Chapter 8 - Just Past Midnight

I fumbled with the card-key and managed to open the door to our suite as our little entourage waited. We would have been quite a sight if anyone had been in the hallway. Julia and her lights, laptop computer, and camera cases, Gwen in her glittery pink dress and modern hair style, Sally's soft sensual creamy gown bursting at the seams on top, and James and I, two conservative middle-aged men that couldn't seem to wipe those big shit-eating grins off our faces.

I had ventured a stab at conversation on the way up. I wondered aloud to James where he was from. He noted that he was a bank officer with a large national bank. He had been transferred to New England from California just last September. They lived about two hours north of our little town hotel. Sally didn't work and had a hard time adjusting to our 'slow' way of life up here. She was 44 years old and James was 55. I offered that we lived in the city two hours to the south and that I taught college literature and Gwen was in administration at one of the cities hospitals. I told them Gwen was 50 and I was 53. That was about the extent of our conversation. Julia, Gwen, and Sally had been quiet the whole time.

I quickly found the hotel-supplied audio system and switched on the FM tuner to a jazz station. They were playing nearly the same kind of music as we had been listening to at the ball earlier. I guessed at the volume level, attempting to make it loud enough to be heard, but not enough to be distracting.

The tension between Sally and Gwen was thick, like the smoke in a cigar smoker's lounge. It oozed out of their pores, practically staining the air with its venomous hue. I was nervous in anticipation but secretly more excited about the possibilities than I could imagine. I wondered if Gwen was aware of my hot-blooded horny reaction to her challenge, or if she was so intent on dealing with Sally that she wasn't even considering the effect of all this on me. After a quick look around the room James and I decided to move some of the furniture out of the way, preparing a large space in front of the fireplace that would allow the ladies plenty of room to scrap. We turned the lights on and Julia noted that with the richness of the lighting she probably would only need one or two of her light stands set up to reflect off the white ceiling. That would be sufficient for superb photo quality. I suggested that the two ladies take turns in the bathroom, 'freshening up', and then they could begin. James wondered about rules, but I said forget it, the women can decide that for themselves if they want any rules. I didn't think it would be appropriate for either James or me to interject our personal ideas upon the two ladies who so obviously were prepared to take care of themselves without our intervention. He agreed and so we set about moving furniture as first Sally and then Gwen went to the bathroom. The area ended up nearly 20 feet long and about a dozen feet wide with furniture around two and a half sides and a long wall with the fireplace along the opposite wall from the entry. We went into the other room of the suite and plundered the beds. We took one of the mattresses and brought it into the living room and leaned it up against the fireplace to protect the combatants from the brick. The other we brought in as well and just set it on the floor as a sort of bed-arena. Pillows and blankets were tossed over any bare corners of furniture and strewn about haphazardly as 'props.'

Gwen watched with affirmation of what James and I had accomplished. Julia was finishing up her preparations. The lights were ready. The drapes were drawn. Sally was taking quite a while in the bathroom and Gwen used the lull in action to come up to me, hug me, and whisper in my ear, "Thanks for all your cooperation and understanding." She kissed me big on the lips before whispering her final comment to me, "Remember what I said at the beginning of the evening: 'Whatever happened?' Well, it's going to happen and I don't want you to interfere." I murmured back very quietly, "Don't worry. I won't. I love you."

I think Julia got off a couple of test shots because I saw her look at her monitor screen and nod her head as if to affirm to herself that everything was all set.

Gwen backed away from me and sauntered sexily over to James. I kept my mouth shut, but wondered what she intended. She exuded sexuality from every pore and it was very exciting to see her carefully reach up to James' face and gently run her hand down his cheek. I could tell that even though he was nervous he enthusiastically enjoyed the attention from my sexy wife. "The ball is over, why don't you get a little more comfortable. You don't need your coat. Here let me take it." Gwen was using her soft, sexy voice to offer her services. She reached to his lapel and pulled it toward her. He straightened out his arm so she could get the coat off. Her motions and his were very slow.

