DARE PARTY - Chapter 13

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 13 - Orgy-of-Eight Begins

The competitive orgy commenced. Eight very horny girls went at each other. With a nod to the Indy 500 Emily started the festivities, "Ladies, start your engines." They were off.

Each pair of girls, while peripherally aware of their neighbors, shared a clear focus on each other. The four matches were fought simultaneously. Lori and Joy, still heated from their diving board encounter plunged directly into each other. While still standing their hands made accurate dives towards the other's crotch. Their bodies leaned into each other while the right hand was busy taking advantage of a pussy, the left was groping breasts, back, neck, head, and face.

"You think you're hot stuff, don't you bitch?" Lori got the verbal jousting rolling.

"Ha, hotter than you'll ever be."

"I feel your pussy, it isn't anything special. You may have big tits, but that will just make it easier to turn you on."

Joy retaliated by dropping her head to Lori's left breast and she sucked her nipple into her mouth. Joy wanted to prove immediately that she knew how to excite a tit. Lori redoubled her efforts with her finger. She plunged one, then two fingers into Joy's nicely lubed inner tube. One knuckle, then two, then all the way she went and immediately began to rotate her fingers in little spiral loops. She knew the friction would excite Joy. Her fingers blurred as they rammed and rotated in Joy's warm receptacle. Joy's hips bucked and thrust against the invasion while Joy whispered, "Yeah, I'll fuck your fingers and just keep coming back for more. Come on rookie, is that the best you can do?"

Joy felt confident enough all right, but her comment hid at least a little bit of apprehension. In fact Lori's gyrating digits were having an affect. Putting her mouth back to work on Lori's tits she worked on the assumption that the more body parts she could excite the more likely she would be to get Lori to orgasm first. Joy kept up the nipple sucking while her right hand rubbed the soft rubbery bump between Lori's lovely slick labia. The heel of her hand ground into Lori's silky clump of fuzz as her hand pressured her clit relentlessly. Joy avoided penetration for now, calculating that she might gauge the best time for that from her partner's body language.

Lori tried mightily to focus all her attention on the offensive strategies and manipulations she dealt Joy, but it wasn't as easy as she would have liked. The intense sucking of her nipples and hot rubbing of her clit made the duality of focus fully realized. Her clitty was sending out wave after wave of warm, prickly, sensations into the far reaches of her body. Joy's hand exuded confidence as she wiggled the palm against Lori's warm sensitive clit. Lori thrust her hips at Joy, an involuntary admittance of the effects she was feeling. Clearly recognizing the escalation of her senses towards eventual overload she knew she had to bring Joy along further.

Leaning forward she planted her mouth on Joy's neck and sucked deeply and with pent-up fervor. "Hickey time," she thought. Joy's body shivered with the understanding of what Lori was doing. She let go of Lori's breast and grabbed her head in her hands as Lori's eyes met her own. The lusty looks tried to hide the desire burning within and yet convey the confidence needed to intimidate the other girl. Joy read the desire and motivation in Lori's eyes and conceded to herself that Lori would not be a pushover. Her extensive battles with Emily had made her a formidable sex-fighter, but Joy had been discounting the prowess and desire that Lori might possess. Now she knew that Lori would not be intimidated easily, and that if she expected to advance for her most desired result (another battle with Emily), then she better use every wile and skill available to her, otherwise Lori was fully capable of turning the tide and smothering her chances.

Joy now encircled Lori with her arms and pulled her body close. Lori extricated her own hand from between them and did likewise. Lori's little breasts poked at the underside of Joy's big D-cuppers, as the two hugged each other close. The huge size differential in tit mass was very apparent to both girls, but that didn't stop Lori from issuing her version of a tit challenge anyway. She rubbed her chest back and forth, her very hard nipples raking across the underside of Joy's full oval boobs. The height difference allowed for Lori to almost 'dagger' her small pointy torpedoes into the firm (but softer than her own) flesh of Joy's bazoombas.

The look of surprise on Joy's face made Lori grin and almost laugh. "Whatsa' matter JOY? Can't you take a little titty rubbing?"

Joy didn't quite know what to make of this. She certainly had bigger, meatier, prouder, shapelier breasts. But that didn't seem to matter as Lori wiggled and squirmed some more, forcing more friction between their vastly different equipment. Joy noted the sparkles in Lori's eyes grow with every wiggle and she knew she needed to counter. All while allowing Lori to continue to initiate the breast contact, she leaned forward and kissed Lori. Their mouths met in contentious passion.

