Chapter 9 - Escalation

The seesaw battle of first one and then the other lady putting on a little show was exciting as hell for me. It was almost as if the women were stretching out the preliminaries on purpose. Maybe they were. I suspected at this point that things were about to change. I couldn't have choreographed this event any better. Considering the two women's obvious enmity for each other, the fact that this had lasted so long already was a bit surprising to me, but I wasn't directing any of this. Solely the two women, who alone would determine the direction of their confrontation, dictated this action.

Gwen happily waltzed back over to stand in front of the bitter-faced Sally. The sight of the two lingerie clad middle-aged beauties facing each other was fabulous.

Sally's venom tongue got things moving right away. "That was all fine and dandy, but now you're going to have to deal with ME, and THESE!" She very quickly reached behind and undid the clasp of her black bra. In less time than it takes to tell it she had her bra tossed on the floor and was topless in front of us. She lifted her arms above her head and slowly turned her body around, giving wonderful emphasis to her expansive tits. They were marvelous. Tanned completely, evidently courtesy of some New England tanning salon, they were thick, elliptical orbs. Their weight was obvious, even with her arms stretched up overhead, but it appeared they were quite firm. When she had turned all the way around and let her arms drop to her hips where she placed them with a flourish and a distinct jut of her hip she watched for Gwen's reaction. With her arms down I could see that there was some sag to her lovely orbs. Firm, yes, but not enough to eliminate the sag of such large tits. Natural beauties, they were for sure. Her areolas were not overly large, considering the size of her tits. They were a bright rich brown in color, with edges that were crisp and perfectly circular. They were like targets with her nipples as the bulls eye. Her nipples were hardening up, puckered nicely, and pointing directly at my wife. "Let's see what you've got, slut."

"What I've got is a pair of tits that'll put you to shame." She reached behind her back and quickly managed to unhook the scarlet bra, tossing it aside. My wife's tits were now fully exposed. "Come take a look." She motioned for both James and me. Of course Julia stepped close and got a great view of the tits facing off from just three or four inches apart. James and I dutifully got up and closed in on the tit comparison. My mind was working overtime trying to determine whose were really the biggest. Evidently it was important to Gwen that her tits be proven superior. Well, it certainly wasn't easy to tell. Visually they looked nearly the same size. Gwen's were a little more globular in shape, while Sally's protruded a little more like torpedoes. Gwen's areolas are lighter in color, but much wider. When they pucker up her nipples get very thick and lovely. Now they were definitely in 'growth' mode. Her nipples were clearly thicker than Sally's but not any longer. Judging the overall size of their tits wasn't easy. My Gwen's seemed to hang a little lower on her chest, but they were very massive. Gwen was about two inches taller than Sally and her shoulders were definitely wider. Sally's smaller frame seemed to make her tits look comparatively larger when seen alone, but now that they were tit-to-tit it seemed to me that my wife's tits were just a tad bit larger. I could see the consternation on Sally's face. Evidently she too could see the slight deficiency in mass.

Gwen glowed as she commented on the comparison, "See how much bigger and nicer my tits are?"

Sally wasn't taking that without a retort. "Your saggy tits are not even remotely a match for my beauties. My tits are just as big as yours. They are nicer colored, firmer, and better shaped than your over-the-hill cowbags."

Gwen: "Look at my nipples. Look at yours. Your skinny nipples look like needles. My nips are thick and succulent, far superior to yours."

"Standing here and talking about our tits won't settle anything. If you're a real woman you'll let your tits do the talking. My tits will prove your tits worthless bags. Get out of the way so we can have room to move." She directed her comment at the three of us who were drooling at the mammary match up.

I had been gazing over Julia's shoulder as she continued to snap close-ups of their tits. Before I could step back, Julia edged backwards, her ass bumping into my groin. With my cock rigidly straining against the front of my pants (Julia must have known that) I felt the firm pressure of her ass. My hormonal instinct overcame me and I gave just the slightest little lunge forward. Her ass held firm. Keeping up the contact between us she gave a very quick, but discrete wiggle of her ass. The sequence didn't last more than two seconds, but it made very clear that there weren't just 4 horny people in the room. I was positive that none of the others noticed what we had done.

