(by Piers Knight)

As the morning wore on the women grew hotter and more bad tempered until the manager and two other barmaids came to relieve them. It was nearing the time for the inter-pub finals to begin. The two women prepared in the pub’s bathroom and June was irritated that Alison’s breasts were so obviously firmer and more self-supporting than her own, but, she considered, her own breasts were in remarkable shape at 26 years old and after the punishment of feeding her son. Standing side by side with Alison, looking in the mirrors, she could see that her nipples were much bigger than Alison’s and stuck out like mobile phone aerials through the sweat soaked T shirt. She envied the extreme pertness of her rivals, which, though big, hardly needed a bra to support them, unlike her own which were sagging slightly.

“Why did you come to work in this pub?” June asked Alison’s reflection. “Truth is – I heard about you and I think my boobs are better!” Alison laughed. June turned towards her. “You’ll win this competition with those pert things,” she said enviously, glancing at Alison’s boobs. “Yes. That will teach you a lesson!” she smirked. “Unless yours aren’t so pert!” June said. “What?” Alison snapped in surprise as June turned to her black leather handbag. “What are you talking about?” Alison continued as June produced a bunch of keys and in a couple of strides of her long legs, reached the door and locked it. “It’s not the money I’m interested in. I want revenge for you trying to take my place.” Alison looked nervous. “Why? What are you going to do?” she asked. “Well I’m not going to hurt you, or mark your face,” June began. “But, I’m going to win this contest!” Alison laughed out loud. “Oh yes. And what are you going to do, lock me in here?” June shook her head. “I just want to sort out who has the best boobs,” she said. “Like how?” Alison asked: “Squeeze my tits?” she said contemptuously. “Because if you try it, I can take care of myself and I’ll leave you in a bruised mess on the floor!”

June looked at Alison askance. “Oh nothing as crude as that!” she said. “But!” she began emphatically, then paused. “I’ll bet my winnings to date that my boobs are tougher than yours,” She said ominously, clapping her hands either side of her T shirt covered, braless boobs. Alison looked puzzled, her brows knitted, her head on one side. “Your boobs against mine bitch!” June explained. Alison had had enough of June’s veiled threats. “Oh grow up you stupid cow!” she said. “Open this door!” she demanded. “Not until you put your tits up against mine” June said. “Are you a lesbian or something?” Alison said accusingly. “Are you a coward?” June shot back. Alison put her hands on her hips, took a deep breath and thrust her chest out. “Mine will still be firmer than yours even after we’ve battered them together a few times,” she said. June pulled her T shirt over her head and put her hands on her hips. “Well?” she said looking at Alison. Alison pulled her T shirt off and lay it on a sink. “If you take me on, your saggy tits will be even flabbier than they are and you’ll lose any contest!” she warned.

“We’ll see” June said. Alison reached for her discarded T shirt, lifted her firm breasts and began wiping the sweat off them with it and was surprised at how much firmer they had become to her touch and how much larger her areolas had become. She felt unexpected excitement and felt her nipples tingle as they swelled. She looked at June’s shining areolas and enormous nipples and felt a pang of fear. She tossed her T shirt into the sink. June rubbed her boobs with her hands, then let them drop back down to her ribs with a bounce and a swing. “This is about more than a wet T shirt contest” June said. “You’re taking my job, my customers and my reputation,” she continued. “Shit!” Alison spat. “I can’t help it if I’m better looking than you and better endowed!” “Don’t flatter yourself!” June shot back. “If I win today, you’ll leave and never come here again,” she said. “And if, in the highly unlikely event, you win?” Alison asked with heavy sarcasm. “I’ll quit!” June said simply, knowing she could be sacrificing a lot. “Fine by me!” Alison said. “You’d better get ready to leave bitch!” she added and began striding towards June.

The fleeting thought crossed June’s mind that perhaps she’d taken on too much as Alison’s big firm breasts looked somehow bigger naked. She shook this thought off and, confident she would beat this pathetic bitch, June walked briskly at Alison and they met, boobs first with a “SMACK!” Alison grunted hard in reply and was forced backwards a step. June looked surprised at her early victory, but her confidence was short lived as Alison flew the two steps at her and their breasts met with an almighty “SMACK!!!” and June tottered backwards four strides, her arms flailing as she struggled to keep her balance. Before she could put her hands back on her hips Alison was at her again: “SMACK!!” cracked through the air and June found herself staggering backwards towards the white tiled wall which her back hit hard, her breath escaping her as a loud “UUGGH!”

June’s boobs tingled and her nipples stung, but she felt everything hardening up as the adrenaline flooded her body. She let out a fierce rising growl and slammed her left breast into Alison’s right. Alison grunted hard in response to the sweaty “SPLAT!” and felt June’s huge nipple gouge into her areola momentarily, - enough to force a sudden stinging pain to shoot through it. Alison was hit again on June’s return twist and her right boob buried itself in her own left. Alison let out an involuntary shriek. “These are firmer than you thought!” June said as she hurled both boobs to smack into Alison’s, sending her walking backwards. “Aren’t they?” she concluded. In truth, both of June’s breasts were tingling and throbbing, but she felt good as she felt them tighten up. She noticed that Alison’s boobs were responding in exactly the same way as their smooth sweat covered surface shone and her areolas extended and grew pebbly, her nipples now so distended and thickened she could see the duct holes in them clearly.

Their stinging breasts made each busty woman retreat a couple of steps. “Come on you cowardly pussy!” June goaded. “If you think your soft, saggy bags of shit can beat my firm tits, you’ve got another think coming!” Alison sneered. They circled each other slowly, insulting each other’s breasts and watching one another’s huge boobs as they swung gently from their side-stepping. Suddenly June lunged into the circle at Alison, leading with her right shoulder, jabbing her right breast smack into Alison’s left, crumpling it like a concertina. Alison gasped, but just then June swung from the left, her flying left breast hurled through the air to smack with a loud, stinging “SLAP!” across the outside of Alison’s right breast and raked across the fronts of both of them, stinging her nipples. “Yaaagghh!” Alison gasped and fought back in kind, and for a few minutes both women lurched backwards and forwards, their boobs swinging and flying through the air as they flailed at each other, missing most of the time, but eventually closing the distance, then the smacking intensified.

Her boobs burning from the stinging and painfully pulling on and jarring her chest, shoulder and neck muscles, June slammed her boobs head on into Alison’s. “UUGGHH!” Alison grunted as she was knocked back a step. “Bitch!” she shouted and rammed June. A loud “SPLAT!” burst from between them. Then another, and another, the smacks coming in faster and faster successions. Both women, their breasts aching almost unbearably, and ‘burning up’, separated after a while, realizing neither of them were winning this fight. Alison was itching for a catfight. “Why not just grab this big bitch by the hair and punch her face to pulp?” but she dismissed the idea, knowing that June was more than capable of giving her an equally good beating. June let out a huge sigh and lifted her reddening boobs to examine them. “They tingled and throbbed and felt hot, but they were standing up to the battle well” June thought to herself. “Tits sore bitch?” Alison garrulously asked. “No more than your bags of fat!” she said squeezing and pulling her reddened nipples back to firmness. Alison lifted her boobs and gave them a cursory examination, then massaged them pert again. Then, gripping them more firmly, pointed them rigidly to the front and strode confidently towards June...

To Be Continued

Piers Knight.