CF094 JOSLYN vs AMBER 3 is the third meeting between these two veteran sexfighters. I titled this match "TRIBFEST" because it is almost entirely trib as all EIGHT forced orgasms are acquired through RODEO TRIB or a CLITFIGHT. There are more close-ups in this clit match-up, I think, than in any other video I've produced so far.

Although it is a friendly sexfight the competition is fierce and back-and-forth as both women trade forced orgasms leading up to a tremendous MUTUAL ORGASM about forty-seven minutes into the contest. The banter between them is frequent and there is even a point where the women share their hatred for ARIANNA as both women were recently defeated by the current Sexfight Champion.

CF094 also picks up where CF087 left off with lots of toe-biting, toe-sucking and foot worship. In CF087 both women learned that their feet were extremely sensitive erogenous zones and both take full advantage of this knowledge. Another discovery by AMBER is that JOSLYN has an additional erogenous zone around her sphincter and she uses this to full advantage late in their fight.

If you are a fan of trib then this video will delight you, especially if you love the close-up shots of clitfighting and pussylips clinging together. the entire video is just over 66 minutes in length and begins with breastfighting, tit-to-tit slapping, nipple pinching, slapping and even a little hair-pulling. One of the most hotly contested sexfights between two friends this year.