DARE PARTY - Chapter 12

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 12 - After the Splash

The surprised young ladies hit the cold water and were helped up to a standing position by the others as they shook the water from their faces and hair. The unwanted surprise caused the six spectators to have a good laugh, but Lori and Joy were pissed off at the lost momentum of their little tryst.

"Let me at her!" Lori headed towards Joy, but Emily interceded by grabbing her arm and tossing out a quick suggestion. "Hey, before you get all hot and bothered again, why don't we move on a bit? I think the dare was done, so you don't need to go any farther."

Maria interjected, "That looked like fun, why don't we have some more 'double dares'?"

"Yeah, we could sort of make it a little tournament." Alicia, still pretty excited from her recent pleasures provided by Emily promoted the idea further.

Shaking her hair again, Joy recovered a small degree of control and suggested that she knew she was just about to force Lori to come, and that if any other girl thought she could force her to lose control first, then she had another think coming. Lori spouted off right back, "You're crazy, you were only an inch from losing control, I had you right where I wanted you and you probably knocked us off the board on purpose, just so you wouldn't lose."

"Fuck you." Joy paused a moment, then continued, "Your pussy can't compete with my pussy. Quit posing."

"Hey, hey, girls, calm down." Maria loved watching the intimate encounter and wouldn't have minded watching it resume, but she extended Alicia's thought just a bit to try to expand the encounter. "I liked Alicia's idea. Let's find out for REAL who can make who come."

Emily saw her opportunity and took it. "Yes. That would be splendid. In fact I'd like to show you right now what I could do." She was addressing herself to Maria. "I think there are some definite feelings here among us that could get sorted out with a little sexy competition. Lori and Joy obviously feel their connection isn't complete. Angel, you and Carmen ought to have a chance to sort out your differences. Racine and Alicia I'm sure would like nothing better than to prove which one was 'better'."

"Oooooohhhhh. That sounds very interesting. Shall we begin?" It was Maria, ready for some Emily-action.

"Hold on." Joy thoughtfully decided to add a little more structure to the idea. "Alicia said we should have a tournament. With four pairings already decided, evidently, shouldn't we decide exactly how the winner would be determined and who competes next?"

Angelica had been listening intently and the mention of her name along with Carmen's had sent a solid punch to her groin. Her lusty lesbian tendencies and the competitiveness she felt would be ideally suited to put the bitch Carmen in her place. It was perfect, she thought. Her motivation to get going prompted her to suggest that they all get out of the water and dry off while they finished discussing the details.

Quick agreement led to all the girls leaving the water quickly and toweling off as the eyes of prospective combatants sought out their opponent. Carmen glared at Angel and received a hateful glare right back. Alicia felt her nervous anticipation build as she stared at Racine whose eyes burned with intensity and determination. Lori was overjoyed to get back in the saddle with Joy and ride her roughly to a victory. Maria felt her loins tingle and gush at the thought of hooking up with big sexy Emily.

Emily, as planner and hostess, offered further refinement and suggestions as she finished drying her lovely skin. "I think you ladies have some wonderful ideas. I can't wait to prove myself the best. Do you all think a little single elimination tournament would be the best way to find whose best? Joy, Lori, Carmen, and Angel can be on one side of the bracket with Alicia, Racine, Maria, and me on the other. Winners play winners towards the championship. How do you want to determine the winner?"

Angelica piped up loudly while glaring straight at Carmen. "Anything goes. Whatever we can do to get the other girl to come is ok. Whoever comes first loses. Simple."

Joy loved that kind of match as her earlier encounters with Emily proved, but she thought that a modest set of rules might make for a safer, saner tournament. "I don't quite think we should say 'anything goes'. Only trying to get the other girl turned on is allowed. No defensive measures. This shouldn't be a wrestling match or a fight. You can take advantage of the other girl to get her into position, which would be fine. You can't actually try to prevent her from doing the same to you. Those simple rules make the most sense to me."

"Where are we going to do all this?" Racine ventured that the cement around the deck wouldn't be all that comfortable. "Why don't we go out on the grass and get the show on the road? Oh, by the way, are we going to go all at once or do you think we should go in sequence? I know I don't want to wait to get after prissy Miss Alicia."

"Let's vote. Who's for all at once?" Joy asked and she got immediate affirmatives from all the others. Heading over to the grass, Joy was reminded of another encounter in that grassy area back in July. A blue tarp and some baby oil visualized in her brain. She could actually bring back the aroma of sweat and oil from that hot morning several weeks ago. It wasn't a very pleasant memory and she tried to shut it out of her mind. The girls filtered into the large grassy area. The pairs of girls were arranged. The stage was set.