(by Piers Knight)

June had worked behind the bar of the Red Lion for eight years. Now at 26 years old she had hoped to have had a better job, but after becoming pregnant and leaving school early with no qualifications, it was the best she could get. At least it supported her and her young son. In truth, she could get a job in any pub. She had the right looks and the right image. She was tall, stylish and very busty, which is what most of the customers wanted. She was stunning and drew them in in their droves. Her flaming red hair, statuesque build and big bust brought her many male admirers. At 5 feet 11 inches in her bare feet she was quite imposing. Her long shapely legs were breathtaking and she always showed them off in short skirts. Her 42J bust was legendary as it strained to burst through her tight tops. She wore nothing more than flimsy lace bras as they showed off her shape best, although they were not particularly comfortable. With her big bust, attractive wide hips and a flat midriff, June was very curvy, she resembled the big breasted glamour model, Diane Poppos.

June not only turned heads, she dropped jaws and drew lingering, distracted stares. She had, consequently, been challenged by numerous gasping boyfriends to enter Wet T Shirt competitions in the past, winning her first at 16. Since she had given birth to her illegitimate son, her breasts had grown fuller and shapelier and her nipples, which had thickened and lengthened during her 18 months of breast feeding had kept their appearance too and she was satisfied, as she stood in front of the pub's 'Ladies' bathroom mirror examining herself, that her fat areolas and rigid nipples atop her impressive 56 inch bust were plain for all to see. The male customers to the Red Lion loved it. Their girlfriends and wives hated it; it gave them a lot to match up to. Consequently she had some fierce arguments over the bar with some of these women, but she could look after herself and usually put them in their place, but, at over 6 feet tall in her high heeled boots and six inches taller on the platform behind the bar, no one wanted to take their grievances any further. With the bright lights behind the bar highlighting her, she looked like an Amazon. A man had tried to take her on in the corridor between the rooms and she had knocked him to the floor with three deft punches, and then kicked him between the legs for good measure.

Although it was the policy of the management to employ attractive, busty barmaids, none had ever come close to matching June's stunning looks. Until Alison came along.

Alison was a student at the local university. At 19 years old she was seven years younger than June, firmer, more attractive in some ways. Her ‘Mediterranean’, olive complexion was flawless and together with her flashing, darting eyes and oozing sensuality, gave her the wild look of a Gypsy. Her waist length straight jet black hair made a startling contrast to June's 'peaches and cream' complexion and curly red hair flowing over her shoulders and down towards her waist. The customers took to Alison straight away. At 5 feet 10 and a half inches she was just as impressive as June who, for the first time in her life, felt seething animosity against this big busted bitch. Alison's firm boobs were a little smaller, but somehow rounder, shapelier and fuller than her own and swelled out her black T shirt like a pair of balloons. Her extremely pert areolas seemed to be trying to punch their way through the material. She habitually wore tight fitting faded ‘cut-off’ jeans for work, which showed her bare, shapely legs off perfectly. June felt that at least she had the advantage on height as Alison wore flat ‘trainers’ and June’s high heeled boots ensured she was at least two inches taller. Until the day when Alison arrived for work in 3 inch platform shoes.

June felt herself being pushed into the background as Alison rushed to serve every lusting male customer. So June decided to discard her black tights and bought a suspender belt and black stockings to wear instead, and also discarded her white lacy bras for sexy black ones which showed through her tops. This, and her stocking tops showing beneath her short skirt certainly drew more attention. Alison glared ‘daggers’ at her and June wondered what Alison would do next to attract attention. She got her answer when Alison turned up in a child size stretch tank top which ended just beneath her boobs which stretched the top to its limits, exposing her magnificent cleavage in her new half-cup bra which allowed her freed nipples to protrude through her tight top which had her customer’s eyes popping out. June’s answer to that was to leave her flimsy tops off and serve behind bar in her flimsy black bra. The manager of the bar was enjoying this rivalous competition, especially as it brought in hundreds more male customers.

