CF#093 ARIANNA vs AMBER features lovely ARIANNA defending her SEXFIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE against the veteran AMBER. This was ARIANNA'S first Title Defense since she won the CHAMPIONSHIP from DAKOTA in CF#091 and she knew she was in for a fight.

This Championship Match was so hard-fought that one of the women knocked a camera off of the tripod and I lost almost 30 minutes worth of raw footage from my hard-drive camera.

I knew there would be a lot of breast work as both women have very large chests. They worked each other over pretty good, slapping them into and against each other, pinching, pulling and twisting nipples and kneading, cupping and squeezing each others' ample breasts.

There was a lot more deep-fingering than trib. I expected this from the way DAKOTA was deep-fingered by ARIANNA in CF#091. ARIANNA has a devastating deep-finger technique and she locks it in deeply so as to work on AMBER'S delicate G-SPOT. Almost from the very beginning ARIANNA had AMBER on the defensive.

AMBER tried to answer ARIANNA'S deep-finger attack by deep-fingering the Champion herself. At times both women used THREE FINGERS crammed deeply inside each other while they massaged each others' clit and pressed another finger around the rim of each others' asshole. It looked extremely sexy and both women were wet with excitement although neither tried to show it.

There is some spirited trib peppered throughout but neither woman wanted to grind for very long. I sensed that they feared and respected each others' clit and hard grind technique. ARIANNA possessed the larger clit but AMBER'S clit is not small and she was the more experienced sexfighter.

The 60 minute time limit expires with no score so the women took a short break while I changed tapes and camera batteries. We resumed with a sudden death situation. The women agreed to settle the Championship by engaging in a DOUBLE-DILDO hard pumping grind to submission. Winner becomes/remains Champion. They settled it like sexual warriors and it was thrilling to watch.

I apologize for the lack of raw footage in the first 30 minutes but when the high-angle-shot camera was knocked off the tripod I lost the footage recorded up to that point. However, this is over 68 minutes of extremely competitive sexfighting you will want to add to your collection.