Chapter 12 - Hmmmmmmmmm

James and Julia had been watching with at least as much interest as I. Julia performed her task with the camera throughout, capturing full body contact shots as well as nearer shots and even extreme close-ups. I'm not sure how she managed, since it seemed that her fingers were buried in her crotch half the time. James, like me, remained rigidly erect continuously, but he also had been so enthralled with the visually exciting scenes that he didn't jerk to ejaculation. I looked at James, wondering his mood. I thought I saw a mixture of happiness and sadness. I'm sure he had wished Sally could have defeated Gwen with her pussy. But clearly Gwen had shown whose pussy was the best. I expect that when James looked at my face he could see the intense sexual excitement as well as the pride and happiness I felt at Gwen's eventual dominance.

It was well past 2 A.M. by now and I naively thought the battle was ending. Sally snapped me out of my reverie just moments after Gwen shivered her last orgiastic thrill over her body. It must have surprised Gwen even more. Sally roughly threw Gwen off from atop her body. Gwen went sprawling on the carpet right at Julia's feet, forcing her to step back out of the way. Sally leaped to her feet and stood ominously over Gwen, hands on her hips and leaning forward threateningly.

"You fucking bitch-whore! Now you've made me mad! Get on your feet!" She screamed her lungs out at Gwen, resting on her elbows on her back. Gwen's soggy pussy was splayed wide, the James/my cum mixture drying on her skin and in her pubic hair. Sally had the look of a rabid wolf, drooling over her prey. Sally also had globs of cum slowly congealing in many places across her crotch. One particular glob hung in her blonde pubes, shaking like jelly in time with her angry breathing.

"I SAID, GET UP BITCH!" She screamed again.

It took a moment for Gwen to sort her reaction through in her mind. It seemed that she had been savoring victory and now it appeared that the battle wasn't over yet. She recovered. Slowly working her way to her feet, the look on her face turning quite stern, she matched Sally's demeanor and posture, but without screaming. "Can't take it can you, slimebag? My face is prettier than yours, my tits are better than yours, and my pussy just whipped your ugly scar. So now you're mad? Ha! I'm really, really scared." She drawled out her last sentence, ridiculously emphasizing the sarcasm in her voice.

Sally only managed three words, "You better be!"

Then all hell broke loose. Sally's right hand lashed out with a vicious slap to the side of Gwen's face. From that point on, for at least ten minutes, I can hardly remember particular events. Like two wildcats they tangled together in a frenzied brew of swinging arms, kicking legs, screaming, grunting, squeezing, hair-pulling, body punching catfight. It was very pure. The intensity and hatred were so obvious and equal that it was almost spiritual to watch. They hadn't remained standing very long as their violence took them to the floor where they rolled around, legs intertwining, each seeking the advantage. In all my life I'd never seen an honest to goodness catfight that wasn't broken up quickly. Now I was witness to an untainted, honest, feminine catfight with my wife accepting all the punishment Sally could dish out just for the opportunity to dish it right back at Sally any way she could.

Neither woman gained an advantage very long during this phase that lasted beyond 10 minutes. Every move was either countered quickly or the disadvantaged lady managed to dish out some painful punishment so that the advantage was lost. I was amazed that the energy level kept up for so long. Huge amounts of adrenalin and physical resources were being used up at a rapid pace. At about the 15-minute mark Gwen's size advantage (not large, maybe 10 pounds at the most) seemed to slow Sally's retaliatory fight.

Gwen had a sort of rolling headlock with one arm around Sally's neck, punishing her with her strength. As Sally thrashed wildly, attempting to break free, Gwen used her other arm to add to the squeeze. Their legs were continuously thrashing, Gwen attempting to gain a scissors around Sally's waist while Sally fought that off with both her arms and legs. Both were breathing very hard. Sally was having a hard time getting her breath, but she still fought like a wolverine. Her right hand shot to Gwen's crotch and buried itself in the thick triangle of pubic hair. The visible tendons in her forearms gave proof to the power she put into her pulling. Gwen screamed in pain as Sally yanked out a handful of brown Gwen-fur. Gwen did not let go of her headlock but she did release one hand to thwart Sally's next attempt at repeating the bush-grab. Sally's other hand somehow managed to miss her target, but it ended up on the top of Gwen's leg under the top of her hose. By this time both ladies hose were only partially connected to the garters. A few rips had appeared in the hose, but yet all four stockings remained above the knee. Sally yanked her arm and the stocking stretched out but did not break. It sprung back onto Gwen's leg as soon as Sally lost her grip. Gwen maintained her head/neck lock but it didn't stop Sally from attacking. She got her hand around one of Gwen's big tits and began to squeeze. She punished the tit with vicious squeezing that caused the heavy flesh to bulge out between her fingers. Pain showed on Gwen's face as it had been showing continuously in Sally's face. Gwen yanked on Sally's head with jerk after jerk in retaliation for the tit attack. But Gwen was relentless, and with one arm around Sally's head she only had one left to thwart off the two free hands Sally attacked with.

