CF096 features two young women who are competing in only their second match. I consider both of these beautiful women to be "NOVICES" and that is the title of this video.

TAYLOR defeated her friend VERONIKA 5-4 in CF088. LACI lost to her friend AMBER 1-2 in CF092. Both women experienced their first erotic competition with a friend. Now each stands before a total stranger, a woman just met less than 5 minutes before they face each other wearing bra, panties and heels.

The RULES are ANYTHING GOES. Both are nervous, which is understandable, and when they remove their robes I see, for the first time, how fit they are. Both are long-legged with nice bottoms. Both have natural breasts with LACI having the larger pair.

There was a little bit of wrestling here and there as each tried to dominate the other. There was also a lot of good natured trash talking mixed in with the moans, groans and heavy breathing. It was interesting to watch the involuntary bob of the head whenever that "special spot" was touched just right. Suddenly the eyes would close and the head bobs straight back as if looking at the ceiling and a moan of pleasure would escape the affected woman's lips. This happens quite a lot as you will see.

There were no "poker faces" to be seen like with the veterans. These two young women tried their hardest to dish more pleasure than they received. The contest went back and forth with each trading the advantage often. Both women pulled open their labia so that they could grind clit-to-clit as often as possible. You will see how puffy and swollen they become as they battle woman to woman.

There is a good bit of fingering and even some double-dildo action that causes one competitor to stand up and walk out of the room for a much needed break. The feelings were just too intense.

This video is 63 minutes of competition and you will have a hard time deciding which of these two women is the sexiest. Long legs, nice firm bottoms and natural breasts plus the exuberance of two athletic women who relish great sex. I can't think of a better video to be the first release of 2010.