CF097-JOSLYN vs ARIANNA 2 - "GIVE-N-TAKE" was sponsored by a fan of high heels, stockings and garterbelts. I must admit that I am also a fan of this type of lingerie attire so it was with great anticipation that I scheduled this match. Add to the mix the love-hate history between these two women and I was sure there would be a most spirited competition. I was right.

The sponsorship parameters were that the women keep their outfits on throughout their contest and that they compete with fingers instead of clits. However, JOSLYN and ARIANNA have clits that are seemingly magnetically attracted to each other. As hard as they tried they couldn't keep their clits from searching each other out and testing each other. Their attraction is that strong. This is a good thing in my mind. There are plenty of orgasms stolen from each other due to fingering and deep-fingering but there are a few orgasms brought on by sticky wet clit-on-clit trib. I included a few split-screen close-ups for your enjoyment. I hope the sponsor is not disappointed but, as I tell every sponsor, the women do what the women want to do and I would never want to deny the girls their pleasures. Nothing is scripted or predetermined once they hit the mattress.

This competition didn't take long to produce results. Less than eight minutes into it the first orgasm is stolen through deep fingering. Less than six minutes after that revenge is sweet and the score is suddenly tied. Three minutes after that one woman's experienced fingering technique moves her ahead and causes her victim to even the score a second time using RODEO TRIB.

The next three orgasms are scored through fingering and deep-fingering before a clitfight moves one woman ahead in the score by two for the very first time in this contest. There are five more orgasms traded back and forth in this terrific match and the experience and technique of two veteran competitors is an erotic clinic to behold. I love this video and I know that the legion of fans who follow both JOSLYN and ARIANNA will want to add this contest to their collectiion. It is sixty-two minutes with a clear winner. Both women were exhausted at the end and, in my mind, it shows just how hard these women compete and how much each wants to win.