I marveled at the intensity in the women's faces as they poured every ounce of available energy into overpowering their rival with pain or incapacitation. I had to admire Sally for continuing to battle relentlessly even as her head was being squashed by Gwen's arm. The look of pure, unfettered hatred and anger was actually very beautiful. The muscles straining in Gwen's arms as she sought to control her wild foe was evidence of the 100% effort she brought to the fight. The first tears appeared in Sally's face. The pain on her head must have been quite severe, but she never succumbed or slowed her attack on Gwen's hefty right tit. She grabbed the big nipple and began to pull. She pulled and pulled and pulled, stretching it out dangerously. The pain shone clear through to Gwen's face. The agony was obvious as she grabbed at the offending hand with her left. By letting go of Sally's other hand, Sally was now free to resume her pussy attack. It became apparent that Gwen couldn't stop both attacks at once. As soon as Sally's free hand found Gwen's crotch and latched onto her pussy lips, pulling one of them far out, the pain brutally obvious, Gwen let go of Sally's head so she could counter the painful attack. Sally let go of Gwen's pussy of her own accord, happy to have forced Gwen to give up the headlock.

With Sally's head now released she twisted away from Gwen's arm and tried to use her legs to encircle Gwen's torso. Gwen had to reach around from behind Sally to grab at her tits. She sought to revenge the tit pain she had suffered. But Sally rolled away from the attack and they resumed a battle for control. The action was fast and furious as they once again engaged in rolling, screaming, hair-pulling fury. It might not have been quite as energetic as the first moments of the fight, but it was definitely not a slow-motion affair, either. Eventually it was Sally who somehow managed to get her cum-covered legs wide enough apart, and one of them underneath Gwen, to lock ankles around Gwen. Her back was towards Gwen's face and she had her head wrenched backwards by the hard pull of her hair from Gwen's yanking fingers. Gwen had both hands in her hair and pulled so that Sally's head was bent backwards at the neck, offering the awful possibility of a broken neck. Sally brought her hands behind her head to grab Gwen's arms in a countering move that staved off the worst scenario. So Gwen changed targets and now by reaching forward around Sally's torso with both hands she grabbed a handful of breast in each hand. She clawed at Sally, even though her nails were short. She left raw red marks on Sally's breasts.

With her hair not under attack Sally ripped another patch of pubic hair out of my wife before she chose another target of opportunity. The one stocking that was now loosely hanging on Gwen's left leg below the knee became of interest to Sally. She very quickly grabbed at the toe and yanked it off in her right hand. Her face contorted in pain from my wife's tit assault. She quickly pulled the other stocking from Gwen's right leg. I don't think at this point that Gwen was aware of the consequences. Her entire focus was on damaging Sally's tits as unmercifully as she could. And believe me there was no mercy, considering the painful nipple pull she had endured earlier from Sally. As much as I loved my wife and ached for her victory, I couldn't find it within myself to loathe her enemy. I admired Sally for all the fortitude and aggressiveness she showed, even under extreme duress. My wife had dominated her sexually and yet she not only fought back but she did it with smoldering passion that couldn't be quenched. It seemed she had met her match though in my wife. I don't know where my wife's effectiveness came from. She had never ever been in a catfight in her whole life. So it wasn't from any learned skill that she managed to wreck so much havoc with Sally, but purely from the passion that engulfed her. This is what made this moment in time so powerful. Both women showed their true inner passion and power, striving to prove to themselves primarily, and probably their husbands secondarily, that they were 'better' than the other woman. While Gwen, to me at least, had proved her nasty sexual superiority, which was only part of the whole. When Sally had recovered from that episode to challenge Gwen, after the initial shock, I think Gwen actually relished the chance to put it all on the line for me and for her. I loved the fight and I loved her for the willingness to discard her usual inhibitions and take on a formidable foe and leave nothing behind.