With one sleeve off Gwen walked around behind James, running her hand softly over his neck as she pulled the coat around behind. Deftly touching his other cheek as she reached up to remove his coat sent a tingly chill up my spine. Having removed his coat she reached up to his tie and loosened the knot enough to allow her to slip it down and remove it completely. Her tits brushed his arm as she leaned over to set it aside cooing, "Now James, isn't that better? Aren't you more comfortable now?" Julia got it all recorded. Too bad it wasn't video. Sally made her entrance now, having witnessed the last portion of the coat and tie removal sequence. She strutted in like a hot hen ready for a fight. But it was me she headed for, not Gwen. She retaliated in kind, with me as the lucky recipient. The audience of three watched as she walked up to me, wiggling her hips as she approached. "I think Gwen is right. It's too hot in here for a real man to have to wear his coat." She stood directly in front of me, very close, and reached up with both hands to caress my cheeks. I, like James before me, stood stone still as Sally slid her hands under the collar of my coat. "Let's get you out of this unbearable thing," she sighed. Her fingers nudged the collar backwards as I raised and spread my arms to give her some slack in the fabric. As she leaned closer to gain more leverage in pulling the coat back, her bounteous chest pressed firmly into my own chest. I didn't even try to avoid looking. My eyes were glued to the blonde's cleavage pressing so wonderfully against my chest. Her eyes were staring up into mine, even as I struggled to decide whether to gaze back at her pretty blue eyes, or ogle the massive tits gently wiggling against me. I did catch her gaze some, but being a tit-man from way back I must admit I spent a bit more time ogling her impressive tits than admiring her baby blues.

My tie was next. Having seen just how sexily her foe had removed James' garments, Sally was edging the battle just a little farther with every move. To get at my tie she didn't make a frontal attack. Instead she told me in no uncertain terms to have a seat. She stepped behind me and leaned forward, her tits mashing up against the back of my head. I could feel the impressive mass and the hot skin as her cleavage parted around my head and tickled my ears. I let out a heavy sigh of pleasure as the heavy tits plastered around my head. She reached under my chin and deftly unknotted my tie and removed it before unbuttoning my shirt. With a firm wiggle from side to side she slowly pulled her tits away from me. I caught the look of burning anger on my wife's face. Her cheeks appeared quite red.

"You think you're pretty damn sexy don't you?" Gwen spewed forth her venomous taunt.

"There ain't no THINKING about it, slut, I AM damn sexy." Sally returned the favor with just as much viciousness obvious in her voice.

"Not so fast, bitch!" Gwen narrowed the gap between the two women by taking a couple of ass-swaying steps towards Sally. "When I'm in the room, there is no woman who can just CLAIM to be sexy without being ready to back up her talk with action. So unless you walk out that door right now, and never come back, you are about to find out from me what a REAL sexy woman can do!"

"Your ranting and raving don't scare me, whore." Sally loved to trash talk. That much was obvious. Gwen had used a few choice words, but Sally got a bit more into the trash than Gwen, at least so far. Sally took two very demonstratively seductive steps toward Gwen. "I'll out-sex you before I've even worked up a sweat. I can't wait to hear you beg. There's no way you will be able to keep up with me!"

As much as I knew I was going to love whatever 'action' developed, the ladies body language and verbal taunting was extremely sexy and arousing. Fortunately for me (James too, I presume) they weren't done with their preliminaries.

"Well, 'bleachie'," Gwen was accusing Sally of not really having blonde hair. "The way you were looking at me at the ball, I could tell you wanted to get into my panties. It was plain that seeing a really hot sexy woman made you all creamy and wet. You want me so baaaaad!"

"Look who's talking. I knew as soon as you started rubbing your pathetic ass up against mine out on the dance floor that you were coming on to me. You couldn't help yourself. When you saw my fine ass and sexy tits your drool practically stained your husband's coat. Oh, by the way, this California girl is a REAL blonde."

Sally's remark about Gwen rubbing her ass up against Sally was mildly startling to me. Gwen had told me that it was Sally who started the confrontation. But Sally sounded quite convincing with her version of events. It made me wonder if Gwen had been totally truthful. "Hmmm?"

"Too bad you California cunts haven't learned good manners. I don't care what color your hair is. By the time I'm through with you it'll be a mess anyway."