As the summer grew hotter the manager thought of an even bigger draw for his booming business and went around the town to talk to the other bar managers about his idea. They accepted the challenge on behalf of their staff and the “Battle of the Barmaids Wet T shirt Contest” was fixed for the next public holiday. All of the Red Lion’s barmaids were required by the manager to enter and the heats of the contest would take place during that holiday weekend in each of the competing pubs, with the final on the Monday night taking place in the Red Lion. It was a lewd weekend. Suitably qualified customer’s girlfriends and wives were encouraged to enter and all the men had an unprecedented treat of dozens of braless, tight T shirt clad busty women in every city centre pub. Customers to every pub reaching record levels and the sweating bar maids could hardly keep up with serving the hundreds (if not thousands) of extra customers the competition generated. When it came to their turn, each barmaid had her white T shirt sprayed with water and was required to place her hands on her hips while gripping the edges of the soaked T shirt to pull it tight. To make it fair, the judges were the manager’s wives of the participating pubs, except for those of them who were competing. A first prize of five hundred pounds was offered, a second prize of two hundred and a third prize of one hundred.

The noise in the Cross Keys, where the first of the heats was held, was incredible and the customers could barely move in the massive crush. The heat and the stench of the crush of sweaty men and women was overpowering, alcohol was being consumed like it was going out of fashion and the bar maids T shirts were soaked with sweat long before each took her turn in the competition. The crowds all moved on to the second competing pub and each winning barmaid was given a certificate and token payment of ten pounds, had her photograph taken by a professional and was required to be in the Red Lion on Monday night for the final heats. The excitement of that hot weekend intensified as each pub and each suitably qualified woman took part and a reporter from the local newspaper was sent to cover the story. On Monday morning the competition reached the Red Lion and both Alison and June got through the first heats easily and were the only two representatives of the Red Lion for the semi finals, as well as both being hot favorites to win. The whiff of raw testosterone filled the hot air making the women in the claustrophobic crush anxious and edgy and even possessive. Some pushing and shoving amongst some of the women resulted in a couple of minor catfights and fights between some men broke out from time to time, occasionally spilling onto the street. This contest began to keep the police busy as they followed up complaints from other people in the town.

In the Red Lion, Both June and Alison got groped by some of the men, who they slapped for their impertinence. They even got pawed and mauled by some women curious to know if their outstanding breasts were real. Behind the bar the animosity between the two breathtaking women began to show. Alison bent down to reach for a bottle of fruit juice off a low shelf and made sure she shoved June aside with her ample ass. “Watch it bitch!” June said as she regained her balance. “Or what?” Alison said turning to face June. “Or I’ll make you regret ever coming here!” June threatened, her temper stretched thin. A heaving sea of customers at the bar turned them back to their task, but the women baited each other at every opportunity. June deliberately reached to a shelf above Alison as she bent to get another bottle of fruit juice ensuring her braless boobs smacked Alison across her head.

“Oh sorry. I didn’t see you,” she disingenuously said. Alison stood upright to face June and walked straight at her, barging her left boob and left shoulder against June’s, spinning her aside. June flicked her hip at Alison’s ass as she bent again to reach for a bottle, sending her headfirst into the shelf. The clatter of bottles hitting the floor and Alison’s vehement swearing made her smile as she turned to serve a customer. Alison was tempted to kick June’s ass as she began to stand up behind her after putting the bottles in a cardboard box, but she satisfied herself with giving the back of June’s flaming hair a yank as she got up. June turned around to go to the till and came face to face with a glowering Alison. She made an elaborate play of trying to get past her, stepping to one side, then the other, but in reality blocking her. “Get outa my way you bitch!” Alison said. “No. You get out of mine!” June said barging her right breast into Alison’s. Little Emily, the third barmaid serving at the other hatch was, at only 5 feet 3 inches, overwhelmed by her tall, bickering companions and almost got knocked over a couple of times...

To Be Continued

Piers Knight.