Now it was Lori's turn to feel the tide move back as Joy's tongue invaded her open mouth and darted around as though she owned the inside of her mouth. In seconds Lori was matching Joy tongue to tongue, tasting her taste, absorbing her saliva, touching her teeth, gums, and tonsils with her long tongue. What she forfeited in the breast department, Lori did have a balancing physical trait that none of the other girls could match. Her tongue was about two inches longer than any of the others. She could easily stick her tongue out and touch the tip of her nose and even an inch or so up the bridge of her nose when she forced herself to extend her tongue to it's furthest. This was the first time she had put it to such a use, but with Joy's tongue galloping around inside her own oral cavity she felt obligated to retaliate and with everything she had. While never having considered her tongue to be a useful tool in a competitive situation, she vividly recognized her advantage while the two went at each other oral to oral.

Lori relished the depths of Joy's mouth and she knew it was having an effect on her, but she felt the increased perspiration across her brow as Joy thrust her tongue in slick, wet, probing, journeys around inside her own lips and mouth. Often the two tongues would lock up and dazzle each other with their wet strength. Sliding deliciously across each other, feeling every bump and texture, the girls breathing became more and more erratic. Lori felt the need to suck in more oxygen than she could get with only her nose and she tried to pull away, but Joy would have none of that. She gripped Lori's head and pulled it even tighter against her face. Ignoring the deep invasion of Lori's tongue, she sucked on it, striving to suck it in even deeper. Her suction rivaled that which Lori had used on her neck a few minutes before. Now Lori couldn't have removed her tongue until Joy relaxed from the Hoover job.

Lori let her hands roam behind Joy, often grasping her sexy, round, and powerful ass cheeks and pulled them in towards her own hips. With Joy's long legs, Lori felt Joy's brown-bristled bush press into her lower tummy, a few inches above her own bush which nestled snugly towards the front side of Joy's slit.

Joy recognized the telltale rhythm of Lori's wiggling groin. She felt the bushy patch forge firm contact with her clit, which protruded nicely from the confluence of her plump labia. The horny atmosphere, the earlier cunt-grinding on the diving board, and the current hot tonguing had all contributed to her clit prominence. Lori wasn't able to see the erectile organ, but she was sure she could feel it. Her own clit was equally alert and at-the-ready, but by virtue of her 3" height deficiency it was not quite within reach of Joy's groin apparati. Lori now slid her fuzzy mound perfectly into tight opposition to Joy's clit and thrust forward. The short but powerful thrust clearly wasn't an instinctive motion but a calculated aggressive attack on Joy's womanly center. Their mouths were still plastered together, tongues dancing sexily in the warm wet cavities, and Lori did it again. Thump. Thump. Thump. Grind. Grind. Grind. In just a few seconds she had deftly shifted their shared passion focus 18 inches lower. Joy's clit responded in the only way it could. It sizzled with glittery jolts of pleasure caused by the blunt hairy mound rubbing and grinding against it.

"Enough of this shit," thought Joy as the sudden elevation in her arousal re-emphasized the Lori's tenacity and the efficient use of her sexual assets. Joy's hands, still surrounding Lori, reached lower and grabbed her ass and lifted just as she relinquished the suction on Lori's long tongue. Carefully the larger Joy knelt down and laid Lori on her back on the soft grass. Her arm strength kept Lori underneath as she lay down atop Lori. Now with the freedom-of-movement advantage from the superior position, it was Joy who thrust her fuzzy Mound-of-Venus down into the reclining Lori's crotch. Lori grabbed Joy's ass with both hands and pulled toward her, tempting and taunting her at the same time. Her legs went apart as she whispered into Joy's ear, "Come on. Fuck me. I'll bet you can't make me come."

Beyond her own satisfaction, both physical and emotional, that she got from fucking Lori, Joy was inspired by Lori's tempting challenge to bury her. Lori's legs opened even wider, her labia parting for Joy's oncoming thrusts. Those thrusts took on a grittier, dirtier insistence. Joy's hip and leg muscles strained with the exertion it took to bore her pubic fur down into Lori's waiting cave. Her hips flashed with a rhythm of a high-speed 2-cycle engine, each and every humping thrust deadly on target. Joy gritted her teeth and glared at the defiant face beneath her as she held her upper torso elevated with her strong arms on the ground beside Lori's head.

Lori's body lurched across the grass with every little bump causing Joy to reposition her arms every few seconds to keep her balance and power. Lori just lay prone underneath calmly (seemingly) receiving every stroke. Undeniably, however, her pussy was becoming more and more active under the barrage of bushy fuck strokes. Her juices had now soaked Joy's pubes with its shiny nectar and her slippery liquid just kept coming. The wet sloshing of Joy's groin humping Lori's gash prodded the imminent release of pleasure chemicals in Lori's cunt. Joy had been humping for several minutes, burning energy faster than she could keep up for long, and Lori seemed for most of that time to be defiantly confident that she would wear out Joy long before she would come. But Lori didn't count on Joy's persistence or physical endurance. As the pounding went past the ten-minute mark, Lori's cunt began to shift and wiggle, receiving each thrust from Joy was now turning active. She would arch her back to feel Joy's bumping more and more deeply. Her clit was working on its own to find and meet Joy's pussy directly. Lori couldn't control her involuntary movements. The movement was in charge. Lori's clit ached to feel the thick nub growing between Joy's labia, to find it, to meet it, to probe it, to pressure it, to move it back and forth and up and down and every way, to join with it, and to become one with it.