Gwen turned to face me and with a very sexy smile she turned a little more to reveal her sexy leg through the long slit of her dress. She began to swing her dress around, flinging it up so that brief glimpses of her hose-clad legs came into view. Julia kept the camera clicking as Gwen came up to me, lifted her left leg up to the arm of the easy chair and pulled the slit of her dress apart, affording me the most exciting glimpse up her dress I ever remember seeing. Even though I had ventured in there many times in the past, the circumstances of this little show were so extraordinary that it seemed a brand new experience. I gasped audibly at the sight of my wife's panty covered crotch. She immediately left me and headed confidently over to James. As soon as she began to duplicate her routine, Sally could take no more. She followed in Gwen's footsteps to my chair. Her sexy legs were revealed more and more as she lifted and twirled her dress. Sally made sure I caught a good long glimpse of her black-panty-covered crotch. She kept her legs spread apart for 15 seconds as she wiggled her hips in an obvious humping motion. I sucked in the experience, absorbing Sally's womanly scent, perfectly complemented by expensive perfume. No doubt about it, I had serious fantasies about diving greedily into her crotch. But this was her show and I just watched, sniffed, and smiled.

I noticed the two women glancing at each other even as they tried to focus their attention on the man in front of them. Neither trusted the other very much, that was obvious. Gwen seemed to have the initiative, since Sally was pretty much copying Gwen. Sally leaned close to my face and in a whisper that was carefully planned to be a loud whisper, designed for more than my ears, she quite breathily spoke in my ear, "When I've had my way with your wife, I'll have my way with you too." Then in a very quiet whisper, that only I could hear, she added, "Julia might not be very safe either." At the moment of her suggestion I couldn't help myself. I glanced quickly at Julia, who was only about 4 feet away with her camera pointed directly at my face as Sally lingered close. I noted that Julia, unnoticed by me, had removed her maroon suit coat and her pretty white blouse was visible. It only took an instant for me to realize that her womanly assets were considerably more prominent than could be determined when she wore her coat. My glance and happy determination took only a fleeting instant, during which my wife responded to Sally just loud enough for her to hear. I'm sure James must have heard too, but his silent grin gave away the fact that he wasn't concerned for the moment about hypothetical infidelity on Sally's part.

"So, bitch," she blurted out as she stood up in front of James. "You keep on talking big. But you won't be having your way with anybody. In fact I'll make a promise right now. After I've defeated your sex with my own, squishing you like a slimy toad, I'll take your husband as my prize. I'll humiliate you so bad, you'll be headed for the next flight back to Califuckingfornia."

Sally stood up and headed towards Gwen. Gwen met her half way. They stood toe-to-toe, just inches apart. Four eyes glared out at the enemy. They stood like that for over a minute, breathing big deep breaths to emphasize the expanse of the bosoms, daring the other to make the first move. I'd never witnessed so much sexy tension in my life and the tent in my pants was proof.

Julia had one camera on a tripod aimed towards the center of the room, but she had another camera she held in her hand and she stepped closer to the ladies for a better angle. Her skirt brushed my knee as she slid as unobtrusively as possible into position. I noted that she too was wearing some very pretty perfume. Just that gentle swish of fabric as it brushed my knee sent shivers of delight down my spine. In my heightened state of arousal, the slightest nuance of femininity was enough to stimulate my libido. Delicious!

For a moment I thought the next sequence would be forfeiture, but I was delighted that it wasn't the case. Sally actually took a couple of steps backwards, away from Gwen's hateful gaze. But it wasn't in fear or fright. It was to provide some room for the show. Reaching behind her back she found the zipper of her dress. Arching her back caused her chest to thrust forward in all its glory. Her fingers deftly pulled down, down, down, until the zipper hit bottom at just about waist level. The creamy satin fabric hung effortlessly on her shoulders until she slowly took a little walking tour around the perimeter of the opened arena. She paraded in front of her husband, Julia with her camera, and me. Each step saw the slippery fabric begin to slip inch by inch off her left shoulder. Black straps from her bra became visible. The loosened fabric hung lower on her chest, exposing even more of her D-cup magnificence. I think I must have been holding my breath the whole time as I gazed at this 44 year-old California woman readying herself to take her dress off, partly for my benefit. She returned to her stance just in front of Gwen for the final coup-de-grace. Hunching her shoulders forward she let her dress fall from her tits clear to the floor. With the toe of her high heel she picked up the dress and flung it expertly my way. It landed partially across my lap and across the arm of the easy chair. "There you go, Hal. The first glance at what a sexy woman really looks like." I had to admit to myself that I was indeed very impressed. Not only were her bounteous tits straining at the soft black bra's constricting dimensions, but she had on matching panties, garter belt, and stockings. The garter had four hooks that hugged her ass and thighs, gripping the tops of her sheer hose. Her panties were a very high cut, thong style, allowing much of her firm ass to glisten in the light. Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised, since she was from California, but it was clear that her tan was very thorough. As of yet I wasn't able to see any whiteness: just that lovely golden soft tan. Her panties weren't quite see-through, but they were very much designed for showing off her womanly assets. The sheer tight material hugged her pussy mound closely, allowing evidence of her bulging labia to show through the soft material, a really delicious looking camel toe. I couldn't help myself. I let my right hand wander down to the creamy dress lying across my lap and began to lightly caress my aching cock through all that material. The soft satin felt delicious to my hand as it lightly stroked my groin.