Sally and Gwen now stood staring into each other's eyes. Sally's hair had been up all evening, but now she decided to release her blonde locks from their confinement. She arched her tits forward as she reached up and removed the hair accessory that had held it twirled atop her head. With a shake she let her hair fall away. Her blonde tresses hung to just beyond shoulder length. Having left its perch it now looked a little wild. The wildness of her hair gave her just a bit more menacing look than she had moments before. Gwen looked menacing enough already, with her hair askew in that youngish modern style. She kicked off her high heels, bringing her back down to slightly shorter than Gwen.

Sally boasted, "You are no match for me. I'll have you begging for more of me and then I'll have you begging me to stop. You'll be my sex-slave bitch and I'll be loving it."

"We'll just see now won't we?" With that Gwen lunged her chest forward, smashing into Sally's tits. "Feel my tits smash your ugly bags."

"I don't feel much of anything." Sally grunted out her words as she pushed her chest back at Gwen.

In an instant a pushing match started. Using their tits they bored into each other, compressing the bountiful fleshy milk bags deliciously. The wild hair, the sexy lingerie, the high heels, the musky perfumes, and the fact that these two rivals from opposite sides of the country were now finally engaged physically had me so aroused erotically that I threw my usual inhibitions out the window (figuratively). I unlaced and removed my shoes. The room was quite warm (I had turned the thermostat up early in the afternoon when we arrived), so I took off my shirt. My cock strained at my boxers and my suit pants, demanding attention. Without even thinking I began lightly stroking my cock. The best show of my life was underway.

Gwen grimaced as she thrust her tits into Sally's. She used her height and slight weight advantage to push Sally backwards. Sally wasn't giving ground easily, but Gwen managed to cause her to stagger back step after step. Their tits compressed and bulged outwards from the pressure. I loved the sight of my wife's fleshy tit bags bulging out towards me as she challenged the firmer tits hanging from Sally's chest. The shape of Sally's tits and their firmer configuration gave her an advantage here. It looked like her tits were actually boring into Gwen's monsters. But that didn't stop Gwen. She bore ahead, leaning forward with all her might as Sally pushed back; three steps, four steps, and back some more. Gwen had Sally up against the wall just beside the fireplace and continued to push and grind her tits into Sally's. Sally was in a predicament but she wasn't about to let Gwen keep the initiative gained. She threw her arms around Gwen and began a bear hug that compressed their tits even more. Then she leaned her face forward and mashed her mouth against Gwen. I think that it must have caught Gwen by surprise, but if it did she recovered quite quickly and the kiss was returned. In an instant I witnessed their mouths open, tongues darting this way and that, sucking first one tongue and then the other.

This went on for at least a minute, Gwen still forcing Sally up against the wall, breasts smashed together, grinding away. I was struck by how much relish Gwen put into her kisses. It was exciting for me to watch as her tongue dove inside Sally's mouth, pushed deeply and then twisted and twirled in dalliance with Sally's equally active tongue. I watched as Gwen followed the entire contours of Sally's painted lips, discovering every nuance of texture and taste. I also was transfixed when Gwen would suck Sally's tongue deep inside her mouth, vacuuming it in without mercy. Of course Sally was giving just as much hot tongue action. This was no one-sided affair. But it was Gwen I watched. My wife, the faithful loving mother, at age 50 was now crossing one boundary after another and I loved her for her daring and sharing. I could see her doe-brown eyes peering into Sally's baby blues. I wondered what sort of inaudible messages were being passed. I just knew it was more than I could comprehend. As much enmity as most surely existed between Sally and Gwen, it was certain that a solid core of lust was ensconced within both women. Thank God, I thought!

Gwen was not relenting in her forceful drive towards the wall. I let my eyes wander downward, noting their sexy legs matched up very nicely. The heels, the hose, the garter belts, and the contrasting skin tone and color made for a very sexy sight. Gwen's red on white, and Sally's black on tan, was scrumptious eye candy. I even think Julia was noting the glorious contrasts as she took her camera lower for a zoomed in shot of their legs and garters.

Each woman had plenty of ass showing and Sally directed her next move against Gwen's very delectable ass. Her left hand dropped down and grabbed a solid handful of Gwen's sweet bun and kneaded it between her fingers. I couldn't see over to the far side, but I presumed she was doing the same over there. I loved watching Sally's fingers plying the soft, curvy contours of Gwen's never-been-touched-by-a-woman-before behind. I thought I saw a glint of surprise in Gwen's eyes.

