Chapter 11 - Clash of Womanhood

"How sweet. Considering the stakes, I think our audience," Sally nodded at the three of us, "deserves to see your pussy before it has been devoured by my superior twat. Why don't we give them a show so they can compare the 'before' and the 'after?' It may be the last time your pussy is ever worth looking at!" She spat out the words, knowing full well that Gwen would leap at the chance to show off her pussy.

"Well we certainly don't want any secrets here now do we?" Gwen turned to face in our direction. She wasted no time by leaning back onto the floor and spreading her legs wide, feet flat on the floor, and knees pointing up. Sally slid over beside her on her haunches and laid spread eagle beside Gwen. Julia was ready. She took a few shots of the pair using her big camera and then grabbed the smaller camera and knelt on the floor for some wickedly close shots of two fine pussies.

James had stepped over a little closer his cock straining at his pants notably obvious. "Hey sweetie," Sally called out to James, "Since you can't pretend to not be enjoying this," referring to his erection, "why do you still have your pants on?"

She looked at me next, sending the message to me as well.

"Don't forget about Julia," Sally looked at the photographer kneeling between her legs. It appeared that from Gwen's angle she was getting a glimpse up Julia's dress. I could only surmise what she saw, but in any event she felt that if James and I were being prodded to take our pants off, that Julia should be allowed the same kind of latitude. "There's no reason she has to be the only stick in the mud."

Julia backed out of the way so James and I could get a real good look at the two pussies about to tangle with each other. James bent low, as did I. Sally sent her fingers on a mission. They slid down her torso, crossing her tummy, entering the zone of forbidden pleasure. Finally there was some white skin. Obviously Sally wore the tiniest of G-string type thong when she went tanning, because only a tiny triangle of un-tanned skin above her pussy was evident. That small patch of skin was covered with delicately trimmed and sexy blonde hair. "She really is a true blonde," I noted. Her fingers played with those blonde pubes as they slowly worked lower. My eyes were transfixed on her pussy as she slid her index finger to the very tip of her labia. All was shaven smooth from that point on. No pubic hairs could be seen anywhere around her pussy lips. Her finger made a pass down to the lower end of her pussy and then made a return trip north. Upon arriving at the junction she carefully parted her lips and slid her finger down the length of her clitoris. Her clit was prominent if not huge. I wondered if it was at full mast. Now with her other hand she pulled her pussy lips to the left as her finger pulled the other lip to the right, exposing her shiny wet pink hole. She let her fingers slip away from her pussy and the thick labia lips fell back into place for a moment. Then without using her hands they wiggled ever so slightly against each other. Like a person who rubs their hands together to get them warm after coming inside from the cold, her thick lips slid in opposition to each other just a few millimeters. I'd never seen a woman be able to do that before. Her finger dipped down between those lips and she inserted it three knuckles deep. Pulling out a very wet finger she toyed with her clit. I was thinking, "Ahhh, Sally's clit, a true object of desire." It protruded delicately from between her labia, drifting down like a lovely morsel, begging to be eaten. Her lips were thick and protruding. I had to stop myself from dreaming. I guess Sally was certainly getting her wish. She had made me desire her lovely pussy. I could go on and on but suffice it to say that she certainly had a lovely, desirable pussy.

Of course my wife wasn't inactive. She had been giving a show of her own. James and I both had a case of tennis match neck strain. First our head would turn one way to watch one woman and then bounce back to watch the other. What a deliciously tense moment. The two women were putting their most private possession on display, each aching for some sort of confirmation that she had the superior equipment between her legs. I know for my part, and I suspect for James as well, that neither of us intended to make any derogatory comments, so we didn't. We each oohed and aaahed appropriately as the ladies opened up for us (literally).

Gwen was now showing off her most private part; a pussy that only I, and her doctors and nurses had seen for more than 27 years. Gwen's pussy was newly shaved. Her baby smooth lips remained tightly sealed until she used her fingers to delve inside and prod her labia apart. Glorious, just glorious, I thought as I watched, seemingly for the first time her fingers play with her femininity. She darted two fingers inside her creamy slew and used them both to diddle her clit from either side. Gwen's clit seemed to sprout before our very eyes. I heard Julia snap off a few shots as she zoomed in on Gwen's pleasure bud. The flaps of skin that descended toward her cunt were ablaze in rich red blood. They glowed it seemed in the light (remember we had lots of light, courtesy of the bouncing floods).

