(by Piers Knight)

June quickly got the idea and followed Alison’s move, lifting her boobs and, with a snarl through gritted teeth, almost ran the few yards towards Alison. Their boobs met with a sweaty “SPLAT!” and a shock tore through their bodies as their erect nipples gouged into one another’s areolas. The women grunted and groaned into each other’s face as they both pushed, then turned their heads aside as their breasts compressed between them and their bellies and thighs met. Seeming to swallow each other, their breasts bulged out sideways and upwards, flesh engulfing flesh. Now their fingers began to sink into the undersides of each breast as they both let out an “Eeeeeeeaagghh!!!” through their tightly clenched teeth. June pulled back a few inches and slammed her boobs into Alison’s with a breathtaking “THUMP!” knocking her backwards a step. And again and again as she advanced on the involuntarily retreating Alison; both women grunting hard with each slam. Alison stopped her backwards progression, once she found her balance, by kicking her right leg forwards from the hip and smacking her right breast hard into the inside of June’s right, knocking it from her hand, following up immediately by ploughing her left boob into June’s unsupported right boob, squashing it against her rib cage. “EEEYOWW!” June gasped as the tissues burned, but before June could pick up her injured breast Alison pounded her still firmly held left breast by twisting her shoulders and advancing on her.

June retreated backwards as her left breast was pounded to pulp. Her ass came to rest against the cold edge of a sink, but she finally managed to scoop her sore right boob up and began twisting her torso from the waist smacking her breasts across Alison’s and stinging her nipples. Alison leant backwards slightly to escape and June’s boobs flew through the air a couple of times. She was able to rush forward now and ran at Alison meeting her head on with an almighty “WHAP!!!” Alison tottered backwards several steps, her eyes watering as her tits stung. Through the tears clouding her vision Alison could see that June’s boobs were very red by now and with a growl, ran at June. June had no time to react, but steeled herself for the inevitable collision. “WHAP!!!” the wet flesh went as the women grunted with the breath leaving their bodies. June had withstood the blow and fell backwards only one short stride, her own eyes now filling with tears as the pain ripped through her breast flesh. June angrily advanced and Alison charged her boobs head on into June’s with a resounding “SMACK!” squashing all four boobs painfully. Alison withdrew several steps for another slam. Realizing that what she was about to do would be painful, but might win the match, June backed up and prepared to charge also.

Alison was not expecting this foolish move, but she was already committed as her platform shoes clattered the stone tiled floor. Both women ran at each other and met with a loud “KRACK!!!” - like a rifle shot - and a deeper “THUMP!” as their ribs reverberated. Their heads cracked together which had both women seeing stars. The side of June’s head caught Alison in an eye, ensuring she’d have a real ‘shiner’ of a bruise. The force of the blow sent both women flying backwards. Alison landed heavily on her well padded ass on the hard floor, while June crashed through a cubicle door and landed on the white ceramic pot, jarring her spine. Alison struggled to her feet, using her hands to ensure she didn’t fall off her platform shoes and twist an ankle, her big boobs swinging around as she did so. June was also on her feet and almost danced with the pain as she began rubbing her unbearably stinging breasts. “Had enough bitch?” Alison snarled as she stood up straight and placed her hands on her hips, the fingers pointing towards her groin.

“Only one of us is coming out of here in a condition to finish the wet T shirt contest!” June breathlessly said as she kneaded and worked her hot, throbbing boobs together. “In pain are ya?” Alison said, not giving away the fact that her red raw boobs were also stinging and throbbing. Her black eye hurt the most and it poured with tears as the swelling bruising forced it shut. Both women’s heads still ‘swam’ with dizziness after the collision. “You’re in no fit state to enter it now!” June said looking at Alison’s ugly black eye. “Neither are you!” Alison said as she observed the heavily sagging appearance of June’s red raw breasts. “I’ve still got the keys,” June said as she glanced towards her handbag. “I don’t care about the contest. This is a boob fight to the finish!” she said. “You don’t learn, do you? You bitch!” Alison said. “My boobs are destroying yours!” she finished. “Come on then,” June said, lifting her mottled and misshapen breasts. “We’ll see who’s boobs destroy whose,” she said, and advanced threateningly.

