentrate in two places at once and her tongue action began to slow down as the nipple dance heated up.

Angel felt similar enjoyment in her nipples and was excited by the possibility of elevating their nipple play to the forefront of their little war. "This is great fun!" she thought. With the difficulty of focusing on tongues and nipples at the same time, and the fact that Angel was still lying atop Carmen, Angel lifted her head and made eye contact with Carmen for the first time since the kissing started. She leaned back and lifted Carmen's head up with her. Their eyes met, this time with a distinct sharing of girlish lust. Before Angel settled backwards a bit, Carmen leaned forward and kissed Angel on the nose; sort of a little, gentle 'thank you' kiss.

Angel wiggled her tits against Carmen's solid B-cup tits and kissed her back on the nose, "You're welcome," it said without words.

Angel settled her ass back between the legs of Carmen who had let her legs shift further apart, allowing Angel to sit on the grass between her 'V'. Angel's knees were up and her ankles wrapped around the lower part of Carmen's back and Carmen, now seated on the grass returned the favor by lifting her knees and angling them around Angel's ass. She hooked her ankles behind her and with the adjustment in position their aching pussies bumped together with an audible thump.

Angel slid her arms from around Carmen's neck and reached down to her nipples and gave each one a tweak. With a 'tit-for-tat' response, Carmen pulled gently on Angel's nipples and then without warning pushed Angel over backwards and leaped atop her in a seated position astride Angel's waist. Her hands went to Angel's breasts again, only this time they grabbed on with a vise grip and squeezed with a vengeance that was apparent in her face. Angel, caught completely off guard, recognized the venomous hatred that had somehow returned.

Carmen had successfully played 'dead', fooling Angel into thinking that the lust and arousal that was apparent was in control of Carmen. It was not. Certainly the sexual interplay had an effect on her, but deep inside, as her predicament had dictated, she went along with the arousal game until she felt she had an opening she could take advantage of and this was it. She had been confident that such an opportunity would come.

Angel screamed at the pain blasting through her tits and she grabbed Carmen's arms to either lessen the pain, or preferably remove them from their crushing grip on her abused C-cups. Carmen yanked and pinched and gleefully laughed at Angel's new predicament. Angel sensed the killer instinct in Carmen and she knew she needed to do something to ease the pain or else it would be over soon. The pain in her tits was incredible. Fighting through the pain she let go of Carmen's arms and went on the offensive by grabbing her tits. She raked her nails across Carmen's tits, leaving a trail of red streaks. Now it was Carmen's turn to scream, but she kept up the pressure on Angel as Angel settled into her own tit-twisting frenzy. Curses rent the air. Shrieks of agony blasted out of their mouths. Fortunately Emily's house was a long way down a country road from the nearest neighbors. The other girls heard their painful cries just as Racine and Alicia finished their heated encounter. They walked over and sat on the ground a respectful distance away from the battling wenches. They could tell that the 'ground rules' were not being followed, but they decided the best course of action would be to let the two girls settle the score their own way, without interference. Obviously they had managed to battle it out so far.

They had been entangled for nearly 35 minutes by the time the spectators arrived. But they hardly noticed and they didn't care at all. They just went on. For nearly five minutes they remained like that; Carmen atop the older girl, hands digging into her tits with vicious intent, suffering the retaliatory squeezing of a women intent on inflicting the most damage she could with her strong fingers. Both girls were crying now from the pain, but neither gave up her grip and her violent attack on the other's tits. Obviously these two were now in an all out fight. The first to modify her tactics was Carmen. The pain in her tits was immense, but she didn't try to stop Angelica's attack. Instead she reached around behind her and grabbed at the thin line of pubic hair above Angelica's mound and pulled. A blood-curdling scream flew out of Angel's mouth as a tuft of her fuzz was forcibly yanked from her skin. Carmen, holding it in her fingers, seeing Angel's mouth wide open, forced that blonde thatch of hair into her mouth and pressed the palm of her hand down hard on Angel's open mouth. 'Eat it cunt," Carmen managed to blurt out amidst her own sobs.