Each lady had given us plenty of food for thought. I don't know if appearances would have much to do with the ensuing battle however, but it sure made for a heady atmosphere. One aspect of that atmosphere was now most certainly evident. With the digital probing and the double impact of these two horny women preparing their sex-hungry bodies, the smell in the room was changing. It was easy to notice the powerful perfume. No, it was not the kind from a bottle, it was the kind from between a woman's legs. It was powerful and pungent, intoxicating and dangerous. As I leaned close to the two pussies I noted the subtle differences in aroma. Like a buck chasing a doe, I curled my lip up to funnel as much of the feminine odor molecules as possible into my nostrils. I almost passed out from the pleasure.

That odor would be with us from now on. I could tell Julia recognized it too and she wasn't turned off, either. I looked over to see her sit down briefly and take off her shoes. It was very warm in the room, probably at least 80 degrees. Not only were there still visible drops of sweat on our gladiatrixes, but the rest of us were beginning to feel the heat too; sexual heat. It was out of control. Sally and Gwen were the brew masters, but the rest of us were caught up just as sure as its cold outside in February.

It only lasted two or three minutes, but the pussy show was a powerful, powerful, aphrodisiac. I tossed off my undershirt. I started to unbuckle my pants and I noted that James was already ahead of me. His pants were off and his boxers were very evidently having a hard time holding in the bundle of manhood. As my pants came off I very pleasantly noted that even our photographer was succumbing to the heat. After her shoes were tossed aside, Julia had slid out of her dress. I couldn't believe my eyes. Julia stood there in her pull-up hose (without garters), blouse, bra, and stylish white panties. I watched as Julia's hand found her pussy and gave it a firm rub. Next came her blouse. She unashamedly unbuttoned it, not caring that the four of us could see. She tossed it aside revealing her white bra. She smiled as she nodded at Sally who had moments before seemed to give her permission to get comfortable. I don't know what everyone else saw, but I sure as hell focused on the breasts that so nicely filled out a bra that was probably a D-cup (number 3 in the room). How strange it must have seemed for her to watch the two women boast, battle, and fight over their respective tits, when the silent girl in the corner might be just as well endowed. I couldn't be sure, but with the conservative coat and blouse out of the way there was certainly a considerable top-heavy look to our lady photographer.

I just stood there with my pants in my hands watching Julia. Gwen took a bit of initiative and stepped over to the mattress we had brought into the room. She pulled it over directly in front of my chair. James pulled his chair around to the other side of the mattress. Julia stood on one end, camera in one hand. Her other hand was busy elsewhere.

Gwen stepped onto the mattress. Sally grabbed some pillows from the pile and tossed them onto the mattress. Evidently they wanted to be comfortable so they could focus on their duel.

Before I could even sit down after removing my pants Gwen growled, "You ready, slut?"

"I'm ready and my pussy is ready. Get down here." Sally dropped to the mattress and opened her legs.

"I'm going to fuck you silly, slut." Gwen growled again as she lowered herself opposite Sally.

"Quit talking and...," Sally needn't finish because Gwen was done talking. She had aligned her legs opposite Sally's and was already charging ahead. Sally stopped mid-sentence and shot her hips forward to meet the onrushing Gwen.

\Smack! The surprising sound of two wet pussies colliding startled me. I hadn't quite been prepared for the power of their anger, at least in terms of their willingness to use their very sensitive and private parts to attack. It didn't seem to faze the women however. Again and again they pulled back and slammed their pussies together. I watched as Sally grunted in pain by the fourth collision. By the sixth collision Gwen was grimacing in pain as well. Their bodies hit a rhythm of mutual attack, but the power and damage of the collisions eventually subsided as if by mutual consent. Certainly they would have risked considerable pain had they continued. I could see both women's pussies were very red and flushed. Sally's lips were even more pronounced than before. Her clit was plainly visible as she aimed at her target and slammed away at my wife's pussy. Gwen pulled a pillow up close behind her for support and she met Sally's latest thrust with a firm push of her hips, but instead of pulling back for a return blow she held her ground against Sally. Sally sort of snarled at the change of pace and Gwen snarled right back. Not words really, just crude sounds reflective of the anger and lust so primitively coming to the surface.

