As they say in the chatrooms, OMG! Why in the world did it take FOUR YEARS for someone to sponsor a rematch between Alissa and Joslyn? I kept telling people that if they LOOOOOVE TRIB then CF#039 was the video to order.

Well, it was certainly worth the wait because CF#090 ALISSA vs JOSLYN 2 does not disappoint. In fact, I think it is even better than CF#039. There are a total of 13 very telling orgasms in this 64 minute Trib-Fest and all but one of them is caused by trib. In fact, there are 2 mutual orgasms and 2 more "almost" mutual orgasms from the Rodeo Trib position which has to be a record of some sort.

These two women, both veterans, can't seem to get enough of each other. Alissa agreed to train Joslyn in trib techniques for her rematch against her arch-enemy, Arianna, and train her she did. Alissa eggs Joslyn on throughout their match and causes Joslyn to say at one point, "You sure love to grind hard!"

Joslyn lost to Arianna because of Arianna's brutally hard grind. It was the most humiliating loss of Joslyn's career and she wants some payback with interest. Alissa likes it rough herself and she demonstrates it openly with lots of pussy spanking, tit slapping and tough clit-to-clit grinding that leaves both women sweating, swollen and exhausted at the end. I plan on trying to match Alissa against Arianna very soon.

But this match is about Joslyn and it showcases her at her finest. She really had to dig deep to match Alissa's powerful grind stroke for stroke. Alissa looks fantastic and she keeps her clit hard and ready to grind it out with Joslyn's larger clit. Both women grind clit-to-clit and coax each other over the edge. I've never seen a pair of women so evenly matched or so hungry for trib.

*NOTE TO SPONSORS* It had better not be another 4 years before we see these two clit warriors slap and grind their wet pussies together. Just wait until you watch this video and you'll see what I mean.