Sally's tummy scissors didn't seem to be slowing Gwen down as her hands frantically tore at Sally's breasts from behind. A thread of concern crossed my mind with what happened next. Sally leaned far forward towards Gwen's feet and using the stocking she had ripped from Gwen's leg quickly wrapped two tight loops around Gwen's ankles. Gwen felt the constriction and began thrashing her legs vigorously, finally aware of Sally's intentions. Sally wasn't able to get it knotted with the wild gyrations of Gwen's legs, but she did maintain the tight loops around her ankles. While holding Gwen tight between her legs Sally kept trying to control Gwen's legs enough to tie a knot in the loops. Would she succeed? I began to send brain waves, using every nuance of ESP brainpower I had, urging Gwen to break free and prevent the bondage. I didn't speak and at the moment the ladies weren't speaking either. Only grunts and groans and small shrieks of pain had punctuated the last few moments as the ladies battled each other. Gwen thrashed very vigorously, using precious energy. Sally didn't have it easy, but she managed to keep the stocking taut. As Gwen's energy subsided and her legs couldn't kick so vigorously, Sally fought against the hair pulling and stretched her arms out full length and tied a knot in the stocking.

If Gwen was afraid it didn't show. She had definitely tired herself out with her attempts to thwart Sally, but she still fought furiously with the energy she had left. It must be said that Sally had also become very tired, but with Gwen's ankles tightly bound she was able to refocus her attacks on Gwen more constructively. Gwen tried to reach around and get at her constraints, but Sally's scissors still held. Tears and sweat had long ago ruined the ladies face makeup. They looked a horrible mess. But in that mess all I could see was pure feminine beauty. They were 94 years old between them and still they fought as though it was the only thing they knew. No other concern existed in their minds. Extraneous thoughts were a null set. Winning, only winning was on their mind.

Gwen's slight edge in control was fading away. Sally's free hands went after Gwen's pussy now that her legs were bound at the ankles. Gwen knew, I think, her only recourse was to inflict so much pain on Sally that she might succumb and allow herself to gain back her freedom. She went after Sally's tits again. Reaching from behind she began pulling her nipples into long strands of stretchy flesh. The tears rolled down Sally's face with the excruciating pain. With Gwen's ankles tied, Sally risked letting her scissors go so she could more effectively counter Gwen's tit attack. As soon as Sally removed her legs from around Gwen's tummy Gwen tried to reach down once again and remove the bindings, but Sally's extra freedom of movement allowed her to extinguish those efforts. Gwen was pushed back onto her back and Sally mounted her stomach and began slapping Gwen's face repeatedly with her open palms. Ten, fifteen, twenty or more hard slaps stung my wife. Gwen slapped back but her efforts were ineffective. She was tired and Sally's dominant position allowed her to avoid most of the blows, which weren't as forceful as they would have been earlier. Occasionally Gwen tried to break free by twisting her ankles and bending her knees and trying to roll one way or the other, but it was apparent that Sally had the firm upper hand and she was certainly taking advantage. Both ladies were still crying but Gwen continued to attack with the strength she had left. She went for Sally's tits again. She knew she had hurt her before and she tried again to extract even more pain from Sally's breasts. Her fingers dug deeply, kneading the fullness like dough. Her crushing grip brought a shriek from Sally that caused her to stop slapping Gwen's face and grab the offending hands and try to pull them off her aching boobs. It took some considerable effort but she eventually forced Gwen's hands away.

Sally now edged her body forward atop her prone enemy. Gwen wiggled and grunted in effort but could not stop Sally from sitting on her tits. Sally had gathered enough of her own breath back from her strenuous exertions that she began to get vocal with taunts. "Not so happy now, are you slut? How's it feel when I crush your tits with my ass? Why don't you fight back NOW little girl?" She raised her ass and slammed it down hard onto Gwen's chest.

"Uggggghhhhh," Gwen felt the air blasted out of her lungs. Sally crushed her butt hard into Gwen's marvelous mammaries, threatening to diminish their luxurious D-cup shape into a pancake. Up she came and then down again, even harder than before. "Uggggggghhhhhhh," again the air shot out of her lungs a second time. I could see the fight leaving Gwen. Her legs lay still behind Sally's back and her arms barely struggled to free themselves from Sally's grip. Sally, sensing Gwen's diminished fight, asked, "Who's the better woman?" Even through the tears that still dripped down her face, Sally projected an air of authority and dominance, demanding without saying so, what the answer should be.

I don't know if it was a surprise or not, but she didn't get the answer she wanted. "FUCK YOU, WHORE!" Gwendolyn shouted. Her next breath must have been hard to come by but somehow she managed to gather a wad of spittle in her mouth and she spat it upwards with uncanny accuracy, hitting Sally squarely in her left eye. I shuddered as the barrage of face slaps returned. Sally let go of Gwen's arms and unmercifully aimed blow after blow at my wife's head.