As they kept their pussies locked up and their actions transformed into lusty grinding I couldn't help myself. I got off my chair and moved closer to the ladies so I could watch the interlocking pussies from closer. I didn't figure they would care. After all, Julia had already been darting in close for her own digital looks. My knees were only a few inches from their legs as they ground against each other. The overpowering sexuality was removing every last vestige of inhibitions. James cock was out of his boxers and getting a solid workout from his right hand. Between shots, Julia couldn't contain herself either, her hand not only rubbed and rubbed her pussy through her panties, but she even slid her hand down inside for even more intimate exploration. Finally I could take no more and I pulled my own cock out of my pants as I knelt beside the ladies. I knew I was so damn horny that I didn't dare pull myself too much or I'd risk shooting my wad.

I leaned over close to see my wife's pussy slide across the breadth of Sally's crotch. Her labia lips caught on Sally's and pulled them in her direction of motion. Then they slipped apart as if by recoil. She returned the other way as Sally met the motion with her own countering movement. Back and forth from side to side I watched the two slippery pussies tussle and parry for some sort of feminine advantage. I had no idea who was 'winning.' I just knew it was erotic as hell for me.

Sally grunted a bit as she jousted with Gwen for some sort of advantage of alignment. I couldn't tell what the objective was, I just knew that every move against the other pussy was contentious. Whatever movement one seemed to want, the other seemed to want another. It must have been deliciously exciting to them, even as they contested every move, intent on the imperative they each felt: WINNING!

Sally got her voice back. "So, slut. It looks like your husband is getting anxious to get to know a REAL pussy. How does that make you feel?"

"Fuck you, cunt! He's just excited watching my pussy teach yours a lesson."

"Ha! You're pussy isn't teaching, it's just getting enrolled in grammar school. I'm the one with the Ph.D."

"You live in some California Dreamin land. My pussy will have you cumming and screaming my name. You'll cum just like you did before and it will be because you want me so badly. You can't help yourself. You want me and you want my pussy!" Gwen and Sally carried on for awhile with heated banter like this, each diminishing the sexuality of the other. Each relishing the power and confidence they felt. It didn't seem to me as if either lady was bluffing. I'm sure they each BELIEVED she was superior.

Julia crouched low for some more pictures and James groaned and closed his eyes as he jerked his rod.

"Hey big boy, don't let that go to waste." It was my wife Gwen shouting at James. "Looks like James finally can see a woman worth cumming over. Get over here James, shoot your load on me. Squirt my big tits."

Sally ground her cunt forcibly into Gwen who grunted and ground her pussy back with a vengeance. Sally retorted, "Looks like Hal is gaining ground. I think he's gonna shoot on me!" The two women had now each laid out a challenge to the other. But James and I were unwitting pawns. I pumped my cock hard and fast. I edged my knees closer and closer until I was pressing my knees up against the outside of either girl's leg. James had hopped out of his chair and knelt on the opposite side from me. He edged closer to the ladies until his knees were up against the opposite legs of our wives. Neither of us are anything special in the size department. (Whew!) But James and my cocks were certainly rigid and excited by our wives cunt-mashing battle. I pumped away at my cock and James jerked his while our wives plastered their juicy pussies together. I knew I wanted to cum badly and my jerking hand was proof, but I faced a dilemma. If I squirted on Sally as requested I would be forfeiting support of my wife. I wanted to squirt on my wife if anyone, but somehow my sense of fair play wouldn't let me decide. James came to my rescue. He stopped jerking his cock long enough to just point downward at the confluence of our wives sex organs. He looked at me and I nodded.

Gwen and Sally, with their husbands so close and the combustibility of the atmosphere, were picking up the pace. Gwen's hips were grinding forward in a sort of three-dimensional loop as she tried to push her clit into Sally's hole. Sally had a sort of rocking forward and back twist to her hips. It appeared she was trying to meet Gwen's clitty head-on for some serious nub-rubbing. Gwen was apparently mashing her clit up against Sally's clit, and then using her hip rocking loop to pull away and then grind her clit into Sally's cunt. James, Julia, and I all watched this delicious duel from close range. All three of us were handling our own organs with purposeful abandon. Julia actually leaned in between James and me, pointed her camera down and took several shots of the nectar-juiced pussies while her fingers plied the panty covered outline of her own pussy. She pulled the camera up and recorded several more shots of James' and my cocks above the women pointing at each other across the torsos of our lovely wives.

