Chapter 10 - Down but Not Out

I watched Julia take a very deep breath and step back from the position from which she had been recording the images. She had definitely gotten into the mood of the evening, even so far as capturing close-ups of Gwen's hand giving Sally's pussy the business, and much of the nipple attacks as well. She didn't seem to need any guidance from me regarding what would be the most erotic or memorable shot to make. I was also reminded of our secret forbidden play from a few minutes before. I wondered just how turned on she might be, beneath that stoic demeanor she showed.

"Well, are you ready to get the hell out of here and mind your manners now?" Gwen's arrogance was clearly evident as she asked Sally the question as she slowly let her scissors relax. The fighters were clearly wary of each other even as they released their mutual grips. Gwen's legs opened to allow Sally to suspiciously pull away from her confinement.

"You must be one stupid cunt, if you think things are settled between us. One piddly orgasm doesn't make a surrender. I've got a lot more in mind for you, before this is over!" Sally firmly indicated her defiance of Gwen.

"What the hell makes you think the next time will be any different? I'm more woman than you can handle and I've already proved it! But if you think you're ready for more of what I intend to dish out then so be it." She turned her attention to me and demanded, "Get me a beer. I need a drink. If you're a gentleman you'll offer our 'guests' one too." She really spewed out the word guests. Emphasizing her disdain for Sally.

Ever quick to follow orders, I jumped up and headed to the fridge. I asked who else wanted something to drink. All three asked for beer, so I rounded up five bottles, opened all and returned to the arena and handed a beer to each. James thanked me. I noted his pants were tented up in front and it was only then that I realized that my bone was pretty prominently pushing out against the front of my own pants. When I handed Gwen her beer, she didn't even say thanks, but just took a big long swig. I gave Sally her beer and she nodded her thanks. I set my own beer down and took the last one to Julia, who let her eyes drift southward towards my crotch. As I handed the beer to her she let her eyes climb slowly back up to meet mine. She spoke almost inaudibly, not quite a whisper, "Thank you."

It was very evident that she had used the opportunity of the beer delivery to make a double-entendre. I didn't want to spoil the mood of sexy hostility between the two women, so I just raised my glass over towards James and offered a soft, "Cheers."

"Cheers yourself, Hal." James raised his glass and the twinkle in his eye as he quaffed his beer gave away his own delight at the turn of events tonight.

What would be next I wondered? I knew enough not to let my own horny thoughts intrude on the two women. So far at least they themselves had proved wondrously adept at staging erotic entertainment for me. It probably wasn't their goal, but it certainly had worked out that way. I noted Julia. She had removed her glasses, revealing ever so slightly a bit more of her pretty face. She lifted the bottle and as I watched, she gave the rim of the bottle a soft round lick with the tip of her tongue. She had made sure no one else was watching except me. Then she took a sip and set the bottle down. "Shit, what am I getting myself into?" I thought. Julia was very discrete, but yet I couldn't be sure that neither she nor I wouldn't somehow make a wrong move and destroy the moment by letting our forbidden secret out. But one thing for sure, I wasn't able to put Julia out of my mind.

Sally only took a couple of sips. She watched Gwen down almost half the bottle when she offered up her challenge. "Whenever the 'lush' is ready, I'll begin my lesson."

"Oh, the loser speaks. Just what the fuck kind of lesson does she think she is capable of giving? I certainly don't need any lessons from her!" Gwen spoke of Sally in the third person, as if she wasn't in the room. She set down her bottle and turned directly to face Sally. Both women had been sitting on the floor during the break. Sally put down her bottle as well.

"What you need and what you get are sometimes two quite different things, bitch." Sally slowly pushed her legs straight out towards Gwen. She put her hands on the sides of her thong and slowly inched them downward. When she lowered them as far as she could go she spoke, even as she continued removing her panties. "If you want to prove yourself a better woman then there is no better way than cunt to cunt." She emphasized the words 'cunt to cunt,' letting them ring out in lewd challenge. "If you're so goddamned sexy, then you better be able to prove it with the center of your womanhood." By the time she had finished she had lifted her ass from the floor and slid her panties down to her ankles. "What do you say, CUNT?" She finished with a strong emphasis on the word cunt. Then she ever so exquisitely wrapped her panties in a ball, sniffed them deeply, savoring their aroma, before flinging them at Gwen. What an aim! The challenge couldn't have been more eloquently or elegantly laid out. Her panties hit Gwen directly in the face, with a stitch of fabric catching in some of Gwen's hair, causing them to just hang for a split second across her face, before Gwen could grab them off.

I could see the obvious impact of Sally's challenge on Gwen. We watched the blood boiling inside. I don't think any of us doubted she would accept, but until she spoke it was only conjecture.

"Maybe you think this is some sort of game? We'll just play around with each other and then go on our merry ways. But I distinctly remember telling you earlier that after I won, I would claim my prize." She looked over at James. "I even think I heard you whisper your intent as well." She was referring to Sally's desire to claim me as her prize. "But you can't be serious if you think challenging my pussy with your slimy clam is the smart thing to do. I'll destroy you." As she finished the last sentence she began to lower her own miniscule panties. I was holding my breath. I think James and Julia were doing the same. One could have heard a pin drop. My hard-on was practically boring a hole in my pants. Gwen inched her panties lower until they hung on her ankle. She deftly placed one thong loop across her big toe and then with her right hand she pulled the other thong loop back, stretching the elastic like a rubber band. Her toe pointed menacingly at Sally a few feet away. Zap! She let go and the thong flew straight to its mark. Even though she had seen it coming, Sally didn't try to catch the panties. They hit her square in the face before dropping onto her tits. Her sense of chivalry must have been intact. The two ladies certainly had a flair for the drama of it all. I only wished right now that the sequence I had just witnessed had been captured on video instead of just still photos. I'm sure that Julia got what went on with a sequence of shots, but the drama would clearly have been more evident with video. Oh well, I didn't have time to pine over that loss. The ladies made sure of that.