DARE PARTY - Chapter 14

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 14 - Emily and Maria

"Wow. It looks like we ran the fastest race. The others are still going strong." Lori regarded her surroundings and noted six girls in heated couplings. Grunts, curses, oooohhhhs and aaaaahhhhs punctuated the air and the visual entertainment was pleasing to her eyes.

"Well, we had a head start remember? The others are starting from scratch, so to speak." Lori and Joy had been locked together in heated passion for almost half an hour before they came together, Lori the first by less than 15 seconds. But the others were already well on their way towards a similar fate.

Lori glanced around and absorbed the naked girls writhing together across the soft green lawn. Her own skin shone with the glistening sweat, mixed with a few blades of grass that clung to her. Joy leaned close to her and whispered, "Doesn't seeing all this just make you want to start all over and do it again?"

"After a bit of a recovery, you bet!" Lori nuzzled Joy on the neck and added, "You know, I didn't expect to lose, but I will say that the pleasure was nice enough that you gave me that I would consider doing it all over again, even if I knew I was going to lose."

"Thanks, sport." Joy turned her attention toward the battle going on across the lawn. Her next opponent would be either Carmen or Angel and she began to contemplate both matchups as the two bitter girls went after each other tooth and claw.

Lori swung around and leaned her back up against Joy so they could use each other as a backrest. She faced north to view the two girls just three or four feet away. Emily and Maria were gasping and groaning intently from their exertions that had begun nearly half an hour earlier.

When the contests started, Maria and Emily, unlike the other 3 pairings took measure of each other slowly and with deliberation. They had been sweet friends for 4 years and today's activities had forever altered their perception of each other. What they did next just added fuel to the fires that already were well stoked inside their breasts.

Emily took the first initiative, but it was slow and deliberate. She lovingly took a long slow look up and down at Maria. She let her eyes linger a few seconds at her calves, thighs, dark slender bush, tummy, breasts, shoulders, neck, and face. She felt Maria's gaze upon her own body. Maria was a fine young specimen of a girl. Her tight tummy dropped invitingly downward past her navel to that intriguing intersection of legs and torso. The graceful proportions of her breasts accentuated her trim waist and somewhat narrow shoulders. The solid B-cup breasts appeared moderately larger due to her fine frame. Clearly smaller than Emily's they were nonetheless splendidly delicious breasts. Maria's olive Mediterranean skin exuded health and strength. Her long black hair hung more than halfway down her back and her high cheekbones, deep dark eyes and long black lashes gave her the look of very exotic, forbidden treasure.

Maria kept her fur bush well trimmed, otherwise it would have probably taken over an acre of skin. A bit of an exaggeration maybe, but her natural bush was a considerable patch of thick black fuzz, burrowing between her legs and expanding outward several inches. But with careful shaving she carried a much smaller but thickly woven triangular patch. The bikini she had worn earlier covered it without a millimeter to spare. The lower point of her triangle quit just at the very forward terminus of her plump camel-toe. Emily's eyes gauged the mass of bristly black pubic hair with a determination that it would be fully capable of causing either prolonged ecstasy or considerable pain when applied strategically to the soft tender tissues of another girl's pussy. She wondered if she might be the recipient of such an application. Only time would tell. Emily's own fuzz had re-grown in the past six weeks but was maintained by frequent shaves that maintained smooth surface surrounding her pussy and to the sides of her blonde pointed triangle. She also had left a tantalizing triangular proof of her womanhood. Her blonde bush was more slender and pointy as it aimed towards her cunt. She knew that whatever power and glory Maria's bush might be able to produce, her own lighter thatch could perform just as efficiently.

She wondered if Maria was calculating in a similar fashion to herself. Would she be aggressive or passive? Would her shyness prevent her from a rapid or full arousal? Could she be sure that Maria wasn't devious and capable of surprises? She knew Maria very well but this was brand new territory and even with the overall confidence Emily felt, she responded to the sight of Maria with a little nervous trepidation.

As her eyes finished their upward movement, they met Maria's eyes in a sparkly stare. Moving close to Maria she reached up with one hand to feel her cheek. She noticed Maria lick the corner of her lip with a darting tongue. Emily copied Maria and the gap between them closed. Emily felt Maria's left hand slide across around her waist and pull. The girls mirrored each other with their arms. Each girl's left pulled waists together and the right was snaring the other girl's hair to gather a degree of control for the upcoming kiss that both wanted. Their eyes accepted the challenge of lust that burned in the other. Both knew that the other wanted them. Both planned to find a way to grease the rails of arousal better than the other.