The ladies in combat took all this sexual attention in stride. In fact I think they relished the fact that their actions had such a powerful sexual effect on the rest of us. Sally let out a grunt as she plunged her pussy at Gwen for the thousandth time (it seemed). She scored a direct hit on Gwen's hole with her clit, apparently penetrating inside her sopping wet inner lips. The sound of liquid squishiness was incredible. Sally's clit had swollen to a stiff firm stature and she used it to actually invade the folds inside Gwen's cunt. Gwen wiggled her hips, obviously feeling the invasion between her thick, juicy flaps. She let loose an "Oooooooooooo." Sally kept the pressure up and for a moment it looked like she was actually fucking Gwen. I could see her clit appear and then disappear several times as she hit a rhythm to match the diminished 3-D rocking motion Gwen had been using earlier.

This was the most exciting visual experience of my life, watching these two classy ladies lose their inhibitions and bang each other's twats so intimately. I had no idea which of the ladies might be closer to losing control and succumbing to an orgasm, but I was sure that James and I would get there first. I could feel my testacles swelling, the juices inside pressing towards release. I was pretty sure James was close as well.

Our hands flew like high-revving engines, pressuring our penises into higher and higher levels of bliss. The ladies, I'm sure, noted the increased tempo of our masturbating, and started demanding that we cum. Each implored that we cum on her tits, but James and I had a better idea.

Sally seemed to be enjoying her probing attack on Gwen's succulent pussy, but Gwen had let Sally feel the satisfaction for only a minute or so before her accommodating motions switched back to a more aggressive mode. She angled her torso down a bit positioning her clit, which now seemed to have even larger dimensions than before, directly against Sally's clit. "Feel my clit, bitch. I'm about to use my clit to tear right through your sorry little clit." Gwen emphasized her challenge with a very vigorous push, her clit boring down on Sally's waiting clit.

Sally let out a brief little, "Uummmphh," at the impact, her clit getting pushed aside by Gwen's firm nub. But Sally wasn't about to back down from a challenge and she retaliated both with action and words. She arched her torso, like Gwen, and angled her clit for a slightly more downward angle and smacked Gwen right back. "Yeah, I feel your clit. It feels like Jell-O to me. I'll have it quivering in fear. My clit will stir your little Jell-O toy into a frenzy and you'll lose control."

The trash talk and the obviously intensive battle between their clits had me feeling the surge welling up in my balls. Just as the two began blasting their firm, rigid clits head on, soaked with their own juices, making noises from their pussies, their mouths and their slapping inner thighs, I looked up at James and gave a nod as he nodded back. I could hear Julia's camera clicking practically non-stop as James and I let loose our semen. I shot a stream of cum out of my cock, trying to aim it at the bumping pussies. My hips jerked in uncontrollable spasms as did James' hips. Our cocks flooded the mated pussies beneath us, leaving streams of goo across their lower bellies, in their pubic hair, and spraying a few drops all around the area. I can't account for every drop that blasted out of our cocks, but there was sure plenty to go around. Neither of the ladies got her wish for a titty shower, but a few drops landed on both sets of tits and they immediately began rubbing their tits with the warm, sticky, sperm-carrying jizz.

