(by Piers Knight)

Frances had left the office after she’d won her promotion by beating Hattie to the floor with a bruising titfight and beating her prized 38GG tits black and blue. Hattie had struggled with the overwhelming extra workload for a week until the day the beautiful Nigerian born Pearl began work in her two woman office. It must have seemed like a good joke to Piers, their boss, when he’d put a sign on the door labeled “The Cow House” and another under it - “The Milkers’ Parlour” on account of the size of Fran’s and Hattie’s breasts. Now Fran had an equal in her successor. Whereas Fran had the complexion of an English rose Pearl was as black as ebony and her body looked firm and strong despite the obvious size of her huge breasts, even bigger than Fran’s heavy bra busters, which her pink and red dress seemed to sculpt itself around, showing off the size and shape of her enormous assets a treat. Hattie had prided herself on her African ancestry, and although Jamaican, she looked positively pale next to Pearl and took an instant dislike to her and felt vindicated when Pearl used her enormously broad hips to barge her aside. She stood and looked Hattie contemptuously up and down and criticized her appearance. Hattie was viciously bitchy back. The atmosphere was strained to say the least and Pearl took every excuse to bump Hattie’s breasts, as though testing them. Whereas Fran and Hattie had got on tolerably, until their fight for promotion, Pearl and Hattie genuinely hated each other, a situation which grew worse and more bitter as this seemingly endless week dragged on. They ‘got by’ until Friday when Damon, his family originally from Ghana, came to collect his girlfriend, Hattie.

Hattie had gone into the ladies room just before he arrived and Pearl had hooked him like a man-eating ‘Venus Flytrap‘, so that when Hattie came back Pearl had seated Damon on her revolving chair and she was astride him, rubbing her ‘on-heat’ womanhood against him and thrusting her enormous breasts into his face, almost sinking it in her exposed cleavage. Hattie was furious. “Get off my boyfriend you fat cow!” she shouted at Pearl. “Oh. I thought he was spare, not yours”. Hattie glared at Damon who was getting to his feet, an enormous erection apparent beneath his jeans. “I did nothing!” Damon pleaded, his arms spread wide. “Well you seemed to be enjoying her tits wrapped around your head!“ Hattie snapped roughly. “There can be more of that, Damon, if you like!” Pearl purred in her deep fruity voice. “Mine are big enough to bury him in!” Hattie said in a hurt tone. “Mine are each bigger than a man’s head!” Pearl boasted. “You just keep your tits off my man or I’ll rip them off!” Hattie threatened. “I’d like to see you try” Pearl said affronted and annoyed stalking up to Hattie until their breasts touched. “Oh no. Not another fight!” Hattie thought. “This will be the second in a fortnight!”

“Ladies. Ladies. Not over me!” Damon said. “You flatter yourself. This fat bitch has had it coming” Hattie said nudging Pearl‘s breasts with her own. “Oh well. Here goes”, Hattie thought. Pearl shoved her back and stared daggers at Hattie as she stepped backwards. She stared back. “Go wait for me in the car!” Hattie commanded. “What! And miss a fight?” Damon protested. “GO!” Hattie shouted, her nerves strained to breaking point. The women waited until all sound of Damon had faded. “Ok bitch!” Pearl said. “Like I said. I’d like to see you try!” Hattie stared back unflinchingly. “Bring it on you fat cow!” she said. Pearl unfastened and wriggled out of her dress and let it fall to the floor, then sat down on the revolving chair to remove her tights. Without a word Hattie undid her blouse, the buttons straining from the pressure of the tits beneath. She tossed it aside, then dropped her black skirt to the floor, and stooped forwards to remove her stockings, her bra covered tits swinging heavily. The two dark skinned busty beauties stood and faced each other in their underwear; Pearl’s in dark blue and Hattie’s in white.