Gwen tried to look cool about it, but I'm sure the display of Sally's large rack held up high and proud in defiance of her own endowments was testing her ability to maintain composure. I needn't have worried. Gwen, even though livid with anger at the intrusion of this west coast interloper onto 'her' turf, was keenly aware of what needed to be done. She laughed out loud, threw her head back, thrusting her tits beacon-straight at Sally's bulging pair. "Boring black, is that the best you can do?" Sally just glared as Gwen went on. "Your tits don't hold a candle to mine." I wasn't so sure. Sally's pair looked awfully big and sexy to me. It didn't take long for her hand to snake around behind her and grasp her own zipper.

She slowly tugged her zipper downwards. As she did I heard Gwen make a sound I had never heard before. She snarled like a big cat. It came across as a bit of a throaty, raspy, sound, coming from deep inside. It was low in tone and both ominous and sexy at the same time. She let it roll slowly to an end, diminishing gradually in its power and volume, ending as a soft purrrrrr. Those R's just rolled so deliciously off her tongue. It was great. Sally didn't react at the sound, but she sure had her eyes glued to Gwen. The zipper hit bottom and she gave her chest a big shake from side to side. By two shakes the dress had left her shoulders and was headed south. Even with the vigorous double shake, the dress didn't descend any further than her tits. The well-supported platform prevented the clingy fabric from falling off. Gwen raised her eyebrows for all of us to see. She gave another quite vigorous shake, but yet the dress only slid an inch or so lower. Her large breasts (and some sort of miraculous friction) were preventing the dress from falling away. She raised her eyebrows again, this time focused on Sally. The next shake sent the dress lower to where only the tiniest portion still clung to the very tips of her bra. Without saying a word Gwen was sending a message that her tits were bigger and better than Sally's. By virtue of the difficulty that the dress had in dropping away, it was apparent that she had done a good job of making her point (points?).

But she didn't stop teasing just yet. She leaned forward as though to let the dress slip away from her tits. But she deftly pinched her elbows in at her sides, providing just enough friction to keep the dress from succumbing to the force of gravity. Bending low her heavy tits flowed forward and down, revealing a most impressive cleavage, emphasized by the arms held in close to her side. I'd never once witnessed the stripper's skill that Gwen was now revealing. By keeping her arms at her sides she carefully walked over to James without losing the dress from its precarious position. "I know your wife thinks she has the best and biggest tits, but I'm about to prove her wrong." With that she let the dress fall away. In an instant it was in a pile on the floor at her feet. We now all had the view we had been waiting for. Gwen's sexy boobs were barely contained within the bra. Somehow it managed to hold those gorgeous globes firmly high and close on her chest. She squeezed her arms together and we watched, mesmerized as her tits squeezed together, bulging out over the top, offering us a clear view of the large expanse of succulent flesh.

I've made love to that woman and those tits hundreds or thousands of times and I have never desired those tits more than I did at that moment. I wanted to bury my head between those glorified mountains and suffocate myself in their soft, smooth flesh. I wished her nipples were poking in my mouth, puckering up under my tonguing and sucking. But all my wishes were playing second fiddle to the fact that I was immensely proud, on top of my horniness, of the fact that she was willing to put her body on the line like this. To dare to match bodies, words, and actions, with another woman; a very sexy woman, was overpoweringly erotic for me. Never mind that she wasn't 25 years old anymore, or that she didn't have a washboard tummy. My thrill was total and I wouldn't have changed a thing. If the other three magically vanished, leaving me with my wife alone, I would have been disappointed. I wanted to witness her confrontation through to whatever conclusion would be. Apparently so did James and Julia. We all watched in breathless silence as the music played softly in the background.