Our timing had been perfect. We had come at the same time and showered our competing wives cunts with our messy goo. It added a new odor to the mix of the already suffocatingly sexy smell we were enveloped by. I kept my place over the women until I had squeezed nearly every last drop of semen out onto the platform of the two ladies beneath me. James did the same. One of my inadvertent hip thrusts and jerks as I cleaned out my tubes happened to coincide with one of James' own tube cleaning thrusts. Accidentally our hand-held cocks briefly met and touched tips in the space above our wives pussies. Now, make no mistake about this, neither I nor James are the least bit queer, but somehow in that place and time what happened next just seemed like the natural thing to do, however small it was. My eyes had been closed for just a second as I felt his cock bump into mine. I opened my eyes to see his cock head touching mine, his hand fisted around his cock. The drops of cum on the tips of our dick had mingled and fused into a single glob of love juice. I can't honestly say if it was him or me that started, but we both began rolling the tips of our dicks around in little circles, feeling the soft skin and slimy goo we mutually produced. It was sort of like stirring the pot, mixing the juices, reveling in the forbidden pleasure our sensitive organs shared. The sloshing sounds of our wives white-cream-covered pussies only intensified beneath us. Their clits maintained their passionate duel as I twisted my cock around and around the tip of James purple-headed organ. I could feel James pressuring his cock towards mine. I could feel the firmness and tension in its touch. I used my hand to guide my cock towards his, proud of my own rigid stature. Because our knees were on either side of the two women, and because our hips were at full extension just to allow the tips of our cocks to touch, it seemed that we needed some support. By mutual consent we grabbed each other's hands to avoid falling over and then began our own gentle version of a sex fight. We weren't really fighting or even antagonistic. We just succumbed to the erotic possibilities of pleasuring our aching cocks. Our rigid poles stuck out straight and stiff from our hairy groins. Our ball sacks hung low, practically scraping across our wives intersecting crotches. Ten eyes (plus a very busy camera lens) were glued to the mission. I'm sure the wives wondered what was going on, but I don't think either James or I even had a clue. It was just a total immersed response to the situation. With the slurpy sounds of Gwen pounding her clit into her enemy's clit, I began swinging my meaty shaft into James' ready-to-meet-me member. He returned the favor and the dance began. Bending my torso forward so that I could bounce the side of my shaft against the side of his I flipped my body to the left, watching my cock swing towards James cock, which was swinging towards mine. Slap! The sound of their impact echoed above the slurping, almost gurgling sounds beneath us. Sally and Gwen watched wide-eyed while we dangled our members above them, slapping and pushing and just generally sharing fulfillment of a forbidden curiosity. We had spread our juices all over our wives genitals and now we could feel the meaty dimensions of the other, guided by some basic instinct that we were powerless to control. Normally by two or three minutes after I've spurted out a load of cum my cock is flaccid and out of commission for a while. But tonight, thanks to the overpowering mix of adrenalin, testosterone, and erotic combat, I was still as hard as ever. I can't speak for James usual powers of recuperation, but it was obvious to my cock's touch that his cock was rock hard as well. We slapped our cocks together for a while, grunting at the pleasure it brought, astonished by the incredibly delicious tension and feel as the soft, sensitive skin of my cock banged into and slid against the equally soft smooth skin of James manhood. Occasionally we'd pull back, line up our cock-heads and bump heads, feeling the springy tension as they bent under the pressure slightly, only to lose the friction and spring apart, sliding lengthwise, shaft alongside shaft. It wasn't easy to line up our cocks for the lengthwise sliding motion that would have mimicked the fucking friction a pussy could generate since our cocks often had a mind of their own and didn't follow directions. But those rare instances of shaft-to-shaft longitudinal sliding were absolutely delicious. The gob of jizz that we stirred had clung to our cock-heads and as we slowly pulled apart we could see the white goo stretch out in a long string, hanging like a thread in a gentle curve. We slowly pulled apart watching it stretch and stretch, inch after inch lengthening and lowering towards our wives. Reaching a foot apart, we just stared at the string, bobbing and swinging gently in the air from the vibrations of our bodies. It was a metaphysical experience, seeing the mixture of our semen, glued together as one, almost by design, the strand would not break. It hung together, somehow, dangling in time and space. James cock twitched in involuntary (I think) spasms. The string of jizz began swinging back and forth like a schoolgirl's jump rope. But it did not break. It stretched out ever so slowly, lengthening the arc with each swing. I purposely gave my cock a twitch, sending a second wave of energy down the line. It bounced up and down, amazingly without breaking still. Its total length must have now approached 18 inches as it hovered ever so close the junction of our wives pussies. They actually stopped long enough to watch the action. Click, click went Julia's camera, capturing every wicked moment for posterity. Just as the lower portion of the curvy arc was just about to nestle into a big gob of jizz wiggling on Sally's clit I moved forward. James did the same and just as the arc of cum hit bottom and merged with the rest on Sally's clit, I touched the tip of James cock for one last time. The arc finally snapped and broke as we pulled our cocks apart.

