DARE PARTY - Chapter 15

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 15 - Alicia and Racine Find Each Other

"Not bad. Not bad at all." Emily gave a bit of a backhanded compliment to Maria. Maria smiled and returned the compliment. "Hey, you weren't all that bad yourself."

They lay like that for a minute or two, catching their breath and letting the bustle of activity around them intrude on what had been their very preoccupied state of mind. One of the other matches was concluding just within that minute after Emily's orgasm. One seemed to be hardly near while Joy and Lori were obviously finished. Lori had been watching the last few minutes of Maria's attempt to beat off Emily, while Joy had been keeping close track of the war between Carmen and Angelica. Alicia and Racine were tangled up further away, almost in the bushes at the south side of the lawn, near where the path extended up to the hill from which the fireworks display was so beautiful on Independence Day.

Maria noticed Lori watching them and grinning with delight at the sight. "What are you grinning at? You didn't beat Joy did you?"

"Damn near."

Emily turned her face to see Lori, and now Joy, whose head swung around at the conversation, peering at them both. Joy too had a big grin on her face and she offered, "So, Emily, did you get lucky or what?"

"Lucky, schmucky. Maria just about had me, but I know a trick or two and one of them did the job."

Emily finally rolled away from Maria's sexy body and sat up. Maria sat up as well and the four of them then got up and repositioned themselves where they had the best view of both continuing matches. The sounds of orgiastic release exploded across the yard just as the two pairs of onlookers had repositioned themselves. The other pair continued to battle intently.

Racine's anger with Alicia simmered inside her. Now was her chance to do something about it. The turn of events that led them to their present situation was fresh in both girls' minds. Alicia, smug and aloof, looked at Racine with disdain and a clear sense of superiority. She was anxious to put Racine in her place. Racine fumed at the arrogance and fake charm from Alicia. She burned with desire to knock her down a peg or two.

In different circumstances they might have found some other way to settle their differences, but today, with the sexy atmosphere, the potential bonus of winning a tournament that would mean some sort of sexual superiority over seven other girls, they found themselves staring at each other determined to conquer the other sexually.

Racine thought that a little 'extra' might help. As soon as they had paired up and noted the other girls clinching up, the two of them began walking little circles around each other from a short distance of one or two feet apart. Racine scowled at Alicia, her eyes sparking with bitterness and anger. Alicia wasn't deterred. Her own eyes clearly imparted a sense of superiority and readiness to handle her smaller rival.

Racine was only 5' 3" in her bare feet while Alicia topped out at 5' 6". Alicia had bigger breasts, a C-cup compared to Racine's B-cup, brunette hair and a pretty face. Racine was blonde on top, but sported a brown thatch of pubic hair. Neither girl had a lot of pubic hair, but both had left a rim of growth surrounding her pussy. Racine's had actually been partially uncontained by the tiny Wicked Weasel bikini she wore earlier. Racine had a very beautiful face, but it didn't intimidate Alicia at all. Alicia stepped smartly around, gauging Racine and smirking all the way. "Well little girl, I hope you aren't going to be too upset after I turn you inside out?"

"Hey bitch. You need to be taken down a peg or two."

"Well it sure as hell isn't going to be YOU."


Racine couldn't hold back her anger any more. Alicia's attitude was just too much for her to bear without going after her. Her slap across Alicia's face stung and surprised her. Alicia put her own hand up to her face to feel the stinging, shocked by the audacity Racine had shown. "So, LITTLE GIRL," she overemphasized sarcastically, "You think a little pain is going to slow me down?" She laughed. "Maybe you like a little pain too?"

"Bring it on bitch. We'll see who REALLY knows what's up."

Slap! Alicia gladly obliged Racine's challenge.



They exchanged two more slaps, each a little harder than the first.

Alicia grabbed for Racine's hair and gave it a yank. Not a vicious jerk, but a firm yank, clearly designed to send a message of control. Racine's head swung closer to Alicia's face where she could feel Alicia's hot breath as she practically spit out her challenge. "I DARE you to make me cum!"

"Not even a problem!" Racine grabbed Alicia's hair and pulled it close so that now their faces were touching. "You are such a horny fuck-bunny THAT will be easy."

"Lets get it on then, CUNT!"