Alison ran her boobs directly at June’s. June lifted her own boobs up towards her chin and dropped them on top of Alison’s as her breasts crushed harmlessly against June’s ribs. “Uugghh!” Alison grunted as the breath was knocked from her. June put her hands on Alison’s back and proceeded to crush her. Alison groaned painfully as her own fingers dug into her breast flesh and June’s heavy, firm breast meat pushed into her throat. “I can’t breath you cow!” she groaned as she felt her throat being throttled by June’s breasts. June merely tightened her grip. Alison’s fingers tore and pulled at her own breast flesh as she pulled her hands out of the crush and slapped them around June’s back. The two women clattered back and forth on the hard floor for a few moments, until June crashed Alison against the wall with a thump that seemed to make the walls shake. Still gripping her tight, she hurt her own wrists and the backs of her elegant hands on the wall, bruising them painfully. Alison groaned as she was crushed and her windpipe constricted by June’s voluminous breast meat. In desperation, Alison reached over June’s arms to grab her tits and pull them forcibly away from her throat. June felt Alison’s fingers sink into the flesh and immediately let go of her, pulling away at the same time. Her boobs flopped back down to her chest, but displayed a couple of scratches from her rival’s mauling as Alison grabbed her head on either side and twined her red hair through her fingers.

June looked down at the four ravaged boobs and hurled her chest forwards, gripping Alison’s black hair at the same time and ramming her breasts directly into Alison’s, crushing her boobs against her rib cage and squashing her back against the wall. Alison began to pull June’s head backwards by her hair until she was looking at the ceiling. June, groaning loudly, pulled Alison’s head back until the top of her head was pressed painfully against the hard white tiles, her neck twisted back dangerously. Their thighs bumped as the women compelled each other to lean away from one another. June took the offered advantage and rammed her groin at Alison’s. Their pubic mounds collided painfully and both women let out a cry of anguish. June thumped her mound again and Alison rammed her groin upwards to meet her. Alison wasn’t sure which hurt the most, the griping pains ripping through her groin and insides, or the intense pressure on the top of her skull. Their mounds pounded together again and with a combination of pain and an orgasmic feeling from her clitoris she felt herself weakening. With all her strength she hung onto June’s hair, pulling her backwards. June was obliged to half fall, half walk backwards, but by dragging Alison with her by her hair, succeeded only in completing a left handed arc to crash her left shoulder against the wall. Alison took the advantage, knowing it could be her last chance and, hanging onto June’s hair, hurled her chest at June’s. A juddering “UUU-Uunghhh!” burst from their lungs and their foreheads struck with a “CRACK!” Both women reeled, but still hanging onto each other’s hair, they both crashed to the hard, cold floor. June cracked a knee painfully and her hip as she rolled onto it.

The women gratefully separated and began getting slowly to their feet. A big bruise began swelling up on June’s forehead. She rubbed it gingerly. “You’ll pay for this!” she snarled at Alison. Alison’s fingers curled into claws either side of her and she snarled like a wild cat, stooping forwards ready to attack. It looked as though she was to get the catfight she wanted. June went into a similar crouch, her lips peeling back from her teeth, her eyes flashing. Their ravaged boobs swung as they prepared to fly at each other, but just then came an urgent thumping on the door. “What are you doing in there?” the manager’s voice demanded, muffled by the thickness of the door. “There’s two girls out here complaining the door’s locked!”

For June and Alison the moment had gone. “This will have to wait ‘till later!” June hissed. “It’ll be my pleasure to tear you apart!” Alison growled. The two women stared with incomparable hostility at each other. Another series of rapid urgent thumping of the manager’s hand interrupted them. “Come on!” a girl’s voice wailed. “I’m peeing myself out here!” Another series of thumps. “It’s your turn in the finals anyway!” he called. “If your not in that wet T shirt line-up I’ll fire you both!” he threatened. June stared at Alison’s red face, her black eye, bruised forehead and ravaged tits. “Just a minute!” she called and went over to her handbag for the key. “You can’t open the door with us in THIS mess!” Alison hissed. “Two minutes and we’ll be out” Alison called. There was a moment’s silence on the other side of the door. “What ARE you two doing in there? Putting on your war-paint?” the manager called. “I don’t know why you bother with make-up, you look great as you are!” he said. The women looked at one another. “If only he knew!” June whispered. Alison ran some water onto her white T shirt in the sink and dodged into a cubicle, then June pulled her similarly soaked T shirt on and unlocked the door.

They dutifully took their place in the line-up on the raised stage in the Smoke Room, but apart from the thinly disguised injuries to their faces and June’s ripped stockings, both women’s breasts sagged unattractively through their T shirts. Neither of them won. Mary Ann from the Ship-in-a-Bottle inn was judged the winner. “How COULD you both?” the manager remonstrated with them afterwards. “I don’t expect to see either of you here tomorrow!” he said. He turned to walk away, but being basically a decent man, and not wanting to lose both of the bustiest barmaids in town, he stopped, pondered for a moment and turned around. “Give me a ring next week,” he said. “I’ll have to think about this!”

THE END (Perhaps!)

Piers Knight.