Maria's heart pounded in her chest as she devoured Emily. She knew Emily was scouring her body and it made her both proud and a little scared to see such an intent examination in progress. She knew that Emily's body was a perfect feminine specimen. Her waist, thinned by the exercise regimen since May, was trim and sexy. Her legs were very long and muscular, not thin or even slender, but not thick either. They were a perfect blend of shape and size that offset very proportionally the large breasts that blessed Emily's full chest. Maria, always a bit shy, had harbored a hidden lust for Emily for a couple of years now, and what was about to happen was like a dream come true. The fact that Emily was licking her lips and obviously intent upon Maria in a sexual way was an excitement she had never dared believe would happen. And now here she was, arms surrounding her, face close to her, hands in her hair, and the reality set in.

The kiss came and Maria paused to follow Emily's lead. They began by restricting their kiss to lips on lips. Maria's moistened lips met Emily's glistening lips and shared delicate touches. After her lips had been pinched between Emily's upper and lower lip a few times, she began to return the favor. A warm feeling wafted through her body at the intimate and gentle kiss. The moment came when Emily's mouth opened a bit and it seemed to urge the same from Maria. It was then that Maria recalled her daring massages she had given earlier to all the girls. The reminder came when a shifting of body position caused Emily's hefty mamms to press directly into her own. "Why should I let her dictate what is going on?" she thought to herself. "Why don't I get what I want, the way I want it?"

Emily noticed the slight shift in body tension and movement as Maria jolted Emily a bit with a small aggressive jab with her tongue. Maria's left hand slid lower to grab Emily's ass and give it a yank forward, a firm insistent tug. The message was clear. Maria was out to get what SHE wanted from the tryst. What she wanted turned out to be the same thing Emily wanted, control and victory. Even with her shyness, and long-standing infatuation with Emily, two things she didn't lack were pride in herself and determination to succeed whenever she set a goal for herself. She had a clear-cut goal: seduce Emily into an orgasm.

Their mutual seduction now moved past the tentative stage and the real work began. Maria set a purposeful standard for herself: Don't let ANYTHING Emily does distract from her mission. Knowing it wouldn't be easy, she jerked Emily's ass toward her as she humped her hips forward insistently. Her tongue swam inside of Emily's mouth, gathering tactile joy from every wet corner and every forceful encounter with Emily's equally active tongue. She noted Emily's tongue swirling little circles on the roof of her mouth and she wished she could just enjoy the sexy sensation, but she never wavered and she felt that her own tongue sloshing around inside Emily's oral cavity was having an equally profound effect on her.

She was right. Emily flushed with excitement to feel Maria's generous and playful tongue take over the inside of her mouth as if it were her own. She could tell that Maria had no intention of passivity. Maria's tongue was never still and her lips plastered themselves firmly into Emily's own plump lips. The wet frenching went on for several minutes and it surely set the stage productively for what was to follow.

After Maria had whacked her groin towards Emily while pulling Emily's ass forward, Emily had no choice but to respond in kind. Both hands went behind Maria and she powerfully forced Maria's body forward again and again towards her own body, even as Maria matched her bump for bump. Maria was only an inch shorter than Emily and their bodies lined up pretty well. Emily's body parts were just a small amount higher than Maria's, but that didn't stop them from feeling the mutual interplay of breasts and pubic hair. Maria thought, "Wow! This is great. Emily's body sure feels nice. Wait! I can't think like that. I've got to make her want me so bad she can't stand it." The dilemma was real for Maria. Her instincts were to feel the pleasure and enjoy her lezzy fantasy with gorgeous Emily, but she needed to make herself proud. She didn't want to feel like Emily's pawn. Roughly she mashed her groin forward into Emily's thrusting hips. By lifting her torso a bit she ground her thick black fuzz into Emily's blonde arrowhead. Emily ground just as forcefully right back at her. Feeling the tension in their groin war, the kissing stopped. A grimace flashed across Emily's face as she increased the pressure on Maria. Maria felt the power behind Emily's movement and she gritted her teeth to maintain as much force against her blonde invader.

Occasional gasps and screeches punctuated the back yard of Emily's home and both she and Maria were aware of the surrounding battles. Emily even tried to keep an eye on Joy at first, but as the battle intensified with Maria, she couldn't afford to let her mind wander any more. The sizzling pressure between their mounds was lovely, even with the force and desire for dominance she noted coming from Maria. Emily knew that it was time to make some progress.

Her face pressed forward at Maria's face, their noses touched and their eyes glared at each other in demanding arousal. "Lets get on the ground. I want to get dirty with you."

"I bet you do! It will make my day to get down and dirty with you. I hope you're ready." Maria shot back even more, "Lets do it!"