Lori's pussy was taking charge in the war between her brain and her loins. But Lori could also tell that Joy was gaining urgency with her own actions. While most of the early humping had involved her pubic mound of fuzz, the angle of Joy's thrusts and positioning began to change. Lori watched as Joy bit her lip and repositioned her hips so that her pussy wiggled towards Lori's juicy hole. Lori would not remain totally passive however, even as her clit felt the soft, brief touch of Joy's thick clit. Her hands often gripped Joy's ass and pulled into her with each thrust, but when Joy slid her body an inch or two closer so their clits could dance together, Lori reached behind Joy's ass and snaked a finger towards her asshole. The angle wasn't perfect for either girl. Joy wanted to punish Lori's clit with her own, and Lori wanted to plunge her finger into Joy's butt, anticipating Joy's pleasure center would succumb. Lori finally figured out that just holding off her own orgasm wouldn't be enough to win, she would actually have to make Joy come and so she sought offensive advantage.

Joy recognized the changes in Lori. There was electricity as their clits joined briefly. Lori gasped and tried to maintain the delicious slippery contact. It was apparent that Lori felt the urgency. The next thing Joy noticed was Lori's probing finger wiggling at her butt. It didn't plunge inside, but just wiggled and probed for a few seconds. Lori reached further around and managed to lower her finger to Joy's gaping wet pussy where she inserted her fingers and coated them with her juices. Returning her finger to Joy's cute brown hole she wiggled with success!

"Oh! You dirty girl. You think that will do any good? It won't."

"You like it! You know you do."

Their bodies writhed together. Joy lowered her torso to Lori and she kissed her again. Their loins were lined up and rubbing and humping against each other but they weren't oriented best for clit and pussy contact. Joy continued humping Lori vigorously and enjoyed the counter-thrusts that came back to meet her. But she knew she needed more direct contact with the soft wet organ between Lori's legs and she took initiative again. She reached out to both sides with her arms and hooked Lori's legs at the knees and pulled her knees up towards her head and pinned them back. Lori's pussy was now pointing directly skyward and Joy straddled her with her own legs apart on either side of Lori's body.

Now the angle was perfect for pussy grinding and that is what they did. Lori felt the power of Joy's thrusts as never before. Now the power was passed directly from one clit to the other. Back and forth went the sparks from the slippery contact and pressure. Joy bore down like a jackhammer, plunging her clit at her foe again and again. The battle was in its final stages and both of them knew it. Joy's perspiration dripped from her body and mingled with Lori's sweat. Their love juices swished and swam together in the mashing conjunction of their pussies and clits. Their eyes danced a duel of antagonistic pleasure as their cunts wrestled with every millimeter of sensitive tissue. Joy felt an instant surge of arousal the moment she locked up her clit with Lori and she knew it was do or die. She channeled all her mental energy into maintaining control even as her groin ground against her foe with unbridled enthusiasm.

Lori gasped at the moment of clitty contact and her instinctive thrust to meet Joy's clit sent a message that both of them recognized. It would be soon.

Fearing the worst but hoping for the best they offensively rubbed their clits together, each demanding the other to succumb. The other girls around them were making all sorts of erotic and semi-violent noises, but it didn't intrude on their escapade at all. They thrust and parried and bumped clits with single-minded intensity. Shivers surged through them. Heavenly parades of joy flashed through their brains and then they came. Their orgasms were practically simultaneous. One started first, exploded into violent paroxysms of pleasure, shouts of joy bursting forth, before the other joined and mimicked the same astounding orgiastic delight. For a minute or more they were glued together at the pussy, intent on wringing every last drop of enjoyment from the coupling. Joy, spent from the intense energy she had used, rolled off and lay on the grass next to Lori. Her mind became aware of some of the surrounding matches, all of which were still in progress. But she focused on Lori.

Lori focused on Joy, even as she too made mental acknowledgement of her surroundings. She leaned close and whispered in Joy's ear, "I didn't really think you could do it. I nearly had you, you know."

Joy lied, "Never in doubt. I knew the outcome before we started."

The two passed a few other comments as they recuperated in the grass. The intensity they shared was over and now they began paying more close attention to the other girls who were in the midst of their own heated exchanges.