Sensing the need for change, I suppose, she let up on her tit-to-tit attack just enough to lower her own hands towards Sally's ass. The kissing continued, tongues jousting aggressively within each other's mouth. Their hands now just as aggressively pulled and twisted ass-flesh for whatever purpose lay hidden within the combatant's minds. Sally seemed to be quite motivated. Her kisses were very hot and lusty. Her breathing seemed loud and staccato. Her hands worked over Gwen's butt cheeks feverishly. I think it must have been a ploy, because just as I was noticing her seemingly passionate mood, her right leg snaked around behind Gwen's left and with a quick push from the wall she tripped Gwen who fell backwards with Sally crashing down on top of her.

I don't think the blow literally knocked the wind out of Gwen, but it was a very solid blow on the floor and Gwen was stunned. Sally quickly slid her body upwards on top of Gwen, planting her massive tits over Gwen's face. Pressing down she began to tit-smother Gwen. For several seconds Gwen just lay there, either from still being stunned by the fall, or because she thought that Sally's move was only temporary. It soon became evident that Sally was fully intent on suffocating/humiliating Gwen with a titty face wash. Her legs had straddled around Gwen's body and she clamped onto Sally's wrists with her hands. It wasn't looking good for Gwen.

Gwen finally began to thrash underneath Sally, attempting to throw her off. Her first efforts were not very successful, until her arms thrashing about, even while in the grip of Sally's fingers, managed to grasp onto Sally's blonde hair. With a vicious jerk, she yanked Sally to her right and arched her back, managing to toss her off. She gasped for breath even as she rolled over to try to gain the top position over Sally. Now the two were equally matched and they rolled and rolled around on the floor for quite a while, each having a small advantage momentarily, only to see it reversed quite quickly. The effort expended, as evidenced by the huffing and puffing for air, quickly slowed the conflict. Neither woman had spoken, just plenty of grunts and groans and little small shrieks. I wondered who might have the greater endurance now that it looked more and more like a catfight.

Each ended up with a grip on the other's left wrist. Legs were intertwined, looking very, very sexy, I might add, with the stockings and garters and thongs all tight and tangled. Finally Sally ended up on top of Gwen again, only this time she wasn't in position to use her big tits in Gwen's face. I just knew that having fallen victim to such treatment from Sally that revenge had to be on Gwen's mind. But for now she remained beneath Sally, even though Sally wasn't really able to take advantage. Sally used her body to thwart Gwen's half-energetic attempts to toss her off. Each time Gwen would rise up her hips and lurch one way or the other, Sally would mirror the move and use her weight to keep on top. What this did though was present a wonderfully sexy sight for the three of us. At first their heads were sort of close to me, and their legs were towards my left and James. I noted James' rapt attention as they bucked their panty-clad torsos together: Gwen from the bottom and Sally on top. Usually both had their legs wide for power and stability. I just knew James was getting a real eyeful of their barely covered beavers. Lucky dog!

Sally managed to offer her first words. She spoke from her perch atop my wife; their bodies sweaty and plastered together on the floor. "You ready to give yet?"

"Fuck you. This is a long way from over bitch!"

With that Gwen resumed her bucking bronco routine, trying to throw off her 'rider.' Sally seemed an expert rider though, and all it seemed to do was reposition the battle to new areas of the floor. Eventually they had changed position enough that their feet were more nearly in my direction and I could watch the heavenly sight of my wife's pussy pushing up against her foe, often pussy-to-pussy through the sheerest panties.