I was beginning to wonder if she would be all right when Sally stopped, grabbed Gwen's hair and lifted it up towards her face, which was now leaning over close to Gwen. "Do that again, bitch!" The clear threat was that if she did there were a lot more face slaps headed her way. I could see the hateful determination in Gwen's eyes, but she didn't spit. She just stared daggers of impressive hate at Sally. Sally threw Gwen's head to the floor and asked again, "Who's the better woman?"

Gwen's arms by now lay limp at her side. Sally was in complete control and intent on using that control in her own wicked way. I suspect that the Gwen would have done exactly the same thing had she managed to reverse the situation.

"Who's the better woman?" she asked again after Gwen's silence.

Hearing no response but seeing the malevolence in Gwen's eyes Sally decided a little more persuasion was necessary. "Time for a feast, bitch!" She practically yelled at Gwen. With that she hitched her hips further forward, her pussy reaching Gwen's chin. The threat was clear: submit, or else. She didn't offer the question again but she let her pussy do the threatening for her. She must have been an awfully distasteful enemy for Gwen. Sally's twat had endured much already (as of course, so had Gwen's), vaginal juices, sweat, dried cum, and a pungent aroma must have made the thought of cunnilingus awfully disgusting for my wife. She was a woman who had never once had a lesbian experience before and now she was about to be forced to eat her hated enemies dirty cunt.

Sally wiggled her hips slowly. It was obvious that she could feel Gwen's chin rubbing her clit. Gwen just stared. When Gwen wouldn't say anything, Sally slid her body directly over Gwen's face. Gwen made a half-hearted attempt to grab at Sally's tits one more time, but the energy just wasn't there and Sally diverted it easily. Sally could have probably reached over and grabbed the other stocking and tied her hands too, but she felt enough in control not to bother with that. "Take a big breath, bitch." She didn't add anything to the statement. The implication of what was to come was enough. Down went her hips until she snuggled her pussy over Gwen's hapless face. Sally fucked Gwen's face for more than half a minute before lifting off so Gwen could breathe. "Eat me bitch!"

Back down she went. Apparently Gwen hadn't bothered to perform any cunt-licking exercises during the first suffocating assault. I wondered how long Gwen might hold out before she felt she had to 'follow orders.' Sally's meanness came through in spades. She lifted up after an even longer stretch of smothering fuck. I heard Gwen gasp for breath, but before she could even gulp her second full lung-full of air, Sally plopped her twat back on Gwen's face, as she demanded again, "EAT!"

The lack of oxygen must have finally broken the thread of defiance running through my wife. "Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, finally. That's a start." We couldn't see down under so we had to interpret through Sally's reaction. Evidently Gwen began probing Sally's pussy with her tongue. Sally liked it.

She didn't wait quite so long as before, rising up in only twenty seconds or so to let Gwen regain some air. She knelt on her knees just above Gwen for quite a while, noting her breathing. "Here we go again." Sally chanted out the phrase almost sweetly, as if she was taking a child on a thrill ride at the carnival. She was certainly getting the thrill ride. Quite obviously now Gwen used her tongue in pleasing ways, for Sally began to wiggle and coo her acceptance of the lush wet probing tongue down under. She let Gwen breathe quite freely now that her pussy was getting the workout she wanted. "See how good I taste. I always knew you wanted it. You just needed some 'convincing' that's all." Sally threw her head back and rode my wife's face harder and harder. It appeared that her fuse might be a whole lot shorter this time as her body responded positively to Gwen's virgin cunt lapping.

Sally shuddered and shook as her orgasm overtook her. The humiliation of my wife was horrible to watch, but there was no stopping the action. We all somehow seemed to share a sense of honor that forbade us from interfering with what had always been a fight between these two women that could only have been settled with a victor and a loser. It was the ultimate test and even though the ending was not to my liking, I must admit it had a supreme air of fairness about it. I felt guilty about that, but I couldn't bring myself to think that the outcome should have been any different. I don't mean that it 'should' have been my wife losing, but that fairness demanded that there be a loser. One of them necessarily would be humiliated and defeated. I couldn't in 'fairness' imply that it had to be Sally that lost. So I found myself accepting my wife's fate, even though it was painful.

Sally's orgasm subsided and she slid back to sit on Gwen's chest. "Who's the better woman now, bitch?"

I held my breath waiting for the answer. "You are." Gwen's soft voice was that of a defeated woman. Her defiance seemed long gone. Her body was static and resting.

