KENNA vs ARIANNA, CF095, is titled, "TRADING PAIN", and I will tell you in advance to turn down the volume on your television or computer speakers because it is a busy sexfight.

KENNA is brand new and she has a very curvy body and a beautiful face. I took a liking to her the moment I met her and began to envision her sexfighting most all of the women featured on my website. On this day, however, she was to face The Champion, ARIANNA, in an ANYTHING GOES erotic competition.

I could tell KENNA was nervous even before she stepped into the Studio and as I explained the rules to her I could see her eyes dart around the room filled with cameras and lights. There were two $500 sponsors for this match and each sponsor submitted rules which included a double-dildo contest (there are three), breastfighting (there are several), deep-fingering (a little), deep-kissing (LOTS!), trib (Scissor and Rodeo), clitfighting (Oh Yes), and painful breast and pussy attacks (quite a bit).

There are two MUTUAL ORGASMS shared with the double-dildo, one MUTUAL ORGASM as a result of a clitfight, one MUTUAL ORGASM through fingering, one MUTUAL ORGASM obtained during Rodeo Trib, and one MUTUAL ORGASM traded within a hard-grinding Scissor Trib. All in all there are a total of 35 orgasms. By the end of the sixty minutes both sexfighters were nearly exhausted and sexually spent. The scent in my Studio was that of female fluids and how intoxicating it was.

I must be honest with you all by telling you that one woman gets completely dominated by the other and is left so weak that I had to help her stand up and get her balance. I'm not sure how she drove home by herself as she had a ton of forced orgasms. If you are not into pain or domination then this video is probably not for you.

I hope that sponsors want to see more of KENNA in the future. I know that I do.