Without letting go of each other's hair their free hands dove low to find the center of the other's sex. It took a moment, what with their head getting yanked around a bit by one arm, before the other hand found and attacked the appropriate target. They actually stumbled about a bit, nearly tumbling over Joy and Lori at one point. Their double grab evolved into a hand in the hair of each: one hand high and one hand low. Alicia felt Racine's fingers grip her pubic hair and give it the same kind of yank she had felt on her head. Alicia returned the favor, grabbing Racine's crotch fuzzies between her fingers, twirling a solid grip and yanking. Racine screamed in pain at the rough treatment and she stumbled to the ground trying to yank both Alicia's head and her twat fuzz at the same time. Alicia lost her balance as she tried to re-grip Racine. Down they went with Racine actually on top of Alicia for a moment. Their bodies were sort of crossways and Racine managed to re-grip Alicia's mound of thatch with one hand, but her other found her large right breast. She didn't yank this time, but rolled her palm across Alicia's mound in circular rotation. She kneaded the boob with rough, but not vicious fingers.

"It's time to make my move," Racine thought to herself. She knew that as much as she wanted to tear Alicia a new asshole, the circumstances dictated a sexier route to domination. Feeling Alicia's breast succumb to her fingers gave her a marvelous feeling of power and control. The grab had happened very fast after they fell, attesting to Racine's athletic skill and quickness.

Alicia hadn't recovered from the fall for nearly 5 seconds, but that had been plenty of time for Racine to gain her hand holds on Alicia's private parts. Shaking off the disorientation from the fall, Alicia went right after Racine. Racine was lying across her body and Alicia's left hand snaked over Racine's shapely ass and dove between her slightly spread legs. Her target was Racine's fuzz-lined pussy. Her accuracy was superb and in seconds she was manipulating 4 fingers and a thumb in Racine's crotch. Her thumb found Racine's tight asshole, toyed with it momentarily and forced inside. Racine jerked in shock at the un-lubricated intrusion. While Alicia's thumb found the inner tissues of Racine's tight bum, it almost burned with the friction from the dry digit. Alicia's fingers played with Racine's little fuzzy lips. She rolled Racine's left labia between her fingers for several moments before switching to the right and repeating the routine.

Racine's gasp at the anal invasion didn't cause her to lose her concentration, however. She just kept up her breast exam and her pubic rubbing. Slowly, slowly her circular rotations moved further toward the juncture of slippery lips between Alicia's legs. The heel of her hand rubbed the fuzzy conjunction between lips, mound, and clitoris. Her fingers strolled lower to find plump lips, fully engorged, flaps extended, and beginning to lubricate. Easily snuggling two fingers between those fat gates, she plunged inside Alicia's vagina. A few wiggles later the lubrication flowed. After a few more wiggles Racine confidently maneuvered her body in a 90-degree turn. Her new orientation coincided with Alicia shifting her body a bit so that they were now pointing opposite directions with Racine on top of Alicia. Alicia's face was staring at the object of Racine's womanhood. A bit surprised by Racine's aggressive and unexpected movement she stared at the pussy, so pungent and pink just inches in front of her nose. Her own pussy was getting plundered damn good so Alicia wasted no time regrouping and going after Racine's pussy with both hands. Fingers rubbed, split, pulled, twisted, fucked in and out, ground deeply, and basically frenzied themselves in an attempt to bring on the heightened arousal that would conclude with an orgasm.

Even at this stage they shared some trash talk. "You think you know what you're doing? Hah."

"Better do better than that."

"Not bad for a rookie."

"Enjoy it bitch. It's the nicest pussy you'll ever see."

Those taunts and more zinged back and forth between them, even as both recognized the impact the pussy play was having.

Alicia, who had remained prone on her back for the last several minutes, decided it was time to show the bitch that she was boss. Summoning her latent strength she rolled Racine over onto her back in the sunny warm grass. Quickly maneuvering around to approach Racine's glistening pussy from between her legs. Racine let Alicia have her way, watching her position herself in a low kneeling position from which she bent even lower, pointing her big right tit at Racine. Using both hands for control, she rubbed her long brown nipple against Racine's protruding clit. She plastered her hard nipple across and back, bending both nipple and clit against each other, gathering a nipple load of juices inside and then returning to glide forcefully across the clit that glistened in the sun between warm pink lips and soft fuzzy hair on either side.