Honestly, I must admit it was hard to pull back. The erotic feel of his smooth cock sliding alongside my own had been an undeniable pleasure. But I think both James and I were very aware that our own real motives here were focused on the ladies. They were in charge, of us at least. Even though it was still unclear which lady would end up 'in charge' of the other.

James and I each returned to our chairs, our poles red and rigid as the two ladies resumed their battle. The brief interlude was over and the resumption was now with the added dimension of two wads of sperm juice splattered on and between their crotches. Sally let loose with a wild gyration that worked the jizz into every crack and crevice of her cunt. She plastered her twat against Gwen's, wiggling excitedly at Gwen's now extremely juicy hole. "Give me that cum! It's mine!" Sally challenged Gwen for ownership of the remnants of our ejaculations. She angled her pussy so as to try to push the globs of cum stuck on Gwen's lips inside her hole. It was as if she was trying to use her pussy like a mouth and devour the white sticky fluid. Of course such was not going to happen without a battle from Gwen. "Hell no, the cum is MINE!" She thwarted Sally's second attempt to locate and absorb the jizz pooled at the lower end of her pubic triangle. Now the battle was on. It had much the same look as the previous battle, but the intention was different. Their groins wiggled, bounced, rubbed, and smacked each other. Gwen reached down with her fingers and pulled her own set of lips apart, pushing up against Sally. Her wide-open pussy now seemed to envelope Sally's entire area. When she let go of her labia with her fingers and pulled back it was obvious that her lips had snapped shut and left with considerable goo-jizz away from Sally's cleft. Not to be outdone, Sally retaliated. Her fingers plied wide her hungry cunt, exposing the slippery slew far inward. She plunged ahead, only to be met with Gwen's retaliatory smack.

"Don't even try, bitch. My pussy will swallow your little thing." Gwen spouted her confident threat.

"Oh, baby. No you won't," intoned Sally. She plunged ahead again, having spread her pussy lips as wide as she could. With Gwen pulling her lips wide the two cunts met with a giant melding of pussy flesh. Inner wrinkles that hadn't yet felt the sting of foreign pussy were now being treated to juicy competition from their counterparts on the interior walls of the other woman's vagina. Their holes were aligned perfectly and the slippery confines of their humping hips gushed out even more. Their bodies were perspiring. Skin glistened in the light. They stretched their legs as wide as their position would allow and their fingers stretched slippery lips as far as physically possible. The horny wiggling took on a very feminine and personal tone as each tried to use her pussy to swallow her foe's shiny orifice. I could see the intensity on their faces. Gwen grunted and gritted her teeth as she watched her pussy reach its outer limit, only to be met with Sally's pair of cunt lips just as widely agape. Sally noticeably strained, the veins in her neck were popping out, as she tried to push her pussy right through Gwen's love tunnel. But Gwen's hips weren't budging. She ground her jizz-soaked cunt into Sally with a furious frenzy. Their soft juicy tissues responded by sending signals of both pain and arousal to their brains. Each woman had already spent upwards of half an hour grinding away at each other and still there was no fulfillment. Each claimed the notion of superiority, but neither had been able to show it.

Gwen badly wanted to force Sally to cum first. Sally wanted nothing better than to even the score in the forced orgasm department. Gwen felt the stalemate of their current gyrations and she ached for her win to come, but she knew that if she were to plunge Sally over the limit she must get back to some serious clit banging. "You love my juicy pussy, don't you bitch? My pussy is going to make you cum and cum and cum. You know you want my clit. Come on, I dare you. Bang me with your clit." Gwen emphasized her challenge by realigning her still rigidly prominent clit with Sally's hefty nerve bundle. Zap! Gwen received her answer without Sally having to speak a word. Zap! Their clits tore into each other, jousting for both pleasure and dominance. The physical ramifications of their final assault were unavoidable. One or the other or both would succumb to orgiastic ecstasy.

