KENNA vs LACI - CF099 - was sponsored by a lover of trib and breast-to-breast competition. The rules were very simple - compete with your clits or with your breasts until a winner emerges. These two certainly delivered almost non-stop.

LACI you have seen twice before. She lost her first match to veteran AMBER by just 1 point. LACI'S second match was against another newcomer, TAYLOR, and she posted an impressive will for erotic competition by doubling TAYLOR'S score 4-2. LACI has a thirst for erotic competition and is anxious to test herself against more women as soon as sponsors provide her the chance.

KENNA you have seen just once before. She also lost her first match also to a veteran named ARIANNA, who clobbered the newcomer. But, ARIANNA is the CHAMPION so it was not a surprise to me. KENNA faired a little better against LACI and showed an eagerness to engage with her breasts and her clit. She never once backed away and held her own in the give-and-take of this erotic contest.

Near the end of this 60 minute competition the women took a break from trib and breast battling to test each other with the double-dildo. There were two orgasms taken using this technique and each woman took a point from the other. It was very even with several position changes for better angle of attack. The remainder of the orgasms were a result of scissor trib, rodeo trib and even a nipple-to-clit technique.

In all there are 8 orgasms leading to a clear winner in this 60 minute contest.