"Go for it, bitch. Your stinky nipple won't do nothin' for me." Racine lay back and just let Alicia play with her clit that way for a couple of minutes. Racine didn't count on the cumulative erotic power such lush friction between sensitive organs produces. Her intention to lay back and absorb Alicia's manipulation had to be reconsidered when Alicia inserted a finger back inside her vagina. She felt her unintended arousal bubbling up inside. She felt the surge in hormonally charged feelings and knew before long she would start writhing and wiggling to the lovely explorations.

To avoid falling behind in the race she sat up and grabbed both of Alicia's firm tits in her hands and squeezed gently. She felt the tissues give slightly to her strong hands. Alicia looked up, her clit rubbing interrupted. If Racine perturbed her she didn't show it. She seemed to know that Racine was on the defensive and her cocky attitude showed through with what she said next. "You know Racine, you're all talk. You haven't done anything yet to get me going (she lied of course), what makes you think you can change the inevitable? Maybe I should just let you have your way with me for a while and I can watch you fumble." Of course this didn't make Racine any too happy. Even with the obvious lusty arousal she felt, she knew when to be angry.

"Fuck you. If you think you're such hot stuff, why don't you dare to match me pussy-to-pussy? You've been avoiding that all along. Only a chicken shit would shy away from that." Racine strung out the word chicken, making it into a long sarcastic slur against her foe.

Now it was Alicia's turn to get her ire up. "Ain't anything about YOU I'm afraid of, least of all your cunt." She had let Racine get under her skin and she took the bait. Even as she spoke she rearranged her body, clumsily, so that the two girls could line up their girlish gashes for a little fuck festival.

The warm grass supported them as they slid their legs toward each other. Racine lifted her right leg to allow Alicia's left to slide fittingly underneath. Alicia symmetrically allowed the same. Uncannily they both stopped advancing just about three inches from union. "All right girl. This is it. You are going DOWN." Alicia spat out her venomous challenge.

"This is it all right. But it's you that will be whimpering out of control after my pussy teaches yours a lesson you'll remember for a long time."

"Oooohhhh. You think I'm scared don't you? Your dried up rag down there doesn't stand a chance."

Wham! The cunt war was on.

Racine slapped her pussy hard against Alicia. Alicia took the bump and gave right back. Wham!

The two went at it with wild bursts of energy, slamming their reddening pussies into each other with a violence that made clear the smoldering anger behind their actions.

Racine's labia thickened, reddened, plumped up, and became more and more tender. Alicia felt her pussy lips smash into Racine and suffer the same sort of response. Within a short span of time, maybe 30 seconds, the two had slammed their cunts into each other fifteen or twenty times and the grimaces and little shrieks escaping their lips proved the pain from the onslaught was very real. Quickly after that the slamming diminished and the grinding began.

Their plump flaps of labia tissue were distended and protruding nearly an inch. The large lips gave plenty of surface area to wiggle and grind against from both directions. Racine grabbed one of Alicia's legs and held on tight to gain some control of Alicia's thrusts and counter thrusts. Alicia copied Racine and the two each held on to the upper leg of the other while they twisted their bodies to link up at about a 90-degree angle. Alicia ground her cunt in circular motion, feeling her labia slide across Racine's heavenly wet protruding lips. The girls' liquid production picked up again with the advent of such a sexy mingling of intimate female parts. The fuzzy hairs that lined both girls' labia joined the fray, scratching across the opposing soft reddened lips.

Alicia's short fuzz adorning the sides of her labia had been trimmed but not shaved within the past week. They were short and bristly. Racine's had been trimmed too, but more than two weeks before, so they weren't quite as short or bristly, but they still gave a gritty feel to Alicia's pussy as they rubbed back and forth across the already sensitized area. Racine felt the ravages of Alicia's cunny hairs, grinding into her soft, sensitive pussy lips. It was like a hundred tiny pinpricks, constantly moving, chafing, and invading her private domain.

Racine took solace in the fact that Alicia's face showed her own considerable discomfort caused by the wicked and dirty grinding she bestowed upon her. The two went at it like this for several minutes. First one pussy would seem to take the initiative, with one resting and contributing only small, occasional jabs and grinds. Then the other would try to redeem itself by surging actively against its enemy. For a few moments they would both be equally active, surging, grinding gash, gnashing their teeth, yanking on the other's leg, drooling, cursing, grunting vixens. Their anger boiled over and each used her pussy to take out as much anger as she possibly could against the other girl's gushy wet gash. Back and forth the tide flowed. Racine the aggressor followed by Alicia the aggressor. The best though was when they both went at each other with 100% of the energy within them. Such violent grindings surely passed a lot of animosity back and forth between them, BUT a lot more was generated. Lust! Arousal! Sexual heat!