Snarling, nasty, and vicious is how I would describe the continuation of their clit-encounter. No words exist to describe the sounds that came from their clit/pussy collisions or their throats. But my, oh my, their clits danced a wonderfully powerful fight. I tried to gauge the success of each woman's dueling tactics, but even from my ringside seat, only 3 feet away there were few clues. I just loved to watch. Splish, splash; the juicy sounds continued unabated while they pestered each other's protruding nub with her own. Sally seemed to prefer a sort of side to side push. Whenever she could she would line her clit straight-on towards one side or the other of Gwen's enemy hill. I could see my wife's clit deflect off to the side by those impacts, but it was also clear that Sally's stiff little member was somewhat spongy, as it would compress back towards her body. It wasn't much but after watching so diligently I could see details of their entanglement that I suspect was almost exciting for me to view as it was for them to experience. No, on second thought, strike that. The ladies were definitely more excited than I by now. Their breathing had become ragged. Their menacing grunts and exertions had taken on a new tone, one more imperative and demanding. Each knew that her orgasm was lurking behind one of the next few moments of juicy clit fucking.

Gwen recognized Sally's attacking style and she countered, when her control mechanism allowed by dipping her hips low and striking upwards toward the lower end of Sally's clit, sort of sweeping it from underneath, just inside her vaginal lips. Gwen's clit, its shape so well known to my lips and tongue was seemingly holding its own against the blonde challenger's succulent morsel. Their crotches were practically sizzling with anticipation of the more and more obvious pending orgasms. Sally knew it was coming as much as Gwen. Her lurches towards Gwen's clit, while definitely forceful and insistent were becoming less and less coordinated in time.

But what an even duel it was. First one clit would bend and sway under the attack of the other and then the roles would be reversed. In my mind I kept imagining that Gwen was winning, but I really had no clue. I thrilled when Gwen would force Sally's clit back, back and then push it aside in an angry, get-out-of-my-way thrust. But only moments later I would feel helpless as Sally's clit regained its momentum and pushed Gwen's little tool first to one side and then the other. I had lost track of time as they pushed on with their intimate sword-play; swinging and swatting their tiny shafts of delight at each other without letup.

"Come on slut, come for me! Come for me NOW!" Sally ordered Gwen to relinquish her control.

But Gwen shouted back, "Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!" And she did! She fucked Sally's clit and pussy with the wildest frenzy of humping, bumping, wickedly erotic action we'd yet seen.

"Fuck you! Fuck you! OOOOOOOOOOoooohhhhhhhhhhhhh Yesssssssssssssss. Fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!"

Sally tried matching Gwen's hip-gyrating frenzy, but it was too late. She got her hips in gear to try to bring Gwen off but her own orgasm had been forced on her by Gwen's marvelous organ. The two of them kept up the heavenly grinding right on through Sally's howling, shrieking, cursing orgasm.

As her totally wild orgasm lurched and vibrated through to its conclusion, Gwen kept up her insistent fucking. Sally just laid back at the end, lying still. Gwen moved quickly and slid over atop Sally, pulling her legs from under her knees up by her head and then mounted her from above. Sally didn't try to stop her and Gwen showed a particularly nasty face as she growled atop her pinned foe. She slid her cum-covered twat right back on top of Sally's hole and proceeded to fuck her with a hip-banging fury that made Sally's hips bounce and up and down with the impact. I think Gwen was attempting to punctuate her superiority by banging Sally's twat with all the violent mashing that a man would do well to duplicate. She pounded and pounded, pausing every so often, I think just to let her own impending orgasm subside a moment so she could continue onward. It seemed like a very long time, but she kept this up for probably only about five minutes before she had enough. With her cunt fucking action keeping the rest of us in a sort of suspended animation as we watched, she finally pushed right through her personal barrier.



Thank you Mam!

Gwen let loose with more wild obscenities of anger and joy as she let her pussy absorb the passion emanating from Sally's still wet cunt and clit. I'd never heard as much noise from my wife since she hit her thumb with a hammer one day about 5 years ago. I hoped the room was well soundproofed. I almost cried a tear of joy for Gwen as she powered her way to the most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced (she told me later). It was incredible to watch. I was so stunned that I had even quit fisting my cock, just watching in appreciation of Gwen's victory.

Sweet Jesus, I thought. That was wonderful.