Pearl stared disdainfully at Hattie’s impressive cleavage in the middle of her 38GG bust. Pearl’s breasts looked even bigger out of her dress. “I can’t wait to rip your bra off and wrap those fat fucking things around your neck!” Hattie said venomously. “I’m gonna rip the milk-glands out of yours!” Pearl snarled. “You’ll need surgery when I’ve finished with yours!” Hattie threatened as she placed her hands on her wide hips and began walking towards Pearl. Pearl followed Hattie’s lead and the two women met, squashing their breasts together until they almost squeezed over the tops of their bras. Turning their heads aside as their boobs squashed uncomfortably together, both women hissed through their teeth as their stimulated nipples gouged into soft flesh. Pearl suddenly threw both arms around Hattie’s broad, thick shoulders and began crushing her in a bear hug. Hattie groaned as the air was forced out of her lungs. She decided to give pearl the same treatment. “This is where all my years of dumb-bell work comes in” With unusually muscular arms for a woman, she wrapped them around Pearls lower ribs until her grunting turned to groans, then to shrieks as Hattie piled on the pressure. Their breasts ‘burned’ and ached as they were crushed and this huge amount of flesh compressing between them stopped any chance of breathing.

Pearl crushed Hattie harder until her biceps felt thy would explode and Hattie finally walked Pearl to where she wanted her; against the back wall of the narrow office where she physically lifted her up until Pearl’s rough bra was in her face. At least a breath was now possible. “God - you’re a heavy cow!!!” Hattie finally blurted as she dropped Pearl back onto her feet. Pearl aimed a knee at Hattie’s groin, but Hattie twisted and the blow caught her inner thigh instead. She wailed as the excruciating pain shot through her leg - which now seemed numb and unresponsive. Hattie swung a fist at Pearl’s head, but she ducked, then ploughed Hattie backwards across the room with her head planted firmly in Hattie’s belly to thump her wide, generous ass against the edge of the table in front of the Venetian blind window. Pearl then stood up and tore at Hattie’s strong white bra, yanking her away from the table by her left strap and right bra cup. Hattie grabbed the undersides of Pearls well supported breasts and tried to push them up towards her face. Hattie’s left strap tore, but Pearl stopped pulling on her bra and began slapping the sides of her breasts, stinging painfully. Hattie held Pearl’s huge right breast firm by her bra cup and slammed her left fist into the underside sinking it in deeply, accompanied by a distressed and heart felt groan from Pearl.

Pearl clamped both of her hands over Hattie’s torn bra cups and began to squeeze the soft flesh. Hattie yelled out and clamped her wide open, clawed hands over Pearl’s still bra covered breasts. She felt her massively erect nipples against her hands and looked for an opportunity to pinch and tweak them ‘good and proper’. The name calling and threats continued as they squeezed and twisted each others tits and begin to pull each others bra cups down. The bra material was too strong however, but they succeed in pulling one another’s left cup down - and now their nail tipped fingers really began to sink into the flesh, pulling on each other bra strap with the other hand, tugging and yanking one another all over the narrow room. Real hate poured from them both and for the first time in her life Hattie wanted to destroy another human being. Pearl’s sanity had left her and she felt an evil urge to destroy Hattie. Hattie finally managed to get Pearl in a right arm headlock and tore at her jet black shoulder length hair with her other hand. Pearl reached up and grasped Hattie’s left bra strap, pulling it across her bulging breast and grabbing a handful of flesh with it. Hattie shrieked at this, then shrieked more as Pearl’s left arm snaked behind her back to grab her dreadlocked hair and pull it sharply. With the inordinate strength of her left arm, Pearl wrestled Hattie forwards, pulling her inexorably forwards by her bra strap and the handful of tit flesh.

