CF#091 ARIANNA vs DAKOTA features lovely ARIANNA challenging DAKOTA for her SEXFIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE. This video was shot up in Tampa during the 2009 FetishCon and I had to drag out the old blue mats and dust them off. It is a much larger space than I am used to working in and I experienced some humidity problems with one of my cameras. You will probably hear me working on it as I was eventually able to get it going again.

This Championship Match surprised me in that I was expecting a lot of breast work and trib. Well, the breast work was there as they started out kneading, kissing, sucking and nipple tweaking breasts, but there was a lot more deep-fingering than trib. I should have expected it from the way DAKOTA deep-fingered MISHELL in CF#077 and how ARIANNA deep-fingered JOSLYN in CF#086.

Both ARIANNA and DAKOTA crammed each other two fingers deep for much of this sexual competition. There is some spirited trib peppered throughout and I noticed an interesting "tell" from DAKOTA. In boxing, often a fighter will smile at his/her opponent when hurt to try and mask the effects of what has been inflicted. I noticed that DAKOTA was smiling at a very serious looking ARIANNA during the trib portions.

ARIANNA'S bigger clit, I suspect, was inflicting plenty of damage on the smaller clit of the Champ.

Near the end of the 60 minutes there is a very long face-to-face deep-fingering scene with some passionate kissing. The 60 minute time limit expires with no score so the women took a short break while I changed tapes and camera batteries.

We resumed with a sudden death situation. The women agreed to settle the Championship by engaging in a scissor trib hard grind to submission. Winner becomes/remains Champion. They settled it like proud, confident, sexual female warriors and, for me, it was thrilling to watch.

Again, I apologize for the camera noise while I tried to solve my humidity problems. However, this is almost 67 minutes of extremely competitive sexual competition.