"Hey James, I'm thirsty. Get me a COLD beer. Make it a Heineken." The beer she had sipped earlier still sat idly by on a table, but she wanted a cold one. While she sat atop the prone Gwen, James dutifully retrieved a beer and popped the cap. He handed it to Sally who grabbed it and took a needed big swallow. "Aaaaaaahhhhhh. That Dutch beer is really good." She leaned down over Gwen and spoke softly, "You know what bitch? I'm Dutch, and you've just been fucked over by a Dutch girl. How does it feel?"

No response.

"Ok. So that's the way you're gonna be. I'm gonna ask again. Who is the sexiest, prettiest, best woman?" As she asked she slid her ass forward again towards Gwen and her pussy juice, cum, and tear encrusted face. The threat was obvious.

Gwen let the words fall from her lips slowly but audibly, "Sally is the sexiest, prettiest, best woman." My heart sank as I heard my wife speak, but I was grateful she did. I didn't want her to suffer any more humiliation. I'd expected that to be the end, but Sally still had a little (no, make that a lot) of humiliation left for Gwen.

Seemingly satisfied with Gwen's answer, Sally threw her head back and took another big swig of Heineken. She swirled it around in her mouth but instead of swallowing it she flung her head forward and down and spit-blasted the entire mouthful of the brew onto Gwen's face. "Here, have a drink, you must be thirsty." It took Gwen by surprise and she must have caught some of it in her nose as she gagged for several seconds before she could breathe normally again. I doubt she caught any of the foreign brew in her mouth to relieve her parched tonsils.

"Now......Tell me to take my reward."

My mind raced. At first her words did not click. But in a few seconds I realized what she was referring to. I remembered the threats/promises the two women made to each other about who and what they each would claim as a prize. Oh, my God. It was ME she was talking about. At the time of the threat, the implications hadn't sunk in. But obviously Sally was planning to carry through. I don't know if Gwen realized the meaning or not, because she just lay silent beneath Sally.

Sally turned and gave me a quick look, the twinkle in her eye very evident. Then her stern face returned and she hovered over Gwen again. She reached down grabbed my wife's hair and gave a yank to the side and then another back the other way. Gwen's head bobbed like one of those dashboard dolls.

Sally must have been quite stiff, because now she actually stood up, quite gingerly with her motions. She took her third swig of the brew, held it up and smiled for the camera. She posed so that Julia could capture the victory expression. But then she plopped back down on Gwen again, this time facing south. "Tell me to take my reward!" She demanded again.

Silence again.

Sally bounced on Gwen's chest and crushed the breath from her again. She looked beneath her to see Gwen's legs, even though tied at the ankles, splayed apart, her pussy exposed. The twinkle in Sally's eyes told the story. Gwen's pussy wasn't finished yet.

With the fingers of her left hand Sally parted Gwen's lips, exposing the plump inner labia, her clit, and the still somewhat juicy entrance to her slew. She bent forward and with her thumb over the top of the beer bottle, gave it a couple of quick shakes. Then she carefully lowered the bottle to point directly towards Gwen's open hole. I suspect Gwen knew what was going on even though she couldn't see it with Sally's body in the way. She plunged the beer bottle into Gwen's cunt, releasing her thumb at just the last second. Then with a vicious flourish of fucking action she rammed that bottle of Dutch beer in and out of Gwen repeatedly, shaking up the remaining contents even more. She was careful not to let the bottle ever escape the confines of Gwen's vagina. She rammed it past the lower lip of the bottle, forcing the full diameter and nearly the full length of the bottle into her defenseless cunt. Sally's hand was a blur as the jammed the Heineken in and out. Sally laughed out loud. "Now you're getting fucked by a Dutch again." She was practically gleeful as the symbolism of the moment struck home.

Gwen's voice broke the silence. "Ok. Ok. You can take your reward now." I'm not sure but I think I shed a tear at just that moment. Gwen had finally relinquished any and all hope of redemption. Her predicament had finally become so overpoweringly humiliating that the only way out was to accept the final humiliation of all: letting Sally have her way with her own husband. What else could she have done? The answer was obvious to us all, nothing. The final coup-de-grace came when the beer exploded out of Gwen's cunt. After a few more forceful thrusts Sally pulled out the bottle. We watched as the carbonation exploded from Gwen's pussy. It sprayed out of her pussy in all directions. Beer flew at least seven or eight feet in many directions. The beer remaining in the bottle bubbled out vigorously and Sally got up and poured it from arm level down onto Gwen's face. The fight was over.