Dropping to the ground the two reached for the other girl's pussy. Arranging themselves in a seated arrangement side by side, they could reach across to the other with either free hand. Joy spread her legs in opening challenge for Maria who quickly followed suit. Maria's right hand reached across her body while Emily's left reached across hers. Their sexual targets were found in an instant and the race began. Maria gushed a veritable flood of juices the moment Emily's fingers wormed their way inside her cunt. Maria was incredibly tight and Emily needed to be careful not to cause her any pain as she plied her fingers between Maria's musky lips. She pinched her left labia and pulled it aside. She pinched the right labia and pulled it aside. She pushed her middle finger into the narrow gap now exposed and wiggled it towards her womb. One knuckle, then two, and finally it was totally inside Maria's constricting pussy. Maria's narrow slew percolated an incredible amount of juice. It spilled out all over Emily's wiggling hand. Emily noticed the flood and whispered in Maria's ear, "See, you're all hot for me aren't you? You're getting all wet for me. I can't wait to taste it." With that she pulled her finger out and brought it to her mouth for a few licks as though it were a lollipop. She offered the finger to Maria's nearby mouth. Surprisingly to Emily, Maria sucked it right inside until it was clean as a whistle.

Maria's hand kept up its pussy vigil. Examining Emily's cunt was a delicious enterprise of its own, but Maria made sure to probe her entire area, beginning with the outer lips. Softly running her hand over Emily's pink labia, she felt a small shudder from Emily. She searched through Emily's blonde curly clump of hair, not because she was looking for anything, but just to enjoy the thoroughness of the search itself. She relished the feel of her soft curls. She wound her finger with them and pulled gently, awakening the pain threshold of Emily's skin just a smidge. "Ow!" was all she said, soft and almost sweet.

"Don't tell me it hurt THAT much," cooed Maria. She pulled, more softly this time, and caught Emily with a smile. She also felt Emily's fingers begin to play with her own darker patch. It tickled and tingled as her soft fingers glided around the perimeter and then scratched their way to the interior of her bushy mound. She felt Emily's nails rake a path through the thickness, catching on a few strands and pulling them until they snapped back into place with a sharp pain. "What's good for the goose is good for the gander," Emily whispered back.

The tension between them was delicious as they played and explored each other's bodies. Maria lowered her face to Emily's chest and began to suckle her right tit. Her right hand refocused on Emily's twat with slow, elliptical rubs. She used her whole hand and rubbed it over Emily's entire crotch area, slow, slow, slow. Emily's moisture began to seep out. As the lubrication quotient increased incrementally, Maria's hand and fingers pressured a little bit more to match the output of lubricant. Over a three or four minute span, the liquid coated both hand and crotch, which meant that Maria was pressing firmly as she circumnavigated the forbidden cleft. She put the heel of her hand directly on Emily's clit. She waited. She pressed and wiggled, gently, softly, and slowly. She waited several seconds more. She pressed and wiggled, gently softly, and nearly as slowly as before. She stopped, paused, and waited some more. She pressed and wiggled, firmer than before, harder than before, and a fraction less slowly than before. She stopped. She waited. She was teasing with a purposeful intent. She waited.

Emily thrust her pussy into Maria's hand. Emily WANTED Maria to pleasure her clit. She didn't like being teased and her involuntary response clearly proved to Maria that Emily was getting horny and anxious for more. But Maria waited even longer this time. Emily jerked her pussy forward again, even more anxiously than before. This time Maria went into overdrive. Her hand spun wicked circles around Emily's pussy and clit, pressing firmly, creating delicious friction and tension in every exterior nerve ending in Emily's crotch. She rubbed and rubbed and rubbed and found Emily wiggling and grinding against her hand with every motion. Maria would have been gloating about the speed with which she had aroused Emily this much if it weren't for the fact that her own pussy was getting plundered in such a delicious way that she wasn't sure she was even in the lead.

Emily used her fingers to dive inside Maria again and again, gaining gobs of lubricant that she borrowed from the inside and loaned to the outside of her pussy. Spreading the juices over her labia and clit, Emily fingered the organic hole insistently. She used her index and middle finger to form a V-shape surrounding Maria's clit and pinched it between the very wet fingers. She squeezed and flipped her fingers up and down rapidly, exciting Maria's clitoris into rigid purplish pink prominence. So much blood flowed into her clit that she felt it would explode. It was open season on clits and the two girls went after each other with gritty determination to bring the other off quickly and soon. Somehow each managed, through the mental imagery or power of suggestion, to hold off beyond what should have been physiologically possible. They were close. They both knew it. Yet neither fell to the rapture of orgasm. They didn't notice that Joy and Lori were done. They didn't notice the other two pairs entangled in heated clinches that broke some of the ground rules they had set a little earlier. They only knew that the slightest loss of focus would mean an instant loss.

