CF098 DAKOTA vs ARIANNA 2 was sponsored by a man interested in learning which woman deserved the Title of BEST BREAST CHAMPION. We discussed at length the most efficient ways of determining a possible Champion. We agreed on the standard 60 minute time limit. We agreed that it was necessary for orgasms to occur so that a score could be kept. But, we both agreed that the emphasis should be about breast-to-breast contact. At the time of our conversation we figured that the BEST BREAST CHAMPION would be determined by which woman would dominate the other with her breasts regardless of the final score. Neither of us thought that an orgasm could be obtained by breast-to-breast contact so we decided to include trib. Well, we were wrong. Orgasms by breast-to-breast contact INDEED is possible as you will see in this video.

Yes, when you watch CF098 you will see something neither of us thought possible, orgasms by breast-to-breast contact. While compiling the rules we decided that fingering and deep-fingering would only distract from the breast competition so we ruled that fingers could only be used by the women to spread their own pussylips open to better facilitate clit-to-clit contact.

With the rules determined the sponsor considered a list of possible competitors. Dakota, Arianna, Amber Bach, Joslyn, Kenna, Alissa and Gina were all discussed and considered. He decided to start this new form of erotic competition with Dakota and Arianna. The sponsor only wanted women with augmented breasts to compete so Laci, Sabrina, Mishell, Veronika and Taylor were never in consideration.

This video is the FIRST contest in what, I hope, will be many. I would estimate that over 50% of this video features breast-to-breast action. Whenever their breasts became too sore they would resort to trib in order to recover from all of the nipple contact. You will notice how swollen and stiff each woman's nipples become during the competition.

I am VERY interested in hearing whether or not you are for or against establishing a BEST BREAST CHAMPION. This initial offering is very competitive and the eventual winner will soon have to face the winner of the next pairing which has yet to be finalized.