They couldn't ignore it no matter how hard they tried. The mingling juices, their lips sliding together, their clits dancing duels, and the labored breathing all contributed to their dilemma. Oh, what a delicious dilemma! As the sexual heat rose, their grinding action focused more and more on their clits. The slippery, gooey secretions made direct head-on attacks at each other a bit of a sticky situation. Alicia tried to plaster her clitoris into Racine's as if to turn it inside out, but even with the dually engorged and prominent organs easy to find, it was practically impossible to keep them pressed directly together. The slipperiness and pressure between them caused sliding and jostling for position over and over again. Racine tried to squash Alicia's clit, hammering it with intense shoves and grinds. She felt her own loins begin to burn with the desire for release. She heard Alicia moan and practically begin to sob, as if she realized she was about to come, which meant losing the battle. The words between them had subsided, but sounds were plentiful. Their sopping wet cunts battled it out with an almost raucous cacophony of slurpy suction sounds. Pops were heard when they pulled apart briefly. Often now their eyes would be closed, but when opened they would sense the approaching tidal wave buried behind the other girls' eyes.

Racine felt her clit lurch and grind into Alicia's as though it was acting of its own will. She wasn't in control any more. She sliced her clit down between Alicia's sloppy rag-like lips, soaking up the copious liquid secreted there. Heaven! She felt Alicia take a swipe at her puffy lips with her hard red clit. But then they were back at each other with the most vengeful, yet horny, attacks so far. Even with the scratching of scraggly short pubic hairs, both girls had lost any recognition of that as their teenage arousal soared to new heights.

Neither girl had ever been so turned on, so horny, so intent on fulfilling her physiological destiny. Nothing in their earlier sexual encounters with boys had ever generated anything close to the passionate power they were caught in now.

Without even realizing the shift, the sexual instinct took over. They both wanted to win so badly, but now they each wanted release so much that they actively sought it. Alicia grinned as she thrust her cunt again and again into Racine. Racine's face took on a look of awe when the electric sensations of dueling clits sent her into never-never land. Her mouth was wide open. Her eyes were shut. But her pussy went crazy. She bore into Alicia with incredible power. Racine's orgasm flooded through her. It shot zingy darts of pleasure down her legs and even into her toenails. Those darts found their way into her head, arms, fingers, and hair. It was as if her whole body had turned into 'electric girl'. A physicist would have called her a capacitor as she stored so much orgiastic energy that it took more than a minute to subside. During the height of her orgasm she didn't even care. She didn't curse, swear, or make angry words against Alicia, she just ground out every last watt of energy she possessed into Alicia. How Alicia had managed to hold off for so long she didn't really know. She had spent at least the last five minutes seeking her own orgasm, not trying to thwart it. It came, finally, during the down slope of Racine's hard charging final orgiastic thrusts. Alicia's orgasm rocketed her to an incredible height and then terminated in a shower of sparks before dropping her back down quickly. Racine had shot off first by about 30 seconds, but they came down at the end together. Racine's screams and shouts and wickedly intense gyrations gave ample proof that she had come first, and at that moment she didn't even care. She wanted it and she wanted it badly. Alicia's orgasm was loud and just as intense, but shorter than Racine's. The two maintained a tight coupling between their juicy holes for a long time. Even with the sensitivity that comes from post-orgasm nerve overload, they were hesitant to relinquish the delightful contact with the 'enemy' pussy right away. Their breathing took several minutes to return to normal.

There was no grandstanding or teeth gnashing over the outcome. It was as if the total animosity that had fueled the hard charging coupling had been burned off with the expenditures necessary to generate such high-level orgasms.

It was almost another minute before they even realized that they were hearing hands clapping from nearby. All four of the girls who were done with their battle were clapping their appreciation of the cunt-war they had just witnessed. "Splendid." They all thought it was marvelous.

Now they all eventually turned their attention to the one battle that still raged about twenty feet away across the lawn.