"mmmmfffff." Angel tried to say something but the hand over her mouth prevented it. She was in distress and she gagged briefly on her own hairs so crudely jammed down her throat. This caused her to release her grip on Carmen's breasts and return to grabbing her wrists to try to free herself from the pain being inflicted upon her. Her desperate condition sent a surge of adrenaline pouring into her bloodstream and she screamed into Carmen's hand and thrust her hips up to the right while she yanked on Carmen's arms in the same direction. She managed to toss Carmen off.

The girls were very spent. Each needed a rest again, but was afraid the other would commence an attack first. Both struggled to their hands and knees facing each other from about two feet apart. The sweat and tears on their sun-drenched faces made for a pretty gruesome sight. The red welts down Carmen's tits gave ample evidence of the tenacity and hatred. Angel's tits were beginning to turn dark and blotchy from the powerful attacks, as were Carmen's. Both would be sore for a long time. That was for sure.

Through her tears Carmen managed a taunt, "Had enough bitch?"

After a couple of deep breaths Angel answered, "Not even close, slut!"

A few more seconds went by with each girl warily eyeing the other, trying to catch her breath. Angel seemed to wilt a bit, one shoulder dipping towards the ground. She quickly righted herself and sneered though her tears at Carmen. Then without warning she sent a big juicy gob of spit into Carmen's face, some of it hitting her forehead and part of it splattering on her cheek right next to her mouth.

"Oh, now you've done it. You'll pay for that!"

"Oh, yeah! What do you THINK you are going to do about it cunt?" The pair still remained about two feet apart, but slowly, on hands and knees they began to edge closer while circling a bit counter-clockwise. Now it was Carmen's turn. She sent a large load of spit across the space between them, her load catching Angel in the eyebrow and nose, rivulets dripping down across her face.

For the next few seconds they traded spit. The space between them narrowed until they were just three inches apart, blasting load after load at each other. Their faces became totally covered with the thick, gooey spit. It hung in the strands of their hair that stuck to their faces, combining with the tears and sweat. The anger between them was total and like a fog enveloping the entire yard. The other girls watched in amazement at the bitterness being displayed so virulently.

Carmen, her nose now just an inch from Angel's, spat a terrific load right between her eyes, only to receive another shot right back. So covered were their faces that they could hardly open their eyes to see. But squinting through the tears and other body juices they managed to keep track of each other sufficiently well. The spectators were waiting for the pair to erupt. Surely they had recouped enough of their energy to resume the fight.

"LET'S FUCK!" Carmen screamed.

"LET'S FUCK!" Angel screamed back.

They leaped at each other, rolled around on the ground for a moment, their legs intertwining and their mouths back at each other with more passionate kissing. Moans and groans mixed with the sobs as they tried to keep breathing and also keep their kiss, while they fought with their legs below to reach an entanglement of their pussies. They rolled around the yard for several more minutes, first one on top and then the other. They slammed their groins into each other, but without the intimate contact they both ached for.

Carmen had never been so erotically overwhelmed before. The energy that she spent fighting Angel had somehow multiplied the urgings she felt inside for sexual release, and now she wanted it badly. Her pussy ached for more and more and more. Wrestling again on the ground, this time erotically, with Angel sent shivers throughout her body.

Angel felt those shivers and mingle with her own as she wrestled Carmen into a corner of the yard next to the yard swing that fronted the flower bed. Realizing the possibilities of the swing she halted the kiss long enough to nod in the direction of the swing. She too was so completely saturated with lust that she didn't want to wait any longer to hook up perfectly with Carmen.

The swing was one of those awning-covered affairs that were wide enough for three people. It had a padded cushion on the seat and back and a bar across the top from which the awning projected. She quickly sat on the seat and swung her back to lie down on it, but before Carmen could swing into position from the opposite end she swung further so that her legs pointed up in the air and her shoulders were on the seat of the swing. With her arms out to the side for balance she yelled at Carmen, "Climb up here and FUCK!"

It took Carmen a moment to figure out just what Angel meant, the position seemed a bit awkward, but after Angel let her legs fall back over her face toward the ground, still spread wide, the spark of enlightenment hit Carmen and she immediately put first one foot and then the other on either side of Angel's body, grabbed the bar overhead and lowered her crotch toward Angel.

Angel watched Carmen's auburn covered cunt lower towards her. She adjusted her legs and torso to meet it.