James' eyes seemed to be bulging out of his head as Gwen performed for him. She lifted her left leg like a ballet dancer, and pointed it high to the ceiling, allowing James a perfect view of Gwen's panty-covered crotch. Slowly she lowered her foot to the arm of the chair beside James. "Why don't you be a darling and help me off with my shoes. I don't think I'll need them while I take care of Sally." Her inner thigh was now very open to James stare and I'm sure it was all he could do to concentrate on the job. He managed to remove Gwen's shoe, dropping it on the floor. Gwen then pointed her toe and traced a gentle line across his chest before bringing it back to the floor and allowing James to remove her other shoe in the same manner. James appeared totally mesmerized. I can't say I blamed him.

After the removal of her high heels Gwen exquisitely stooped low enough to pick up her dress as she carefully stepped back. She picked up the dress by the shoulder straps with one hand, letting the length of the dress fall towards the floor. With her other hand she clasped the hem of the dress and in a couple of quick twirls had wrapped two lengths of fabric around each wrist. She now held the dress taut, like a garrote, and tossed it around James' neck. In an instant she had pulled his head hard between her succulent tits. "Get a load of these babies, James. These are the real thing. These are the kind of tits that'll keep a man happy all night long. Too bad you are stuck with LITTLE Miss Muffet over there."

Letting go of James and with a look that threatened to devour me, she headed my way. This was the first time I had a frontal view of my wife's lingerie clad body. "God, how magnificent!" I thought. Her scarlet bra was very feminine and strapless. The cups, which did provide a fair amount of support, were covered in brilliant red fabric, and rose only to a sufficient height to barely cover her nipples. With all the shaking she had just done, a little bit of her light tan colored areolas was peeking out over the top. Her soft smooth skin, white and shiny, gleamed as she walked. Her small curve of a potbelly was not a turn off at all. That little belly disappeared behind the top of her matching scarlet garter belt, which held up her nude hose with 4 hooks. Over that was the sexiest pair of panties I had ever seen grace my wife's body. Equally scarlet, they rode very high up on her hips, with not much more than a string connecting the front and back panels. Oh, those panels. Even though they were scarlet in color, they were sheer: equally as sheer as Sally's. But in the very crotch another panel, of utmost sheerness and transparency, tried to hide her pussy. I'm happy to say that it failed miserably. Now I know why James had been so engrossed with the sight. Gwen's pussy, obviously shaved just today, imparted its divine imprint right through the fabric. The extra sheerness of the crotch panel extended up just far enough to allow a glimpse through to the dark soft pubic hairs that she allowed to remain. The southernmost extent of that formerly quite lush patch of bush was about an inch above the frontal extremity of her pussy lips. I stared in rapturous attention at her approach. She threw her dress around my neck and pulled my head, directly into her abundant cleavage. I smelled her elegant perfume. I savored the delicious texture of her spongy boobs. I closed my eyes, deliriously happy with my current predicament. She shook her tits, walloping the sides of my head with her mighty meaty melons. "You're a very lucky man, Hal; to be a tit-man and to be married to me. I'm about to show Sally-slut here that she doesn't hold a candle to me!"

She pushed me towards the back of my chair, a bit roughly. Sally fumed as could be expected. But Gwen surprised me by not heading back towards Sally. It seems that Julia had maneuvered into position to get Gwen's tits swallowing my face and with quick flourish Gwen garroted Julia's neck, even as the camera was aimed directly at Gwen's face. Julia was caught by surprise. "Get a good close up of my face." She wasn't asking, but demanding. It didn't sound threatening, but there was plenty of confidence in her voice and Julia quickly aimed and clicked from a distance of only a foot or so. As Julia lowered the camera Gwen leaned forward as she pulled Julia's head closer with the dress. Julia was very surprised but didn't resist as Gwen gave her a quick kiss. Well, maybe it wasn't so quick. She let her mouth linger on Julia's lips. When Gwen let the dress fall away behind Julia their lips did not part. Julia didn't return the kiss in any aggressive fashion, but neither did she shy away. Very slowly Gwen pulled back and I watched as Julia's lips parted ever so slightly, the lipstick shared between them causing them to stick together, stretching out just a fraction of an inch before the surface tension broke.

I remembered Sally's hint about Julia whispered to me a few moments before. Now it appeared that it wasn't only Sally that had designs on our photographer. I wondered what Julia was thinking. I sure knew what I was thinking.... Wow!