Keenly aware of what was going on Julia stepped close and with a questioning look at me as if to ask if she could 'get the shot' I was so interested in. I nodded and Julia squatted low to the floor in front of me and aimed her camera directly at the confluence of the two women's crotches. I could see from the digital display that she zoomed right in and could capture the magnificent sight, including the clear outline of their pussy lips and even the dampness that was beginning to saturate the fabric. It hadn't really occurred to me earlier that such a view might only be of interest to me (or another man), but when Julia clearly recognized the erotic nature of this, I was very pleased that she was performing her role so passionately. I leaned over her shoulder (again), intent on watching the hot bouncy action. My left hand remained firmly planted on my crotch but my right hand nestled into the small of Julia's back as she continued to crouch on the carpet in front of me. My hand glided across the soft white blouse, gathering more and more daring as it was met with complete stillness (acceptance?) from Julia. My face was just behind and beside her head peering alternately at her screen and the 'live' action as my hand massaged the lower back underneath my fingers. If anyone would have asked me a few hours before if I was capable of this, I would have been truthful in telling them no. But these circumstances had thrown my whole reality out the window. I couldn't seem to help myself. I had no idea what might become of this kind of action, but I continued just because I could. Julia's mute acceptance made me all the more excited by what was going on. My hand rubbed her back some more, even finding the clasp of her bra through the fabric. I toyed with it, not really attempting to unfasten anything, but to impart a definite erotic motive to Julia. Thank God she remained still. My hand followed the soft inward curve of her back downward. I found the elastic boundary of her dress. My eyes were still glued to Sally and Gwen bucking and bouncing for a moment, only to be followed by the rest they both seemed to need. But my hand was not resting. First I traced the middle path, down the crease of her dress gently pressing between her cheeks. I used just a trace of pressure. It was enough that it certainly would have been noticed, but not enough to force some sort of reaction. My breathing must have been pretty ragged at this point, but I still noted a couple of things about the situation. Julia must have put some perfume on her neck or just behind her ear, because I felt almost intoxicated by the wonderful aroma. The other thing I noted was that Julia's knees were spread apart for balance and the hem of her dress had ridden up her thighs. If either Gwen or Sally had turned around they would have been afforded a pretty nice beaver shot up Julia's dress. I didn't know if that was an accident or if it was a signal, but my lust-craved mind noted it anyway. There was a lull in the action on the floor as I let my hand elevate back to the elastic band of Julia's dress. Some robot must have been in control because I sure couldn't manage to stop what I did next. First one finger, then two found their way beneath the elastic. I slid my fingers back and forth across the fabric sandwich. My mind was telling me I HAD to feel her panties. Carefully, ever so carefully I pinched a bit of her blouse between my fingers and pulled it out of her dress. My whole hand snaked down inside Julia's dress. It required me to twist my hand awkwardly around to face her back as I pointed my fingers downward. I immediately felt the silky smooth fabric of Julia's panties. I wondered what color they were. I wondered about the pussy deep underneath, aching that my hand could dive down there without guilt. How was it that I had this intense illicit longing for Julia, even as my wife was putting her entire soul and being on the line before my very eyes? I knew it was wrong, but I literally couldn't help myself. The fact that it was a secret from the others, who were so close, just made it all the more tantalizing to me. I let my middle finger push down the cleft between her cheeks, wiggling ever so slightly as it descended farther and farther. My progress was slow, very slow, but relentless. Julia didn't make a move or sound, but she managed to snap a couple more pictures even as my finger was reaching the obvious target of my probing. Even though there was thin panty material between my fingers and her butt, I could begin to feel the heat and dampness of the forbidden target of my lust. Some liquid had seeped from her pussy clear back to her anal area. I could feel the distinct wetness of her panties as I pressed my middle finger against the target. I wiggled my finger gently but firmly against her anus, pressing the fabric directly into her puckered hole. It was barely perceptible but I KNOW I felt her ass wiggle just a small amount. Shit! I thought how wicked I was. How wicked was Julia? But I didn't care. I didn't know what I would do next, but believe me I was intent on exploiting the predicament Julia was in, even as my wife renewed her bucking effort to unseat the hated Sally. But my probing and my desires were dashed for the time being. Action on the floor dictated that I quickly withdraw my hand.

While my probing had been escalating, the lull in action between Sally and Gwen was about to end. Both seemed to have re-gathered some of her strength and energy. What I (we all, I suspect) had noticed as Gwen bucked her hips up to try to unseat Sally was that the hip motions had seemed to migrate more towards direct pushing attacks on Sally's pussy mound with her own. It was as if her pussy was 'seeking' Sally's. Before long it appeared that Sally's was 'seeking' Gwen's in return. Oh, they were still grunting and groaning. But a definite shift in focus was occurring. One of Gwen's pushes made pretty direct contact with Sally's pussy as Gwen grunted a long sonorous "Uuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhh" as she pushed upward with all her might. She didn't wildly buck, just a very strong push. Sally's response was VERY encouraging (to me!!!). She had made a small grunt at the beginning of Gwen's upward thrust, but as Gwen's energy subsided, Sally let go with a burst of her own energy. She slammed her pussy mound downward in perfect recoil. She bumped her hips in a rigorous rocking motion; a perfect humping rhythm of four jabs. With each jab and contact between her own pussy mound and the barely clad mound beneath her she let forth her own grunts. In perfect timing with her thrusts she went, "Unnnnnnnnnhhh. Unnnnnnnnnhh. Unnnnnnnnnhh. Unnnnnnnnnh."