For five minutes they went at it like this. Hands and fingers gloriously tried to propel the other girl to orgasm. Both clits took the digital manipulation and ached for release.

Maria had stopped sucking on Emily's tit about midway through the vigorous hand in pussy battle. She needed her breathing to be controlled, and it was getting harder and harder to do as she sucked Emily's nipple. She knew it helped excite Emily, but it wasn't worth the risk of losing control of her own breathing. Her own pussy had begun to rock and roll with the rhythm of Emily's gyrating fingers. When Emily's fingers invaded her tight hole she squeezed unmercifully to try to keep them inside. Emily had used a single finger for several of her initial probes, but with all the obvious arousal and considering the copious amounts of Maria-juice available, she slid two fingers inside and fucked her that way for nearly a minute straight. Maria's rocking cunt, labored breathing, and letting go of her nipple were all signals to Emily that Maria was getting close.

She had to grit her teeth and use all her mind control to avoid coming herself as Maria's hand wondrously applied perfect pressure and timing to the natural rhythms of her own cunt. Emily had been right to be worried at the beginning. Maria was no pushover. Her own breathing became ragged. Her pussy humped against Maria's hand without conscious intent from her brain, but Emily swore to herself that she WOULD NOT COME. Her body lurched from a particularly pleasant interaction with Maria's wet hand. She felt the control slipping away. The perfect timing and combination of gentle, interspersed with firm, touch on her cunt and clit was becoming too much for a mortal to control by force of will. She managed to keep her own fingers squishily fucking Maria in and out, in and out, with occasional forays to keep her clit highly energized. Emily maintained her intense desire to win, but she was beginning to realize that it wasn't inevitable. The possibility of losing now crossed her mind again and again.

Maria accepted Emily's fingers inside her pussy with girlish glee. It felt really good as Emily's long fingers rammed in and out of her like the pistons of a high-revving motorcycle engine. It was good, very good. She accepted the inevitable increase in her excitement, knowing from Emily's reactions that there was a good chance of wielding control over Emily first. Their heads leaned close to each other while their fingers and hands continued to fly through their paces in the ever more aromatic junction between their legs. The smell of their juices wafting up from their loins overpowered the sweet August summer smell of freshly mowed grass. It intoxicated them and increased both their own lust and their desire to not fall victim to its power.

Emily whispered, "We're close now. Give it all you've got. Don't hold back. Come on. Come on. Come on."

"You got it. Come for me baby. Come on. Come on. Come for me like you know you want." Maria whispered back with almost the same language. But the response back from Emily came not with words but with fingers.

Maria's very tight hole had become more and more accepting of Emily's fingers and Emily had noted the sucking sounds, the humping reactions, and the gorgeous soft wetness in Maria's cunt. Unsure of her own ability to hold off any longer she took a chance. Three fingers went in while her thumb found Maria's clit. She managed to fit all three fingers inside Maria without any sign of pain or discomfort. For Maria's part, she didn't really know what happened down there, only that her cunt felt fully fucked and her clit magically stimulated. The combination was too much. As Emily thrust just a few times, with all three fingers, in and out of Maria her thumb rubbed small circles of pressure across her plump clit. That was it. Maria cried out in acceptance of the inevitable. Her orgasm blasted through her like a fullback carrying the ball into the end zone from one yard out. All the power and energy of her feminine muscles went into spasms and jerks that clearly indicated all was lost. Her body shook and she fell back onto the ground, her ministrations of Emily coming to a halt only seconds before she could have forced an orgasm from her. Emily's victory was sweet, but she also felt the horrible frustration of not reaching her own orgasm. With the taste of orgasm so close, she couldn't resist taking advantage of the now prone Maria.

Swinging her leg across Maria, she straddled her and began to rub her cunt all over Maria's bush. Maria had closed her legs as she fell back to the grass. So much wetness had spilled out of both girls, covering their loins completely, the well-lubricated juncture of Maria's thighs and her pubic mound made a fine place for Emily's cunt to wiggle and lurch towards release. It didn't take long. Her eyes closed, her head thrown back, and her breasts jiggling a vigorous dance, she ground her pussy deeply into Maria's precious skin and hair. The rubbing finished the job that Maria's hand had so wondrously begun. Emily moaned and groaned with pleasure as the orgasm overtook her. Using Maria throughout (she didn't seem to mind), Emily ground her cunt and rubbed it hard into Maria. She felt Maria's dark fuzz scrape across her clit and labia, wondrously alert to the feeling of her womanly bush bringing her such intense pleasure. Finally the orgasm subsided and she fell down on top of Maria. Emily had won, but barely.