AMBER introduces us to her beautiful friend, LACI, who is ready to experience what erotic competition is all about in her very first sexfight. Both women have full breasts and hard nipples and are very sexy.

AMBER, even while I was introducing them to the camera, was fascinated with her friend's breasts as she gave LACI playful slaps and nipple tweaks. I could tell by LACI'S beautiful smile that she didn't mind AMBER teasing her in this way. As I mentioned, both women are good friends and obviously know each other's body well.

This is "friendly" sexfight and is suitable for couples who don't like the dirtier trash-talking type of sexfight that can be found in my catalogue. LACI is inexperienced when it comes to technique and often she found herself at a disadvantage as AMBER would get in a position out of reach or close her legs together making it hard for LACI to fight back.

Both women try their best to sexually subdue the other and they work each other over for over 60 minutes. There is a lot of fingering, breast and nipple attacks along with trib and clit manipulation.

If you are expecting a dirty, nasty, trash-talking sexfight then this video is not for you. If you like fun sexual competitions that your wife or girlfriend might find interesting then you couldn't find a better choice. Two extremely sexual blondes who are hot for each other do all they can to force each other to orgasm in this 64 minute video.