Kaboom! The instant their wide-open cunt lips touched explosive vibrations shot throughout their bodies. Carmen lurched and almost lost her grip on the bar overhead. Re-gripping the bar she began to FEEL Angel's pussy with her own. She slid her body in perfect synchronization with Angel. Even though the seemingly awkward position required a lot of energy to maintain, they discovered that it allowed a great deal of control over their crotch melding.

Angel gripped her ankles with her hands and spread her legs as far apart as possible. Carmen moved her feet a bit farther to the sides of the swing and after stabilizing it she wiggled her pussy down into Angel's waiting cunt. With Carmen facing west and Angel facing east (while upside down) their clits were on opposite ends of their respective slits. By judicious arrangement they welded their slippery twats together with each girl's clit sliding between the plump distended labia of the other. By gentle rocking they could each feel the totality of the other girl's pussy.

Angel felt Carmen's distinct hard rubbery shaft slide between her lips and she wiggled her crotch upward to feel it wedge neatly between her thickly protruding lips. She had noted Carmen had a large clitoris, protruding out from her lips, past them nearly three-fourths of an inch, surrounded by her reddish bush. It excited her to feel her clit wiggle simultaneously in between Carmen's wet pink lips. Her clit wasn't quite as formidable in length, but it was a thickly-shafted vein that ended with a soft flap of very sensitive skin at the tip. Feeling that little flap wickedly squeezed by Carmen's pulsing twat sent a new wave of shivers through her body. The vibrations boomeranging back into her pussy and mixing with the soft gentle wiggles coming downward from Carmen.

With the erotic intensity at a fever pitch they somehow managed to control their fucking in such a way that their approach towards their orgasm was like a train rolling up a long slow incline. At first it seemed like it would never get there, but eventually the momentum of the big engine showed its power and with the fuel being poured into the giant engine, it blasted over the peak. But that was still a while away.

Carmen relished the intense intimacy as she snuggled her cunt down into its mate. She felt a sense of power as she wriggled her clit, knowing it probed nearly an inch down inside Angel's soft, wet hole. The tingly sensations of joy as it twisted back and forth, gathering tactile pleasure from every square millimeter she could reach, grew stronger, forcing a greater degree of urgency on her motions. She bounced up and down; feeling Angel's body spring up and down with her like she was on shock absorbers. With an incredible urge to experience every part of Angel's cunt in every way, Carmen let her body hang forward from the bar, angling her torso forward even as she let her ass slide down towards the front of Angel's contorted body. Her clit slid backwards across Angel's clit, another wave of pleasure rolling through her. Further back she slid until her reddish bush snuggled against the remnants of Angel's blonde stripe.

She bumped her mound into Angel's mound. Angel bumped back as best she could. Bump, bump, bump. They swapped bushy bumps again and again, enjoying the variation. But the need for intimacy returned and each sought the other's most intimate organ. Angel slid her twat down a bit and met Carmen halfway as she slid upward. When their clits met and danced together they stopped their forward progress. This time they stuck. The juices so gushingly produced, lubricated the motion. They wiggled their clits together and pushed. Their pushing became harder and harder. Carmen slammed her clitoris viciously into Angel's willing clit. Angel felt the strength and desire in Carmen's clit and she slammed back. It felt marvelous, welding their horny little appendages together, wishing they could be locked up eternally like this. Carmen knew it couldn't last forever no matter how much she wished it to be. Her libido was demanding more and more and she knew that an orgasm would be coming soon. "Come for me bitch!" she yelled at Angel.

Angel felt her pussy mashing against Carmen, demanding its own release. "No! Come for me. I know you will."

Carmen ground down even harder as if to crush Angel's clit with her own. The insistence in her action belied the words, "No way. You come for ME!"

Somehow they managed a verbal duel even as their clits so achingly sought their own conclusion. It was clear that both were nearly ready for a climax. Angelica, with teeth gritted, thrust her clit again and again against Carmen's active pussy. But when Carmen thrust powerfully down the pressure, combined with the fatigue and awkward position, caused them to slip apart and almost fall off the swing. The swing had been moving to the motion the girls were causing and now they hadn't been able to manage the coordination necessary to maintain their position.