In ancient guttural language she was telling my wife that whatever fucking motion she could do, Sally could fuck right back even better.

That whole scenario was repeated a second time. Gwen grunting and pushing her mound against Sally's on the way up, and Sally pounding down four or five times as Gwen's up-thrust subsided. Each time the grunts were identical to the first time. I sensed that I ought to be paying attention to this just as I had my finger probing Julia's panty-covered anus.

It was then that Gwen managed to unseat Sally. When she pushed her pussy up against Sally's mound again, grunting as before, she was ready for Sally's repetitive fuck-retaliation. Just as Sally focused her attention on slamming her pussy back against Gwen, Gwen was able to grab Sally's hair and with a big yank to her right as her body shifted ever so slightly to the left she rolled Sally off. Arms flew wildly between them and Sally's legs swung around to regain control of Gwen, but Gwen was a little bit too quick. It was Gwen who had managed to get her legs around the waist of Sally and began a deliciously strong scissors, causing Sally to wince from the pain and pressure. Sally grasped at Gwen, but only managed to neutralize Gwen's arms with her own. Sally's legs were flailing about but were ineffective in finding a target. The surge of energy subsided and the two rested in place.

After the short pause for sucking in more air, Gwen, with a big yank, pulled her left hand loose from Sally's grip. She instantly dove for Sally's pussy. Instead of attacking though, she massaged it with her fingers through the fabric. "Oh, gosh Sally," Gwen taunted in mock surprise, "It seems you're all wet. I guess you just have real craving for me, don't you?" She emphasized the word 'craving.' Her hand flew at Sally's pussy, rubbing, rubbing, and rubbing. Her fingers were a blur as they found Sally's clit through the now saturated panties. The black fabric was plainly wet, not only visibly, but audibly as well. Every finger thrust gave off squishy sounds that we all could recognize as evidence of Sally's lubrication.

Sally's free hand found one of my wife's tits and began to knead it roughly. I wouldn't call it a vicious attack, but more a power-fondle. I think Gwen must have let up somewhat on the force of her scissors, but she didn't let Sally free. Sally shook Gwen's other hand free of her wrist and she went after Gwen's other boob. Gwen retaliated with her free hand going for Sally's left breast. Gwen's hand was racing over Sally's pussy, giving us quite a concert of squishy lubrication music. God, how I loved this! Sally's hips began to move. Even with the restriction caused by Gwen's legs around her waist, she was able to gyrate her hips in what was obviously becoming accommodation for Gwen's fingers. "Mmmmmmmmm. I'm going to make you cum, you slut-bitch. Nothing but putty between my fingers, that's all you are. You want it. You want it bad. Tell me you want it. Go on, tell us how bad you want me!"

"Fuck you!"

Sally's current predicament didn't make her any less combative, but it was clear that her body was reacting to her predicament in its own way. Her breathing became more ragged, even as she toyed with Gwen's big nipples, pulling them one way and then the other. She pinched them between her thumb and fingers. She twisted them roughly. It must have hurt, but all it did to Gwen was cause her to rub even faster and harder. She too, was giving Sally's left tit a real working over. The same that she was getting from Sally she was giving right back. If Sally pulled her nipples out far, Gwen would retaliate, albeit with only one. All this didn't slow the obvious progression of Sally's arousal. Her hips began to jerk a bit more erratically. She pushed her pussy up against Gwen's rapidly moving fingers. Gwen paused to give Sally's wide-open legs a slap directly on her pussy. Then she resumed her foray of masturbating Sally through her thin black panties. Sally let out a gasp with the slap, but she continued to buck and grind her pussy at the invading hand. Gwen was in a partially sitting position, trying to reach both Sally's tit and keep her hand at work trying to bring Sally off. This must have been tiring for her because she let go of Sally's tit to use her right hand to hold herself up. Sally could have knocked her off balance at that point, but instead she kept up her tit-tweaking fun, evidently accepting her fate. Either that or she just didn't notice the chance being provided.

Sally began to moan, low guttural sounds, animalistic from deep in her throat. Her hips began to rocket in spasms of delight as her orgasm blasted through her pussy. We could all still hear the very wet sloshing sounds even as Sally's screams permeated the room. Having never been a woman, I couldn't tell you what it felt like to her, but it sure seemed to me to be a very powerful and fulfilling orgasm. Gwen's hand never let up until the last faint cries of bliss faded from Sally's lips and her hips convulsed for the last time.

"Score one for Gwen," I thought.