Hattie’s headlock grip weakened and she drew back her left fist to punch Pearl’s huge breasts swinging like basket balls in bags. .Gasping and angered at her breasts being painfully punched in this way, Pearl deposited Hattie onto the floor on her knees, then grabbing a handful of hair with her left hand, proceeded to twist Hattie’s neck. Hattie desperately grabbed Pearl’s left leg and sank her nails in. Pearl lost her grip and Hattie turned the tables by getting Pearl in a neck-lock, and wrestling her to her knees, began to punch at any part of her anatomy that she could reach. Pearl dropped onto her hands, and Hattie straddled her back like a donkey, then leaning forward, wrapped her left arm around Pearl’s neck. Pearl managed to reach up with her right hand to grab Hattie’s hair, causing her to lose her balance and slide to her left off Pearl. Pearl immediately saw her chance and forced Hattie face down to the rough carpet, banging her forehead on the floor several times and punching her back and shoulders. Stunned, Hattie drew her knees under herself and threw herself and Pearl backwards with her weight. Pearl’s back thumped heavily against the opposite wall with Hattie slumped backwards on her, her head between Pearls massive boobs. Pearl reached to Hattie’s chest and ripped the last vestiges of her bra off, intent on grasping some flesh.

Her plans changed initially as Hattie reached back and grabbed her hair again. Pearl retaliated by tearing at Hattie’s and at last, dug her fingers into the underside of Hattie’s left breast, pulling it upwards hard towards herself. Hattie now had both hands buried in Pearl’s hair, while Pearl secured a hold of Hattie’s right breast in her fist. Pearl leant further back sliding down the wall to allow her to throw her left leg across Hattie’s chest under her breasts, and, supporting the weight of Hattie’s huge right boob with her right hand, she pulled the unfortunate tit inexorably and mercilessly towards herself, her fingers sinking painfully in the flesh. Hattie screamed and struggled helplessly. Then bellowed in anger and frustration as Pearl, twisting Hattie’s right breast brutally, reached forward, pushed her hand inside Hattie’s thong and grabbed her vagina lips and associate flesh and began twisting, pulling and ripping it all around, her fingernails puncturing the sensitive flesh. As Pearl’s heavy tits hanging above Hattie’s face slapped it she tried catching them in her teeth. Finally grabbing a distended fat purple nipple with her teeth she bit and pulled, but this only made Pearl tear Hattie’s breast back further. Hattie screamed, despite her mouthful of Pearls areola and nipple as she felt the connective tissues and ligaments tear, until she was able to reach back and grab both of Pearl’s tits from the sides, sinking her fingers in and contorting them brutally. Pearl pulled her hand up along Hattie’s body, leaving deep scratch wounds all the way from her vagina to her left breast, ripping the thong loose on the way; then began tearing that one upwards by the areola and nipple.

Hattie dug her nails into the undersides of Pearl’s breasts, making her howl terribly, then she set to work gouging her nails behind Hattie’s nipples into the flesh where the milk glands are and gouged in her fingers as though probing for the swollen glands. Hattie, meanwhile had begun tearing Pearl’s underside breast flesh and the deep scratches begin to trickle blood and at the same time, gouging her thumb nails into Pearl’s nipples. “One of us, surely, must pass out from the pain?” Hattie thought as burning pains shot through both breasts now as the tissue’s tore. She felt herself sickeningly dizzy and unable to breath as Pearl tried to literally rip her tits off, raking the sensitive undersides with her nails, them wrenching them out violently around. Stabbing, tearing pains ripped through them as they were torn sideways. Hattie probed her fingers in deeply into the mass of Pearl’s huge glands, then she felt a hard whack on her face and head as though one of the monitors had fallen off a table, but no - it was too soft. She found her face buried under Pearls huge boobs, her arms spread out sideways. She couldn’t breath and reached for the mighty breasts to lift them from her face. Pearl only groaned, then began to sob. Hattie struggled out from beneath her and also felt like crying as her tortured tits hurt almost unbearably from Pearl’s abuse. Pearl rolled onto her back and clutched her ravaged boobs, rocking from side to side in pain, sobbing loudly. Hattie insisted that Pearl pull herself together and start cleaning herself up. Hattie limped off to the bathroom having already deciding to demand a transfer for Pearl to another branch office.

Piers Knight.