Carmen went down to the seat and Angel fell sideways on the seat. Hurriedly they rearranged their bodies on the seat into a scissor position. Carmen faced slightly away from the back of the swing and Angel faced towards it, allowing their legs to cross and their groins to line up. It only took 10 seconds and they were back at it. The gash grinding renewed with all the vigor of before.

"Come on slut, come, come, come." One of them demanded.

"Fuck you. You come. You come. You come," countered the other.

Back and forth went the demand that the other come, but both had a hard time getting out the words as moans and ragged breathing kept getting in the way. Their loins were hooked up hard and fast. Their clits smashed into each other and ground away with a humping frenzy that kept the swing dancing joyfully. Angel began muttering softly, "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck you, fuck me, fuck, fuck, fuck," as her body followed instructions and she fucked Carmen with every cell in her body.

Carmen picked up on the verbiage and added her own voice to make it a duet. "Fuck, fuck, fuck me, fuck you, fuck my pussy, fuck my clit, fuck my cunt, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, don't stop, fuck me, fuck me!"

Suddenly a howling shriek rent the air and a series of uncontrollable spasms wrenched Carmen's body. She cried and shrieked again and again while continuing to fuck Angel with as much horny power as she could muster. She came and came while Angel kept up her "Fuck, fuck, fuck," talk. Carmen loved the feeling as Angel humped her pussy hard and fast. As Carmen's orgasm slowed down there was no letup in the power and thrusting intensity behind Angel's cunt. It slammed and ground into Carmen without letup. Angel smacked her wet pussy into Carmen's wet pussy and she humped and humped and humped until her own breathing became even more ragged. Her legs went stiff. Her head went back. Her eyes closed. Her breasts jiggled with the vibration that crept up her body from her twat. "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohh. Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas."

Angel's pussy was practically welded into Carmen's. The juices had so intermingled and their pussies so intricately connected, that it seemed like the bond was the normal state of affairs. Even after the orgasms from Nirvana washed over them, they left their pussies in lockup. They were exhausted and could hardly move.

The girls watching applauded the girls in the swing. Slowly Carmen and Angel began to recover both in body and mind. They looked a horrible mess as they gingerly extricated themselves from each other. Their carnal juices had begun to dry a bit, turning into a sticky, gooey, almost glue-like consistency. Angel pulled back very slowly but her pussy lips hung up with Carmen's. Their lips had become tacky and wouldn't just part ways without more pulling. Carmen felt her lips stretching out, keeping in touch with Angel as though they were sad at the parting. Carmen very slowly pulled back a bit and finally, after both sets of lips had stretched out about an inch, they sprung apart. Carmen went, "Ooohh." It was a sad muffled sound, full of the disappointment that her linkup with Angel was over.

Carmen sat up on the swing as Angel sat up and slid over next to her. Emily noted now the awful appearance of both young women. Four breasts were turning black and blue and Carmen's tits sported eight long lines of drying blood, courtesy of Angel's wicked nails. Their faces were covered with hair glued in place from the effects of dried spit, sweat, and tears. None of the spectators wanted to say anything, lest they break the spell that seemed to be over them.

Angel and Carmen looked at each other as their breathing began to return to normal.

"God Damn, that was good!" It was Angel who finally let her feelings make words.

"I thought I had you. I think I should have had you. When we do it again, I WILL have you." Carmen smiled at Angel and leaned in for a kiss. Their lips met and they shared a soft gentle kiss that sealed the outcome of the battle and at the same time offered to each other the distinct expectation of a future rematch. "That was good!" Carmen confirmed her pleasure with those simple words. She had just learned something important about herself. She LOVED hard violent sex. She had been in fights before and had actually enjoyed them, but the mixing of wicked sexual lust along with the anger and pain was a remarkably wonderful discovery. To have met up with Angel, who obviously enjoyed it just as much as she did, was a godsend. "I guess you win. You get to move on and face one of the others."

Carmen and Angel were so intently focused on their own long battle that they did not know the outcome of the other sexfights. Angel asked the obvious question, "Who won between you all?"

Joy looked at Emily who nodded. Joy answered for the group. "I beat Lori. Emily beat Maria. Alicia beat Racine. There are four of us left. It looks like you two could use a break."

Alicia chimed in. "It's nearly 5:00, why don't we take a break, maybe a swim, and get some food. I think we all need some refreshments."